Understanding the Law, What Took the Rittenhouse Jury …

Technically, every law student learns the mantra-definition that “hearsay” is an “out of court statement offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted therein.” In other words

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Break the Law, Win the Lottery

(2 days ago) Break the law. Win the lottery. “Many Americans think it’s a pretty outrageous idea to offer massive taxpayer-funded payments to illegal immigrants who broke our laws, particularly in the

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Accountable to — the Law

(5 days ago) No one can be punished for something that had never been given force of law, or only made law after the fact. No single person or single body of …

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The United Nations Meddles in US Abortion Law

(9 days ago) The UN experts do not cite a single sentence of binding treaty law in their brief to support the contention that abortion is an international right.

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Redefining ‘The Rule of Law’

(9 days ago) A quiet revolution, so far bloodless, is underway to redefine “the rule of law” to give unelected officials in the administrative state control over the president.

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Texas’ Abortion Law Is Devastating Clinics

(4 days ago) A bortion clinics in Texas are hurting under the limitations on abortions and the threat of even spurious lawsuits as a result of Senate Bill 8. The law prohibits abortions in Texas after a fetal

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The Stupidest Law

(1 days ago) Okay, now on to why this law is just stupid. Internet gambling is a billion-dollar business, and lots of Americans love to do it. Thus, if you think there aren’t a bevy of lawyers already

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New Bill Would Endanger Online Platforms Spreading

(9 days ago) The Health Misinformation Act, co-sponsored by Sen. Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), would edit Section 230, a 1934 law that protects online platforms from lawsuits over content that users post on their

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Yes, CRT Is Being Taught in Public Schools

(4 days ago) Using federal law enforcement to chill debate on what is and should be a truly local issue is totalitarianism at its zenith. All totalitarian states centralize educational control in the federal

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Florida’s New Tech Censorship Law: A Big Win for Freedom

(9 days ago) The new Florida law establishes proper protection of speech in the Sunshine State, defining censorship as “any action taken by a social media platform to delete, regulate, restrict, edit, alter

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Biden’s Immigration Lawlessness

(4 days ago) What really bothered these groups, however, was the Trump administration’s commitment to enforcing immigration law, which violated the non-enforcement ideology now …

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Preferred Pronouns Law Is Unconstitutional, Appellate

(8 days ago) O n Friday, a California appellate court struck down a California law requiring long-term care facilities to use a transgender patient’s preferred pronouns.. A 2017 addition to California Health

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New Texas Legislation Seeks to Allow Sunday Spirit Sales

(4 days ago) Efforts to change this law in Texas are not the first in the country, as 20 states since 2002 have expanded the hours allowed for spirits. Forty-two states currently allow spirits sales seven days

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The Supreme Court’s Ruling on Texas’ Abortion Law Is

(6 days ago) The Texas law gives citizens the power to sue abortion providers or anyone who “aids and abets” an abortion after six weeks gestation. This structure provided the legal technicality which

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Corruption of Justice: The Attack on Rudy Giuliani

(8 days ago) Rudy Giuliani’s law license was temporarily suspended on Thursday by a panel of New York judges who found he made “false and misleading statements” related to voter fraud in the 2020

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Poland Passes Law That Israel Claims Harms Holocaust

(5 days ago) The law comes as instances of anti-Semitism have been on the rise in many countries in 2021 following the May outbreak of violence between Israel and …

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Congress Exempts Itself From the Law

(6 days ago) Then he delayed the employer mandate, though the law states that it will take effect, January 1, 2014. That lawless move shifts billions of dollars in …

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Presidential Succession Law: Ticking Time Bomb

(8 days ago) The law provides:. Only the Speaker and president pro tem can ascend to the Office of the Presidency for the full remainder of a presidential term.

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Abortion Waiting Period Law Lives on in Tennessee

(2 days ago) T he U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Planned Parenthood Thursday in a lawsuit that targeted a Tennessee law that requires women to …

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Remembering Reagan’s ‘Abortion and the Conscience of the

(4 days ago) The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board opined that the Texas law was a legal and political blunder. It accused Texas Republicans of handing “Democrats a political grenade to …

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In Mississippi, ‘Academic Freedom’ v. the Law

(3 days ago) State law in Mississippi defines a strike as a work stoppage “for the purpose of inducing, influencing or coercing a change in the conditions, compensation, rights, privileges or obligations of

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The Department of Education Looks to Enforce Transgender

(4 days ago) The Justice Department contended that the West Virginia law violates Title IX, indicating that the Biden administration will try to use its power to make Title IX cover transgender identity and

