Ben Shapiro on Abortion

In Germany, for example, a 1995 law made abortion illegal however neither doctors nor women are prosecuted if the mother is shown to be a victim of rape and the procedure is done within the first three months of the child’s conception. Additionally, a similar waiver exists “in the first trimester for cases in which the mother has received

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Jordan Peterson on Immigration

(Just Now) “The law is the border that stops someone from stealing your laptop. And if it’s an Apple laptop, well, it’s the sort of laptop that a social justice warrior would carry. And then the social justice warrior is going to be very irritated if you happen to purloin their laptop.”

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Ben Shapiro on Gun Control

(6 days ago) Complaints about the so-called school-to-prison pipeline created by the presence of law enforcement at schools seem to be overblown, according to the data — and, more importantly, it’s the school’s job to ensure the safety of students, not to …

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Jordan Peterson on Abortion

(7 days ago) There’s no law on abortion. Whether somebody’s really strong pro choice, or really strong pro life, is there something to be said that there’s a centrist position where both of those camps could perhaps come together and say, hey, maybe it should be illegal to abort a child in the third trimester after 32 weeks gestation, or whatever the

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Noam Chomsky on Abortion

(4 days ago) Speaking in Dublin on April 13th, 2013 (we really had to go back to find his views on abortion) Noam Chomsky stated that he believed restrictive abortion laws were attacks on women. Stating that he believes that one of the areas where society really has made progress over the past century, has been on the subject of women’s rights and current laws threaten to overturn …

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Ben Shapiro on California

(5 days ago) The city has specifically told law enforcement they can’t do anything about the rampant homelessness problem that has plagued los angeles 66, 000 homeless people in L.A. county. Ben Shapiro. Alright this is a subtle, but recent, reference …

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Ben Shapiro Education, Bio and Positions

(9 days ago) After which he moved to Boston where he graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School in 2007. Simultaneously Ben was, with the help of his father who found him platforms to publish his work, a frequent contributor to the University newspaper (where he rebutted the perceived liberal bias developing on campus) and local papers and syndicates.

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Jordan Peterson on Gay Marriage

(1 days ago) Having been decriminalized on June 27th, 1969 when Canadian Prime Minister Justice Pierre Trudeau (not that Trudeau) introduced the Criminal Law Ammendment Act. Though modestly contentious at the time, the bill did pass by a vote of 149-55, with 12 of the 55 conservative members of Canadian Parliament who cast a vote on the issue voting in

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Joe Biden on Abortion

(1 days ago) Wade Supreme Court decision would solidify the law on federal grounds and have ramifications across the country as conservative leaning states have scrambled to pass fetal heartbeat bills. While working in the Senate, Biden wrote the following letter to a concerned citizen of Delaware (the state which he represented) dated December 26, 1977.

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Ben Shapiro On Gay Marriage

(7 days ago) Ben Shapiro’s views on Gay Marriage have been consistent in that he opposes the legalization of gay marriage within the larger, libertarian position, that the Government should “not be in the marriage business” at all. This is fairly consistent with Ben’s generally conservative view(s) on all issues.. However while his position has been consistent, it has seemed to soften …

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Jordan Peterson on IQ

(1 days ago) In other words, either people with an IQ of 83 or less are unable to find consistent work, or the number of people with an IQ of less than 83 are significantly less than 10% of the population. Finally, the story Jordan tells is from World War I which was when the law was implemented.

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Noam Chomsky on Obama Presidency

(2 days ago) Noam Chomsky has had some fairly critical words on Barack Obama and his campaign running up to his first election as the U.S. president (as well as on his campaign overall. Perhaps speaking more to the lack of depth in the promises of the campaign, Chomsky criticized the “Time for change!” slogan as “meaningless.”.

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Ben Shapiro on Joe Biden

(4 days ago) Ben Shapiro was highly favorable of Joe Biden’s comeback, if only for reasons that aren’t entirely complimentary. In an article Ben wrote that was published in the the Post-Gazette, Shapiro praised Democratic voters for realizing who Bernie is. As Shapiro wrote, “But something happened on the way to a Sanders nomination: Democratic voters

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Christopher Hitchens on Abortion

(2 days ago) Hitchens states “The only proposition that is completely useless, either morally or practically, is the wild statement that sperms and eggs are all potential lives that must not be prevented from fusing and that, when united however briefly, have souls and must be protected by law (God Is Not Great, 222). For more arguments on abortion

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Maternity Leave Arguments

(5 days ago) States, as well as private companies, began forming their own policies which vary greatly based on the requisite state and company being addressed. At the federal level, the current law only guarantees mothers the right not to be fired (due to pregnancy) during pregnancy and gives them a minimum of six weeks of unpaid leave.

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