California Passed a Law That Keeps Bad Cops From …

“Police unions and law enforcement unions, in general, have a lot of clout,” Grinage said. “So as a political factor, it becomes difficult to overcome that kind of influence on legislative

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All the Bills Donald Trump has Signed Into Law

(6 days ago) H.R.2228: Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act of 2017 What It Will Do: This law instructs the attorney general and secretaries of …

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Octopuses Will Have Their Feelings Protected Under UK Law

(4 days ago) Octopuses Will Have Their Feelings Protected Under UK Law. It comes after an independent review concluded that octopuses, crabs and lobsters are …

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A New Law in Mexico Limiting Foreign Agents Is a …

(5 days ago) The new law is a direct result of the Cienfuegos incident, according to Jaime López, a security consultant who served as acting secretary of Mexico’s National Public Security System in 2013

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Historic California Rape Law Tells College Campuses: 'Yes

(4 days ago) The law comes amid increased publicity surrounding an alleged date rape conspiracy at a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee fraternity, and a movement at Columbia University that is pushing the

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A Critic of El Salvador's Bitcoin Law Was Arrested

(6 days ago) People took to the San Salvador streets to protest the Bitcoin law on the day of Gómez’s arrest, according to local media. Protestors slammed the law and held banners saying it was a front for

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'Law & Order: SVU' Sucks at Depicting Muslims

(9 days ago) Last week’s 'Law & Order: SVU' episode, “Acceptable Loss,” reminded me that if I want to see a TV drama treat Muslim characters as capable of full human complexity, cop shows might not be

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Why a Beautiful, Promising Law Student Killed Her

(3 days ago) The young law student had convinced herself Joe, by all accounts a loving boyfriend, had poisoned her with the vomit-inducing cough medicine ipecac—she suffered …

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Ottawa Law Students Want University to Ban Man Who Broke

(4 days ago) Law students at the University of Ottawa are demanding the school rescind its acceptance offer to a man who was convicted of assault after breaking into his ex-girlfriend's house. Charles Barrons

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Cops Tell Biker Gangs to Wear Makeup as Harsh New Laws Ban

(9 days ago) October 14, 2021, 5:51pm. Members of biker gangs who show off their insignias – even in the form of tattoos –. will face a 12-month jail term and fines of up to $12,000 AUD under new laws

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MoreyBall, Goodhart's Law, and the Limits of Analytics

(3 days ago) MoreyBall, Goodhart's Law, and the Limits of Analytics Math tells NBA teams to shoot more three-pointers and shots at the rim, but that formula isn't working as …

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Texas Abortion Law: What You Need to Know

(1 days ago) The Supreme Court let an unprecedented law that bans abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy go into effect in Texas overnight. CS. by …

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A Law Professor Explains Why You Should Never Talk to Police

(9 days ago) Other than that, Duane says, you should fall back on four short words: "I want a lawyer." In 2008, Duane, a professor at Virginia's Regent Law School, gave a lecture about the risks of talking to

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Portugal Makes It Illegal for Your Boss to Text You After Work

(1 days ago) November 9, 2021, 7:33am. Photo: Getty stock image. The Portuguese parliament has passed new labour laws to give workers a healthier work …

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Amazon Abandons Warehouse Plan Because San Diego Is

(4 days ago) The law, known as the Working Families Ordinance, would require that employers that operate on San Diego-county owned land pay the prevailing wage—which is …

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How cops hack into your phone without a warrant

(1 days ago) The act is the most recent comprehensive federal law controlling digital privacy, although it hasn’t fully caught up with technology since its passage in 1986.

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Should Parents Be Punished for Their Kids’ Bad Behavior

(5 days ago) The proposed law would also prevent violent abuse of children as an incorrect way of family education, Zang said. Most countries have laws requiring parents to …

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China Passed Hong Kong's Feared Security Law. Here's What

(3 days ago) The law is expected to come into effect on Wednesday, which also marks 23 years since the city’s return to China by the British. Under the handover agreement, Hong Kong was meant to …

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The ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ Law That Protected Ahmaud Arbery’s

(6 days ago) Nearly a year after Ahmaud Arbery’s death, the Georgia law that originally protected the young Black man’s killers from facing charges is about to …

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How Kids YouTube Star Blippi Used Copyright Law to Hide

(2 days ago) This law has allowed for platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to flourish, because with millions or billions of users, some portion of them are going to …

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Everything You Need To Know About Abortion Laws in the US

(7 days ago) Supporters of the law have even created whistleblower websites that are meant to act as tip lines for possible violators (and abortion rights proponents have struck back with Shrek porn).

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Here are Some of the Most Controversial Points of Hong

(Just Now) “The law is a sword hung above,” he said, according to HKFP. “As time goes by, we will see more clearly that the promulgation of the national security law marks the turning point of chaos to

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A New Law Should Have Kept Him Out of Jail. Instead, He

(3 days ago) Canada's Good Samaritan Overdose law is supposed to keep drug users safe. But the death of Christopher Van Camp shows how the law could be improved.

