Animal Protection: What Are the Laws that Protect Animals

The 28 Hour Law requires, with exceptions, that farmed animals not be transported for more than 28 hours without being unloaded and provided the opportunity to eat, drink, and rest. The penalty for breaking the law is a fine of $100–500 per offense. The law was passed when most live animals were transported on trains and was fairly well enforced through the first half of the 20th century.

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What Is the Twenty-Eight Hour Law

(Just Now) What Is the Twenty-Eight Hour Law? This federal law set standards for animals being raised for food and transported across state lines. It states: animals that fit into this criteria cannot be transported by “rail carrier, express carrier, or common carrier” (except by air or water) for more than 28 straight hours without being unloaded for

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Saving Animals, One Law at a Time

(9 days ago) Passing a law is how we get both individuals, companies, and governments to do right by animals, otherwise, they will face consequences. And as we know, people don’t always do the right thing when left to their own devices, especially when there’s an opportunity to profit. In 2007, Social Compassion in Legislation (SCIL) was born.

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What Are Right to Farm Laws

(4 days ago) Every state has some type of right-to-farm legislation on its books, some are written into state constitutions. These laws were created to protect farmers, ranchers, and other livestock producers from nuisance lawsuits.

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What Is the Animal Welfare Act and What Does the AWA Cover

(5 days ago) Originally passed in 1966, the Animal Welfare Act, or AWA, is the primary federal law that protects nonhuman animals in the United States. Its regulations are limited and provide minimum standards for the way animals are treated in specific settings.

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Harvard Law School Launches Animal Law and Policy Clinic

(3 days ago) Since Harvard Law taught its first Animal law course in the year 2000, there are today 167 institutions offering a similar course – a 19-fold increase over as many years. The clinic announced today is a part of the school’s Animal Law & Policy program, which trains future legal professionals to have an impact on animal protection, produce

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Harvard Law Clinic Urges USDA to Improve Lives of 100,000

(1 days ago) Harvard Law Clinic Urges USDA to Improve Lives of 100,000 Research Animals. by Matthew Zampa. November 15, 2019. No animal, human or non-human, wants to spend their life in captivity, being poked, prodded, and tested on for the benefit of human beings. Locked away in cages and observed from behind glass walls, research animals suffer immeasurably.

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This New Bill Could Phase Out Animal Testing for Good

(Just Now) The 1993 law included a substantial section [Section 205] to address the growing need and opportunities to replace animals in research. In robust language, the Act called upon NIH “to conduct or support research into methods of biomedical research and experimentation that do not require the use of animals.” It also included language “for

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What Is Tennessee Valley Authority v. Hill

(9 days ago) Since funds continued to be placed into the project after the passage of the ESA, Hiram Hill, a second-year law student at the University of Tennessee sued the Tennessee Valley Authority, seeking an injunction on the construction of the damn under the new ESA law. This came after spending time with the professor who discovered the snail darter

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Animal Abuse: How You Can Prevent It From Happening

(9 days ago) Law enforcement investigates reports of animal abuse and takes appropriate action. Some might argue that there’s a third, less obvious, type of animal abuse: Ignorance. If a person doesn’t know how to take care of an animal and causes the animal harm because of …

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Farmed Animals Lack Legal Protections. What Needs to Change

(4 days ago) There is not a single federal law governing the on-farm treatment of animals raised for food. Indeed, the federal Animal Welfare Act, which provides minimum protections for animals exploited for other purposes, such as experimentation, entertainment, and the pet trade, specifically excludes farmed animals from the very definition of “animal.”

