Employment Lawyer: Experienced Sydney Workplace …

Employment law is the body of laws, administrative rulings, and precedents that address the legal rights and responsibilities of working people and their organisations. As such, …

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Commercial Litigation Lawyers Sydney

(1 days ago) Commercial litigation is a branch of law specialising in legal disputes and conflicts related to businesses. It is more specific than business law, which also includes the drafting …

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Land & Environment Laws

(2 days ago) Difference between Law and Legislation | Law vs Legislation

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Contract Law Disputes

(7 days ago) Contract law disputes are the most common disputes in business or commercial dealings. Contractual disputes can arise between suppliers and retailers, contractors and subcontractors, in between partners, in between parties to a land contract or in a joint venture agreement.

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Will And Estate Lawyers Sydney

(3 days ago) Immigration Law; All too often, people tend to leave their estate planning until it is too late. However, having your estate administration prepared is a useful formality that will provide certainty and save you on certain expenses in the long term.

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Changes to casual employment laws Owen Hodge Lawyers

(8 days ago) Written by Pooja Kapur, Employment Lawyer September 2021 . As of September 2021, the Fair Work Act has been amended to include a pathway for casual employees to become permanent (full-time or part time).

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Executors Of A Will

(5 days ago) Wills and Probate Law. The distribution of the deceased estate is supervised by both legislative and Common Law authorities and the intention of the deceased is valued the most while distributing the property. The executor of the estate is usually nominated in the Will of the deceased.

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What are squatters’ rights, and who can claim them

(3 days ago) Adverse possession was developed under common law (court-made law) and allows a person to gain title to a property if they have remained in that same property for a certain amount of time, and nobody has disputed their possession.

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Post-Employment Restraints In

(2 days ago) Our employment lawyers in Sydney are experienced in dealing with employment law related issues. In case you are seeking legal advice to negotiate your employment contract favourably or you are keen to have your contract evaluated in the light of employment termination clauses, please feel free to contact our team of experts.

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Building & Construction Law

(1 days ago) The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 is the primary law which oversees the assessment and determination of development proposals in New South Wales (NSW). Before you start building your home, you first need to know whether you need any planning approval or not. It is prudent to decide about the type of approval required, which

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Property Settlement

(9 days ago) Property & Conveyancing. 4 Step Process of Property Settlement. You may apply for an Order for property settlement to the Family Court or Federal Magistrates Court at any time. In Family Law, the Family Law Act 1975 (the Act), stipulates a strict time restriction of 12 months after divorce for married couples to apply for property settlements.

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International Divorce and Property Settlement Owen Hodge

(6 days ago) The determination of an application for property orders pursuant to the Family Law Act 1975 determined that when parties hold property in several countries, an application for property orders must be filed in each jurisdiction in respect of the property in that country. Australian Court orders are not strictly enforceable in another country.

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Commercial Conveyancing

(2 days ago) Law & Business Retail Lease Act What To Look At In A Commercial Lease Contract. Business Mergers & Acquisitions Commercial Contracts Commercial Contracts Between Businesses for Supply or Sale of Goods Commercial Conveyancing: The Selling Process Commercial Conveyancing Commercial Leases

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Expert Oran Park Law Firm

(9 days ago) Trusted Oran Park law firm With Oran Park lawyers that can assist you on a wide variety of legal issues, the hunt for “Oran Park lawyers near me” stops here. Whether you need to go to court, want to know how to make a personal injury claim or require mediation, you can trust Owen Hodge. Our expert Oran Park lawyers will take the time to

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What is superannuation splitting in Family Law

(1 days ago) Blog. What is superannuation splitting in Family Law? Superannuation or retirement funds that a couple holds are subject to division if a couple is divorcing or a de facto couple is separating permanently. However, these funds must be handled and distributed differently than other forms of jointly owned property and assets.

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Promissory Notes

(6 days ago) A promissory note is an unconditional promise made by a party to pay an agreed sum of money at a fixed or determinable future time, to or at the order of a specified person. This article endeavours to shed some light on what a promissory note is, when you may need one and why you need a lawyer to draft this kind of legal document.

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Is A Quote A Binding Offer

(1 days ago) While negotiating the cost or fee in lieu of rendering a proposed service, we often use the term “quote”. Quoting actually refers to an offer to carry out certain work for a fixed price. Often quotes can form the basis of a legally binding offer. Therefore parties to a contract should …

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Joint Venture Agreements Owen Hodge Lawyers

(1 days ago) (j) The Governing Law Clause: This includes the Agreement terms to be governed by and enforced as per the relevant State or Territorial law. This article is designed to give some insight into the complexities of a Joint Venture, and the resulting liability of the co-venturers.

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Executive Redundancy Entitlements & Payments Owen Hodge

(8 days ago) Executive redundancy can occur as a result of business restructuring, economic, market and technological changes, or when the employer becomes insolvent or bankrupt. This type of termination of employment is not related to poor performance or misconduct.. If you have been made redundant and you’re a senior or executive employee, you are entitled to a certain amount of redundancy pay.

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Rural Conveyancing: Commercial Lawyers

(8 days ago) Rural Conveyancing. Owen Hodge Lawyers act for major rural land holders and have expertise in all rural land transactions. We can assist with transfer of water rights and the large range of issues affecting country properties. Call us at an early stage in any transfer to get the benefit of …

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Leigh Adams Owen Hodge Lawyers

(Just Now) Leigh served on the Business Law Committee of the Law Society of NSW for several years and as a member of the Business Law Sub-Committee, assisted in drafting the personal property securities clauses of the current NSW contract for sale for business.

