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Careers in Law. Many law students aspire to enter professional training or postgraduate study to become a solicitor, barrister, paralegal or chartered legal executive. However, law qualifications are highly valued by a much wider range of employers, providing a solid basis to help you start, change, or progress your career.

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Law Modules Law The Open University

(6 days ago) OU level 1. Civil justice and tort law. Criminal law and the courts. Introducing the social sciences. Investigating the social world. Law making in Scotland. Law: concepts and perspectives.

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Law cases Library Services Open University

(8 days ago) Case law reports only contain details of court judgments for cases which raise a point of legal significance. UK Cases. If you don't know which law report a case appears in you can use JustCite to locate it. If you are searching for cases on a topic, try LexisLibrary or Westlaw first, as they cover a large number of different law reports. If

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Law Certificates Law The Open University

(7 days ago) Law Certificates. You can study a Certificate of Higher Education in Law or combine an introduction to law with either business management, a modern language or a choice of a range of subject areas, These qualifications can be gained in as little as one year and the credit gained can be counted towards a future diploma or honours degree.

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People The Open University Law School

(6 days ago) A. Dr Marjan Ajevski. Research Fellow in Law, The Open University Law School, The Faculty of Business & Law . B. Dr Kim Barker. Senior Lecturer in Law, The Open University Law School, The Faculty of Business & Law

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Get legal advice Open Justice

(8 days ago) Our online law clinic is staffed by law students under the supervision of qualified solicitors. The sorts of cases that we often deal with include, holiday complaints, civil litigation, consumer issues, employment law, housing issues, negligence claims and small claims matters. The clinic seeks to provide practical legal experience for our law

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Open Justice Law, pro bono and social justice

(Just Now) Justice in Action. The Open Justice Centre has been trying to answer this question since it launched Justice in Action in 2017. Justice in Action is a credit bearing module and part of the UK’s largest undergraduate law degree programme, educating over 7,000 students. It aims to make innovative use of education technologies to provide a

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What do university law clinics do

(5 days ago) Whilst some law clinics seem to provide verbal advice virtually on the spot, with students conducting any research right there and then, most seem to require students to spend some time reflecting and then draft a letter of advice for the client. At that point, some clinics might refer the client on to a local law firm, others might be prepared

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Module Description

(2 days ago) An introduction to law. This module is now only available as part of a joint degree qualification. It has been replaced by Criminal law and the courts (W111).. This key introductory OU level 1 law module is taught entirely online and considers the nature and role of law.

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Bachelor of Laws (Hons) (LLB) (Q79)

(8 days ago) a law degree is a first step – but it’s also a great asset for many other careers that are not directly related to law. The Open University’s Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LLB) is the most popul ar undergraduate taught law degree programme in the UK.

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Technology with legal education The Open University Law

(1 days ago) Dr Robert Herian is a Senior Lecturer in Law at The Open University Law School. Robert is Co-founder of the Law, Information, Future, Technology (LIFT) research cluster.. Email Robert, or tweet @OU_LIFT.

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The Open University Law Society The Open University Law

(2 days ago) The Open University Law Society is the official law society for The Open University. Run by current students and alumni, we provide a forum through which students can socialise at our numerous events, and access a plethora of information and help regarding their studies and future careers in law.

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The online law clinic Open Justice

(7 days ago) The Open University Law School presents a live interactive event on 3rd May from 1.30pm – 3pm, and 7pm – 9pm (BST). We hope you can join us! This event will be of interest to people studying, or intending to study, law at The Open University and also for those who have an interest in accessing legal support.

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PhD Studentships The Open University Law School

(2 days ago) Applicants for the PhD programme should have minimum qualifications of an upper second class honours degree 2:1 (or an equivalent) and usually a specialist masters in a subject relevant to the intended study with a strong research element. For the academic year 2021-22 (start date 1 February 2022) the deadline for Law School studentship applications has now passed.