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New Mexico v. Alec Baldwin

(8 days ago) The court’s holding in Gilliam’s case is still the law in New Mexico. The state’s felony manslaughter statute provides, in relevant part, the following: “Manslaughter is the unlawful

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SCOTUS Election Challenge: Will Politics Defeat Law

(5 days ago) Author’s note: This is the first of three articles on developments in politics and law in the 2020 presidential post-election controversy. The next article will cover specific state-by-state

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Combating Human Trafficking in Mexico Requires Rule of Law

(1 days ago) Corrupt government, law enforcement, and military officials in Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries have facilitated the operations of human traffickers, and …

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Law School Is the New Boot Camp The American Spectator

(4 days ago) Law school is the new boot camp. Party elites prefer academia to the military. In the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, only one candidate, former Sen. …

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Abortion, Texas, and Roe v. Wade

(2 days ago) W e often forget that American law is a federal system. We have two parallel legal and even Constitutional systems: federal and state. The thirteen colonies — now the “states,” give or take

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Lafayette Square Lawsuit Against Trump Thrown Out

(7 days ago) As it turns out, U.S. Park Police and law enforcement officers had begun to clear the disruptive crowds and install unscalable fences before they even knew the …

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Joe Biden Thwarts the Legal Left

(5 days ago) Doug Bandow is a graduate of Stanford Law School and member of the California and D.C. bars. A former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan,

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ACLU Attacks Arizona Law Restricting Abortion for Genetic

(4 days ago) Arizona law, however, has prohibited race-related and sex-selection abortions since 2011 and was the first state to enact such a ban.

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Rittenhouse, Racism, and Gun Control

(7 days ago) The liberals’ insistence that the law, the trial, and its outcome are tainted by racism is risible. But, to them, it has to be true because they have only two frames of reference, racism, and

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Kyle Rittenhouse’s Perilous Future

(6 days ago) This, God help us all, from the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.. Even worse, Laurence Tribe, a professor of constitutional law at Harvard, followed up Nadler’s tweet with one of his

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‘It’s Your Choice: Vaccine or Jail’

(1 days ago) Duterte’s tactics since the onset of the pandemic have been described as “ martial law disguised as a COVID-19 lockdown,” with regulations enforced …

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VA Dems Want Last Minute Voting Rule Change

(6 days ago) Sure enough, the Democrat-dominated Fairfax Board of Supervisors has asked Gov. Ralph Northam to waive the witness signature requirement that Virginia law

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Holt in the Name of the Law

(Just Now) Even the most seasoned race-baiters like the Wealthy Southern Poverty Law Center could not interpret Canada as a code word or a dog whistle. Clearly, I …

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Flaw and Disorder

(Just Now) He wasn’t arrested until later, when the media had concocted a narrative that he was a serial killer and a vigilante rather than a citizen and a patriot who did what law enforcement failed to do.

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Confederate Statues Defaced, America Disgraced

(Just Now) The events then and in many revolutions since serve as grim reminders that no matter how righteous one’s cause may be, going beyond the law

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Equitable Math: California’s Latest Plan to Collapse

(5 days ago) This nonsense, called “Equitable Math,” is described on a webpage entitled “The Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction: Resources and guidance to support Black, LatinX, and Multilingual

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Terry McAuliffe, a Lying Hack to the End

(2 days ago) Terry McAuliffe embodies this flaky streak in the Democratic Party. His campaign to defeat Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia governor’s race rests on the most tired and insubstantial left-wing claims.

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The Debut of America First Legal

(Just Now) For years, progressives have used the court system to attack our founding documents, undermine the rule of law, and erode our nation’s most cherished principles and traditions.

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Montana Governor Strips Mask Fanatics of Their Power

(8 days ago) An example of why this law needed to be signed could be found in Helena, Montana, the state capital. For several months, the left-leaning head of the Lewis and Clark County Public Health Office

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Kamala Harris Truly Is as Empty-Headed as a Veep Can Be

(8 days ago) That darling first daughter earned a law degree out of Columbia University law school, won Moot Court honors, practiced at a Top Ten national …

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Who Made Rochelle Walensky Queen

(5 days ago) The Founders offered a clear distinction between a law and a Lawensky in Article 1, Section 1 — the first line of the Constitution following the preamble — …

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In Tanzin Decision, SCOTUS Shows How Rule of Law Upholds

(4 days ago) The law in question was the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Congress enacted the law in 1993. It did so in reaction to the 1990 Supreme Court case …

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