Bachelor of Laws

Property law and commercial law are two key sources of rights and obligations in modern western law. This unit provides an introduction to both areas of law, and shows how they are inter-related. The unit is designed to offer an opportunity to consider the role they play in Australian society and to give a firm grounding in legal principle.

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Bachelor of Laws

(5 days ago) Roman law also provides a yardstick by which both the virtues and the shortcomings of the common law can be measured. Further, Roman law forms the jurisprudential background of most of the legal systems in force in continental Europe and those parts of the rest of the world that were colonised by continental European nations.

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Study international law

(3 days ago) International law concerns the relations between states and between nations. It includes: the law of the sea. Postgraduate study in international law is suitable for barristers, judges, magistrates and solicitors as well as non-legal professionals in diplomacy, foreign affairs, global business development, global policy, intergovernmental

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Bachelor of Laws

(9 days ago) The common law is an essential part of the Australian legal system, as well as many others around the world. This unit of study examines the nature of the common law from the point of view of jurisprudence. We will begin with a survey of the classic Common Law Theories developed in England during the seventeenth century; from there, a variety

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Study health law

(6 days ago) Sydney Health Law is the focal point for health law research, teaching and community engagement at Sydney Law School. It builds on two decades of excellence in teaching and research across all areas of health law.

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2021 Prize Giving Ceremony

(3 days ago) 2021 Prize Giving Ceremony. In one of The University of Sydney Law School’s largest annual events, over 150 undergraduate and postgraduate students were recognised for their outstanding academic achievements at the recent Prize Giving Ceremony on 20 May 2021. The Dean and Head of School, Professor Simon Bronitt , gratefully acknowledged the

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Why should we obey the law

(7 days ago) The claim by Sally McManus, the new head of the ACTU, that when the law is unjust, ‘I don’t think there is a problem in breaking it’, returns us to a deep question in political philosophy: Why should I obey the law and the state more generally? The howls of outrage from the Prime Minster and some of his colleagues about her claims, are part political theatre, but …

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Administrative Law

(2 days ago) Administrative Law is the study of the relationships of individuals and organisations with government. This unit examines the legal principles which apply to those relationships with the aim of developing an understanding of how government is held accountable.

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Legal research publications

(Just Now) From private law to public law, from Australian law to international and comparative law, Sydney Law School experts write and edit world-class publications that make innovative contributions to contemporary legal scholarship and influence policy debate, lawmaking and law reform.. Our academics and higher degree research students share their research expertise in refereed …

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PHIL2645: Philosophy of Law

(Just Now) PHIL2645: Philosophy of Law. This unit will analyse a range of theoretical and practical issues in the philosophy of law, both historical and contemporary. Issues addressed may include: legal obligation; punishment; legal responsibility; legal exclusion, including exclusion of race, gender, and class; citizenship; rule of law; legal pluralism

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Corporations Law

(2 days ago) This unit of study considers the legal structure of the corporation as an organisational form for both public and proprietary companies. It is designed as an introduction to both the general law of corporations and the Australian regulatory context.

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Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws

(3 days ago) 144 credit points of Law units of study as specified in the University of Sydney Law School Undergraduate Table, of which 48 credit points are Combined Law compulsory units of study for Years 1, 2 and 3 of the combined degree and are credited towards the requirements for both the Bachelor of Commerce and the Bachelor of Laws.

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Elective unit of study descriptions

(5 days ago) Roman law also provides a yardstick by which both the virtues and the shortcomings of the common law can be measured. Further, Roman law forms the jurisprudential background of most of the legal systems in force in continental Europe and those parts of the rest of the world that were colonised by continental European nations.

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Course overview – Diploma in Law

(2 days ago) Course overview. The Diploma in Law is a legal qualification equivalent to a law school degree. It can provide entry to practice in all legal jurisdictions in Australia. The Diploma is awarded by the Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB) and is taught by the University of Sydney. Lectures are given by leading practitioners and academics at

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Foundations of Law

(2 days ago) This unit of study provides a foundation core for the study of law. The aim is to provide a practical overview of the Australian legal system, an introduction to the skills of legal reasoning and analysis which are necessary to complete your law degree, and an opportunity for critical engagement in debate about the role of law in our lives.

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Prizes awarded – law

(9 days ago) Sydney Law School’s Fiona Gardiner-Hill Prize supports promising, high-achieving law students as they undertake their degree at the University of Sydney. Its goal is to provide support to students studying corporate law, a field in which University of Sydney alumna, Fiona Gardiner-Hill practised passionately for many years.

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International Law

(5 days ago) Master of International Law These resolutions must be read in conjunction with applicable University By-laws, Rules and policies including (but not limited to) the University of Sydney (Coursework) Rule 2014 (the 'Coursework Rule'), the Coursework Policy 2014, the Resolutions of the School, the University of Sydney (Student Appeals against Academic Decisions) Rule …

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Professor Cameron Stewart

(2 days ago) Professor Cameron Stewart is a member of Sydney Health Law and an associate member of Sydney Health Law, Sydney Medical School. He has degrees in economics, law and jurisprudence. He has worked in the Supreme Court of New South Wales and has practiced commercial law at Phillips Fox Lawyers. His previous appointment was

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Private International Law A

(2 days ago) Private international law (or conflict of laws) is the part of municipal law in every developed legal system which is concerned with legal issues which have a connection with a foreign legal system. In essence, private international law is concerned with the transnational dimension of private law as where, for example, proceedings are brought

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Law (Combined degree)

(6 days ago) Law (Combined degree) Please note: These units of study are ONLY available to students enrolled in the combined Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws (first three years). Unit outlines will be available through Find a unit outline two weeks before the first day of teaching for 1000-level and 5000-level units, or one week before the first day of teaching for all other units.

