Is the Original 'Law & Order' Returning to Television

Law & Order” fans had cause to celebrate in late September 2021 when the original television show’s production company announced it was bringing back the hit …

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A Three-Child Limit

(3 days ago) A bill proposing "forced vasectomies" and a "three-child limit" was created to parody abortion laws that restrict women's reproductive rights. In …

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Martial Law Plot

(5 days ago) A state of martial law is simply declared by the President, after which troops and/or National Guardsmen are deployed to enforce it. As such, if …

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How Did HIPAA Laws Start

(8 days ago) Out of this initial frustration was born a curious rumor that claimed the law had begun as an attempt to appease the wife of a U.S. senator who wanted to conceal her cosmetic surgery from the

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Why Are Blue Laws Called 'Blue Laws'

(3 days ago) Claim: American "blue laws" were so named because they were originally printed on blue paper.

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Did Prop 47 Legalize Theft Under $950 in California

(9 days ago) Claim: The passage of Prop 47 means that thefts involving property valued at less than $950 will no longer be prosecuted in California.

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Boy Arrested, Charged with New 'Self-Rape' State Law

(7 days ago) Boy Arrested, Charged with New ‘Self-Rape’ State Law Was a teen boy in Arizona arrested for masturbating under a 'self-rape' law? David Mikkelson

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Did Pennsylvania Lawmakers Vote to Fine Women Who Have …

(4 days ago) Under existing Pennsylvania law, specifically Article V of the Vital Statistics Law of 1953, healthcare providers are required to take a number of actions in the event of a fetal death, whether

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(6 days ago) In May 2005, the U.S. Congress passed, and President George W. Bush signed the “Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief Act” into law.

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Does the Lawless Yellowstone ‘Zone of Death’ Exist

(Just Now) A theory posited by a law professor argued that there is a “loophole” to judicial boundaries within Yellowstone National Park — a region that overlaps parts of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana

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California Will Require Retailers To Include Gender

(3 days ago) In October 2021, California became the first state in the U.S to mandate gender-neutral display sections for products like toys in larger retail outlets. The law is a victory for LGBTQ advocates

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House Democrats Strike to Implement Sharia Law

(5 days ago) House Democrats Strike to Implement Sharia Law Unreliable news sources reported that Democrats tried to implement Sharia law in the U.S. via legislation condemning violence and …

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Yes, the Kellogg's Cereal Class Action Lawsuit is Real

(8 days ago) Claim: A class action lawsuit against Kellogg's, and open to consumers who bought one of several varieties of Kellogg's cereal between 2012 and 2020, was authentic.

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Confusion, Misinformation Surround Texas Abortion Law

(3 days ago) Misinformation about the early stages of pregnancy surrounded Texas law Senate Bill 8 (SB 8), which went into effect on Sept. 1, 2021. The law

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FACT CHECK: Can Police Legally Rape People in 35 States

(5 days ago) BuzzFeed further asserted that of 158 law enforcement officers charged since 2006 with sexual assault, sexual battery, or unlawful sexual contact with a detainee, “at least 26 have been

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New Hoverboard Law

(3 days ago) The law, which takes effect Jan. 1, 2016, reverses a 1977 ban intended to keep noisy, stinky, gas-powered skateboards off the streets. The new law

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Does the Cancer Act of 1939 Make It Illegal to Cure Cancer

(Just Now) The law was intended to protect patients from quacks and snake oil peddlers, a threat as real to cancer patients then as it is today. The few prosecutions that have taken place under the Act are

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DOJ Will Ask Supreme Court to Halt Texas Abortion Law

(Just Now) 2 days ago · DOJ Will Ask Supreme Court to Halt Texas Abortion Law The move comes as the Texas clinics are running out of avenues to stop the GOP-engineered law

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New Federal Gun Law Prevents Open Carry in All 50 States

(1 days ago) New Federal Gun Law Prevents Open Carry in All 50 States A fake news article reported that the ATF is implementing a new law banning the practice of "open carry" throughout the U.S.

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Did France Pass a Law Saying That 'Children Can Consent to

(6 days ago) The law also lengthened the statute of limitations for bringing a complaint of child sexual abuse (from 20 to 30 years after a victim turns 18), enhanced the penalties for online harassment, and

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FACT CHECK: Does the 'Bar' in 'Bar Exam' Denote a Secret

(6 days ago) A 1930 essay published in the Cornell Law Review ( page 393) refers to a bar association’s having been established in Boston in 1761, but remember that a bar association is …

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National Defense Resources Preparedness

(4 days ago) This type of Martial Law imposes a government takeover on U.S. citizens that is typically reserved for national emergencies, not in a time of relative …

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Is It No Longer Illegal for Barbershops to Cut Hair on

(4 days ago) Claim: As of July 13, 2021, the state of New York has repealed an archaic law that banned the act of barbering on Sundays. It is now technically legal to operate barber shops on that day of the week.

