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Coverage summary. Over 20 million U.S. legal documents, updated daily. Over 250 sources of U.S. law, in one location. Up-to-date federal and state law. Case law dating back over 100 years. Specialist federal courts and appeal boards. Federal Reporter and Register. Circuit …

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(5 days ago) Access authoritative law reports alongside extensive collections of unreported foreign and international content. Complemented with an intuitive interface, familiar features, and easy-to-access search tools, vLex enables you to find and access the information you need quickly.

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(2 days ago) Covering areas of law such as intellectual property, corporate law, banking and finance, criminal law and much more, the Bar Collection is a selection of titles most useful to those practicing the law in the United States, or with an interest in foreign and comparative law.

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Books and Journals

(6 days ago) Ethics of Tax Lawyering. Wisconsin Law Journal. Libertad de conciencia y escuela en Estados Unidos. Journal of Appellate Practice and Process. Washington University Law Review. United Nations Juridical Yearbook. St. Thomas Law Review. Yale Human Rights and …

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Caribbean Law CariLaw, Case Law and Law Reports

(9 days ago) The official law reports for Bermuda are composed of over 2,600 considered cases from the Supreme Court and appellate courts. They date back to 1956, with comprehensive coverage from 1986. This series offers a wealth of new material and is a vital resource for …

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(4 days ago) Case law and legislation. The largest collection of UK judgments available anywhere online. Over 1,000,000 unique full-text cases and legislative provisions. Updated daily, covering reported and unreported cases. Case law from 1163, dating back further than any other provider. Legislation from 1235, dating back further than any other provider.

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Natural Law Constitutional Interpretation

(4 days ago) ß 12 2 Defining the Natural Law Style of Constitutional Interpretation ß 12 2.1 Treatment of Contemporaneous Sources of Interpretation ß 12 2.1.1 Treatment of Text. The 18 th-century natural law style of interpretation predated Immanuel Kant's focus on subjective will, discussed at ß nn.13-17. Thus, as has been noted, for Chief

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Australian Law International Coverage and Legal Research

(2 days ago) Australian case law. Access an extensive collection of Australian judgments, containing over 70,000 full-text cases dating back to 1957. This collection includes coverage from the Federal Courts as well as the appellate courts of the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Tasmania, and …

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Spanish Law The Largest Collection of Legal Information

(9 days ago) A market-leading product for Spanish law, the Spain Premium Core contains in-depth legal coverage‭. ‬As well as a vast collection of case law, legislation, and other legal content, this collection contains practical products such as editorially maintained‭ and ‬up-to-date‭ ‬practice notes‭, …

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McGee v Attorney General

(8 days ago) "1. The Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1935, is a pre-Constitution statute and therefore enjoys no presumtion of constitutionality: The State (Sheerin) v. KennedyIR. 13. 2. Section 17 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1935, was carried forward on the 29th December, 1937, only if not inconsistent with the Constitution or with any provision thereof. 3.

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103 N.W. 460 (Neb. 1905), Horst v. Lewis

(1 days ago) Citation: 103 N.W. 460, 71 Neb. 370: Opinion Judge: HOLCOMB, C. J. Party Name: FRED W. HORST ET AL v. NORA B. LEWIS ET AL: Case Date: May 03, 1905: Court: Supreme

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378 S.E.2d 74 (Va.App. 1989), 1208-87

(1 days ago) whether that evidence established as a matter of law any of the grounds relied upon to vitiate the agreement and decree. Derby v. Derby, 8 Va.App. 19, ----, 378 S.E.2d 74, 77 (1989).John and Seldia Drewry were married in December 1960.

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861 N.E.2d 1176 (Ind. 2007), 32S01-0604-CV-136

(3 days ago) Case Law; Indiana; 861 N.E.2d 1176 (Ind. 2007), 32S01-0604-CV-136, Lambert v. Lambert. Document Cited authorities 9 Cited in 52 Precedent Map Related. Vincent.

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352 N.W.2d 745 (Minn. 1984), C2-83

(Just Now) evidence raising the defense and shoulder the persuasion burden of establishing such defense by a preponderance of the evidence." 352 N.W.2d 745, 749 (Minn.1984) (emphasis added) (citing 1 Wharton's Criminal Law § 39 (C. Torcia 14th ed. 1978)); see also Alford v.State, 806 S.W.2d 581,..

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472 So.2d 1145 (Fla. 1985), 64459, Florida

(4 days ago) At the outset, we note that some of the decisions of this Court contain the historically incorrect statement that attorney fee statutes are "in derogation of the common law." 3 At the time of the American Revolution, the English courts generally awarded. Page 1148. …

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854 F.2d 909 (6th Cir. 1988), 86-6135

(2 days ago) However, many law enforcement tools possess the potential for being deadly force, including a state university police officer's nightstick, Dugan v. Brooks, 818 F.2d 513 , 516-17 (6th Cir.1987), and a police officer's vehicle, Galas v.

