A-Level Law Course Online: Awarded by AQA Oxbridge

Studying A-level law will give you critical skills such as analytical thinking and attention to detail, and could be your first step to a career creating a better, fairer world. Whether or not your future lies in the courtroom, studying law is a …

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You Won't Believe These Weird UK Laws Oxbridge

(4 days ago) Studying law is serious business. Whether you want to study A-Level Law or you’re ready to study at degree level, you’ll know the legal system is a complex web of rules and customs, all designed to maintain peace, order, and justice. On average, 33 new acts are passed every year and each one can lead to dozens of new laws. And they all work to create equilibrium.

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Workplace Law Level 3 Online Accredited Course Oxbridge

(1 days ago) Workplace law covers the often complex legal relationship between employers and employees, including issues that can sometimes cause disputes, such as health and safety, dismissals and redundancies, and discrimination. Whether you’re interested in a career in employment law or human resources, or you’d simply like to learn more about these issues to protect yourself as …

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How To Become A Solicitor Studying Law Oxbridge

(6 days ago) Academic stage: In England and Wales this involves completing a qualifying law degree (QLD). Vocational stage: Students who have gained a QLD are able to then move on to a Legal Practice Course (LPC). This would usually be completed full time over one year. Training stage: This involves a period of recognised training working as a trainee

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Criminology Course Online Level 3 Oxbridge

(9 days ago) Take a peak into the complexities of human behaviour, forensics, and law enforcement with this level 3 criminology course. Ideal for anyone wishing to pursue a career in law enforcement, probation work, forensics, or any other profession which values logical thinking and analytical skills, you don’t need any prior qualifications or experience

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What is criminology

(7 days ago) Criminology is about much more than just looking at criminal behaviour. It analyses how crime affects victims and society as a whole. Criminology considers various theories and ideas around how and why crimes occur. It also looks at ways to control and prevent criminal behaviour – in addition to the way law enforcement operates, and the

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Can I Study GCSEs and A-levels Online

(1 days ago) With law this comes from my period spent in practice, plus the fact that law is always changing and never still.” What would you say to a student who’s hesitant about studying A-levels/GCSEs online with Oxbridge? “Go for it! Teaching and learning is …

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Criminology Courses Online

(Just Now) A-level Law. Crime Scene Investigation Level 3. Private Investigator Course Level 3. Criminology Advanced Diploma. Criminology Level 3. Criminal Psychology Level 3. Forensic Science QLS Level 3. Forensic Psychology Level 3. Whatever your aspirations, studying criminology can open lots of doors for your future career.

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Case Study: Suzanne's 'I Can I Will' Story Oxbridge

(6 days ago) It was my sister-in-law who suggested I train to become a Bookkeeper. I just needed to find a college that could help me get qualified in my own time around my working hours. My tutor is very responsive, and the advisory team at Oxbridge are super friendly.

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A-Level Courses Online: Home Learning for A-Levels with

(6 days ago) A-levels. A-levels are the most common qualifications for university admission. Offering up to 56 UCAS points each, A-levels, or ‘advanced levels’, can hold the key to gaining a place at your preferred university or your dream job! Academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating, A-levels are respected both in the UK and internationally.

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Career Change At 50: It’s Never Too Late Oxbridge

(6 days ago) 90% of over 50s want a career change and 59% of people retrain for a new career at 50. Only 10% of people in their 50s said that they felt comfortable in their current roles. And even then, they weren’t ready to slow down. One surveyee, aged 58, commented, ‘I’ve worked my whole life. I’ve got a good pension on the go.

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22 Questions With James Our Head Maths Tutor Oxbridge

(Just Now) From Oxford to Oxbridge. Meet James Preston, Oxford graduate and holder of three equally impressive degrees in Maths, Physics and Law, as well as a PGCE. Last summer, James was writing assessment papers for our A-Level Maths. Now, he’s the head of our maths department and is a serious inspiration to mathematicians nationwide.

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How to Become a Private Investigator Oxbridge

(3 days ago) Working with law enforcement. Police in the UK are often overworked and underpaid, and simply don’t have the time or the resources to dedicate the kind of attention to an investigation that you will. If a case turns out to be serious, the police will want to work closely with you to discover what information you’ve uncovered.

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A-Level Physics Course Online: Issued by AQA Oxbridge

(5 days ago) In this engaging online A-level course, you’ll cover everything from Newton’s law of gravity to the frequency of electromagnetic waves and the orbits of planets. You’ll learn how physical science contributes to society and functions in the world around us. You’ll also gain a range of skills in data interpretation, investigation, and

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The five C's of leadership Oxbridge

(3 days ago) The five C’s encompass the key traits that are considered the bedrock of effective leadership, including credibility, communication, commitment, confidence and creativity. By harnessing these characteristics – managers, supervisors and team leaders can demonstrate a positive leadership style – a balanced approach that blends fairness and

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Is Distance Learning Easy

(3 days ago) Shakespeare, Mountains, Newtons Law? Adult learning is not about fitting in with an existing model of education. Distance Learning is flexible. It is tailored to the learner and more popular than ever. No longer is learning just done at school or college. More and more workplaces are offering training and further opportunities at education.