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Dr Olga Jurasz The Open University Law School

(2 days ago) Dr Olga Jurasz is a senior lecturer in law at the Open University Law School, specialising in international law, human rights, and legal responses to violence against women (including online violence). She holds a PhD in International Law from Aberystwyth University. Dr Jurasz is Adjunct Professor at the FernUniversität Hagen (Germany

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Pro bono saved me Open Justice

(5 days ago) Pro Bono Saved Me. Pro bono publico (English: for the public good) is a well-known phrase, especially associated with law. A lawyer who does pro bono work is doing it free of charge, and is likely helping some poor soul who finds himself in unfortunate circumstances where he can’t afford to pay a lawyer. Sometimes, as in my case, that poor

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Law Diplomas Law The Open University

(3 days ago) Law Diplomas. Our Diploma of Higher Education in Law gives you an understanding of the English legal system and a specialist insight into contract law, the law of torts, public law and criminal law. You can also study aspects of law in combination with either criminology or a modern language. Studying for a diploma can take as little as two

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Meet the Open Justice team Open Justice

(Just Now) Liz Hardie, Lecturer in Law and Law Teaching Director. Liz is a lecturer and Teaching Director of the Law School. She also tutors on W360. Liz originally qualified as a solicitor and specialised in family and employment claims. She now works for the Open University and is particularly interested in online learning and reflective practice.

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Law Centre for Policing Research and Learning

(Just Now) Law, society and culture. In this innovative module, you will explore the relationships between law, society and culture. You will have a unique opportunity to shape your pathway through the module by choosing the theme of your final block of study focusing either on “law and humanities” or on “law and sciences”.

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Student Awards The Open University Law School

(Just Now) The Open University Law School (OULS) celebrates the exceptional achievements of its high calibre students for 2019, awarded in 2020. There were also awards presented for the Master of Laws LLM Student of the Year 2019 and prizes were awarded by the Open Justice Centre.

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Open Research Online

(6 days ago) being definedas ‘the condition of being liable or answerable by law’ (Onions 1984). As can be seen each of the terms is defined in relation to the others so that no clear definition of each is provided. Considering the definitions given in a healthcare orientated dictionary provides the

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F64 Master of Laws (LLM) Open University

(4 days ago) Master of Laws (LLM) This qualification is designed to consider the role and place of law in an increasingly globalised world, and is suitable for law and non-law graduates as well as lawyers wanting to develop their interests. Our LLM takes a critical legal approach to study, using different perspectives and case studies to illustrate, explore

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Law skills and careers: Career opportunities Help Centre

(8 days ago) A law degree can open up many career options for you beyond the legal profession. The Civil Service, local government, marketing, human resources, advisory work, general management and business and financial services are all areas that can make use of …

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Abolishing the Insanity Verdict in England and Wales: A

(8 days ago) One of the most problematic relationships between neuroscience and the law is the politicised area of claims of insanity. The relationship between medical science and the law has defined and shaped the insanity defence. The issue that reformers have had to grapple with since the inception of the modern defence of insanity is the public perception of the insanity plea.

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Law Centre for Policing Research and Learning

(6 days ago) Law. The Centre for Policing Research and Learning have identified a number of online Structured Honours Degrees (BSc or BA) that can be studied part-time or full-time, aimed at specific police-related subjects. Alternatively, police officers and staff can select specific modules of interest, that when combined can form an Open Degree

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R82 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (graduate entry) Open

(8 days ago) Studying law opens up many career options, whether in law or law-related fields, including solicitor, barrister, legal executive and paralegal. Solicitors and barristers usually work in private practice, in central or local government, commerce, industry, the …

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Module Description

(4 days ago) Public law and criminal law. This module explores the relationship between the state and its citizens and critically analyses the principles underpinning constitutional and criminal law. The role and relevance of national constitutions is discussed and the key features of the UK constitution explored. The mechanisms for challenge and review of

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Clinical Legal Education in India Open Justice

(5 days ago) A law clinic, as the name suggest, could be everything from a student initiative done on spare time, totally separated from the school environment, to a natural part of a clinical university program. There are also examples of clinics driven by practicing lawyers that are more or less separated from law schools but with law students

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Law, society and culture *NEW*-W340

