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Four Reasons Students of the Law Should Watch Legal Dramas

(8 days ago) Different law practices have been spoken of, be it corporate or civil, and various lawyer types have appeared on screen, from business attorneys to defense lawyers. Multiple states have also been featured in these shows, from New York City to Salt Lake City. Still, the audience enjoys it judging from the rating of some of the shows.

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How Workplace Injuries Can Affect Your Business Phoenix Law

(6 days ago) For example, a laborer working on a manufacturing site suffers injury from a loading truck. In that case, they might visit a truck accident law firm. Similarly, if the accident is caused due to an electrical shock, labor can seek help from an electrocution attorney. These agencies help them get fair compensation or the justice they deserve.

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A Short Guide to Choosing a Family Lawyer Phoenix Law

(9 days ago) Finding a reliable law firm specializing in legal family matters does not have to be hard work. Keep in mind the items above to make your search much easier. Spread the love. Tags: family attorney, Family law, family lawyer. Latest News. What to Expect Before a Criminal Trial;

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10 of the Most Hilarious TV Lawyers You Wouldn’t Mind …

(7 days ago) You need Bob Loblaw,” and a tongue-twister of a blog site, Bob Loblaw Law Blog, you already know what to expect from the guy. The only thing he’s got going for him is he’s a slightly competent lawyer than Zuckerkorn. While the law should never be taken lightly, humor and laughter help ease the tension in the courtroom.

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4 Key Members of Your Defense Team When Facing …

(9 days ago) If you have a budget, you can find experienced lawyers in well-known law firms. Process Server. When you are dealing with a case, you will face a lot of legal documents that need processing. Your reaction to the tasks will be crucial to the outcome of the case. If you fail to pass the required documents on time or at all, you might be giving

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Common Cases that Require a Family Lawyer

(9 days ago) Under Australian law, both divorced parents share responsibility in raising a child who is under the age of 18. However, there are cases when the court must determine whether to remove parental responsibility from one parent due to certain circumstances. In such a case, a family lawyer could help any of the parents throughout the entire legal

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Understanding the Different Elements of Arson

(8 days ago) Burning. This is the primary element that distinguishes arson from criminal damage. A burning comprises even slight damage resulting from charring, but mere smoke discoloration does not constitute arson. The alleged arsonist should also have set the fire directly to the property using matches, explosives or lighters.

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Protect Your Business By Being Smart: Things To Do

(4 days ago) A business needs to follow various laws and ignorance of the law does not excuse violating it. The moment you start a company, you should get in touch with a lawyer and ask them all the relevant questions. For example, you will want to know what laws you have to be familiar with. If you are planning to form a mining company, this might require

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The Secret to Becoming a Lawyer Without the Hefty Student Loans …

(5 days ago) On acceptance by a law school, you can pick the most suitable time slot and have your employer foot the bills. Becoming a lawyer can leave you drowning under a pile of debt without the promise of a great job. Luckily, you can escape this debt trap while still realizing the dream of …

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Criminal Defense Lawyers

(4 days ago) Criminal law is about crimes committed by individuals or groups. It deals with offenses against the statutory laws and it results in a conviction and the sentencing of corresponding punishment. Differences between Civil Lawyers and Criminal Lawyers. There are also differences in how the lawyers operate.

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5 Characteristics of a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

(8 days ago) Matthew Jube, Attorney at Law, advises that you have to look for the following characteristics to make your search easier: Communication skills. A good lawyer should be a good listener as much as he is a good talker. Knowing how to talk with the client and effectively communicate with the opposing team, the jury, and the judge is a must.

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Pointers for Helping Victims of Domestic Abuse

(6 days ago) The best way to handle it is to call in the police. They are trained to handle violent situations so that they won’t get worse or, at least, resolve them quickly. A domestic violence situation can be happening right now, and calling the cops on it will result in an immediate response. Even if you have a suspicion of domestic violence

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What to Do Once You’re Charged with a Criminal Case

(5 days ago) They know the law and how to help you understand it. Plus, they can create a plan that best suits your interests. Most of all, your lawyer will defend you every step of the way. They will always be after your best interest. Always Consult Your Lawyer. If your offense is bailable and you want to bail yourself out, never do it without your lawyer.