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Ag-Gag Laws: Allowing Animal Abuse While Silencing Activists

(8 days ago) Back in 2002, an ag-gag law failed to pass in Arkansas, but the state tried again in 2017 and succeeded. House Bill 1665 criminalizes several activities that involve gaining access to a commercial operation, documenting commercial activities, …

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Kansas Federal Judge Rules Decades-Old "Ag-Gag" Law

(3 days ago) Kansas Federal Judge Rules Decades-Old “Ag-Gag” Law Unconstitutional. For nearly 30 years, a Kansas law made it illegal to conduct undercover investigations on factory farms. A federal court now rules that the state cannot prohibit the public from taking pictures or recording videos of animal agriculture even if the intent is to “damage

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The Unwritten Rule of Animal Rescue: Don't Call the Cops

(1 days ago)Law enforcement is typically involved, or should be involved when there is a public safety issue,” she says, citing an injured animal in a roadway for example. “If it isn’t a public safety problem, it shouldn’t be their problem.”

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Voters For Animal Rights: Creating a More Compassionate

(Just Now) Another key victory was passing a law making it a misdemeanor crime to steal wild birds off of New York City streets and use them for shooting contests out of state. Until now, the penalty was a violation — equivalent to a traffic ticket — but thanks to this new law

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Animal Rights Advocates Deserve Free Speech Too

(2 days ago) But mainstream views rarely need the protection of law. Properly applied, the first amendment exists to protect points of view that our society’s culture would otherwise censor. In public and private spaces, there is a conversation to be had about our collective treatment of animals.

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Animal Rights Groups: What Are They and What Do They Do

(7 days ago) Sometimes, this means identifying individual people who are abusing their household pets, investigating, intervening, and getting law enforcement to remove the animals. It can also involve investigating large operations, including the circus, and the entertainment world at large. Animal abuse takes many forms — all of them insidious.

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Animal Cruelty: What Is Animal Cruelty and How to Recognize It

(1 days ago) This law primarily focuses on the housing, care, and transportation of animals used in labs, zoos, and bred and sold commercially. However, several species are not covered under the law: birds, rats, and mice bred for research, and farm animals amongst others. In 2019, the PACT (Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture) Act was signed into law.

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What Is the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act

(Just Now) Originally passed in 1958, the law was amended in 1978, then again in 2002. It requires USDA inspected slaughterhouses maintain the proper handling and humane treatment of all animals slaughtered excluding chickens. Specifically, animals must be unconscious before being slaughtered. Senator Hubert H. Humphrey was the original author of the bill

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California Just Became the First U.S. State to Ban Fur

(5 days ago) The law exempts domesticated dogs, cats and horses and does not apply to rodeos. Penalties of up to $25,000 per day for each violation will be enforced for violators. ICYMI, #California banned the sale of fur, banned the sale of hippo, lizard, & caiman skin, and banned animal circus acts. CA is truly a leader for animals.

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Justice Sentient Media

(3 days ago) The Animal Welfare Act is the primary federal law that protects nonhuman animals in the United States. However, many animals are exempt. by Hemi Kim. September 22, 2021; Justice. Cheryl Leahy: The Truth About Pet Food, “Crush Videos,” and the Powerlessness of the Law.

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Animal Farmers Press Charges Against Activists, Cruelty

(1 days ago) Under the new law, people who encourage trespassers by posting the location of an agricultural business on the Internet could face up to a year in prison if found guilty. One month after the AussieFarms map was released, a confrontation between Western Australian dairy farmer Jason Parravicini and two Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) activists at

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Why USDA Should Adopt Stronger Legal Protections for

(4 days ago) The rule was informed by many years of public input, including the powerful example of a landmark California law, which set clear standards for animal welfare. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently announced that USDA will reconsider the previous administration’s position on this rule and begin a new process to address animal welfare

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Jo-Anne McArthur Speaks Out Against Canada's New Ag-Gag Laws

(9 days ago) The new law is part of a growing trend in the animal agriculture industry to silence its critics and protect big meat and dairy companies and their interests at all costs. Shielding agribusiness from the public eye, ag-gag laws allow farmers to operate in virtual secrecy, leaving journalists and activists to seek out more creatives ways to

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Ag-Gag Laws Keep Animal Farming in the Dark and Diminish

(6 days ago) Ag-Gag Laws Keep Animal Farming in the Dark and Diminish Public Trust. Last month, the province of Alberta, Canada, passed Bill 27, the Trespass Statutes (Protecting Law-Abiding Property Owners) Amendment Act, in an effort to deter animal activists and undercover investigators from entering animal farms and exposing what they find for all to see.