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Criminalizing Cartoons: How the Law Is Dealing with Anime

(3 days ago) Criminalizing Cartoons: How the Law Is Dealing with Anime Child Pornography in Canada. There is a huge disparity between how Canada and Japan are treating anime child porn. DG. by …

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New York’s Legal Weed Law Could Still Screw Over Black People

(9 days ago) New York’s legal cannabis law is supposed to direct profits to Black entrepreneurs and neighborhoods torn apart by the war on drugs. CR. by Chris Roberts. April 2, 2021, 5:11am. A worker

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Florida ‘Anti-Rioting’ Law Will Make It Much Easier to Run

(1 days ago) Florida ‘Anti-Rioting’ Law Will Make It Much Easier to Run Over Protesters With Cars. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the law, which includes civil immunity for people who drive their cars

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The Texas Abortion Ban Isn’t Staying in Texas

(1 days ago) In 2020, more than 55,000 people got abortions in Texas. Now, in the wake of a Texas law that bans abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy, that number will likely plunge dramatically. In

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'Law & Order: SVU' Is an Alternative Reality Where Assault

(4 days ago) In the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit–verse the Stanford rapist is quietly weeping in his cell right now; trying to imagine what the next nine years in federal state prison have in store for him.

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Norway Law Forces Influencers to Label Retouched Photos on

(7 days ago) The law also covers images from influencers and celebrities if they “receive any payment or other benefit” in relation to the post, including on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram

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Brett Kavanaugh Sure Seems Skeptical of the Texas Abortion Ban

(1 days ago) Justice Brett Kavanaugh, another Trump pick, seemed struck by the idea that the Texas law could be cloned and used to topple other constitutional rights, like gun ownership. “Say everyone who

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What the Law of Attraction and These Mental Disorders Have

(3 days ago) The law of attraction is said to have appeared first in an 1877 book by Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky, but was popularized about a decade later by New Thought writers, as part of a …

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Idaho Governor Signs 2 Bills into Law Denying Trans People

(Just Now) Idaho Governor Signs 2 Bills into Law Denying Trans People Basic Rights. LGBTQ groups are now suing the state. Idaho is facing a pair of lawsuits after …

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Anyone Who ‘Seriously Annoys’ a Cop Could Be Fined Up to

(2 days ago) “This law is intended to intimidate those people who would put their bodies on the line for a moral imperative that cannot be denied,” Brewington said. “The intent to chill and dampen

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YouTube Keeps Serving Me Ads for Poland's 'Holocaust Law'

(4 days ago) The law, among other things, criminalizes the use of terms such as "Polish death camps" when referring to German death camps in occupied Poland, like Auschwitz and Treblinka.

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Amazon Told Police It Has Partnered With 200 Law

(8 days ago) At least 200 law enforcement agencies around the country have entered into partnerships with Amazon’s home surveillance company Ring, according …

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The 21 Laws States Use to Crush Broadband Competition

(2 days ago) South Carolina's law was passed in 2012, modeled on North Carolina's law, and was a direct response to Orangeburg County receiving a grant …

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How Eric Holder's Corporate Law Firm Is Turning Into a

(6 days ago) The revolving door between the Department of Justice and a certain corporate law firm is spinning faster than ever. On July 6, former Attorney General Eric Holder returned to …

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How Sony, Microsoft, and Other Gadget Makers Violate

(4 days ago) The MMWA is a relatively obscure statute that is most famous for creating "lemon law" for cars. If you've ever heard about it before, it's probably in the context of car warranties: a warranty

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A Lawyer Explains Why Carole Baskin Will Likely Lose Her

(6 days ago) The law doesn't require a release before you can include information or the content of an interview in an expressive work or a journalistic work.

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Godwin's Law in the Age of Trump: The Conversation Starts

(5 days ago) There's no easy way to form a unified theory of Godwin's Law in the age of Trump and the alt-right. But two things appear to be true: Godwin's Law still holds in 2017. And it's becoming

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Here's the FBI's Internal Guide for Getting Data from AT&T

(2 days ago) A newly obtained document written by the FBI lays out in unusually granular detail how it and other law enforcement agencies can obtain location information of …

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Meet the Doctor Who Did 67 Abortions the Day Before the

(4 days ago) With the state's six-week abortion ban looming, Dr. Jasbir Ahluwalia worked into the night to perform abortions before the law took effect at midnight.

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We Must Repeal SESTA, a Deadly Law That Does Nothing to

(8 days ago) The controversial anti-sex trafficking law is an example of sloppy legislation that has already done untold harm to marginalized communities, …

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What California’s New Privacy Law Means for You

(Just Now) Even if enforcement is a challenge and the CCPA needs work, the law is at least forcing corporations to simplify your ability to opt out of data sales, while launching a …

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