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With The Law Centre since 1994, Steve is an experienced clinical law instructor. His areas of practice include human rights, administrative law, civil litigation, criminal, and family law. In addition to his work at The Law Centre he has taught the Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, and Social Welfare Law courses within the faculty.

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(8 days ago) ronmental law, corporate law, and, international and comparative law Develops a broader understanding of Indigenous legal issues, recognizing the need in the Canadian legal community for a broader understanding of and academic focus on Aboriginal legal issues

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Law Department Awards

(9 days ago) The law firm of Tory, Tory, DesLauriers and Binnington has established the J.S.D. Tory Prize for Advocacy. The prize, in an amount not less than $1,000 is awarded to the student who, in the opinion of the Faculty, is the most outstanding student in the Advocacy program at the Faculty of Law. In determining the recipient of the award, the

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Give to UVic Law

(4 days ago) UVic Law is proud to admit students with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Diversity Entrance Awards recognize students entering the Faculty of Law who have demonstrated academic ability together with determination, resilience, contribution, and compassion in areas of life such as prior work experience, graduate study, community service, family care, or disability.

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JD & JID students

(6 days ago) Faculty of Law Fraser Building, room 102 University of Victoria Phone: 1-250-721-8150 General: [email protected]ca Admissions: [email protected]ca LLM/PhD: [email protected]ca Students: law[email protected]ca More contact info

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The Normativity of Law: What is the Problem

(3 days ago) Philosophy of Law Vol 1 (Oxford University Press, 2011). 2 doing so may contribute to progress on problems that merit attention and to avoid being snagged on pseudo-problems.3 Though used mainly in technical contexts, the noun ‘normativity’ is simple enough. It is the quality or property of being normative, and something is

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Akin's Laws of Spacecraft Design

(3 days ago) Law 14 (Edison’s Law) “‘Better’ is the enemy of ‘good’.” – Actually a quote of Voltaire – You need to recognize when you have achieved a system that is good enough. • You can always make a system better since perfection requires infinite resources. • See Law 13.

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Law building is renamed to honour contributions of former

(2 days ago) Law School Fax (250) 721-6390 Law School Website www.law.uvic.ca The Law Newsis published once a year by the Faculty of Law. Changes of address can be emailed to [email protected]ca or sent to the law school at the following address: Faculty of Law University of Victoria PO Box 2400 STN CSC Victoria, BC V8W 3H7 Publications Mail Agreement Number 1720546

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(3 days ago) Law Co-op Program and ineligible to participate in future work-terms. Mooting Team Participation in the mooting program is a team endeavor. Co-op students must be available to participate as full members of a mooting team. This may not be possible while a student is on a co-op work-term.

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Minimum requirements

(2 days ago) Minimum requirements Law students look on during a lecture. We emphasize that these requirements are simply minimum requirements. Applications that meet these requirements will go through a comprehensive review for academic excellence, academic research capacity, and ability of the candidate to contribute to the graduate program.

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Contact UVic Law

(2 days ago) Address regular mail to: Please indicate the name of the person or department (e.g. "Admissions Office"). Faculty of Law University of Victoria PO Box 1700, STN CSC Victoria, British Columbia Canada V8W 2Y2. Courier address: Faculty of Law, University of Victoria Murray and Anne Fraser Building, Room 102 McGill Road at Ring Road Victoria, British Columbia Canada V8P 5C2

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The role of the sacred in Indigenous law

(8 days ago) In this conversation, they will explore the nature of Indigenous law and pose important – and challenging – questions about the role of the sacred. Click here for a video recording of the event. This event is the keynote address for a symposium on Indigenous and non-Indigenous relations in Canada: Rethinking the relationship between

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Faculty directory

(3 days ago) Nonprofit sector law, law and religion, administrative law and regulation, trusts, the law of gift. Patricia Cochran. 250-721-8183 [email protected]ca: Constitutional law, political and legal theory, law of evidence, human rights, social welfare law. Deborah L Curran, Executive Director, Environmental Law Centre On leave until Dec 31, 2021

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JD/JID joint degree admission FAQs

(5 days ago) UVic Law has the second lowest tuition and fees of all the Common-Law law schools in Canada. It has one of the most generous student financial aid programs, and we are raising additional funds so that even after taking the new JD/JID students into consideration, the financial aid available per student will remain the same or better than it is now.

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ELCS Board – Environmental Law Centre

(8 days ago) Kathy Chan is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, where she teaches Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Non-profit Sector Law and Law and Religion.She previously practiced law at a boutique charity law firm in Vancouver, and is a former executive member of both the national and BC branches of the CBA Charity and Not-for-Profit Law Subsection.

