International Law: Everything You Should Know The …

International law, also known as public international law, is a field of law that governs the rules of relations between states. It was born out of the ancient Greek idea of ‘natural law’ which established alliances and facilitated peace treaties with other world empires.

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Property Law: a Guide to Everything You Should Know …

(4 days ago) Law of Property Act 1925 (LPA) This piece of legislation is the core of English land law and was intended to modernise the English law of real property. It highlighted the difference between leasehold and freehold property, regulated mortgages and leases and removed some ambiguity from the previous law

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Legal Theory: What You Need to Know The Lawyer Portal

(2 days ago) Legal Theory, or Jurisprudence, as it is also known, refers to the theoretical study of law and is a key topic of study law degrees such as the LLB law degree. It constitutes the principles and body of rules that are enforceable in a court of law. The subject underpins all specific legal areas, and so provides new law students with a solid

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What is Competition Law

(7 days ago) Competition Law is known as antitrust law in the US. In the US, antitrust law is a collection of federal and state government laws that regulate the conduct to promote competition for the benefit of consumers. One of the main differences between US antitrust and UK and EU competition law policies is that the EU has an administrative system for

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Non-Law Students: Should You Convert to Law

(3 days ago) This is due to the fact that whilst a law degree is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the practice of law reasonably early on, a non-law degree is evidence of you having a passion or interest outside of law, which is important to firms and chambers.

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Unbelievably Weird Laws in America that Still Exist The

(9 days ago) This law while unenforced has not yet been overturned. It dictates that women must get permission from their husbands if they want to get false teeth. All this time, I assumed that Britain had some fairly odd laws with beached whales being offered to the Queen, a law against wearing armour in Parliament and the prohibition of handling a salmon

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What Are Law Virtual Insight Days

(7 days ago) Even if you are unable to secure a virtual insight programme with a law firm directly, definitely explore the plethora of virtual internships firms have begun offering. While these were introduced before the Coronavirus pandemic, they have been hugely popular in the current crisis. Such programmes, offered by firms including Linklaters, Clyde

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Can You Ever Take the Law Into Your Own Hands

(2 days ago) Today’s case is a weird one, encompassing a spectrum of criminal law, judicial review, procedural hurdles, and a conviction that isn’t really a conviction. In 2015, the biennial Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition took place in London where, amongst other things, military equipment was sold.

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Teachers' Guide to Law The Lawyer Portal

(2 days ago) Teachers’ Guide to Law: Studying a Law Conversion Course. It is important to stress to students that if they are considering applying to university but are still undecided as to whether to study law, they could complete an undergraduate degree in another topic and convert to law following that degree. This is a very popular route at present.

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10 Alternative Careers You'd Be Great at with a Law Degree

(4 days ago) Tax Consultant. Taxation is another field for which law graduates are well suited. For example, tax consultants offer advice to businesses or private clients on their tax liabilities and cost-effective tax solutions. Each year’s budget introduces new tax legislation, so a background in analysing legal changes is extremely useful.

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Vacation Schemes

(1 days ago) A vacation scheme is a way of gaining invaluable work experience at a law firm. Schemes commonly last between one and four weeks and give you an opportunity to: Experience first-hand what life as a trainee solicitor is like. Explore the firm’s key areas of legal practice and client base. Understand the type of tasks you will be expected to

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How to Structure Your Personal Statement for Law The

(6 days ago) Often, people find writing the introduction the hardest part, so if it helps, write it last. 2. Section Two: Academic Experience/Supercurriculars. This section should comprise the majority of your personal statement for law. Bear in mind that admissions tutors are more interested in your academic experience (and suitability for the course

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Conversion to Law: Should I Convert to Law

(3 days ago) Commercial Awareness Quiz – November 2020. Wondering if you should convert to law? Take our two-minute conversion to law quiz to find out whether law is right for you! Once you have your result to find out whether conversion to law is for you, have a look at what skills make a good lawyer to get a better idea of what a legal career entails.

