Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law. Collaborative law is a process whereby parties agree that they will not go to Court and will work together with their Professional Team to seek solutions to their issues that will work for each of them and their family. Our collaboratively trained lawyers are experienced in this process, which centers on providing legal

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Entertainment Law

(5 days ago) Entertainment Law. Representing film, multimedia, music and literary clients, our Entertainment Law lawyers assist companies and individuals in contract negotiations and the development, financing, production, distribution and protection of their intellectual property. The firm represents both producers and banks on a variety of film and

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Pensions: Know the law in your Province

(1 days ago) Pensions: Know the law in your Province. Imagine this scenario: Purchaser buys a business in Manitoba from Vendor. Due diligence is completed and the sale goes through. Roughly 10 years later, the union raises questions about an employee’s pension. As a result of this inquiry, it is discovered that Vendor was not properly enrolling employees

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Patricia C. Lane, Q.C.

(2 days ago) Pat is an accomplished Family Law Lawyer and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2019. Understanding how difficult separations can be on families, she specializes in Collaborative Law and mediation processes that aims to reduce the amount of stress and emotional trauma on partners and children going through a divorce.

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Matthew Nordlund

(Just Now) D.A. Thompson Q.C. Prize (for highest standing in Tort Law) D.A. Thompson Q.C. Prize (for highest standing in Income Tax Law) D.A. Thompson Q.C. Prize (for highest mark in Trusts) Jane Evans Q.C. Prize (for highest combined standing in Property Law, Trusts, and Wills & Estates) Pitblado Scholar: 2015-2018; Law Clerk – Manitoba Court of Appeal

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(5 days ago) 2200 – 201 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 3L3 TMLAWYERS.COM YOUR SPOUSE OR COMMON-LAW PARTNER Surname: Given Names (incl. alias): Address same as above or Email: Home Phone Number:

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Paid Sick Leave: Cost or Investment

(7 days ago) Jeff Palamar is a partner with the Winnipeg Law firm Taylor McCaffrey LLP, and the leader of its Labour and Employment Law Practice Group. Taylor McCaffrey LLP is the exclusive Manitoba member of the Employment Law Alliance, the world’s largest network of labour and employment lawyers. Since 2008 Jeff has been listed in the peer selected best

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Limited Partnerships

(4 days ago) Generally speaking, and although there is limited case law to assist us on this point, it is my opinion that the greater the nexus or connection to Manitoba, the more likely the flow of benefits from the Manitoba legislation (and in particular, as further discussed below, Section 63(2) which permits a limited partner to engage in the business of the partnership without losing the limitation of

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Force Majeure Clauses and COVID-19

(7 days ago) Ryan Turner is a partner in Taylor McCaffrey’s Business Law Group. DISCLAIMER: This article is presented for informational purposes only. The views expressed are solely the author(s)’ and should not be attributed to any other party, including Taylor McCaffrey LLP.

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The Common Law Tort of Harassment: Fact or Fiction

(7 days ago) The Ontario Court of Appeal decision in Merrifield v. Canada (Attorney General), 2019 ONCA 205 is an interesting read both on the facts and the law. It involves claims of harassment and bullying made by the plaintiff, Peter Merrifield against RCMP Management while he worked as an RCMP Member. In February, 2005, Merrifield was assigned to the

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Wills, Estates & Trusts

(3 days ago) Because spouses and common-law partners have special, legislated rights that arise on death, people with second families can experience additional conflict when estates are divided. Our lawyers know how to identify unique issues that can help minimize or eliminate the potential disagreements or hurt feelings from situations like this.

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Rhoni D. Mackenzie

(9 days ago) Starting her practice in 2018, Rhoni practices in the area of Family Law. Working compassionately with her clients, she helps families through matters like divorce and separation, division of assets, parenting schedules and custody, child and spousal support and pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements.

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Labour & Employment

(4 days ago) The Employment Law Alliance has Taylor McCaffrey as its exclusive Manitoba member, and is the world's largest and leading management side network of labour and employment lawyers with selected members literally worldwide.

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Surrogacy, Egg Donation, Sperm Donation and Fertility Law

(8 days ago) Surrogacy, Egg Donation, Sperm Donation and Fertility Law. There is no doubt that Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR) is a ‘hot topic’ in Canadian Law. As AHR becomes increasingly commonplace across the country, case law is ever-expanding and select Canadian jurisdictions have made legislative changes to reflect the evolving reproductive

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Alain (Al) L.J Laurencelle

(1 days ago) Alain was a regular sessional lecturer at the Université de Saint-Boniface (business admin. courses) and at Robson Hall, Faculty of Law (business organization law, en français). He has also been a presenter of continuing education programs on real estate, professional and ethical legal conduct, and language rights/access to justice issues.

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Limited Partnerships, Partnerships

(3 days ago) The following is a brief paper prepared with the assistance of Lauren Vrsnik, articling student at-law on the topic of fiduciary duties in the context of the partnership relationship. 1. General Overview of fiduciary duties in the corporate setting.