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The Law of Protest (formerly known as civil disobedience

(9 days ago) The Law of Protest (formerly known as civil disobedience) Before the global pandemic shifted focus, what are viewed as “protests” under Canadian law but are the exercise of Indigenous jurisdiction and responsibilities were gaining momentum with multiple blockades and other acts of protest across the country in support of Indigenous rights

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Business Law Clinic

(Just Now) UVic Law's Business Law Clinic course (LAW 349) gives students an opportunity to develop their legal skills and understand the lawyer's role in facilitating business transactions for clients, all within a clinical context. They also learn about client interviewing, problem-solving, legal research, legal analysis and ethical issues. Our mentors

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Announcements & events

(3 days ago) Indigenous scholar Val Napoleon has been appointed interim Dean of Law from October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022. Napoleon is the director of the Indigenous law degree program at UVic and of the Indigenous Law Research Unit, which she co-founded in 2012 to partner with Indigenous communities, helping them to research, re-articulate and rebuild their laws.

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Using “Icebreakers” in Legal Learning Project Pedagogy

(3 days ago) Legal Process (Law 106) is a mandatory, two week, intensive course taken by all 1L students at UVicLaw since the founding of the law school. Its objective include building community, explore the idea that people are agents with respect to law, introducing a variety of legal skills, and developing the capacity of students to ask a broader range

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Crime :: Life and Times :: Internet Shakespeare Editions

(Just Now) There are, however, few recorded instances of the law being enforced. It appears (in Hamlet's words) to have been "a custom / More honoured in the breach than the observance" (1.4.15-16). One of the charges levelled against the theatre by the puritans was that the presence of boys as actors brought the players under suspicion of committing and

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About the Journal Appeal: Review of Current Law and Law

(7 days ago) Home / About the Journal About the Journal Focus and Scope. APPEAL: Review Of Current Law And Law Reform is the only law journal published through the University of Victoria's Faculty of Law.APPEAL is student-run and features student legal writing from across Canada.. APPEAL offers insightful commentary on contemporary issues. The journal publishes articles that demonstrate a timely analysis

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COVID student grading FAQs

(6 days ago) COVID Student Grading FAQs. Updated: May 4, 2020. Note: the information below is UNIQUE to the Faculty of Law.Many, but not all, of the University’s guidelines apply to law students as well.. If there is a conflict between an answer given by the University on their FAQ page please contact Associate Dean Calder at [email protected]ca to clarify. Answers given below are specific to Law and should

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Welcome to the Diana M. Priestly Law Library

(6 days ago) The Law Library at the University of Victoria is named for its founding librarian, Diana M. Priestly who was Law Librarian and Professor of Law from June 1, 1974 until her appointment as Professor Emeritus on July 1, 1987. The Library opened on November 15, 1980 in the Murray and

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Business Law Continuing Studies at UVic

(5 days ago) Course description. It is essential for business people to acquire a general understanding of the law as it affects businesses in the conduct of their operation and the legal framework within which management decisions take place. Topics include: the Canadian legal system. claims and court system.

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(1 days ago) to avoid detection by law enforcement and to spend their profits freely. Money laundering in some form is an essential part of most illicitenterprises, although methods vary widely . Large drug-trafficking organizations and corrupt public officials use complex, multi-jurisdictional layering schemes; small-time criminals use simpler strategies.

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(7 days ago) The First Law of thermodynamics is: The increase of the internal energy of a system is equal to the sum of the heat added to the system plus the work done on the system. In symbols: dU = dQ + dW. 7.1.1 You may regard this, according to taste, as any of the following A fundamental law of nature of the most profound significance;

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(9 days ago) body, and therefore, by Kirchhoff's law, it also radiates like a black body. Put another way, a black body will radiate in the same way as will a small hole pierced in the side of an enclosure. Sometimes, indeed, a warm box with a small hole in it is used to emulate blackbody radiation and thus to calibrate the sensitivity of a radio telescope.

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UVic law Scholarly Communication @ UVic

(7 days ago) Donald Galloway is a professor of law at the University of Victoria, where he teaches Immigration and Citizenship Law, Refugee Law, and Torts. Professor Galloway has degrees in law and philosophy from the University of Edinburgh and Harvard University.

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Law co-op student testimonials

(1 days ago) The Law Co-op Program and the different opportunities that students would otherwise never get see without it, was one of the reasons I came to University of Victoria for my law degree. Every placement I’ve taken has exceeded my expectations. Being a legal researcher there was a great experience to learn what public law entails and to put into

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Law, Culture and the Humanities http://lch.sagepub.com

(6 days ago) 26 Law, Culture and the Humanities 6(1) property the cow was, and not to the cow. My neighbor might have an obligation not to impose gratuitous suffering on …

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(6 days ago) time, transform implicit law into explicit law, and create legal precedent and a formal memory archive. These legal traditions are integral to the Gitksan people‘s ongoing political perseverance and are the basis for the enduring connections to their territories.

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Graduate program admissions

(2 days ago) Graduate program admissions . UVic Law is grounded in a commitment to experiential learning, to public policy, to environmental law, and to the resurgence of Indigenous Legal Orders - a commitment reflected in our groundbreaking joint degree program in Canadian Common Law

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U of Vic Philosophy Student Union

(Just Now) Such a law is a command or imperative for all rational agents. An imperative is any command of reason that necessitates the will. Recall that the function of reason is to make the will good in itself. Reason guides the will through the use of imperatives so that we may act in accord with the moral law.

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