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Starting a Childcare Business: Everything You Need To Know

(5 days ago) Lastly, you’ll need to find out whether you’re allowed to run a childcare business from your home under the law; if you own a rented property, for instance, you’ll need the landlord’s permission. Is your family on board? This is one of the key things you’ll need to consider when you’re planning how to start a childcare business at home.

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Criminology Course Online: Advanced Diploma Oxbridge

(8 days ago) Criminology Advanced Diploma. Criminology is the scientific study of c rime, criminals, and the UK legal system, examining areas of behaviour, culture, and psychology to help prevent these crimes being committed. If you’re the inquisitive type, our Advanced Criminal Diploma can open doors across the public sector.

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Private Investigator Course: Level 3 Oxbridge

(8 days ago) You’ll study the ethics of working as a PI, how to follow the law whilst you work, the skills and qualities you’ll need to thrive in the industry, and much more. The knowledge you’ll gain will stand you in good stead for any number of other careers, too, such as working within law firms , insurance companies, policing , and just about any

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IGCSE English Literature Online Course Oxbridge

(4 days ago) An ideal choice for anyone who wants to boost their employability in a wide range of careers, such as teaching, journalism, marketing, and law. On this online course, you’ll analyse a wide variety of poetry, and gain a much more informed understanding of the characters, themes and settings of Romeo and Juliet.

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Nutritionist vs Dietitian

(4 days ago) There are many factors that distinguish a nutritionist from a dietitian, but the most significant factor is that dietitians are the only professionals who are regulated by law. This addition of regulatory oversight means that dietitians have extended authority to work on evidence-based recommendations.

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A-Level Further Maths Course Online Oxbridge

(1 days ago) Our course code: X922. Qualification code: 9FMO. Official Qualification Title: Further Maths A-Level. Edexcel is the UK’s largest awarding organisation offering academic and vocational qualifications in schools, colleges and work places in the UK and abroad. They have been helping people succeed in life through learning for nearly 2 decades.

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Success Stories: Sandra du Plessis (Life Coaching) Oxbridge

(6 days ago) As 65-year-old Sandra has now discovered by completing her Life Coaching Level 3 qualification. Having previously worked as a Paralegal for a law firm in Cape Town, Sandra later moved to London. Distance learning made it possible for her to learn a new skill and equip herself with the knowledge she needed to pursue a different career path.

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Online Short Courses

(4 days ago) Built for busy schedules, our range of short courses are great for any time-strapped learner looking to enhance their skill sets. From sprucing up your CV writing to learning crucial interview techniques, our courses may be brief, but you'll find plenty of insights, advice, and tips along the way - all accessible at a time and place that suits

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IGCSE Physics: Online Course Awarded by Edexcel Oxbridge

(2 days ago) Edexcel is a multinational education and examination body. Course Outcomes. Upon successful completion of this home learning course, you will receive an IGCSE in physics, issued by Edexcel. This syllabus has been chosen specifically because it is the best suited to distance learning. Our course code.

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A-Level Philosophy Course Online: Issued by AQA Oxbridge

(8 days ago) A-level Philosophy will challenge you to think outside the box, as well as provide communication, analysis and critical thinking skills that will last a lifetime. Ideal for anyone looking to pursue a career in teaching, advertising, law, or any other profession which values logical thinking and analytical skills, on this online course, you’ll

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Diploma in Human Resources Course (HR) Level 3 Oxbridge

(9 days ago) This nationally recognised qualification in HR will expand your knowledge of business recruitment, employment law, and management. On this RQF diploma, you’ll delve into business culture and responsibilities, focusing on crucial topics such as sustainability and maintaining staff morale.

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How to Become a Bookkeeper Oxbridge

(3 days ago) Essentially, bookkeepers are the backbone of any company’s success. You see, all businesses must keep a record of their financial transactions, because, well, it’s the law; but it’s just as important because keeping track of where cash flows in and out of the business is the only way to know if it can continue operating and turn a profit.

