Important laws of the United States to know about USAHello

Animal laws and pet rules. Americans spend a lot of money to preserve wilderness for animals and build zoos. Their farms and ranches raise animals to produce food. And …

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Important US Laws for Immigrants & Refugees to Know USAHello

(3 days ago) Hunters must have a hunting license to kill wild animals. You can only kill wild animals in certain seasons and with certain weapons. It is illegal to kill cats and dogs for food. In most states, animal cruelty or neglect is against the law

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Education law and rights

(5 days ago) Education law and rights for Muslim Americans. Some Muslim American students feel discriminated against at school. If you are Muslim, you should know your rights. For …

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Animal laws and pet rules

(Just Now) The law says pets must have shelter from the heat, cold, rain and snow. Check with your police department or animal control office for details. If you notice your pet is missing, check the neighborhood, call police or animal control, put up notices, and monitor “found pet” websites.

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Understanding US laws for Afghan evacuees USAHello

(2 days ago) A list of some US laws useful for refugees, immigrants, asylees, and newcomers to know; so you do not break the law by mistake. Read more. When and how to call the police in the U.S. When and how to call the police in the U.S. Knowing when to call the police is important to protect yourself and to help others. Learn about the police and law

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What to do when stopped or arrested by police USAHello

(7 days ago) Law enforcement is not allowed to search your home without your consent or a search warrant. A warrant is a legal document that gives them permission to search. If you are away from home, the police can search your home if someone else consents to it. You should not let an officer enter your home unless they have a warrant.

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Wild animals, hunting and fishing

(4 days ago) Some wild animals are protected by law, while some could cause you and your pets and livestock harm. Check local regulations. There are certain diseases you can contract from wild animals or the parasites that live on them, including tularemia, rabies, and bubonic plague. Even the mosquito can cause illness including the West Nile Virus in

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Know your rights as a refugee in the USA

(Just Now) Overall, surveillance is a legal process used by local, state, and federal law enforcement. The specific laws and regulations vary from state to state and it is advised to speak with a lawyer if you feel you are under surveillance. Monitoring of internet activities.

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Find free and low-cost immigration services USAHello

(6 days ago) An immigration lawyer is someone who has gone to law school and passed the bar exam whose area of practice is focused on immigration. This type of lawyer might work at a non-profit organization where the fees are lower or they might be a private business and can charge higher fees.

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Know your rights: how to talk to a police officer

(8 days ago) Law enforcement officers are there to protect you, your family, and the community at large. Often refugees and immigrants come from countries where government officials abuse their power; thus people fear them and often avoid any interactions with them.

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Workers’ rights

(3 days ago) Employees with disabilities have additional rights under the law. Work injuries. Injuries can happen to you while you are working. If you get hurt while working, it is very important to tell your manager right away. You also need to find a doctor to treat your injury. Workers’ compensation laws can protect your rights to have treatment. Some

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Raising children. Laws and parent's responsibilities

(5 days ago) In more complicated cases, law enforcement is called. The parents are taken to court to be charged with a civil violation, take parenting classes, attend counseling, and even receive a monetary fine. Remember, you -as an adult- are responsible for your children attending school.

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Adjusting to USA school laws

(4 days ago) After all of that, it was a big adjustment for me to attend high school here in the USA. The school system here has rules and laws to follow. USA school laws prevent teachers from physical punishment. I noticed the differences the very first time I attended class. Students were talking before the teachers asked them to speak.

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2021 US Citizenship Act New Immigration Bill USAHello

(6 days ago) The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 was introduced in Congress on February 18, by Senator Bob Menendez and Representative Linda Sanchez. This immigration bill is the same proposal President Joe Biden presented in January to reform our immigration system. This is the first major piece of immigration legislation to be introduced in Congress since 1996.

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Family roles in the USA

(3 days ago) Federal law defines abuse as anything that causes serious harm to your children or puts them in danger. Physical abuse means anything that was not an accident and can range from a small bruise to a serious injury like a broken bone. Injuries to children are abuse even if the parent did not mean to hurt the child.

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Learn when and how to call the police in the United States

(8 days ago) Law enforcement officers, or police officers, are given certain powers to enable them to do their work. They have wide-ranging responsibilities. Arresting suspected criminals. When there is a reason to believe that a person has committed a serious crime, an officer can handcuff and arrest a person. The powers of law enforcement are typically

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Immigrant rights: know your rights as an immigrant

(2 days ago) Know Your Rights LGBTQ Asylum Seekers. The National Immigrant Justice Center is available to provide legal counsel and provide legal referrals. You can contact the National Immigrant Justice Center at its toll free number: (312) 263-0901. This document is for people who are afraid to return to their home countries because they are lesbian, gay

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What to do when someone threatens you in the United States

(Just Now) You can report it to the Southern Poverty Law Center. If you were in a place of business when it happened (a store, for example), report it to the business. If you were on a bus or subway, or train, report it to the transit company. You should also report the information to …

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What is child abuse

(7 days ago) If Child Services thinks your child is in danger, they will take your child away. They will refer your case to a court of law. Children taken from their parents go to a foster home. This is a temporary home with other family members or with strangers.