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School Principal Says ‘No’ to Animal Rights Club. This

(3 days ago) Principal Wines may be in violation of federal law. He has 10 days to approve the club or face legal action. Yesterday, Flack and his attorney sent Principal Wines a letter of intent to file a lawsuit if Volunteer High School continues to infringe on students’ speech and assembly right by obstructing the formation of a Students Against Animal

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Bringing Big Ag’s Right to Harm to the U.S. Supreme Court

(2 days ago) Because the law has stripped rural Indiana landowners of the ability to protect their property rights, those rights are no longer considered in public decision-making, which in turn has made rural residents expendable, both within society and in the eyes of the law. And by accomplishing that, Ferraro says, Big Ag “has literally turned our

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New Slaughterhouse Investigation Reveals Critical Lapse in

(7 days ago) New Slaughterhouse Investigation Reveals Critical Lapse in Federal Law. by Ingrid L. Taylor. September 7, 2021. Animal Equality. In the same month the U.S. Senate recognized August as National Catfish Month, Animal Equality, an international animal protection organization that has conducted hundreds of investigations into slaughterhouses and

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Elephant Poaching Is a Humanitarian Crisis, Too

(3 days ago) No amount of law enforcement can fully halt illegal activity by desperate people, especially when that illegal activity puts much-needed food on the table. Wildlife conservation is a “luxury” not easily afforded by the poor communities surrounding wildlife reserves. When farmers and elephants compete for the same territory, conflict

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Slaughterhouse Workers File Civil Rights Lawsuit Against USDA

(8 days ago) Slaughterhouse Workers File Civil Rights Lawsuit Against USDA. On Wednesday, July 8, 2020, a nationwide coalition of organizations that advocate for meat processing workers and allied groups filed an administrative civil rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture alleging that in addition to being disastrous for the wellbeing of

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North Carolina: Petri Dish for Industry-Favoring

(2 days ago) The law was then extended to include facilities such as nursing homes and daycare facilities. Undercover investigation video of a North Carolina chicken producer. Obtaining videos like this graphic example captured by Mercy for Animals in 2015 is …

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The USDA Is Gutting Pig Slaughterhouse Rules. These Groups

(6 days ago) The case is the first filed by Lewis & Clark Law School’s new Animal Law Litigation Clinic (ALLC) at the Center for Animal Law Studies, the only law school clinic in the world dedicated to farmed animal advocacy. ALLC brought the case forward on behalf of some of the nation’s leading animal and environmental advocacy groups, including Farm

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Ontario Passes Controversial New Ag-Gag Law, But Animal

(5 days ago) Amy Soranno: Bill 156 is an “ag-gag” law, which makes it illegal for employees and the public to film and expose animal abuse on farms. Despite already having trespass laws in Ontario and a significant lack of transparency on farms, Bill 156 was rushed through to …

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In China, Traditional Remedies for COVID-19 Are Fueling

(Just Now) Chinese law also permits the captive breeding of pangolins, tigers, musk deer, peacocks, cats, dogs, and rhinos. Conservation leaders in China are continuously imploring policymakers to crack down on the captive breeding of wildlife, for TCM remedies and all other uses; captive breeding is indisputably driving the illegal poaching and trading

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The UK Animal Sentience Bill Is Good, But Animals Deserve

(Just Now) The deeper concern, then, is that the aspiration to treat animals as sentient beings under the law might, itself, be inadequate. We might eventually need to create a much richer set of legal protections for animals so that they can live well in a human-dominated world. So, even if the UK does eventually extend “all due regard” to animal

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Corporate Corruption in Global Fishing Gets New Attention

(4 days ago) Partly this is because maritime law complicates enforcement and shrouds the privacy of a vessel’s beneficial owners while developing nations have become havens for intricate shell companies and joint venture agreements whose primary purpose is to insulate wrongdoers from the prying eyes of law enforcement, environmental lawyers, journalists

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Conservation or Culture: The Fight for Nigeria's Future

(Just Now) Conservation or Culture: The Fight for Nigeria’s Future. Lagos—Standing at a live animal market in Lagos, Nigeria, Chinedu Mogbo was faced with a difficult decision. Buy a pangolin to save that animal’s life or watch someone else buy the pangolin and know that the animal would meet a gruesome end. He would face criticism either way.