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Lawrence I.Z. Pinsky

(3 days ago) Lawrence has practiced family law for over 27 years and is known for excellence in the field. Lawrence is known for crafting strategic solutions through careful planning, preparation, and collaboration with his clients in redressing a myriad of issues including: parenting; wealth preservation; resolving complex property cases often involving multiple layers of corporations, trusts and

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New leave of absence available to

(8 days ago) As per section 59.2 of the Code, “family member”, in relation to an employee, means (a) a spouse or common-law partner of the employee; (b) a child of the employee or a child of the employee’s spouse or common-law partner; (c) a parent of the employee or a spouse or common-law partner of the parent; and (d) any other person who is a

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Employment Law in Canada: A Year in Review

(4 days ago) Common law and employment agreements; Cannabis laws and the workplace; Independent contractors and the mobile workplace; Pay equity and transparency; This labour and employment webinar presents an overview of key employment laws for Canadian corporations or multinational companies doing business in Canada. With the prevalence of a gig economy

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G. Patrick S. Riley Retiring After a

(4 days ago) G. Patrick S. Riley Retiring After a Distinguished Legal Career. After 33 years with the firm and 41 years since his Call to the Bar, Patrick Riley, partner at Taylor McCaffrey LLP, has hung up his robes and is retiring. He looks forward to spending more time with his family, particularly his two grandchildren.

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Shareholder Agreements

(Just Now) 204.988.0312 [email protected] Tim has been recognized by Best Lawyers as one of the best lawyers in Canada under the category of Corporate Law, and is a past recipient of its “Lawyer of the Year” for Manitoba (2014).

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Tax Planning for Estates & Trusts

(3 days ago) Working with Taylor McCaffrey LLP’s Estate Planning lawyers means you also can benefit from the many other experienced legal minds at our firm. We have one of Manitoba’s leading Tax Law departments, which helps clients consider and initiate estate planning which will minimize the cost and complexity of the administration of your estate.

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Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice Litigation

(8 days ago) 2200 - 201 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 3L3 Phone: 204.949.1312 Fax: 204.957.0945 Toll Free: 1.800.235.9009

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Estates & Trusts Litigation

(9 days ago) 2200 - 201 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 3L3 Phone: 204.949.1312 Fax: 204.957.0945 Toll Free: 1.800.235.9009

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Congratulations to Sharon Kravetsky on

(5 days ago) Sharon is currently Vice Chair of the Canadian Bar Association National Family Law Section. She is a member of various Committees including the Queen’s Bench Family Division Standard Clauses Committee, the Law Society President’s Special Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services, the Practice and Ethics Committee of the Law Society, the

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Seth P. Boulding

(9 days ago) Seth works within the Tax law department helping individuals and business owners effectively structure their business and transactions in a tax efficient manner. Seth obtained his Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2020 after graduating from the University …

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Trade-Marks & Copyrights

(8 days ago) Trade-mark law protects trademarks from being misused by others and allows the owner to have exclusive rights to their use. Taylor McCaffrey LLP will work to ensure trade-marks are protected in the best possible way under the Trademarks Act and Regulations. We can also advise on how you can protect your trade-marks internationally.

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Adoption & Guardianship

(5 days ago) The lawyers in Taylor McCaffrey LLP’s Family Law Department have demonstrated their knowledge and expertise serving adoptive families of all kinds. We counsel both prospective parents as well as birth parents placing their children up for adoption. In Manitoba, there are seven basic types of adoption: Adoption of permanent wards, Private

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COVID-19: Preparing Employers for Novel Coronavirus

(3 days ago) 204.988.0393 [email protected] Experienced in all facets of management-side labour and employment law, and an experienced civil litigator, Jamie’s practice has a special focus on occupational health and safety (OHS) matters.

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Robynne Kazina Discusses Collaborative Family Law

(2 days ago) 204.988.0447 [email protected] Robynne provides advice on all Family Law matters relating to separation and divorce including complex financial, property issues, child/spousal support, and …

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Lessons Learned reading "From the Ashes: My Story of being

(Just Now) Pat is an accomplished Family Law Lawyer and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2019. A SiteOrigin Theme. Our People Practice Areas About Us Parking Guide Accessibility Alert. 2200 - 201 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 3L3 Phone: 204.949.1312 Fax: 204.957.0945 Toll …

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Construction Litigation

(5 days ago) Our lawyers have experience in the related areas of financing and securities law, bankruptcy and insolvency law, labour and employment law, municipal law, energy, environmental and regulatory, health infrastructure, workplace safety and health, workers’ compensation, transportation, mining, indigenous law, real estate and public-private

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Termination Clause in Agreement Struck

(6 days ago) Jeff is a partner with Taylor McCaffrey LLP and practices in the area of labour and employment law and first nations. His direct line is 204.988.0364 or email: [email protected] . This article is prepared for general information purposes only and is intended to …

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