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3 Publicized Legal Cases Involving Social Media

(2 days ago) Almost everyone is on social media, and checking online profiles is becoming a part of everyone’s daily routine. It is very easy to post an opinion on Twitter or Facebook, but only few knew about the legal trouble they can face due to a user’s poor judgment.. Here are few legal cases that will make you think twice before posting anything online.

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3 Traits of a Great Lawyer

(6 days ago) Just like doctors who have specializations that focus on one aspect of health and the body, lawyers also tend to focus on different issues of the law. This specialization is practical as different laws govern different situations.

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Car Accident Law: Proving Fault and Liability Phoenix Law

(6 days ago) Common law and its notions of fault and liability are sufficient in covering car accident cases. While the car insurance industry has been successful in lobbying for rules that cater to them more to contest fault and liability, the common legal definition of fault is still followed.

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What To Do When Someone Sues You

(7 days ago) While it’s true that ignorance of the law excuses no one, there is also no excuse for outward disregard of it. Typical cases can stem from an unpaid credit or a traffic violation when you are fully aware of the consequences. If you ever find yourself wrongfully accused, you know the best action is to respond to the court summons.

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Making the Choice between Becoming a Paralegal and Lawyer

(6 days ago) While available work for lawyers takes a dip, many law firms and organizations continue to show preferential treatment to paralegals. This has then led to the increase in the number of employed paralegals, especially when compared with their higher-paid peers.

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Establishing Liability in a Winter Auto Accident

(8 days ago) Under this law, the drivers involved in the accident are allowed to seek compensation with no threshold of fault. This means a driver who is 90 percent at fault in the accident can still recover up to 10 percent in compensation from the other party. Thirty-three states, including Oregon and Maine, follow a modified comparative negligence law.

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Improve You Driving: What Should You Do to Keep You Safe

(1 days ago) Driving around may be a great activity but thousands of accidents happen because of recklessness. Prevent severe road accidents by practicing proper road safety.

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Making the Most of Your Lawyer in 3 Ways Phoenix Law

(5 days ago) Talking to a lawyer is something you might need if you have some legal problems or you need legal representation. They can be expensive, but there are some ways to maximize their services.

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The Merits of Having a Solicitor

(4 days ago) Solicitors are specialists in the law, from family-related cases to criminal, financial, property, and work-related cases. They advise their clients on the best way to solve an issue using the provisions of the law involved. They go through the negotiation process, using their bargaining skills to produce the right compensation or deal.

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Arizona Trials: Learn More About Them Phoenix Law

(4 days ago) A person living in Arizona can be part of the court system in different ways. They can become a witness, respondent, defendant, or juror. Either way, appearing before a judge can be intimidating and frightening unless the individual has a more comprehensive idea of how the state’s legal justice system works.

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What it's Like to be a Truck Driver

(3 days ago) One of the most in-demand employees nowadays is truck drivers. With the growing consumer demands, every company is employing as many people as they can to meet orders.

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Know Your Rights Before Your Criminal Trial

(6 days ago) Every state in the country has particular laws that govern both criminal and civil cases. Thankfully, Long Island has a pretty clear-cut procedure for criminal cases.While the guidelines we give below are relatively general, it does cover some of the most important steps before a criminal trial, namely: knowing your rights before your arrest, the point of arrest, and the preliminary hearing.

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Writing a Legal and Valid Will in Australia

(8 days ago) The Australian Securities and Investments Commission reports that almost 50% of Australians pass away without a will. When a person dies without leaving behind a will, his or her assets are placed under the administration of the law to be distributed among all living relatives.

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Tips for Finding a Corporate Lawyer

(Just Now) Every business owner dreams of smooth operations. However, the legalities surrounding the establishment and maintenance of a business cannot be avoided. Whether you are the head of a startup or a seasoned veteran, complying with the law is non-negotiable. Fortunately, a business attorney in Denver can help you. Choosing among the many lawyers

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Worker’s Responsibilities in Ensuring Workplace Safety

(5 days ago) On Workplace Safety. The notion of workplace and employee safety being the sole responsibility of an employer is a dangerous and oftentimes-costly misconception that sometimes leads to employees being more reckless in their job believing that any incident or injury occurring in the workplace can be covered and compensated by the company and their insurance.