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Manitoba Becomes Fourth Province in Canada to Pass Ag-Gag Laws

(9 days ago) The Manitoba ag-gag law is the newest province to add its own ag-gag laws. On May 25, 2021, Manitoba passed legislation that amended the Animal Diseases Act, and the Petty Trespass Act, and Occupier’s Liability Act. The amendments prohibit trespassing onto farms or other places where farmed animals are kept, limit owner/occupier liability for

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Six Animal Rights Activists Were Arrested in Ontario. What

(9 days ago) The law also authorizes farm owners and employees to make citizen arrests and to use physical force in carrying out such arrests. As we have seen in past farm occupations, rescues, and investigations – police can also charge activists criminally. I previously sustained criminal charges for exposing animal cruelty at the Excelsior Hog Farm in

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Statewide Fur Ban in California Passes First Vote

(2 days ago) The bill will face several more votes in the Assembly before it heads to the Senate, where it could become law. That could be a long ways away, and animal advocates have plenty of work to do in the meantime. According to Assemblymember Friedman, the biggest problem that needs to be addressed is the lack of public awareness.

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How Undercover Investigation of Lamb Slaughterhouse Led to

(5 days ago) That whistleblower witnessed what Animal Outlook believed were a variety of humane handling violations—despite the company’s claim to be using slaughter practices in keeping with federal and religious law. Animal Outlook’s investigation was the …

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New U.K. Legislation Makes Compassion for Animals a Crime

(3 days ago) It is unprecedented in U.K. law to force people to choose between legality and morality in this way. Animals will suffer and die as a result of the Order, or, at best, spend their lives in captivity. Many “invasive” species were introduced to the U.K. by human activity—let’s not now vilify these same species for circumstances that we

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America’s Largest Foie Gras Distributor Sued for Deceptive

(4 days ago) D’Artagnan’s current humane-washing marketing tactics violate New York General Business Law §§ 349 and 350, prohibiting businesses from partaking in deceptive acts or false advertising. Voters for Animal Rights filed a complaint against D’Artagnan on …

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Animal Rights Activists: Who They Are & What Do They Do

(Just Now) Animal rights activists are people living all over the world who spend some or most of their time protesting or otherwise working against factory farming, animal testing and other abuses of the animal kingdom.An animal activist believes that animals deserve to live happy, cruelty-free lives, and in addition they do something to help create a world where that is possible.

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Coronavirus Pandemic Revitalizing Dispute Over Spanish

(9 days ago) Spain’s Constitution contains no such legal statute. Spain until 2015 was the only country in Europe with no animal cruelty laws. The one Spanish animal cruelty law, which only applies to companion animals, has come under fire recently. In the “sport” of bullfighting, bullfighters cruelly attempt to sever the bulls’ aortas or spinal

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Slaughterhouses: Where Animal Rights and Workers' Rights

(Just Now) Slaughterhouses across Canada and the U.S. have become epicentres for the spread of COVID-19. Workers—many immigrants, temporary foreign workers, people of colour and First Nations—have since expressed fear about returning to work, after some facilities closed due to large numbers of cases and deaths, only to be reopened despite union pushback. . The current coronavirus …

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Animal Rights Activists Labeled "Domestic Terrorists" in

(1 days ago) Trespassing on a farm carries an on-the-spot fine of $1,000, according to a new law that went into effect in NSW early last week. The legislation also included an anteed-up Biosecurity Act that could cost organizers upwards of $200,000 for aiding and abetting activists. No doubt, this is just the beginning of the state-sponsored scare tactics.

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