Self Defense Law Explained

The law of self defense is that any person who is attacked by another is justified in defending himself or herself. One may use deadly force when he or she is in fear of death or great bodily harm.When domestic violence occurs between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, there is often a pattern of repeated violent conduct over a long period of time.In most …

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Oklahoma authorities discuss rights under Marsy's Law

(4 days ago) NORMAN — Authorities and victims’ rights advocates gathered Thursday with prosecutors, court representatives and mental health professionals for a training session on rights under Marsy’s Law, which supporters say gives crime victims a greater voice in the legal system. Hosted by the state attorney general’s office and District Attorneys Council, the daylong …

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Oklahoma changes left-turn law, but confusion isn't cleared

(9 days ago) SEP 30, 2021 - Traffic talk: As of Nov. 1, Oklahoma state law changed on left turns in oncoming traffic, the revision is commonly referred to as the Casey Lewis Act for a Moore man who was killed in 2007 when a car turned left into the path of his motorcycle.

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Tribe says law firm adds to its hardships

(1 days ago) Instead of making a good faith effort to provide the legal services required for our tribe to revitalize our reservation, Dentons, one of the largest law firm on the globe, with 10,000 lawyers in 78 countries, billed us to the tune of $2,640,186.14. Today, we are suing Dentons for violating its fee agreement and breaching its fiduciary duty to

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Oklahoma attorney general files more petitions seeking

(Just Now) Under federal law, crimes involving Native Americans must be tried in federal or tribal courts. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals extended the McGirt decision to the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Seminole reservations, which comprise most of eastern Oklahoma and some counties in central Oklahoma.

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Cast net law fuss settled

(7 days ago) Cast net law fuss settled. Glenn Titus. Published: Thu, April 15, 1982 12:00 AM. The simplist things are often the most difficult and hunting and fishing regulations are no exception. It seems the confusion over the cast net law has finally been resolved with another law recently signed by Gov. George Nigh. Laws are written either to permit or

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BNSF files lawsuit to derail new traffic-train law

(3 days ago) A rail operator is seeking to derail an Oklahoma law that requires railroads operating in the state to minimize blocking road-rail crossings for longer than 10 minutes without good reason. BNSF Railway Co. filed a lawsuit Thursday in federal court in Oklahoma City to challenge the law. The suit, which targets Oklahoma’s elected corporation commissioners and …

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Game Wardens Have Authority To Enforce Law

(4 days ago) BIOG:NAME:UPD: 19 -TEXT-Game wardens have all the authority they need to enforce the law and not just the law applying to hunting and fishing, according to John Streich, chief of law enforcement for the Wildlife Department. However, Streich said misunderstandings sometimes arise when game wardens provide assistance to other law enforcement …

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Raffles Illegal In State

(6 days ago) RAFFLES are illegal in Oklahoma. Definitely against the law. Even if the ticket reads "Donation $1.00. " Non-profit organizations of all kinds regularly hold raffles in our state, raffling off everything from shotguns and homemade quilts to Caribbean cruises and automobiles.Fortunately for the thousands being served by those non-profits, raffle promoters …

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How does the vaccine mandate work

(8 days ago) We are preparing litigation to stand up for our rights and defend the rule of law against the overreach of the federal government." Adam Childers, the co-chair of Crowe & Dunlevy's Labor & Employment Practice Group, said he is certain the issue will land before the U.S. Supreme Court soon.

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Seven things to know about SQ 780, 781

(9 days ago) Although Oklahoma law allows for the creation of misdemeanor drug courts, the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services has never received funding to create those programs. Mark Levin, policy director at the conservative criminal justice group Right on Crime, said even though simple drug possession is a misdemeanor

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Law professor accuses Oklahoma City University of

(6 days ago) An Oklahoma City University law professor has taken her fight for gender equity to federal court.Danne L. Johnson, an associate professor of law since 2003, is accusing the university and law school Dean Lawrence Hellman of sexual discrimination and violating the Equal Pay Act of 1963. She contends male law professors make as much as 52 percent more …

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State Strengthens Anti-littering Law

(8 days ago) Oklahoma's existing law limits the maximum fine for littering to $100. The new law states, "Any person who deliberately places, throws, drops, deposits or discards any garbage, trash, waste, rubbish, refuse, debris or other deleterious substance on any public property or private property of another without consent shall be guilty of a misdemeanor."

