Law: University of Waikato

The Rule of Law is a cornerstone of a civilised society. It defines rights and obligations and provides structure to institutions of government and commerce. The LLB programme follows a course of study which, in addition to giving students a broad understanding of legal principles, meets the professional requirements to practice as a barrister and solicitor in New …

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Law : University of Waikato

(5 days ago) The Bachelor of Laws degree is the professional qualification and pathway to legal practice and to a wide range of other career options for law graduates in business, non-governmental organizations and public service. Commitment to research. Real admission to the Bachelor of Laws ( LLB ); colleagues not competitors.

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Bachelor of Laws (LLB): University of Waikato

(3 days ago) They may be contacted via study.law@waikato.ac.nz. Note: The LLB with a double major requires 135 points at second, third and fourth year. **Please note that a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LLB (Hons)) requires a heavy workload in your third and fourth year, with an extra 30 points at 500 Level in each year.

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Master of Laws (LLM): University of Waikato

(1 days ago) Waikato Faculty of Law is the only school in New Zealand that offers this opportunity. Whether your interest lies in Cyber Law, Law of War and Conflicts, Transnational Criminal Law, Indigenous Issues or Environmental Law, you will benefit from nationally and internationally recognised academic staff.

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Graduate Diploma in Law (GradDipLaw): University of Waikato

(Just Now) This law diploma will add value in your workplace and provide the opportunity to hone your legal knowledge and skills. You'll get to choose the papers you want to do and focus on what's really important in your career. Select Contract Law and Commercial Transactions Law; or focus on Dispute Resolution, Mediation or Property Issues in Family Law.

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About Te Piringa

(8 days ago) Welcome to Te Piringa Faculty of Law at the University of Waikato. Founded in 1991, Te Piringa Faculty of Law is one of New Zealand / Aotearoa’s leading law schools, and is consistently ranked highly internationally and nationally. The Faculty was established upon three core principles: professionalism, biculturalism, and the study of law in

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Te Piringa Faculty of Law: Research

(8 days ago) The Waikato Law School has a commitment to both top quality teaching and research. We support a research/teaching model where our scholars are actively engaged in teaching, research and publication. This means our students are exposed to the latest research, innovative teaching and scholarship within the framework of a sound legal education.

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Maori & Indigenous Law

(2 days ago) The Australian Indigenous Law Library includes legislation, case law and articles on Australian indigenous issues. Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS) CWIS is an independent, non-profit research and education organisation dedicated to wider understanding and appreciation of the ideas and knowledge of indigenous peoples and the social

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Student Learning

(2 days ago) This problem scenario raises issues relevant to the law of governing the publication of obscene materials under the Obscene Publications Act 1959, specifically s 2(1). [Precise Legal Issue/s] The precise legal issue for determination is whether or not the publication of the magazine 'Zoophilia', or its distribution, renders John liable under s

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NZ Law Referencing Style Guide

(1 days ago) New Zealand Law Style. The New Zealand Law Style Guide includes rules for the citation of a large range of material commonly used in New Zealand, but inevitably there will be occasions where it is necessary to cite materials for which there are no specific rules.

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Student Information

(2 days ago) Head to MSB.0.28 in the Law Faculty building on Level 0. MSB.0.26, 27 and 29 are also available for both Law and Management students. Get Microsoft Office for free. Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is free for all UoW staff and students. The New Zealand Law Style Guide can be purchased from Bennetts on campus ($29.99), or previewed online.

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Maori Student Profiles

(8 days ago) Te Whakahiapo – Waikato Maori Law Students’ Association provided strong support networks during my time at University. The strong Maori foundations of the Faculty allowed me to maintain my cultural heritage while forming lasting relationships with law students, law staff and legal practitioners all of whom have helped me through my tertiary

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Waikato Public Law & Policy Research Unit

(2 days ago) The Public Law & Policy Research Unit promotes the widest conception of Public Law and Policy, encompassing administrative law, charity and the regulation of civil society, constitutional law, criminal law and justice, and international law. It was established to fill a clear gap in the interrogation of these policy research areas in an

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Law : 2022 Catalogue of Papers

(2 days ago) Law is available as a first major for the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and the Bachelor of Arts (BA). Law may also be taken as a second major in other undergraduate degrees, subject to approval of the Faculty of Law Admissions Committee and the Division in which the student is enrolled.

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Law : 2021 Catalogue of Papers

(8 days ago) Law 1 introduces students to the legal system, the relationship between culture and the law and legal system, legal reasoning, writing and research, and the constitutional framework. Law 2 introduces the theories of law, the relationship between the state, administrative agencies and the individual, the law of contract, and the law of tort.