(3 days ago) Law plays a role in all aspects of our everyday life. In this module, students will explore the relationships between law, society and culture. They will explore these themes through the lens of diverse and cutting edge issues and have a unique opportunity to …

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Streetlaw: What Is That All About

(9 days ago) The Open University Law School is involved in a number of prison projects where students are developing presentations and information on legal issues in collaboration with prisoners. Streetlaw in prisons is an important mechanism to provide legal information to an increasing prison population; disclosing convictions and securing employment

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Law and Neuroscience The Open University Law School

(8 days ago) OU Law academics are collaborating with neuroscientists, psychologists and psychiatrists to understand the reliability of scientific claims, and working with lawyers worldwide to understand how science is being used in different jurisdictions and to recommend best practice.

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Pilars Writing Case Comments

(2 days ago) Jessica Giles, Law Lecturer, The Open University Contents 1. Introduction Learning outcomes 2. Writing case notes 2.1 How to start 2.2 Common law, civil law, international law and supranational law legal systems and types of judgment 2.3 Deconstructing and reconstructing a case 2.2.1 Organising the pieces 2.2.2. Reconstructing legal argument

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Law, society and culture W340 Module Reviews Open

(Just Now) Dean Dewsbury. Course starting: October 2020. Review posted: August 2021. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 6 years with the OU while studying the Bachelors of Laws (LLB) course. All of the tutors were excellent and knowledgable, and I cannot fault any of them. Thank you all for your encouragement and support.

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(8 days ago) in law schools to the changes happening in the profession. Maharg writing just before the recession states that many of our twenty-first century law schools still inhabit an industrial system of education inherited from a twentieth century mired in nineteenth century structures – a system that is entrenched by the massification of higher

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Research clusters The Open University Law School

(7 days ago) Feminism, Law and Gender (FLAG). The focus of our research is on the intersections between feminism, gender and the law. Academics and PhD students within OU Law examine this complex relationship in relation to a number of areas, including gender, sexuality and criminal law, first women lawyers, online violence against women & online misogyny, international law

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Policing the Crisis: Mugging, the State and Law and Order

(8 days ago) 35th anniversary edition of this book. This collaboratively authored book begins as an attempt to analyse the apparent rise in a new form of crime in Britain of the early 1970s, mugging. The authors expose the ways in which changes of operational procedure and priority on the part of the police were at least partly responsible for this phenomenon, as concern that mugging needed …

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Criminology and Forensics Centre for Policing Research

(3 days ago) Forensic science, or forensics, is the application of science to establish how historical events occurred and thereby provide impartial evidence that can be used in a court of law. In this article, Dr Martin Bootman, Reader in Life Science Research at The Open University, provides and explanation an overview of forensic science.

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W52 DipHE in Criminology and Law Open University

(6 days ago) Crime, justice and the workings of the law are matters that affect us all and often dominate the news. This degree takes a critical and analytical view of the role and functions of the legal system, and examines its relationship with crime, criminal behaviour and criminal justice.

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Criminology Courses Criminology The Open University

(2 days ago) The choice of focusing on criminology or combined with either law, psychology or social science. Careers in Criminology. Studying for an Open University qualification in criminology will enable you to formulate and investigate criminological questions. You’ll learn to summarise and explain empirical information and research findings.

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R56 BA (Hons) Law and Spanish Open University

(9 days ago) Studying law alongside a modern language opens up many career options in law-related fields, business and finance or international organisations. Your understanding of another language and the cultures that use it is an asset that will be highly valued by employers, and that will widen your opportunities in the international market.

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Courses Centre for Policing Research and Learning

(6 days ago) Course Level 1-3. Mode: Full or Part-time. Time: 6 - 9 months. Credits: 30 or 60. OU Courses Level 1-3 (termed modules by the OU) are self-contained units of teaching, learning and assessment, offering either 30 or 60 credits. Combining credits from studying several courses over time, can lead to and OU qualification.

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R21 BA (Honours) Criminology Open University

(9 days ago) This multidisciplinary module provides an excellent introduction to studying with The Open University; you'll get to cover a wide range of subject areas, including childhood and youth studies, social science, psychology, health, business and law. View full details of People, work and society Access module

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