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419 P.3d 8 (Kan.App. 2018), 116,171

(Just Now) The jury convicted Castillo-Calles, as charged, of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. At sentencing, the district judge granted Castillo-Calles motion for downward durational departure from a hard 25 Jessica s Law sentence and sentenced him to 120 months in prison. Castillo-Calles timely appealed. ANALYSIS. 1.

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Canadian Law Irwin Law Books Legal Research Technology

(Just Now) Irwin Law Collection. The Irwin Law book collection brings an innovative approach to legal publishing that does more than outline the current state of the law. Containing over 300 books and journals, this collection analyses the complex issues of the day in a succinct and readable style, and in a manner that is probing and thoughtful.

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Vlex Law Students – vLex News and Updates

(6 days ago) Vlex Law Students. vLex News and Updates. vLex is a leading provider of global legal information and technology, providing access to comprehensive primary and secondary collections from over 100 countries on one service. More information. Followers.

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205 P. 825 (Mont. 1922), 4669, Sevanin

(4 days ago) of considering the transcript would be chasing a shadow at the expense of letting the substance escape. Sevanin v. Chicago, etc. Ry. Co., 62 Mont. 546, 205 P. 825.All of the proceedings had before Judge Padbury, wherein and whereby the previous decree of divorce granted by Judge Fall was s..

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Shannon Regional Fisheries Board v Cavan County Council

(6 days ago) Synopsis: CRIMINAL LAW. Offence. Commission - Proof - Defendant - ~Mens rea~ - Relevance - Offence created by statute - Whether strict liability imposed - Charge that sanitary authority caused deleterious matter to fall into river - Deliberate escape of matter resulting from inadequate resources - Offence of strict liability - Probation of Offenders Act, 1907 (7 Edw. 7, c. 17), s. 1

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24 S.W. 409 (Tex.Crim.App. 1893), Wilson v. State

(Just Now) Page 409. 24 S.W. 409 (Tex.Crim.App. 1893) WILSON. v. STATE. Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas. November 15, 1893. Appeal from district court, Gonzales county; T. H

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996 P.2d 792 (Colo.App. 2000), 99CA0115, Bad

(2 days ago) Home Case Law; Colorado; 996 P.2d 792 (Colo.App. 2000), 99CA0115, Bad Boys of Cripple Creek v. City of Cripple Creek

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Conagra Foods, Inc. v. Americold

(9 days ago) Conagra Foods, Inc. f/k/a Conagra, Inc., et al., Appellants, v. Americold Logistics, LLC, et al., Appellees. No. 121, 162. Court of Appeals of Kansas

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Schindler Elevator Corp. v. Wash

(5 days ago) Home Case Law; Federal Cases; Schindler Elevator Corp. v. Wash. Metro. Area Transit Auth., 102221 FEDDC, 21-7008

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People v. Figueroa Alatorre, 102221

(6 days ago) D077894. THE PEOPLE, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. CARLOS ARGENIS FIGUEROA ALATORRE, Defendant and Appellant. D077894 California Court of Appeals, Fourth District, First Division October 22, 2021 APPEAL from an order of the Superior Court of Imperial County No. JCF18829, Monica Lepe-Negrete, Judge. Reversed with directions.

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292 F.Supp. 44 (E.D.Ky. 1968), 1155

(3 days ago) Page 44. 292 F.Supp. 44 (E.D.Ky. 1968) Hazel GADDY, Administratrix for the Estate of James Brown Gaddy, Deceased, Plaintiffs, v. LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE RAILROAD

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279 P.2d 467 (Nev. 1955), 3841, Good v

(2 days ago) Home Case Law; Nevada; 279 P.2d 467 (Nev. 1955), 3841, Good v. Second Judicial Dist. Court In and For Washoe County

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239 F. 976 (S.D.N.Y. 1917), Eustis

(1 days ago) ("It makes not the least difference whether a promisor actually intends that meaning which the law will impo.. Request a trial to view additional results 1-800-335-6202

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215 Cal.App.4th 972, A135274, Heritage

(7 days ago) Law Offices of Mokri & Associates Brad A. Mokri and Jennifer N. Harris for Plaintiff, Cross-defendant and Appellant. Law Office of Peter Fredman and Peter B. Fredman for Defendant, Cross-complainant and Respondent. Judge Panel: Kline, P. J., and Richman, J., concurred. Case Date: March 29, 2013: Court: California Court of Appeals

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59 S.E. 450 (Ga.App. 1907), 636

(1 days ago) The Abbeville Trading Company admitted the allegations of the plaintiffs' petition as to jurisdiction and as to the death of Lasseter, one of the indorsers, and that written notice as to the claim of attorney's fees, as provided by law, had been given. It denied indebtedness, and

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545 F.2d 279 (1st Cir. 1976), 76-1146

(2 days ago) Page 279. 545 F.2d 279 (1st Cir. 1976) Julio Jose MARTINEZ HERNANDEZ et al., Plaintiffs, Appellants, v. AIR FRANCE, Defendant, Appellee. No. 76-1146. United States

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140 N.Y. 474, Govin v. De Miranda

(5 days ago) The plaintiffs, however, attempt to support this action at law, without any proof of a legal title to the bonds which they seek to replevy, by claiming as beneficiaries under an alleged declaration of trust. But this paper, relied upon as such declaration, will be found wholly insufficient for that purpose. ( Martin v. Funk, 75 N.Y. 134; Young v.