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Oklahoma under federal investigation over school mask

(5 days ago) The law also prohibits schools and universities from mandating vaccinations and masks for unvaccinated individuals. The federal agency said it's concerned the law might prevent schools from providing an equal opportunity for an in-person education to students with disabilities who are at greater risk of severe COVID-19 illness.

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$390,000 Awarded In Church Lawsuit

(4 days ago) "The law of our nation says you have a right to religious freedom," Frasier responded. "I can choose when to go and when not to go to church. "She has the same rights each of you do and no group can band together and relinquish that right. "The press is here because it is a vital right of every man, woman and child in the nation.

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As new gun law approaches, seizures of firearms in largest

(8 days ago) Law enforcement agencies nationwide routinely confiscate firearms at scenes of arrests, investigations, traffic stops and disturbances when a gun is used or displayed in an illegal manner. Typically, this occurs when ex-felons, prohibited from owning a firearm, are caught with a weapon or if a gun is used in a crime.

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Judge blocks Oklahoma fetal heartbeat abortion law, lets

(9 days ago) Judge blocks two Oklahoma abortion laws; declines to act against three others. A judge Monday blocked Oklahoma laws that would have banned abortions if a fetal heartbeat can be detected and would have deemed abortions as "unprofessional conduct" by doctors. The judge, however, refused to block enforcement of a new law that requires abortion

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Oklahoma NAACP alleges anti-protest law is unconstitutional

(5 days ago) Oklahoma protest law targets demonstrators in roads, highways. The law says Oklahomans who unlawfully obstruct a road or highway could be subject to fines of up to $5,000 and conspirators could face fines up to $50,000. The lawsuit argues HB 1674 is not clear about whether conspirators could face just one $50,000 fine or maximum penalties for

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Texas abortion law increasing clients at OKC clinic

(4 days ago) New Texas abortion law increasing clients at OKC clinic, provider says. At least one Oklahoma abortion provider says it already has seen the impact of a new Texas law that went into effect Wednesday that severely restricts abortions in that state. Trust Women, a clinic with locations in Oklahoma City and Wichita, Kansas, has reported seeing an

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Commission Approves Rules To Implement Ryan Luke Law

(4 days ago) The law also requires DHS to monitor a child abuse case for one year after the family has completed a court-mandated plan. DHS estimates that will cost about $1.3 million annually for additional child welfare workers. The Ryan Luke Law was sponsored in the House by state Rep. Laura Boyd, D-Norman.

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Governor signs legislation to make State Question 780

(4 days ago) Gov. Kevin Stitt on Tuesday signed into law a criminal justice reform measure that will make State Question 780 retroactive. Voters passed the state question in 2016 to reclassify some drug possession and property crimes as misdemeanors instead of felonies. The retroactivity legislation, which takes effect Nov. 1, establishes an expedited commutation process for …

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Lawmakers approve 'benefit corporation' status

(1 days ago) The law is supported by two very different Oklahoma businesses. Bama Cos. is a Tulsa-based manufacturer that makes frozen bakery products for restaurants worldwide. Even without House Bill 2423, it earned a B Corp certification from the nonprofit B Lab. Factory Obscura is an artist collective in Oklahoma City that also pushed for the law.

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After racial justice protests, Oklahoma lawmakers push pro

(1 days ago) Sen. Paul Rosino, who authored Senate Bill 6 to prevent the doxxing of law enforcement officers, said the legislation would criminalize only those instances in which a photo or video of an officer is posted with the intent to intimidate, stalk or harass.. Rosino, R-Oklahoma City, said his bill was in response to some local police officers being doxxed around the same …

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Oklahoma judge temporarily blocks abortion 'reversal' law

(7 days ago) An Oklahoma County judge issued a temporary injunction Wednesday halting a controversial abortion reversal law from taking effect pending further litigation. At the end of an hourlong hearing, Judge Don Andrews said he still has many questions about an abortion reversal law slated to take effect Nov. 1 and halted the measure from taking effect until he can hear …

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Oklahoma attorney general joins calls for strict abortion laws

(1 days ago) Supreme Court could review Mississippi law. The U.S. Supreme Court has been considering for months whether to review the Mississippi case. Consent by four of the nine justices is required for the court to accept a case for review; anti-abortion advocates have been hoping that the court, now with six conservatives, would be willing to overturn some precedents.

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How HB 1804 came to pass in Oklahoma

(8 days ago) Lawmakers hailed Oklahoma's 2007 immigration law as the perfect mix of public opinion and public policy. When Gov. Brad Henry signed it three years ago on May 9, 2007, HB 1804 was considered the most far-reaching immigration law in the United States. That title was reassigned only this year when Arizona passed its own immigration law.