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A-Level Results Day 2020: How to Resit A-Levels Oxbridge

(5 days ago) If you choose to retake your A-Levels via distance learning, you will take your exams during the summer. The next opportunity to sit A-Level exams through Oxbridge is May/June 2021. This gives you the chance to fully prepare in your own time and space, with unlimited tutor support every step of the way. Your personal tutor will encourage, teach

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Online GCSE Courses & iGCSE Courses Learn faster with

(3 days ago) At Oxbridge, we want to make it easy for you to gain essential education. Our online GCSE courses allow you to gain these fundamental qualifications in a flexible distance learning setting, so you can get ahead in higher education or the workplace. Even better, all of our GCSE course content is written specially for Oxbridge by subject experts, and brought to life by the very …

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Fiction Writing : Level 3 Course Oxbridge

(3 days ago) On this comprehensive course, you’ll receive a full introduction to fiction writing, and gain an overview of practical considerations such as copyright law and how to get your book published. You’ll study the art of analysing and writing short stories, as well as writing for TV, radio, or film.

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GCSE Business: Online Course Awarded by AQA Oxbridge

(3 days ago) The skills you’ll learn along the way are highly prized by colleges and universities, as well as in demand in a vast array of professions such as accounting, law, management consultancy, stockbroking, and human resources. So, whether you fancy becoming the next Richard Branson or Chancellor of the Exchequer, we’ve got you covered.

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Success Stories: Aaliyah Hilton (Maths and Sociology

(9 days ago) This has always been a goal of mine, although I am still finalising what I would like to study. It will likely be something in the sociology field such as sociology, law or human rights, or perhaps music marketing. We’ll see what happens.” Advice for Others

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What is a Russell Group University

(2 days ago) Some subjects, such as law and medicine can be very competitive, so they usually require higher A-level grades than others. What is the Difference Between Red Brick and Russell Group? Red Brick is a term used to describe six members of the Russell Group, all of which gained full university status before WW1. Originally used as a derogatory term

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Success Story: Michael Wearing (Counselling and Life

(8 days ago) “They have given me a broader understanding of the human mind and the law around confidentiality, as well as helping to confirm my passion for this line of work and helping others. It has helped me to better prioritise my time and understand that there are lots of different ways to train your mind positively through meditation, positive self

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No Motivation to Study

(5 days ago) After working as a Paralegal for a law firm in Cape Town, Sandra moved to London. Distance learning made it possible for her to study something new, so she could pursue a different career path – as a life coach.

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Privacy Policy Oxbridge

(7 days ago) 1. General information. This privacy policy is intended to give you confidence in the privacy and security of the personal information we obtain from you whether you upload information to our Website, download it, or are merely visiting our Website.

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What is Forensic Psychology

(5 days ago) Although this field of psychology relates to criminality and the law, the emphasis is on the clinical skills of the practitioner. Forensic psychology also involves being able to assess the risk of re-offending for individuals who have committed crimes. You could also spend time researching and developing appropriate rehabilitation programmes

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What Are The Benefits Of e-Learning In Business

(2 days ago) e-Learning allows constant access to courses. To be completed whenever it suits the learner and wherever the preference is to learn, This could include: the commute to work, a Saturday morning whilst waiting for your child at football practice, a Wednesday evening when you take your mother in law to the supermarket. More Effective e-Learning

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A-Level Economics Course Online: Issued by Edexcel Oxbridge

(7 days ago) And an A-level in Economics comes in handy for many other careers that require an analytical mind and critical thinking, too, such as law and journalism. As you complete this fascinating, interactive course in your own time and at your own pace, you’ll have the unlimited support of your expert personal tutor to guide you.

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Success Stories: Salma Ummay (Biology) Oxbridge

(4 days ago) “I used to study Business Studies with Law and Economics in Italy. However, when I transferred to England, I was more interested in studying science-based subjects.” “I was motivated to study with Oxbridge because I want to do medicine. The courses I completed with Oxbridge were the perfect stepping stones to this.”

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UCAS Points Guide Oxbridge Home Learning

(9 days ago) UCAS Points Guide. We know, we know: the whole UCAS points thing can seem intimidating, but it’s actually pretty simple – it’s a means of allocating a numerical value to your qualifications, in order for universities and colleges to set entry requirements and make conditional offers. A minimum amount of UCAS points will be required for

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A-Level History Course Online: Issued by AQA Oxbridge

(5 days ago) Coursework: 3500–4500 words, 20% of A-Level, 40 marks. Part of the A-level assessment for the new specification is a non-exam assessment (NEA). This coursework is completed during your learning and sent your exam centre for marking. You’ll be …

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Job Ready :: Covid-19 and your employment rights

(3 days ago) Although, it’s not uncommon for employers to ask members of their workforce if anyone is willing to take voluntary redundancy. It’s a tough decision for managers, but one thing is certain: discrimination against age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, or pregnancy is always forbidden by law.

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Accredited Business & Management Courses Online Oxbridge

(7 days ago) Workplace Law QLS Level 3. We offer a huge selection of business-focussed courses such as Business GCSE and Level 3 Diploma in Skills for Business, as well as nationally recognised project management qualifications, including Agile and Prince2.

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