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Commercial Loan Agreements Owen Hodge Lawyers

(6 days ago) Governing Law: The Agreement is to be governed by and enforced as per the relevant State or Territory law. Building & Construction Law Building Warranty Claims Commercial Conveyancing: The Buying Process Contract Disputes Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Law & Business Retail Lease Act What To Look At In A Commercial Lease Contract

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What is Promissory Estoppel and how can it affect me

(5 days ago) Classic contract law. Under basic contract law, whether a contract exists depends on whether there was an offer (defined as an acceptance that precisely mirrors the offer and consideration). ‘Consideration’ is something of value – usually money, but it can be an action or an agreement to refrain from some action.

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Understanding Your Rights & No Fault Divorce in Australia

(2 days ago) The law says that one party to the marriage must maintain the other party, to the extent that they are reasonably able to do so, if the other party is unable to support himself or herself. The law sets out many matters that the court can take into account when deciding the level of …

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Two Stage Process of Family Provision Claims Owen Hodge

(7 days ago) Dementia and the Law Executor: Defending a Contested Will Family Members ‘Moral Duty’ To Make A Family Provision Family Provision Act Claims Intestacy And Family Provision How to Contest a Will – The Process. Other Factors the Court can Consider in Family Provision Claims Protect your Inheritance against a Claim Settlement of a Claim on a

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Medical Negligence: Medical Malpractice & Negligence

(8 days ago) Under common law, any person, including the following, can make a complaint: The person who experienced the alleged medical negligence. A parent or guardian of the person or child concerned. A relative, friend or representative chosen by the person concerned for the purpose of making the complaint. A health service provider or other concerned

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Employment Contracts, Awards & Agreements In Australia

(1 days ago) In Australia, employment contracts are an essential way to protect both your business and staff. Whether you’re a small to medium business or an enterprise, each employee should have their own contract of employment. Employers also need to be aware of the employment awards that apply to their industry/organisation.

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North Shore Lawyers

(1 days ago) North Shore Lawyers. Owen Hodge Lawyers North Shore. 14 Eastern Rd, Suite 7. Turramurra NSW 2074. +61 (0) 1800 770 780. +61 2 9570 9021. [email protected]owenhodge.com.au.

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Executive Employment Lawyers & Executive Rights Owen

(5 days ago) In Australia, executives, including directors, CEOs and senior managers, have certain workplace rights and obligations. Because of this, these executives sometimes require specialist legal advice, especially when it comes to dispute resolution, negotiating employment contracts or understanding their rights.. At Owen Hodge, our executive employment lawyers are experienced in dealing with a

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Family Court Process Australia: What To Expect Owen

(9 days ago) Family Court is a place where most Australians would rather not find themselves. Nonetheless, if you want to apply for a divorce, it can be greatly reassuring to have a basic understanding of family law matters and what to expect from the resulting Family Court process Australia.. Under most circumstances, except when there is an urgent parenting matter, a risk of child abuse, a risk of family

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Retail Lease Act

(6 days ago) Retail Leases Act NSW. The Retail Lease Act NSW, 1994 (the Act) applies to the leases for retail shops and also for premises in a retail shopping centre.Signing a retail lease agreement is a financial commitment for both the Lessee and the Lessor. So before you sign a lease, make sure you have completely understood and agreed with the clauses in the lease.

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Pooja Kapur Owen Hodge Lawyers

(Just Now) Employment Lawyer. 1800 770 780. Home. Our Team. Pooja Kapur. Pooja Kapur is a smart, enigmatic young Solicitor who, since joining Owen Hodge Lawyers, has had a variety of experience working across many different legal areas. Currently, Pooja works in our Commercial Law department, primarily focusing on Employment law.

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Public Sector Lawyers

(8 days ago) In New South Wales, the major public sector employment law is the Public Sector Employment Legislation Amendment Act 2006. Generally, the legislation in the Commonwealth and in the States follows a standard pattern of substantial prescription. For example, the Public Service Act 2009 gives detailed substantive rules and processes for the

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Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration – Estates

(4 days ago) The Law of Succession in Australia deals with the distribution of property and assets of a deceased’s estate. The Supreme Court of each State and Territory has …

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Psychological Injury At Work: How To Claim Owen Hodge

(3 days ago) If you think you have suffered a psychological injury at work, please contact the law offices of Owen Hodge Lawyers. Our experienced lawyers can offer you legal advice about psychological injury compensation, workers compensation claims and more. Please feel free to call us at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation at 1800 770 780.

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Difference Between Unfair Dismissal And Wrongful Dismissal

(3 days ago) In the event of a termination of employment, you may be able to make a claim for wrongful or unfair dismissal against your employer.But, what is the difference between unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal?Read on to learn the basic differences and the remedies available to you. Our team has some of the most experienced unfair dismissal lawyers Sydney has to offer.

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Probate Lawyers Sydney: Estate Administration FAQ Owen

(1 days ago) When a family member passes away, their family may be left with a need to settle unresolved debts as well as distribute estate assets. This can be stressful for the family of the deceased person and legal advice from a probate lawyer may be required.. The probate lawyers at Owen Hodge are highly experienced in the legal processes of estate administration and advising on executor duties.

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