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Law Students: This is What to Take to University The

(Just Now) University law schools are very well placed to set up events, conventions and meet and greets with law firms and chambers. Not only this but if you want to partake in law school activities such as debating, client negotiating, client interviewing or mooting, then …

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How to Get a First in Your Law Degree Exams The Lawyer

(Just Now) Law Degree Exams Tip 2: Practice Makes Perfect. The best way to improve your chances of getting a first in your exams is to practice answering exam questions. Whether the questions are multiple choice, problem questions or essay questions, you should practice in order to get used to applying your knowledge to exam style questions.

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LLB Law Degree: What is LLB

(Just Now) LLB Law - The Ultimate Guide. Read our comprehensive guide to studying the LLB and the accompanying admissions processes. Some LLB courses require you to sit an additional entrance exam: the LNAT, so it is important to know whether this is something you need to prepare for.

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Studying at the Royal Holloway Law School The Lawyer Portal

(5 days ago) The first thing a law student should do when arriving at Royal Holloway is joining the law society. This is the best way to get involved with various opportunities and receive networking opportunities. The university offers mooting too. This is great for experiencing what it may be like as a barrister and developing advocacy.

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The Big Debate: Should I Take A-Level Law

(4 days ago)Law is a great A-Level for not only law as a subject, but it typically builds on public speaking, reading and writing skills, therefore meaning most degrees you might choose will consider this a useful A-Level” – Caitlin Ord, MLaw degree student.

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Law Summer Schools With The Lawyer Portal The Lawyer Portal

(8 days ago) Law Summer Schools. The Lawyer Portal is pleased to announce its exclusive virtual Easter and Summer School programmes. Both courses have been carefully designed to allow you to deep dive into all things law. Learn skills that will help you stand out in applications in small classes. Book now.

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Becoming a Banking & Finance Lawyer

(8 days ago) Corporate Finance Law. Corporate finance law is an area of banking and finance law that concentrates on economics from the perspective of entrepreneurship and business. Many startups, medium-businesses looking to grow, and large companies exploring acquisition and …

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GDL Online and GDL Distance Learning The Lawyer Portal

(2 days ago) GDL Online Funding. Studying law can be quite expensive. Unfortunately, you can’t use a student loan to fund the GDL, but many of the above institutions offer GDL scholarships.. Universities may also allow flexible payment options so you don’t necessarily need to pay the full fees upfront.

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Tort Law: a Guide for Aspiring Lawyers The Lawyer Portal

(Just Now) Strict liability in tort law is the imposition of liability on a party without the requirement to find intent or negligence. In other words, the individual claiming damages only needs to prove that the tort occurred, and the defendant was responsible. Strict liability torts exists for behaviour which is inherently dangerous.

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How To Choose Your Perfect Law Firm The Lawyer Portal

(3 days ago) In law, research is everything. The first step to picking your desired law firm is to know what area of law you are interested in. Once you know that, search on the internet or available law guides that detail the practice areas of many law firms in the UK.

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Clifford Chance Interview Law Firms The Lawyer Portal

(9 days ago) The starting point is that we have approximately 51% with non-law, 49% with law backgrounds. And that number fluctuates – it’s roughly around 50% one way or another. I’ll answer this by way of example: one of the partners I work with now is an immunologist, but always wanted to be a lawyer.

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Fun and Informative Law Quizzes The Lawyer Portal

(Just Now) Take one of our fun law quizzes - some are designed to help you decide on your law career path - and others give you a fun revision break too!

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Pros and Cons of an LLB with a Placement Year The Lawyer

(6 days ago) For law students especially, this experience is hugely important as it is essential for the majority of applications in the legal profession. So: is a placement year the best way to get this experience? Why Shouldn’t I Take an LLB with a Placement Year?