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People v. Randall, 112020 ILCA4, 4-18-0479

(3 days ago) People v. Randall, 112020 ILCA4, 4-18-0479. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. DEVOE D. RANDALL, Defendant-Appellant. JUSTICE KNECHT delivered the judgment of the court. Justices DeArmond and Turner concurred in the judgment. 2020 IL App (4th) 180479-U THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, Plaintiff-Appellee, v.

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120 F. 819 (8th Cir. 1903), 1,679

(3 days ago) The analogous limitation at law was five years. The interveners neither pleaded nor proved any excuse for the delay, and an innocent purchaser had bought the land in reliance upon the patent. Held, the interveners were estopped from securing relief in equity by their laches. Page 821

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45 P. 76 (Kan. 1896), 8614, Mason v

(1 days ago) of law sue and recover for a breach of the contract? This court has answered this question many times in the negative. In Mason v. McLeod, 57 Kan. 105, 45 P. 76, 77, 41 L.R.A. 548, 57 Am.St.Rep. 327, this court passed on the statute for the first time. There suit was brought to set aside no..

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Paisano Capital SA de CV v. Velazquez

(1 days ago) The Court now considers the “Second Motion for Entry of Default Judgment and Incorporated Memorandum of Law” 1 (hereafter, “motion for default judgment”) and the First Amended Complaint 2 (hereafter, “amended complaint”) filed by Paisano Capital SA de CV d/b/a Productos Paisano (“Plaintiff”) against Defendants Luimon Produce

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23 Vt. 626 (Vt. 1851), Pierce v. Whitman

(2 days ago) Court. United States State Supreme Court of Vermont. Page 626. 23 Vt. 626 (Vt. 1851) DANA PIERCE, Administrator of NATHANIEL MILLER, v. CHARLES R. WHITMAN. Supreme Court of Vermont. June, 1851. TRESPASS for taking a wagon. The suit was brought in the county of WINDSOR, and was tried upon a case stated by the parties, substantially as follows.

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24 N.E. 139 (Ind. 1890), 14,118

(2 days ago) Page 139. 24 N.E. 139 (Ind. 1890) 123 Ind. 397. Hoppes et al. v. Hoppes et al. No. 14,118. Supreme Court of Indiana. April 24, 1890. From the Madison Circuit Court.

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3 Mo. 441 (Mo. 1834), Lincecum v. Lincecum

(1 days ago) United States State Supreme Court of Missouri. Page 441. 3 Mo. 441 (Mo. 1834) LINCECUM AND MARTIN, ADM'RS OF LINCECUM, AND YOUNG, GUARDIAN OF LINCECUM v. LINCECUM. Supreme Court of Missouri. May Term, 1834. APPEAL FROM CAPE GIRARDEAU CIRCUIT COURT. M'GIRK, C. J.

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423 S.W.3d 824 (Mo.App. W.D. 2014

(3 days ago) Upon learning of the abuse, N.G.'s biological father contacted law enforcement officials as well as the Children's Division. The Children's Division arranged for N.G. to have a forensic interview regarding the allegations of sexual abuse. During the forensic interview, N.G. disclosed that he had been sexually abused by Stepfather several times.

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245 So.2d 324 (La. 1971), 50526

(3 days ago) Docket Nº: 50526. Citation: 245 So.2d 324, 257 La. 1101: Party Name: Mildred HEADRICK v. PENNSYLVANIA MILLERS MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Case Date: February 24, 1971

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Abrahamson v The Law Society of Ireland

(4 days ago) 15. In proceedings in the case of Bloomer and Others -v- The Incorporated Law Society of Ireland. Ireland and the Attorney General, the Plaintiff's in those proceedings, who were all students at the Faculty of Law of Queens University Belfast, inter alia sought the following reliefs:-. 16.

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194 F.3d 1313 (6th Cir. 1999), 98-3495

(3 days ago) Page 1313. 194 F.3d 1313 (6th Cir. 1999) Anthony M. ROSS, Plaintiff--Appellant, v. CITY OF GIRARD, Defendant--Appellee. No. 98-3495. United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit

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498 A.2d 1076 (Del. 1985), In re Frabizzio

(6 days ago) The respondent has a general practice of law with an emphasis on real estate and commercial law. He has been a member of the Delaware Bar since 1971. "2. Lank was one of the three co-owners of the land sold. Hereafter, the sellers are referred to as the Lank group. Lank …

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