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What is Property Tax Reduction and How Does it Work

(6 days ago) Just like other types of taxes, property tax (also known as millage rate) is used by the government to fund different kinds of public services, from law enforcement and public education to roadwork and supplying the salary of government employees. Without taxes, the government, from federal and state to county and city, will have no means of providing these services, nor be able to …

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phoenixlaw_admin, Author at Phoenix Law

(1 days ago) Maybe at one point in our lives, we will reach out for expert legal help from those who have studied and practised law at its purest. We may find ourselves in a quandary over commercial matters in a business w

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Ways to Choose your Personal Injury Lawyer

(5 days ago) You can also try calling your state’s bar association, your country’s bar association, and law firms for recommendations and for asking specific information. What do I do When I See them Face to Face? Seeing them and interacting with them in person is an excellent way of knowing who you want to represent you.

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Simple Tips for Picking the Right Immigration Lawyer

(2 days ago) You could easily find anything online these days, including pertinent information about your immigration lawyer. Check if your lawyer is a member of the bar association in his or her state. Is he or she a member of top legal organizations? What about past clients? Maybe he or she has published professional articles for top law magazines or online.

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Should You Hire a DWI Attorney

(1 days ago) DWI law, just like any other branch of the law, is complicated. To make it even more complicated, each case is unique. This means you can’t compare your case with other cases. Any oversight or mistake in the handling of a DWI charge can easily land you in a bad situation. Having an experienced DWI lawyer by your side can help you avoid this

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Common Personal Injury Myths Phoenix Law

(7 days ago) Personal injury law in most states allows the victims to pursue compensation within a stipulated period. Therefore, you cannot file a personal compensation claim after the time elapses. Usually, you are not allowed to initiate a request after three years following the injury.

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Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Things Every Debtor Should Know

(6 days ago) Law Office of Davis & Jones, P.C. knows that debtors should consider hiring a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City to assist them in filing for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer provides a debtor with essential information regarding the grounds for filing for bankruptcy and possible ways of protecting some of their assets against

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Got Injured at Work

(8 days ago) Some work environments tend to be more dangerous than others. But accidents can happen even in an office setting. If an incident that happened in your workplace resulted in some injuries, then it’s only right that you see compensation. But there …

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Why Big and Small Businesses Should Incorporate Phoenix Law

(5 days ago) So in the eyes of the law, a corporation is one body. Corporations are also one of the longest-standing business structures, and this is for a reason. The success and benefits associated with running a corporation make this business structure attractive to entrepreneurs, big and small alike.

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Things to Do Before Opening a Business in the UK Phoenix Law

(7 days ago) It’s a wise choice to pick a firm that specialises in business immigration and commercial property law. It would remove a lot of questions on your plate, especially if you are not as well-versed in the ins and outs of local law.

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3 Reasons a Great Child Custody Lawyer Matters

(6 days ago) Needing a child custody lawyer signals a very tough moment in anyone’s life. So it's best if you do hire the best. Here are three reasons having a great child custody attorney matters.

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Surviving Cohabitation with Your Former Spouse

(3 days ago) Divorce can be a challenging time for you, but it can be even more difficult for your children. You and your spouse understand that the love is gone in …

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5 Relationship Goals for Married Couples

(9 days ago) The secret to a successful marriage is there is none. All happy marriages share something in common: two people who have devoted energy, effort, and time into each other.

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3 Ways You Don't Know Are Ruining Your Marriage

(Just Now) Prioritizing your friends. When you pledge to spend the rest of your natural life with someone, it follows that they occupy a special place in your life. It’s only natural for them to put you first and for them to expect you to reciprocate. Some marriages fail …

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Divorce Lawyers and How to Find one

(7 days ago) If you are worried about your children, then opt for child custody lawyers in Colorado Springs such as The Burnham Law Firm, P.C. Choose an experienced lawyer. A lawyer with good experience with regards to your chosen divorce process is important in helping you win your case.

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Should Wrongfully Convicted Persons Push for Exoneration

(9 days ago) From 1989 to 2020, a total of 2,737 exonerations were recorded in the United States, according to the National Registry of Exonerations.In 2020 alone, there were at least 129 exonerations, and a total of 13.4 years lost per person. All in all, 1,737 years were lost due to wrongful convictions.

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