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Family reunification for refugees and asylees USAHello

(Just Now) American Immigration Lawyers Association is a listing of lawyers who specialize in immigration law. The information on this page comes from CLINIC Legal I-730 Refugee/Asylee Family Reunification Practice Manual, USCIS, and other trusted sources. It is intended for general information purposes only and is updated as often as possible.

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Learn about the public school system in the USA USAHello

(4 days ago) Public school is a free school available to all citizen and non-citizen children. On this page you will learn about American education laws and rights, education levels in the U.S. education system, how to register your child for public school, staff at your child’s school, public school activities, how you can help your child in school, if

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DACA Program News & Updates, 2021 USAHello

(3 days ago) – Firing employees who have the legal right to work (like DACA recipients) based on their immigration status might violate federal law. – If you believe you have suffered discrimination based on your immigration status, you can anonymously call the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, Immigrant and Employee Rights Section at 800

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DV Lottery Guide: 2023 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

(6 days ago) To participate in this year’s Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, also known as the Visa or DV Lottery, you need to know the following: The registration period starts on October 6, 2021 at 12:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time, and finishes on November 9, 2021 at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. 55,000 visas will be awarded for the fiscal year* of 2023.

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You have the right to an interpreter

(9 days ago) courts of law. hospitals. police. fire departments. non-profit agencies funded by the government, such as legal services. Your right to an interpreter is a law of this land because it helps to prevent discrimination. Many people with limited English struggle to get services due to a lack of interpretation or failing to ask for an interpreter.

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Prepare for N-400 Civic Questions Vocabulary & Resources

(7 days ago) You will want to explain in English that a crime is an action that can be punished by law. You can say that convicted means found guilty in a court of law. Difficult words on the N-400 form. Here are some difficult words and terms that you will see in Section 12 and in other sections of the N-400 form.

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What are the levels in the U.S. education system

(3 days ago) In the US education system, your children must, by law, go to school for a certain number of years between certain ages. The ages and number of years for public school in the USA varies from state to state. You can find out the ages and number of years in your state.. The education system in …

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How to Apply for Asylum in the US USAHello

(6 days ago) Asylum law and procedure. Learn more about asylum, withholding of removal, the United Nations Convention against torture, the process for applying for asylum, how to seek asylum while in immigrant detention, special immigrant juvenile status, and temporary protected status.

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Register my child in school

(5 days ago) You can get in trouble with the law if your student misses too many days of school. You will get many warnings if your student starts to miss too many days. The exact number is different for different school districts. An absence is when you are missing from school. Most schools have 2 types of absences.

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How to welcome newcomers

(4 days ago) As well as understandable fears arising from the strangeness of a new environment and culture, it is useful to remember that people may have fears of law enforcement and other authority stemming from their previous lives. So we want to mention here the importance of helping people feel …

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How to Vote in US Elections Voting Locations USAHello

(8 days ago) Read local news to find out about local issues that may be addressed in your city or state election with a new decision or law you can vote on. Read and watch national news from quality sources to hear candidates speak and to hear what other people say about them.

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Prepare for US Citizenship Tests & How To Apply USAHello

(1 days ago) Naturalization is the process that makes you a citizen of the United States of America. The naturalization test, or citizenship test, is an interview. You will be questioned by a Citizenship and Immigration Services officer. The interview is an important step in becoming a US citizen. Find out about the naturalization test and how to prepare

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Why I grew up not talking about politics

(1 days ago) Obeying the law The last thing anyone of us wants is to get in trouble with the law intentionally or due to lack of knowledge. Being respectful of law enforcement, paying your fair share of taxes , providing accurate information on your tax forms and other forms, not engaging in illegal activities, and knowing your rights and responsibilities

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Immigration policy and current events

(5 days ago) The USA has also made an agreement with Mexico that Mexican law officers will jail or deport migrants before they get to the US border. Finally, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been sending some Mexican asylum seekers back to Mexico away from the border. This is part of a US agreement with Mexico called the “Interior

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Learn about the green card process in the U.S. USAHello

(4 days ago) A green card (officially called a permanent resident card) allows you to live and work in the USA permanently. On this page you can learn if you are eligible for a green card, the steps to apply for a green card, processing times, green cards for refugees and asylees, avoiding immigration scams, and other helpful information about your green

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Learn the process to apply for TPS Venezuela USAHello

(4 days ago) In immigration law there are also many providers who are non-profits who receive training in immigration law. They go through a process with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) to become accredited representatives. These representatives must work for a non-profit organization and most have low cost or no cost services.

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Learn about your rights and how to be successful at your

(8 days ago) Workers’ rights. You have certain rights to protect you at work. In the USA, everyone should be treated fairly in the workplace. Employers must follow laws or they will be fined or punished. Read to learn more about workers’ rights in the USA. Learn more. How to get promoted.

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Immigration and public benefits for Afghans evacuees

(Just Now) This is the status that most incoming Afghans will have. Most people with humanitarian parole will likely be seeking asylum in the U.S. Under current law, parolees are able to apply for work authorization but they are not eligible for other immigration benefits unless they are granted a different status.

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