What I Learned From Breaking the Law

The law, indeed the set of laws we challenged and broke imposed segregation. It was a clear violation of the civil liberties guaranteed to all Americans by the Constitution and its several Amendments.

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Letter of the Law

(3 days ago) Amar makes his intellectual home at Yale Law School, the high temple of constitutional theory. Back in the 1920s and ’30s, it was the nursery of …

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Occupiers and the Law

(Just Now) An explosive legal obstacle, currently ignored, lurks beneath the surface of the Iraq war debate--international law likely to ensnare and …

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Shall Women Be Equal Before the Law

(7 days ago) In all of our States butone the fundamental law is the English common law, modified by the civil law where the influence of France and Spain was felt.

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Are Bans Against School Mask Mandates Against the …

(7 days ago) For children with a wide range of disabilities, that means everyone in school needs to wear a mask. Therefore, governors cannot ban mask mandates without violating federal law. I …

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A Quick Reminder That Mandating Vaccines Is Totally …

(4 days ago) A Quick Reminder That Mandating Vaccines Is Totally Constitutional. No, the Bill of Rights does not block vaccine mandates. Neither does HIPAA. Just ask the three Republican judges who ruled that

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Why We Need International Law The Nation

(2 days ago) Indeed, much of international law is indispensable for coordinating and regulating commerce, transport, communication and other hallmarks of global interchange. Without these basic ground rules

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Liberalizing the Law

(9 days ago) Liberalizing the Law Liberalizing the Law. With the Bush Administration continuing to fill the federal courts with right-wing judges, liberals have turned with renewed vigor to a strategy that not

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Is Chevron’s Vendetta Against Steven Donziger Finally Backfiring

(1 days ago) B ack in 1993, Donziger, fresh out of Harvard Law School, joined an ongoing fight for environmental justice. The struggle against Texaco, which was taken over by Chevron in 2001, began in the late

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Our Immoral Drug Laws

(4 days ago) The most important and basic inconsistency of present law is represented by the confllct between the federal courts’ doctrine that the addict is a diseased person and a proper subject of medical

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This Supreme Court Term, Conservatives Have One Aim: Stop …

(1 days ago) The Mississippi law is a clear violation of the established precedent set by Roe and Casey. In fact, it’s such a clear violation that two lower courts, both helmed by …

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The Pandora Papers Reveal How the Super-Rich Shaft the Rest of …

(9 days ago) Five and a half years ago, the ICIJ released the Panama Papers, which focused on a leak from a single Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca. According to Gerald Ryle, director of the ICIJ, the

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We Need a Nobel Prize in Law The Nation

(6 days ago) Law is the hinge upon which the fate of the world turns. And yet much of the world undervalues and even, increasingly, sneers at law–at the deliberateness of its procedures and the moderation of

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The True Story of Sharia in American Courts

(6 days ago) The law declares that any court decision will be considered void if it relies “in whole or in part on any foreign law, legal code or system …

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This Is How You Smack Down Texas’s Abortion Ban The Nation

(8 days ago) With that law now in effect, and pregnant people in Texas systematically denied access to their constitutional rights, Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice sued Texas for

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The Fight Against France’s Global Security Law Is Far From Over

(7 days ago) The violence of French law enforcement goes back a long way: On October 17, 1961, police in Paris killed more than a hundred Algerian protesters by shooting them and throwing their bodies into the

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We Colonials: Sodomy Laws in America

(5 days ago) When the American Law Institute (“the grand assembly of law reform”) approved its Model Penal Code (MPC) in 1962 to guide state lawmakers, it dropped consensual sodomy from the code. Public

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What the Fugitive Slave Act Teaches Us About How States Can …

(8 days ago) The law authorized federal marshals to capture people who had escaped from the slaveholding Old South, federal commissioners to order their return to bondage, and federal troops to carry out these

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You Can Refuse to Work for Fossil Fuel Companies—These Law …

(8 days ago) Law firm clients who take climate change seriously should sever relationships with law firms whose values don’t match their own. Finally, law students have a role to play.