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Concurrent enrolment

(Just Now) Law If you are a Combined Law student, you need to complete the requirements of your first degree (are a 'potential graduand' or have been awarded your first degree) before you can proceed into the fourth and fifth years of the Bachelor of Laws.

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Corporate, securities and finance law

(Just Now) Our research addresses key contemporary developments, both in Australia and internationally, in the areas of corporate, securities and finance law. Our research is applied and interdisciplinary (overlapping with, for example, history, economics, organisational theory and psychology). It is highly relevant to a range of contemporary regulatory

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Advanced Corporate Law

(2 days ago) This unit of study has as its objective the exploration of contemporary issues concerning debt and equity finance in Australian public and proprietary companies, with an emphasis on law reform in the areas of the raising of corporate finance; the positions of shareholders and creditors in the event of the company's insolvency; as well as aspects of …

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Private International Law and Intellectual Property: the

(6 days ago) Transferability of an intellectual property right is the law of the State for which protection is sought (Article 19 of ILA Guidelines). In this context, a Korean case will be discussed (Seoul High Court on June 25, 2020, Case No. 2019 Na 2013948), whose main focus is which law is applicable to split-off of a company.

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(4 days ago) of the law through a University law degree – so why does this course continue? Because it is important that there is an affordable, flexible, accessible pathway to the study of the law. This is what the Diploma in Law continues to provide. Becoming a Lawyer Page 4 The University of Sydney Law Extension Committee Diploma in Law Summer 2019/20

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Intellectual property, media and privacy law

(7 days ago) Media law is concerned with the bodies of law – at common law, in equity and under statute – which have the most significant impact on the daily conduct of publishers, both traditional and new. These include defamation; privacy and breach of confidence; contempt of court and suppression or non-publication orders.

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Professor Emeritus John Carter

(8 days ago) John Carter was born in England in 1953. He settled in Australia in 1960. After completing Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees at the University of Sydney in 1974 and 1976, he spent a year as Associate to the Hon Mr Justice Franki of the Federal Court of Australia. In 1978 he returned to England as a WÿM Tapp

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Professor Simon Bronitt

(Just Now) Professor Simon Bronitt is the Head of School and Dean of Sydney Law School commencing July 2019. Drawing on comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives, he has published widely on criminal justice topics ranging across terrorism law and human rights, comparative criminal law, covert policing, family violence, and mental health policing.

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The Public International Law Webinar Series: Climate

(5 days ago) The Public International Law Webinar Series: Climate change and international disputes. The organisers are pleased to invite you to attend a public international law webinar series that will bring together leading public international law practitioners, academics and arbitrators to discuss topical issues of global importance.

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Costs and fees – Diploma in Law

(7 days ago) Fees and tuition. Amount. LPAB application fee. A$295. Tuition fee (per subject) A$947*. In total, students may expect to pay approximately A$20,000 to complete this course. This amount does not include additional costs such as travel and living expenses in Sydney, or legal textbooks (available from the Sydney Law Library at no cost).

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The Hague Judgments Convention and Commonwealth Model …

(9 days ago) The Hague Judgments Convention and Commonwealth Model Law – A Conversation With Dr. Abubakri Yekini. This presentation will examine the concept of legal pragmatism in private international law and how it has been used by courts and treaty makers to solve practical legal problems arising from the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.

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Graduate Diploma in Jurisprudence

(3 days ago) Jurisprudence comprises the teaching of legal theory, with a focus on philosophical and sociological aspects of law. This degree is designed to expose students to the importance of legal theory in its broad sense, which includes philosophical reflection, sociological theory and comparative enquiry.

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Professor Simon Rice

(7 days ago) Immediately before joining Sydney Law School, Simon was a professor of law, and director of law reform and social justice, at the ANU College of Law. He has previously been a lecturer in the University of NSW Law Faculty 1989-1995 where he was director of clinical programs, and a senior lecturer in the Division of Law

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JSI Seminar: Law’s People – Law School: Events

(3 days ago) JSI Seminar: Law’s People Speaker: Dr Susan Bartie, University of Tasmania. Alice Erh-Soon Tay was appointed as Challis Professor of Jurisprudence at the Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney in 1975.She became the first Asian-Australian and second woman to become a law professor at an Australian university.

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Professor Simon Bronitt appointed Head of School and Dean

(4 days ago) University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor and Principal Dr Michael Spence welcomed the appointment: “Professor Bronitt is a distinguished scholar whose research interests include terrorism law and human rights; comparative and criminal law; covert policing; family violence and mental health policing. I know the School and the wider University very much look forward to …

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