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Employment Law and the Pandemic

(Just Now) For general employment law issues and questions, please visit the employment law section on If you need answers about a specific legal issue, or feel your employee rights have been violated, consider speaking with an employment lawyer in your state. Many attorneys offer phone and video consultations.

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Cannabis Business Laws and Info

(4 days ago) FindLaw's Cannabis Business Laws and Info section is a valuable resource for business owners and investors who want to stay informed about cannabis laws and information relevant to …

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Shelter in Place Laws

(7 days ago) The terms of each shelter in place order are usually spelled out through the specific laws of a state or a city. For instance, one of the phrases consistently used in the shelter in place laws for preventing the spread of COVID-19 is "keep 6 feet apart." In most shelter in place orders, you are allowed to do the following: Take care of a person

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Starting a Cannabis Business

(3 days ago) If you intend to start a cannabis-related business or are simply curious about how you would start such a business, FindLaw's Cannabis Law section is a valuable resource. Meeting with a lawyer can help you understand your options and how to best protect your rights. Visit our attorney directory to find a lawyer near you who can help.

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Marijuana Delivery Service Laws

(6 days ago) Don't Transport Cannabis Across State Lines. Cannabis is still illegal under federal law. This means transporting marijuana across states may result in federal prosecution. The supremacy clause of the Constitution also gives federal agencies the power to prosecute people working in cannabis deliveries even though the act is legal under state law.

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How to Legally Purchase Cannabis Seeds in the United

(3 days ago) Cannabis law is an ever-evolving tangle of state and federal regulations that often contradict one another. Additionally, the cannabis industry is very new, and still illegal under federal law. For these reasons,

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in Colorado

(Just Now) The federal law prohibits the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office from registering trademarks for marijuana businesses. State and Federal Taxation Is Different. Generally paying state taxes for your Colorado marijuana business is not an issue. However, paying federal income tax is another matter. And yes, even though marijuana is illegal at the

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Marijuana Investment: Legal Information About

(7 days ago) Federal law also places strict restrictions on financial institutions and banks dealing with cannabis-related businesses. This makes it difficult for cannabis businesses to raise capital, which could affect your financial investment as a shareholder. The government may also revoke your security clearance if you invest in marijuana stocks.

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Marijuana Dispensary Business Plan Example

(6 days ago) Cannabis law lacks uniformity between the states and the federal government, and it is constantly evolving. Currently, 33 states permit the use of medical marijuana and 11 states permit the recreational use of cannabis. However, marijuana is still considered an illicit drug under federal law

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Transporting Marijuana: Laws and Regulations

(8 days ago) Transporting Marijuana: Laws and Regulations. Marijuana is slowly but surely being legalized, or at least decriminalized, throughout the United States. In 1996, California was the first state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Now, approximately half of the remaining states and Washington, D.C. have also legalized the use of medical

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Understanding Government Actions During COVID-19

(5 days ago) Understanding Government Actions During COVID-19. State and federal governments are taking significant safety and economic measures to combat the effects of COVID-19. These measures affect our lives and our freedom. That is why it's important to understand what it all means and what your rights are. In this section, we explain key terms and

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in Washington

(9 days ago) Washington law gives cities and counties broad powers to regulate the cannabis industry in their respective areas. For instance, a city may reduce the licensing of dispensaries located less than 1,000 feet from the facilities listed above. Note, however, that the distance cannot be less than 100 feet.

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Medical Marijuana Laws by State

(6 days ago) State law does not allow the possession or use of whole plant marijuana, however, just pills, oils, tinctures, and other such preparations. New York medical marijuana law also requires patients (and caregivers, if applicable) to register with the state in order to access medicine. New York Consolidated Laws: PBH Section 3360, et seq.

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Jobs the Marijuana Industry Is Creating

(3 days ago) Federal Law Regulates Operations in the Cannabis Industry. Cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, so there are always concerns connected to any job in the cannabis industry. Most state marijuana businesses require full disclosure about their employees and …

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in Michigan

(Just Now) Federal law sets the minimum age for recreational marijuana use at 21 years old and the state requires a government-issued license or passport. Medical marijuana licensees can also apply for a recreational license when they are 21 years old. Checking proper licenses is …

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Can Marijuana Dispensaries Use Traditional Banks

(3 days ago) However, a business law attorney familiar with state and federal cannabis laws can help make sure that a business's needs are met in the best way possible. This is a quickly-changing area of law, so guidance from a well-versed local cannabis attorney is crucial.

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Federal and State Marijuana Laws and Your Pot Business

(9 days ago) Convicted Despite State Law Compliance. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is responsible for enforcing federal marijuana laws. Since states began to legalize medical and recreational marijuana there have been significant changes in the DEA's position regarding cannabis industry businesses that comply with state laws.

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9 Marijuana Business Ideas for Founders

(3 days ago) 1. Cannabis packaging and labeling. Ask any marketer: packaging can be just as important as product, especially in an industry that is growing more competitive by the day. Additionally, the cannabis industry has literally thousands of different products, so there is plenty of room for creativity and innovation. 2.

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Unemployment Insurance and COVID-19: Overview

(4 days ago) For general employment law issues and questions, please visit the employment law section on If you need answers about a specific legal issue, or feel your employee rights have been violated, consider speaking with an employment lawyer in your state. Many attorneys offer phone and video consultations.

