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The natural environment and its governance through law have a long history in the global South. As in the global North, nature has been regulated since ancient times through complex plural regimes of sovereign, religious, customary and tribal laws, and in more recent times colonial, state, regional, transnational and international laws.

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(1 days ago) Academia.edu is a place to share and follow research. The advertising technology industry, known as 'adtech', is a complicated network of organisations and individuals that collect, aggregate and deal with large amounts of personal data.

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University of Melbourne

(9 days ago) Academia.edu is a place to share and follow research. 31.3 million researchers use this site every month. Ads help cover our server costs.

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Melkamu B. Moges University of Melbourne

(2 days ago) Melkamu B. Moges, University of Melbourne, Law School, Alumnus. Studies Comparative Land Law, Public Laws, Land Administration, and Practice of Land Rights. Dr Melkamu is a highly specialised and educated expert in Land Law, Land Policy and Land

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Reyvi Mariñas University of Melbourne

(8 days ago) Reyvi Marinas holds a PhD in Law and Political Theory at Monash University and is currently working as a Research Fellow at the Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne. He is the current Secretary of Philippines-Australia Solidarity Association (PASA), a solidarity group that promotes p

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Dr Tom Gerald Daly University of Melbourne

(4 days ago) (A public law academic and consultant with over 15 years' professional experience, at the University of Edinburgh, Council of Europe, Supreme Court of Ireland, Global Justice Academy and Judicial Studies Institute, as well as extensive public law consultancy work for a variety of international organisations, including the EU, African Union, International IDEA, and Irish government.

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Lauren Sapic University of Melbourne

(Just Now) Lauren Sapic, University of Melbourne, Melbourne Law School, Alumnus. A Juris Doctorate graduate, completed on an Elite Athlete Scholarship. B.A. in Classics, with a double minor in English and German Literature, completed at McGill and Cambridge

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Ajar Buditama University of Melbourne

(1 days ago) Aspects of the two international law regimes relevant to blue carbon ecosystems are identified and discussed, and it is argued that blue carbon ecosystems can be included in climate change mitigation strategies. Despite the potential difficulties associated with doing this via climate change law and environmental law, utilising a combination of

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Simon Evans University of Melbourne

(5 days ago) Simon Evans is a Professor in the Melbourne Law School and the University of Melbourne's Pro Vice-Chancellor (International). As Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), Professor Simon Evans works on the University’s international strategy and international relationships, under the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement).

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Adam K Dedman (戴擁浩) University of Melbourne

(9 days ago) Yet despite its historic achievement, the Taiwanese same-sex marriage law passed last year does not enshrine true marriage equality. One of the pressing issues remaining is the marriage rights of transnational same-sex partners; marriage remains elusive for many such couples in Taiwan.

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Debolina Dutta University of Melbourne

(2 days ago) In 1979, four law professors wrote the " Open Letter " to the Chief Justice of India (OL). It was written as a way of registering public protest against a decision of the Supreme Court pertaining to the rape of a young tribal girl, Mathura, in police custody.

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Mariyam Zulfa University of Melbourne

(1 days ago) Unless it is a recognised principle of international law it is difficult for the UN to coerce member states to adhere to the pillars of R2P. Research Interests: International Law

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Helen L Anderson University of Melbourne

(2 days ago) Helen L Anderson, University of Melbourne, Melbourne Law School, Faculty Member. Professor Helen Anderson holds an LLB (Hons) from the University of Melbourne, as well as a Grad Dip Bus (Acc), LLM and PhD from Monash University. She worked in private

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Cheryl Saunders University of Melbourne

(3 days ago) The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, which made the Australian Constitution law, refers to the establishment of the federation “under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.” In fact, however, since 1973, the appropriate style of the monarch in relation to Australia has been “Queen of Australia.”

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Katy Barnett University of Melbourne

(Just Now) Katy Barnett is a Professor at Melbourne Law School with extensive publications in private law and remedies law. Her PhD on accounts of profit for breach of contract was published as a monograph in 2012. She is also a co-author of 'Remedies in Australian Private Law' with Dr Sirko Harder. She has been a visiting scholar at Brasenose College

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sue mentha University of Melbourne

(8 days ago) Sue Mentha is a lecturer in Early Childhood Education, most recently at The University of Melbourne, Australia. Her research has focused on decolonising childhoods by examining how understandings of 'the child' are drawn upon and enacted in policy and curriculum reform, and how this impacts on diverse children's becoming.

