Laws and regulation Department of Justice and …

Laws and regulation. As part of the Victorian Government's commitment to a safer and fairer Victoria, the department makes and updates laws and regulations with focus on access to justice, equitable and fair outcomes and the protection of rights and the rule of law. Consultation with the community, business and stakeholders is central to the

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Law in Victoria The Law Library of Victoria

(6 days ago) Law in Victoria The information here is intended to provide a basic understanding of how legal information is structured. There are many links to further sources of information, and links to organisations that offer legal help.

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Civil law Department of Justice and Community Safety

(5 days ago) Civil law. Civil law defines the rights and responsibilities of individuals, government entities and private or non-government organisations in their interactions with each other. A breach of a civil law right or obligation does not usually lead to criminal processes and sanctions. For example, the laws around discrimination usually give rise

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Legal words Victoria Legal Aid

(6 days ago) Disclaimer: The material in this print-out relates to the law as it applies in the state of Victoria. It is intended as a general guide only. Readers should not act on the basis of any material in this print-out without getting legal advice about their own particular situations.

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You and family law: a short guide

(5 days ago) Changes to the law. The law changes all the time. To check for changes, you can: • call Victoria Legal Aid’s Legal Help phone line on 1300 792 387 • visit Victoria Legal Aid’s website at • contact a community legal centre. Call the Federation of Community Legal Centres on (03) 9652 1500 to

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Parliament of Victoria

(5 days ago) The Parliament of Victoria is the bicameral legislature of the Australian state of Victoria that follows a Westminster-derived parliamentary system. It consists of the Queen, represented by the Governor of Victoria, the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.

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Acts and local laws

(2 days ago) The City of Melbourne has three such local laws dealing with a wide range of community, environmental and governance issues. The Activities Local Law 2019 and the Environment Local Law 2019 provide the Council with the ability to prescribe various matters including exemptions and forms. The Conduct of Meetings Local Law 2019 provides guidelines

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Explainer: Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations and your …

(3 days ago) Under employment law, employers can direct their employees to be vaccinated if the direction is lawful and reasonable. Whether a direction is lawful and reasonable depends on the circumstances. The Fair Work Ombudsman has published information on the factors that may be relevant when determining whether requiring employees to be vaccinated is

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Parliament of Victoria

(6 days ago) There are five key steps involved in making a law, which are outlined below. You can also watch our animation or view the flow chart to understand how Parliament makes laws. 1) Policy development. The first stage in the legislative process is developing an idea for new or changed laws. Ideas can be generated from a number of sources, including

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Melbourne City Council Environment Local Law 2019

(7 days ago) “Municipality” means the municipal district of the Council. “Notice to Comply” is a notice given under clause 5.9 of this Local Law. the “Occupier” of premises means the following: (a) a person having the charge, management or control of the premises, and (b) in the case of premises that are let out in separate occupancies or a lodging house that is let

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The Equal Opportunity Act Victorian Equal Opportunity

(2 days ago) The Equal Opportunity Act 2010 aims to make public life free from discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation. The law provides avenues for people to resolve complaints, and outlines the Commission’s role in helping government, business and the community to identify and eliminate discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation.

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Legal assistance Department of Justice and Community

(2 days ago) Office of the Public Advocate provides advice on topics affecting people with a disability, and the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service provides free legal advice to the Koori community. If you need to find a lawyer, the Law Institute of Victoria can refer you to member solicitors who …

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Australia and healthcare worker regulation

(8 days ago) The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law as in force in each state and territory (‘the National Law’) requires a person to be registered if they wish to practise in a regulated health profession. There are 14 regulated health professions under the National …

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Glossary of legal terms The Supreme Court of Victoria

(5 days ago) Administrative law: The body of law that regulates the legality of decisions and other actions of government bodies and officials. Affidavit: A document that presents written evidence in a court case. It must be sworn to be true and correct in front of an authorised person, on oath or by affirmation. It is a serious crime to knowingly make a

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Hindering police Victoria Legal Aid

(5 days ago) Disclaimer: The material in this print-out relates to the law as it applies in the state of Victoria. It is intended as a general guide only. Readers should not act on the basis of any material in this print-out without getting legal advice about their own particular situations.

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Occupational health and safety – your legal duties

(Just Now) The law requires employers to eliminate risks so far as is reasonably practicable. To decide what is reasonably practicable, you must consider: the likelihood of the hazard or risk occurring; the harm that would result from the hazard or risk; what a person knows (or should know) about the hazard or risk, and ways to eliminate or reduce it

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Common Law Application Form: Supplementary Common Law

(3 days ago) Common Law Application Form: Supplementary Common Law Protocols ABN 22 033 947 623 Address TAC, Reply Paid 2751, Melbourne, VIC 3001 Telephone 1300 654 329 Email [email protected] DX 216079, Melbourne. Website App Important notes This form is to be used when a client has become entitled to pursue a common law claim pursuant to the processes in the

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Discrimination Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human

(6 days ago) Discrimination in the workplace. Around half of all complaints that come to us are about the workplace (52 per cent in 2018-19). While a person is responsible for their own unlawful behaviour, employers can also be held responsible. Under the Equal Opportunity Act, employers have a positive duty to eliminate discrimination, sexual harassment

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Roles in court Court Services Victoria

(Just Now) The person who hears cases and makes decisions in the County Court and Supreme Court. If a judge and a jury hear the case, the judge will be responsible for directing the jury about the law. If the accused is found guilty, the judge will impose the sentence. In Victoria, the State Coroner is also a judge. When you speak to a judge, you should

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Gender identity discrimination Victorian Equal

(7 days ago) Discrimination is against the law if it happens in an area of public life such as:. work; school, TAFE or university; a club or sporting organisation; shops and restaurants; aged care, hotels or rental properties.; People who work in these areas have a positive duty to make sure you don’t face discrimination.. It is also against the law to victimise a person, which means treat them badly

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Smoke and the law Environment Protection Authority Victoria

(4 days ago) Smoke and the law. The Environment Protection Act 1970 (the Act) covers Victorian air smoke Regulations. This includes the: Waste Management Policy (Solid Fuel Heating). The State Environment Protection Policies (SEPPS) set objectives and goals for air quality in Victoria. reducing emissions from solid fuel heating.