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Biden’s Supreme Court Commission Was Designed to Fail The …

(Just Now) 18 hours ago · Law; Supreme Court; Joe Biden; Biden’s Supreme Court Commission Was Designed to Fail Biden’s Supreme Court Commission Was Designed to Fail The commission was set up to give the president and

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Why International Law Matters The Nation

(2 days ago) International law remains the best guide we have for drawing a line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior in world politics, especially in the war/peace setting. The rest of the world, as

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Communists in the Schools: Controversy in California

(4 days ago) The California legislature is considering a bill to repeal the law, passed in the heyday of McCarthyism, that permits the firing of Communist Party members who teach in …

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Reforming Limited Liability Law

(4 days ago) Reforming Limited Liability Law Reforming Limited Liability Law. It’s time to recognize limited liability for what it is: a subsidy for corporations paid by …

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Law Schools Are Failing Students of Color

(7 days ago) The reason: Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores. Minority and underprivileged students have consistently had lower average LSATs than white and wealthier test takers, even when other ways of

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Sex, Race, and the Law: Considering America ‘In the Dark’

(Just Now) Police and Law Enforcement Sex, Race, and the Law: Considering America ‘In the Dark’ Madeleine Baran’s stunning investigative podcast …

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Banned From Israel: A Q&A With Law Professor Katherine Franke …

(Just Now) The law has stirred worry, both within Israel and without, for its seeming compression of the idea of supporting boycotts as political speech or intellectual expression, and the idea of boycotts

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How Big Law Has Captured the Trump Administration

(2 days ago) Big Law is a scourge of modern politics we don’t often hear about—-the collection of 200 or so giant law firms, populated with hundreds of …

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The Ongoing Persecution of Steven Donziger

(Just Now) Donziger’s contempt case is an irregular proceeding in which a private law firm with ties to Chevron is prosecuting him after the US …

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‘Please Give Us Justice’: New California Law Aims to Hold Police …

(6 days ago) NYU Law professor, Barry Friedman, is of a similar mind: “I think the California bill proposes exactly the right standard … the problem is that [it] …

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Is the World Bank Group Above the Law

(Just Now) T he 1945 law is called the International Organizations Immunities Act. It applies to “public” organizations like the World Bank and the IFC, which are composed of member countries, including

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What Can Democrats Do to Fight Texas’s Abortion Ban

(4 days ago) The law empowers them to sue abortion providers, or those suspected of “aiding and abetting” the provision of abortion services to women who are more than six weeks pregnant, and to then cash

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The Lawyer Behind Georgia’s New Anti-Voting Law

(6 days ago) The law allows the GOP-controlled legislature to take over local election departments, among many other provisions. Much has been said about the law in recent weeks, but little about Republican

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How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National The Nation

(1 days ago) The gunman, George Zimmerman, was reportedly of the belief that he had been given what was effectively a license to kill by Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Police in Sanford, Florida

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Has Bratton's LAPD Really Reformed

(6 days ago) The measure is opposed by law enforcement and stalled in the Assembly. The two-track approach by the LAPD arises from the nature of the federal consent decree itself, which says remarkably little

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First Texas Came for Abortion. Now It’s Going After Voting Rights. …

(7 days ago) The new law makes it harder to obtain mail-in ballots, prohibits drop boxes to turn in those ballots, limits early voting times, and eliminates drive-through voting.

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Reforming Three Strikes

(6 days ago) The three-strikes law was approved by the Democrat-controlled state legislature the following March and soon after affirmed by voters through a …

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Texas Abortion Providers Are “Hitting Their Limits” The Nation

(5 days ago) The law has prevented the Houston clinic from providing abortion care to nearly 500 patients, which is “disturbing,” to Kumar personally and professionally.

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New Jersey Just Passed the First Law in the Nation to Guarantee …

(5 days ago) The law will cover more than retail workers, applying to all businesses with 50 or more employees who lay off at least 50 people. And by doing so, it seeks to make the front-line employees who

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Rewriting Antitrust Law

(6 days ago) The first major antitrust law, the Sherman Act, which condemned agreements in restraint of trade and attempts to create a monopoly, was enacted in 1890 because, as former President William Howard

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Prosecute John Yoo, Says Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky

(Just Now) Chemerinsky, an authority on constitutional law who has argued cases before the Supreme Court, is the founding dean of the law school at UC Irvine, a sister campus of Berkeley in the University of

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Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy Is Illegal Under International …

(3 days ago) Archi Pyati, chief of policy of Tahirih, sees Remain in Mexico as part of a spectrum of brutally exclusionary policies under Trump: “Tactics such as detention, separation, prosecution, and

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