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PhD Student Profiles

(5 days ago) The University of Waikato and the Faculty of Law gave me many chances to grow professionally, alongside my doctoral program. In fact, I tutored a law paper in 2016, and I am currently the postgraduate students' representative at the university level and the president of the UoW Postgraduate Students Association. Where I am going:

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University of Waikato

(8 days ago) I believe that time will demonstrate that these principles are the only sound foundation for the development of law-related scholarship in Aotearoa/New Zealand. It is a great privilege to succeed Judge Brown as Director of Te Matahauariki and to become the temporary custodian of the founding principles established by him.

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Experts by Category

(8 days ago) Commercial/Contract Law; Law. Suliana Mone Law; Pacific Island Politics; Pacific Issues. Dr Gay Morgan Law; Legal Education; Teaching. Dr Andelka Phillips Law. Professor Alpana Roy Indigenous Rights; Law. Associate Professor Wayne Rumbles Computing; Crime; Cryptography; E-commerce; Law; Technology; Treaty of Waitangi. Linda Te Aho

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Bachelor of Laws with Honours

(9 days ago) Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Laws with Honours (LLB(Hons)) The Personal Programmes of Study Regulations apply in these regulations.; Admission . Candidates who have completed Law Year 1 and Law Year 2, as listed in sections 7.1 and 7.2 of the regulations for the degree of Bachelor of Laws, are eligible to be considered for admission to the degree of …

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Te Piringa Faculty of Law prize-giving

(8 days ago) Te Piringa Faculty of Law prize-giving. 11 February 2020. The Te Piringa Faculty of Law 2018 Academic Year prize-giving took place recently, celebrating and acknowledging the academic achievements of law students and graduates. Congratulations to all award and prize winners on their outstanding academic achievements.

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(9 days ago) common law doctrine means that the tenet or principle is derived from the common or case law. In effect, a common law doctrine is a legal principle based on past legal decisions rather than a specific law passed by parliament (Mulholland, 1995). Courts appear to turn to such principles for guidance in the absence of more

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Environmental Law

(3 days ago) Provides a reliable statement of the whole of the law of New Zealand – statutory, regulatory and judicial. It is a comprehensive source of primary comment required by both practitioners and academics. Journals . Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law.

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Custom Law Project- Think Tank Piece

(Just Now) recognise law in pre-European or contact Maori society by many observers was a defect in the way of observation rather than any actual absence of law.6 In other words they could not see law because they could not see their own law reflected back at them.

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In a World of its Own: How Operative Closure Limits the

(5 days ago) However, this process of reducing complexity limits the way in which the law produces its knowledge about the world and controls how power is distributed within the law's abstract world to such an extent that the legal system is closed from the world of subjective experience. This closure from the world outside the legal system limits the law's

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Law : 2020 Catalogue of Papers

(8 days ago) Law is available as a first major for the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and the Bachelor of Arts (BA). Law may also be taken as a second major in other undergraduate degrees, subject to approval of the Faculty of Law Admissions Committee and the Division in which the student is enrolled.

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Season-Mary Downs: University of Waikato

(5 days ago) From managing media enquiries for her sister (Labour MP Willow-Jean Prime) to running a law firm, social enterprise and community fund, it’s no wonder Season-Mary Downs hasn’t watched TV in over a decade.. Waikato PhD student Season-Mary has wanted to help her community long before starting a conjoint Law and Arts degree in 2008 and it’s the reason she has returned to …

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Aeroconservation – Challenges for Law and Policy

(Just Now) Aeroconservation – Challenges for Law and Policy Pip Wallace and Jennifer Holman* Airspace conservation (aeroconservation) is a relative latecomer to ecosystem management, despite intensifying threats to birds, bats and invertebrates in the habitat. This article demonstrates the geographies of threats and examines gaps in law and policy

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Bachelor of Laws

(5 days ago) Law Year 2. LEGAL201 Public Law (30 points) LEGAL203 Jurisprudence. LEGAL204 Contracts (30 points) LEGAL207 Torts (30 points) 15 points above 100 level in a subject from outside the Faculty of Law. Law Year 3. LEGAL301 Crimes (30 points) LEGAL305 Corporate Entities.

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The emergence of the concept of unjust enrichment in New

(5 days ago) Tappenden, S. (2008). The emergence of the concept of unjust enrichment in New Zealand, its relationship to the remedial constructive trust and the development of the status of joint ventures in equity. Journal of Politics and Law, 1(3), 32-42.

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