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Community Amenity Local Law (2015)

(5 days ago) This Local Law is called the " Community Amenity Local Law (2015)". What are the objectives of this Local Law? 2. The objectives of this Local Law are to: 2.1 provide for the peace, order and good government of the municipal district; 2.2 promote a physical …

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A SumarySmofaB di A Summary of Brodie’s Law

(6 days ago) This law is known as ‘Brodie’s Law’ because of a case where a young woman, Brodie Panlock, was subjected to serious and ongoing workplace bullying and eventually took her own life. Crisis Support. Anyone who needs crisis support can call Lifeline

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How to prove your family law case Rules about what you can

(8 days ago) The Family Law Act 1975, Family Law Rules 2004 and Federal Circuit Court Rules are on Victoria Legal Aid Legal Help Free legal help by telephone and information about Victoria Legal Aid services Tel: 9269 0120 or 1800 677 402 (country callers) Public law library

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Transport Accident Act Common Law Protocols – 1 July 2016

(9 days ago) law damages and entitlements to claimants; 2.1.2 Consistent management of serious injury requests and common law damages claims through meaningful dialogue between the parties; 2.1.3 Timely benefit delivery to claimants; 2.1.4 The processes giving rise to the assessment and delivery of common law

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(7 days ago) THE LAW 1. INTRODUCTION The use of computer technology in legal procedures necessarily gives rise to issues relating to the security and privacy of electronically transmitted and stored information. Often in the course of a legal matter, information of a

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Parliament of Victoria

(Just Now) As emergency law suspends aspects of the normal distribution of constitutional power, it is a highly contested component of Australia's legislative system. Emergency laws gain democratic legitimacy because they are provided for by legislation created through the ordinary law-making processes carried out by elected representatives.

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Local Law review Have Your Say

(3 days ago) About the Local Law review. From trees to rubbish to parking to pets, Bayside’s Local Law ensures Council can respond to local issues and protect everyone's enjoyment of public spaces, and health and safety within our municipality. A proposed new Local Law was drafted, taking into consideration extensive community feedback, legal advice and

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Exceptions Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights

(4 days ago) It against the law to discriminate against someone because of their personal characteristics, but sometimes an exception may apply. The law recognises that discrimination may be justified in certain circumstances. General exceptions apply across all areas of public life protected by the law. Specific exceptions apply to certain characteristics and areas of public life.

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Mission and Strategy The Law Library of Victoria

(3 days ago) The Library’s vision is to provide judicial officers, the profession and community with ready access to legal information, thereby contributing to the administration of justice and the practice of law in Victoria. During 2020, the Library consulted widely with individuals and organisations in Victoria’s legal and library communities. The

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Managing trust accounts VLSBC

(4 days ago) A law practice or an approved clerk must notify the Board when a new trust account is opened, when any details of an account are changed, and when a trust account is closed. Notifications must be made to the Board using FORM TRUST 8: Notification of Trust Account details .

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Compliance and enforcement: How regulators enforce the

(3 days ago) The law applies at the Commonwealth level and in each state and territory. Compliance and enforcement with the law will be on a ‘one-law, multiple-regulators‘ model, with existing consumer regulators enforcing the uniform law. It is the responsibility of traders to comply with the ACL at all times.

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Confidentiality and privacy in healthcare

(3 days ago) By law, your medical records and health information must be kept safe and private by all medical and healthcare professionals, and all healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and clinics. You are allowed to access your child's health information. If you care for an adult, you can be authorised to have access to their information.

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6.3.9 Old common law scheme

(1 days ago) Delayed incapacity still dealt with under old common law. There is an exception to the deadline above. Where the incapacity from an injury sustained before 12 November 1997 did not become known until after 12 November 1997, the injury can still be dealt with under the old common law scheme.. Serious injuries require compulsory conferencing

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(5 days ago) Victoria in law‑making. After completing this lesson plan, you will be able to • Define and use the correct legal terminology, principles and information relating to parliamentary procedure • Understand the role of the Crown in law‑making • Understand the roles of the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council

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Child safety in the car

(Just Now) By law, children must be restrained appropriately at all times when travelling in a car in Australia. Make sure you choose the right restraint for your child and your vehicle. Restraints need to be fitted and used correctly. Travelling with children can be challenging, but there are things you can do to make the journey easier and safer.

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4. Community values

(5 days ago) Dan Nicholson is the Executive Director, Criminal Law at Victoria Legal Aid, responsible for the delivery of legally aided criminal law services across the state. Dan has worked with VLA since 2012 in a range of roles, including as the Executive Director, Civil Justice, Access and Equity.

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Community education and projects Victoria Legal Aid

(3 days ago) Learning the law teachers’ kit. Learning the law is an online suite of teaching tools for secondary specialist school teachers. Settled and safe. We are working with community partners to develop and deliver education sessions for newly arrived communities about Australian laws regarding family relationships. Sex, young people and the law

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