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Biden Administration Urges Judge to Block Texas Abortion Law

(2 days ago) The Texas law is just one that has set up the biggest test of abortion rights in the U.S. in decades, and it is part of a broader push by Republicans nationwide to …

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Yes, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement Is Legit

(3 days ago) The settlement is real, as Bloomberg Law explains. It’s an antitrust case years in the making, involving scores of lawyers who worked on it for hundreds of thousands of hours:

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Did Oregon’s Governor Sign a ‘Gun Confiscation’ Law

(8 days ago) The law, based off of Oregon Senate Bill 719, has faced massive resistance from Republicans and Oregon citizens alike. Despite this, the local governments managed to sign it into law

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Did Congress Pass a Bill Allowing the Government to

(7 days ago) (Previous iterations of the law, in effect through 2013, called for the use of simple ID bracelets.). Third, while it’s true that the legislation calls for the U.S. Attorney General to consult

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FACT CHECK: Is SPLC a ‘Left-Wing Smear Group’ That

(1 days ago) The Southern Poverty Law Center is a "left-wing smear group" that incites hatred and violence against conservatives.

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Did a California DA Say Looting Is 'Okay' If Suspects

(8 days ago) Claim: In internal guidelines, Contra Costa, California, District Attorney Diana Becton indicated that looting was acceptable and would not be prosecuted if a suspect "needed" what was stolen.

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New California Law Bars Employers From Asking About

(5 days ago) For the most part, it is. The law, known as the “Fair Chance Act,” bars most public and private employers in the state of California from asking applicants about their criminal histories — a

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Parents Get Coached on How to Escape Mask and Vaccine

(2 days ago) Under the law, she said, school districts would have to go through a formal process to establish whether a child does, in fact, have a particular mental or physical disability, such as a

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U.S. Army Memo Announces Preparations for Martial Law

(6 days ago) U.S. Army Memo Announces Preparations for Martial Law U.S. Army officials say a memo announcing that martial law training exercises and preparation will begin at …

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Did Obama Sign a Bill Making Alternative Media Illegal

(4 days ago) President Obama has just quietly signed into law a bill that makes it illegal to run an alternative media website in the U.S … two days before Christmas [2016], …

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Biden Orders Tough New Vaccination Rules for Federal

(2 days ago) Biden Orders Tough New Vaccination Rules for Federal Workers Federal workers will be required to sign forms attesting they’ve been vaccinated against the coronavirus or comply with other

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Massachusetts Just Banned the Sale of All Semi-Automatic

(7 days ago) On 19 July 2016, Healey issued an enforcement notice clarifying what constitutes a “copy or duplicate weapon” under the existing: law. A weapon is a Copy or Duplicate and is therefore a

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Has Child Prostitution Been Legalized in California

(7 days ago) Origin. On 28 September 2016, the web site Downtrend published an article reporting that California had passed a law legalizing child prostitution: This is absolutely astounding. The liberal

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Did Iowa Pass a Bill Requiring Recitation of the Pledge of

(Just Now) Claim: A bill passed in Iowa in 2021 requires the daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools.

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Did the Supreme Court Rule in 1943 That No One Can Be

(6 days ago) Arizona State University law professor James Weinstein confirmed the point in an interview with KPNX News in Phoenix: “The NFL is not bound by the First Amendment. The First Amendment only

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Etymology of the the 'F-Word'

(8 days ago) Because fornication was against religious law, the rapists needed special religious permission, from the king. [Collected on the Internet, 1995]

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Does a KFC in Dearborn, Michigan Abide by ‘Sharia Law’

(9 days ago) Origin. In June 2017, a photograph purportedly showing a KFC operating under “sharia law” in “Dearbornistan, USA” made the usual rounds on …

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Are European Royals Killing Naked Children for Fun at

(Just Now) The answer is that this story was completely fabricated; and the International Common Law Court of Justice , also known as the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State , is a non

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Did U.S. House Democrats Pass a Bill to Allow Immigrants

(4 days ago) [The motion says] ‘Federal law prohibits noncitizens from voting in Federal elections.’ H.R. 1 utilizes the authority in Article I, Section 4 [of the U.S. Constitution] to extend in Federal

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'Sting' Video Maker James O'Keefe Hit With $1 Million

(8 days ago) We are on the right side of the law and will not stop exposing the truth. Right now, the Attorney General of Wisconsin is still investigating possible criminal charges against [operative] Scott …

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