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William Partlett University of Melbourne

(1 days ago) Dr. Partlett holds a J.D. from Stanford Law School as well as a DPhil in Soviet History and MPhil in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Oxford (where he was a Clarendon Scholar). He also holds an honors bachelors degree in Russian studies from Princeton University. edit. Advisors:

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University of Melbourne Law Masters

(2 days ago) It is also proposed that this penalty rate could be determined by the application of the law 18.010, or by the application of a penalty tax with a fixed rate of 25.5% or 27% or with a progressive penalty rate. In both cases, the paid tax cannot be deducted as a credit against other taxes. A third alternative is presented: apply the same

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Boyd van Dijk University of Melbourne

(Just Now) The relationship between human rights and humanitarian law is one of the most contentious topics in the history of international law. Most scholars studying their foundations argue that these two fields of law developed separately until the 1960s. This article, by contrast, reveals a much earlier cross-fertilization between these disciplines.

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Alister McKeich University of Melbourne

(3 days ago) Alister McKeich, University of Melbourne, Melbourne Law School, Graduate Student. Studies Transitional Justice, Indigenous law, and Indigenous Studies. Alister McKeich is a Melbourne-based academic, musician, writer and photographer who grew up in

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Michael Rivette University of Melbourne

(3 days ago) Michael Rivette. A recognised leader in the development of privacy law, breach of confidence and data protection, Michael has appeared as counsel in major privacy related cases since successfully arguing the landmark Giller v Procopets (2008) 24 VR 1. He acted as Counsel in the first privacy class action issues in the Federal Court of Australia

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Antony Taubman University of Melbourne

(2 days ago) The TRIPS Agreement subsumes and applies the earlier international law of intellectual property (notably the Paris and Berne Conventions), but is typically distinguished from this juristic heritage by the still controversial reframing of intellectual property law as trade law, and by the more rigorous and compelling character of the dispute settlement mechanism that purportedly gives it

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Hailegabriel Feyissa University of Melbourne

(8 days ago) Hailegabriel Feyissa, University of Melbourne, Law School, Graduate Student. Studies Law, Private International Law, and Banking Law. Unaffiliated legal academic specializing in legal history, comparative law (with a focus on a comparative study of

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Yvette Maker University of Melbourne

(5 days ago) Yvette Maker is a Senior Research Associate in the Melbourne Social Equity Institute. She has a background in law and social policy and her current work focuses on the disability- and gender-related dimensions of law, policy and practice. She has a special interest in the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons

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Julie Clarke University of Melbourne

(6 days ago) Julie Clarke, ‘World Competition Law and Economics Review'’ (2017) 40 421-270. Rebates are a ubiquitous form of price competition which can be utilized either to intensify or to harm competition. Distinguishing pro-competitive from anti-competitive rebates and translating this into effective and administrable legal rules, remains a key

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Julian Webb University of Melbourne

(9 days ago) I am Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne. My primary areas of interest involve lawyer's ethics and professional regulation, legal education and law and technology/law tech. I am also interested in civil justice, legal theory (especially complexity, systems theory and the phenomenology of law), and socio-legal research ethics and

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Cashelle Dunn University of Melbourne

(1 days ago) Cashelle Dunn, University of Melbourne, Law School, Graduate Student. Studies Women and Gender Studies, Human Rights, and Gender Equality. Cashelle is an advisor on gender inclusion, participation and empowerment of women and girls, and human rights.

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Danish Sheikh University of Melbourne

(1 days ago) Danish Sheikh, University of Melbourne, Melbourne Law School, Graduate Student. Studies Law and Literature, Law and Sexuality, and Law and Humanities. As a graduate researcher at the Melbourne Law School, I bring my work as a human rights lawyer in

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Gitte Heij University of Melbourne

(8 days ago) Gitte Heij, University of Melbourne, Asian Law Centre, Department Member. A passionate futurist! Love the science of foresight and applying it in my academic research work for practical use. International tax lawyer by background, (MA Tax Law 1990,

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Etsuko Toyoda University of Melbourne

(1 days ago) The results of this study reveal a diversity of beliefs and attitudes towards Article 750, reflecting the complexity of the issue. In general, proponents of reform claim the law violates equality, rights and liberty. From opponents there was a strong push to conform rather than to recognise a need for individual choice.