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Best Law Schools in Europe Taught in English The Lawyer

(1 days ago) From CZK 91,350. Neapolis University Pafos. Paphos, Cyprus. Master of Law in International and European Business Law (LLM) Contact University for Details. University of Deusto. Bilbao, Spain. Master of Laws (LLM) From €11,000`.

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The Ultimate Guide to Legal Apprenticeships The Lawyer

(6 days ago) Legal Apprenticeship Salaries. How much law apprentices are paid very much depends on the sponsoring law firm. At the very minimum, as a 19-year-old beginning an apprenticeship, you’ll earn £4.15 per hour. However, apprentices can earn anything between £11,000 and £19,000 plus benefits depending on location, firm and level of apprenticeship.

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Studying Law in the US: a Guide The Lawyer Portal

(2 days ago) A JD is a three-year-long full-time graduate degree which prepares students for a legal career. As well as an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, students applying for a JD must also have taken and obtained their LSAT scores – the admissions test for law schools. Despite its name, the JD is not the equivalent of a PhD in law.

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What Is a Solicitor

(4 days ago) A solicitor is a qualified legal practitioner responsible for preparing legal documentation, representing and/or defending a client’s legal interests. As a solicitor, you’ll provide specialist legal advice on a variety of areas of law, acting directly for a variety of clients including: Individuals. Small businesses.

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How Good Is Your Legal Vocabulary

(4 days ago) Commercial Awareness Quiz – September 2020. Commercial Awareness Quiz – October 2020. Commercial Awareness Quiz – November 2020. Legal terminology can sometimes be confusing, especially when there are lots of technical or Latin phrases. Take our quiz to find out how good your legal vocabulary is! If you want to find out more:

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TLP Aspire Aspiring Lawyers Conference The Lawyer Portal

(Just Now) The Lawyer Portal’s Aspire event is designed for school and university students and career changers considering a career in law. Whatever your stage, this conference, sponsored by BPP Law School, will inspire you to pursue your goals. Under 16s are welcome at the event, but must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or teacher.

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Subscribe to The Lawyer Portal Newsletter The Lawyer Portal

(3 days ago) Subscribe to The Lawyer Portal Newsletter and get free updates on all stages of the legal application process, written by lawyers

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How to Write a Great LLM Personal Statement The Lawyer

(1 days ago) It is a big decision to pursue an LLM or Master of Laws after completion of your LLB. However, the decision to apply is not the final hurdle you have to face. Part of applying is writing the perfect LLM personal statement to persuade admissions tutors at your chosen institution that you are a suitable candidate to undertake the programme. So, to help get started, the following tips will

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How to Become a Lawyer in the UK The Lawyer Portal

(7 days ago) Undergraduate law degrees in the UK have been open to international students for years. Now, many universities are seeing a growing number of law students from both the EU and Non-EEA countries wishing to qualify as a lawyer in the UK rather than in their home country.

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COVID-19 Updates From The Lawyer Portal The Lawyer Portal

(4 days ago) The University of Law plans to reopen all of its UK campuses this month. Safety measures in place due to Covid-19 include temperature checks on arrival, sanitiser stations outside classrooms, anti-bacterial products available at touch points and clear social distancing with markers for a one-way system.

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Solicitor Apprenticeship Guide The Lawyer Portal

(7 days ago) Aspiring solicitors have more than one qualification route available to them. The traditional solicitor route involves studying a law degree (or a non-law degree followed by a conversion course known as a GDL) and then completing a Legal Practice Course (LPC) or the SQE from autumn 2021. Solicitor apprenticeships, however, offer an alternative pathway.

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Is Being a Lawyer Like the TV Show Suits

(6 days ago) The TV series is centred around a top law firm, of whom employ young genius Mike Ross. He impressed the firm with his extensive knowledge of the law, despite not going to law school. The firm only takes on Harvard Law students, yet they hire Ross nevertheless. Therefore, he is a fraud and the series is simply about keeping his secret from the

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