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What's the Difference Between

(5 days ago) Beyond the law, other differences include: Medical marijuana can be smoked, inhaled as a mist, eaten, applied to the skin, or placed under the tongue. Marinol can only be taken in pill form. Medical marijuana has a faster absorption rate than Marinol, but …

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in Massachusetts

(5 days ago) Federal law makes all marijuana illegal on a national level, but states can determine their own laws for decriminalization or legalizing marijuana. Massachusetts laws include: “Question 3” in 2012 created a medical marijuana program for residents. Chapter 369 states the compliance factors and regulations a business must follow.

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in Illinois

(6 days ago) The law states that the department will start accepting applications for new dispensary licenses before October 1, 2019. These new businesses looking to run a dispensary need to undergo background checks by submitting their fingerprints to the FBI.

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Setting Up a Marijuana Business: The Basics

(6 days ago) Not too long ago, the term "marijuana business" applied to the illegal cultivation and distribution of a strictly black market drug. While it remains illegal under federal law and many state laws, a growing number of states allow for the medical use of marijuana and a minority of states (plus the District of Columbia) have legalized its recreational use.

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State Medical Marijuana Laws to Know for Your Business

(9 days ago) The law allows for up two manufacturing facilities and up to 8 dispensaries, and the application period is currently closed. The law applies to those with "debilitating" medical conditions which can include: cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, ALS, PTSD, Alzheimer's disease/dementia, Crohn's disease/fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, chronic back pain

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in Oregon

(9 days ago) Starting a cannabis business or dispensary in Oregon requires significant funding and involves lengthy government processes. FindLaw’s page on starting a dispensary offers an overview of the process and helpful resources. Learn about compliance, the relevant laws, and other things you need to know to get started.

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Starting a Marijuana Business: Tax Issues to Know

(2 days ago) The reason behind this is the 1982 federal law in Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code - which is still enforced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - that bans all deductions and tax credits for the illegal trafficking of drugs. Since marijuana is still illegal under the federal government, engaging in the sale of pot is classified as

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in California

(2 days ago) Federal law prohibits the transport of marijuana across state lines. Most businesses can sell their products and ship them to persons in other states. Marijuana businesses are restricted to sales within California. In addition, a marijuana business has to …

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Marijuana Vote: The Legal History

(8 days ago) Risk of Conviction Despite State Law Compliance. The Supreme Court, in Gonzales v.Raich, held that marijuana business affects interstate commerce and therefore Congress is within its power to regulate it.This means individuals and businesses that are fully compliant with the state's marijuana laws risk conviction by law enforcement for violating federal law.

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Starting a Marijuana Business: Do You Need a Lawyer

(4 days ago) An attorney is a reasonable expense given the high cost of starting a business, the complexity of the regulations involved, and the risk of federal prosecution. Contact a local cannabis law attorney for a free initial case assessment to learn how they can help you start a marijuana business with as little risk as possible.

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in Vermont

(9 days ago) Vermont law allows for anyone who is 21 or older to posses up to one ounce of cannabis. However, adults are still not allowed to buy marijuana for recreational use. The Vermont Senate has passed an act relating to the regulation of cannabis, a bill that will regulate and tax marijuana sales. The bill will to go to a vote in early 2020.

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How to Get Financing for a Marijuana Business

(9 days ago) Generally speaking, the FDIC will not insure a bank that takes on "existential" risks, which would include loans to companies in violation of federal law. However, some banks are willing to consider financing options that invest in marijuana-related businesses that avoid the legal risk of actually "touching" the plant (indoor growing equipment

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Marijuana Business: Licenses, Permits, and Planning

(2 days ago) Legislation signed into law in 2017 establishes a legal framework for patients with a valid doctor's recommendation to obtain medical cannabis. Only a limited number of specially-licensed pharmacies will be approved for the distribution of marijuana. Maine: The Division of Public Health Systems is responsible for the Medical Use of Marijuana

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in Alaska

(4 days ago) State law gives local governments the right to protest a license application. The board will not issue your license unless the local government where the dispensary is located permits the type of license you are applying for. It is thus important to verify that the laws of your specific city allow the dispensary license.

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Setting Up a Legal Marijuana Business: State Laws to Know

(Just Now) Under the law, effective on December 15, 2016, adults (21 years of age or older) can possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana outside of their residence and up to 10 ounces within their residences. It also allows adults to grow up to 6 marijuana plants in their residences and to give up to 1 ounce of marijuana to another adult without payment.

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in Maine

(8 days ago) The law also requires cities to affirmatively opt in before dispensaries can start operating. Failure to opt in means a city has prohibited retail sales of marijuana despite the state laws. Only 15 Maine cities have approved the retail sale of cannabis as of September 2019. It is thus important to make sure your dispensary is in a city that

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(3 days ago) Welcome to FindLaw's Accident and Injury Center. Here you will find information and resources to help if you or a loved one have suffered an injury, including tips

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COVID-19: What Estate Planning

(3 days ago) Advanced Estate Planning Documents. With the volatile economic situation, you may want to consider wealth and tax planning. There are numerous trusts and options for transferring money that could be used depending on your unique situation. We recommend scheduling a phone or video consultation with an estate planning lawyer experienced in

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