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Getachew Assefa W University of Melbourne

(4 days ago) Law, Anthropology, Political Philosophy, Constitutional Law, International Law, Law and Society, and 7 more Public International Law, International Human Rights Law, History, Social Sciences, Cultural Theory, Humanities, and Horn of Africa Studies

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Alison Young University of Melbourne

(Just Now) Alison Young. Alison Young has an LL.B (Hons) from Edinburgh University and an M.Phil and Ph.D in Criminology from Cambridge University. She is the author of Judging the Image (2005), Imagining Crime (1996) and Femininity in Dissent (1990), as well as numerous articles on the intersections of law

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Brad Jessup University of Melbourne

(9 days ago) The law, and in particular, the imposed geographic scale, undermined the argumentative position, place creation and imagination of the community group opposing the development. It allowed centralized decision making to disregard the environmental effects of the project that were acknowledged by the NSW Land and Environment Court in the case Hub

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Julianna Grigg University of Melbourne

(2 days ago) This law was a clever fusion of secular compensatory legislation and ecclesiastical canon and penitential law. As a secular law enforced by ecclesiastics, it may have been the first of …

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Ratu Durotun Nafisah University of Melbourne

(7 days ago) Under jus soli principle in Law Number 12 year 2006, children of transit migrants born from stateless and unknown nationality parents in Indonesia are automatically an Indonesian citizen. However, the research conducted towards children of Rohingya refugees born in Indonesia has shown that none of them were granted Indonesian citizenship status.

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Valeria Vázquez Guevara University of Melbourne

(8 days ago) The Seminar Series co-hosted by the Amsterdam Center for International Law (University of Amsterdam) and Melbourne Law School's Institute for International Law and the Humanities. The Series is convened by Dr Eliana Cusato (ACIL/UvA) and Valeria Vázquez Guevara (IILAH/MLS). Publication Date: 2021.

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University of Melbourne Asian Law Centre

(4 days ago) Academia.edu is a place to share and follow research. Kerstin Steiner (2015), ‘Comparative Law in Syariah Courts: A Case Study of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei’ in Mads Adenas and Duncan Fairgrieve (eds) Comparative Law before the Courts, Oxford University Press

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Rey Tiquia University of Melbourne

(5 days ago) Rey Tiquia. Dr Rey Tiquia is Technoscience Researcher with the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne. He is a qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He took his BA from Manuel Luis Quezon University, Manila, Philippines, and his MSc and Ph.D. degrees in History and Philosophy of Science

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Devon Whittle University of Melbourne

(1 days ago) By demonstrating the wider context within which these decisions are made, and distilling the case law into the dominant factors contributing to findings of frivolousness or abuse, this article shows that it is possible to place the use of this power within a consistent jurisprudential framework. It thus contributes to the discussion of these

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Ashleigh Morris University of Melbourne

(3 days ago) Hindsight is a valuable tool, but only where it results in change. And the fact is, the ability of Victoria Police and Child Protection to intervene and potentially prevent a child’s death is entirely empowered, and limited, by the law.

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Gonzalo N Villanueva University of Melbourne

(Just Now) Dr Gonzalo Villanueva received his PhD from the University of Melbourne. He is currently working on the commissioned project, A History of Victorian Barristers. His broader research interests include human-animal relations, animal history, environmental history, and activism. He is the author of A Transnational History of the Australian Animal

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Tamara Richardson University of Melbourne

(5 days ago) Tamara holds a BSc in Psychology from the University of Queensland, a Master of Public and International Law from Melbourne Law School and is currently completing a J.D from ANU College of Law. She is an Associate of the UNESCO Chair in Intercultural …

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Andrew Alexander University of Melbourne

(4 days ago) Andrew Alexander is an Australian Lawyer. He is the principal lawyer and director of Alexander ILP, Lawyers & Advisors and Geelong Legal. He practices mainly in commercial law and litigation. Andrew is also a director of a number of other Australian companies. Academic Qualifications. Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice,

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Lloyd Freeburn University of Melbourne

(2 days ago) The fiction of democracy in FIFA’s governance of football and the case of Football Federation Australia. more. by Lloyd Freeburn. Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC. Publication Name: The International Sports Law Journal. Research Interests:

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Jeremy Baskin University of Melbourne

(1 days ago) Jeremy Baskin. Jeremy's current work is at the disciplinary intersection of environmental politics and Science, Technology & Society (STS). He has recently completed his PhD thesis on ‘Geoengineering, the Anthropocene and the end of nature’. He is now working on a project looking at expertise at the Melbourne School of Government at the

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Sheilla Njoto University of Melbourne

(1 days ago) Sheilla Njoto, University of Melbourne, Faculty of Arts School of Social and Political Sciences, Graduate Student. Studies Public Policy, Social Policy, and Law and Politics. I am currently a Research Project Manager at The Policy Lab, leading a team

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Faye Yik-Wei Chan University of Melbourne

(3 days ago) Intersectionality and the Law: The Legal Status of Ethnic Chinese Women in Indonesia at the Turn of the 21st Centurymore. by Faye Yik-Wei Chan. Research Interests: Intersectionality and Social Inequality, Intersectionality, Diversity and Multiculturalism, Intersectionality, Forms of Political Participation, Transnationalism, Intersectionality

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