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New telemedicine law expands options but raises questions

(9 days ago) New telemedicine law expands options but raises questions. Q: What is telemedicine? A: Telemedicine is a relatively new and increasingly popular alternative way to receive health care services that involves a virtual visit between a doctor and a patient. In recent months, the Oklahoma Legislature passed a new law designed to make telemedicine more …

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Oklahoma Democrats call for special session to repeal

(5 days ago) A contingent of legislative Democrats is calling for a special legislative session to repeal a new law that prevents school districts from imposing mask mandates unless a state of emergency is in effect.. More than a dozen House Democrats want the GOP-led Oklahoma Legislature to undo the law that passed with support from more than two-thirds of state …

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Unaccountable: Oklahoma lawmakers introduce midwife

(Just Now) SEP 16, 2021 - Several Oklahoma lawmakers have introduced legislation seeking to regulate or altogether ban certain midwives in the state. Those bills, and the lawmakers sponsoring them, vary in their approach of regulating non-nurse midwives, whose businesses have grown in the past decade as out-of-hospital births have gained popularity. Sen. Brenda …

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Reproductive rights group challenges abortion ‘reversal’ law

(Just Now) The law, which stems from Senate Bill 614, requires doctors who prescribe the abortion pill to inform their patients of a controversial abortion ‘reversal’ process — a medically questionable practice that is not backed up by substantial scientific research — at least 72 hours before a medication abortion. The law will take effect Nov. 1.

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Renters, don't falsify your pit bull as a 'service animal

(8 days ago) The law, by Rep. Chris Kannady, R-Oklahoma City, and Sen. Kim David, R-Porter, has received no media attention, despite recent violent dog attacks and increased scrutiny of certain breeds. "Tenants saying their pit bulls are service animals by buying bogus certification over the internet will be assessed a penalty," Fields said in an email.

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Oklahoma hospitals sue thousands each year over unpaid

(Just Now) Federal law allows creditors to claim up to 25% of an employee’s disposable income. Elk City resident Shameron Ahiers contested her charges. She was sued by AllianceHealth Clinton in December 2017, which sought to collect on a nearly $14,325 bill plus $3,580 in attorney fees, stemming from a shoulder surgery to her then-13-year-old son in 2016.

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Oklahoma Senate passes bill making it easier to arm teachers

(2 days ago) The bill by Republican Sen. David Bullard, R-Durant, and Rep. Sean Roberts, R-Hominy, would change requirements for teachers to be able to be armed at school. Bullard said the rural school districts in his area want the legislation because it could take a significant amount of time for law enforcement to respond to a mass shooting on campus.

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Stitt signs controversial abortion 'reversal' bill

(Just Now) Under the new law, the signs must include the phone number for a 24-hour Abortion Pill Reversal hotline and multiple websites that contain information about the development of an unborn child. SB 614 incited an intense, partisan fight in …

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Lawsuit challenges 5 GOP-backed anti-abortion laws in Oklahoma

(4 days ago) The new Oklahoma lawsuit comes on the heels of a restrictive abortion law, perhaps the strictest in the nation, taking effect Wednesday in Texas. At least one local abortion provider says the new Texas law could result in more people traveling to Oklahoma and neighboring states to seek treatment.

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Alternative meat maker fights back against Oklahoma

(5 days ago) A Chicago maker of meatless, meat-like products is presenting a federal judge with a beef it has against an Oklahoma law regarding labeling. Upton’s Naturals opposes a law requiring producers include a label on packages saying the product is plant-based that is as large and prominent as the food’s brand name. The company already labels its products as "100% vegan" and claims the law

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U.S. Supreme Court says tribal police can search, detain

(2 days ago) Under federal law, crimes involving Indians on reservations are prosecuted by federal and tribal courts. The tribes have beefed up their law enforcement agencies and courts to handle the huge surge in cases. Crimes that don't involve Indians on the reservations are still prosecuted by the state.

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So-called speed traps appear to be flourishing in Oklahoma

(Just Now) State law prohibits cities and towns from generating more than 50 percent of their revenue through speeding tickets. The state Department of Public Safety can investigate police departments suspected of operating so-called speed traps, but only if they are asked to do so by a local district attorney's office, the state Attorney General's office

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Voters OK Liquor-by-the-Drink Prohibition Years End

(3 days ago) The amendment permits each county to decide on which days drinks could be sold. The current package sale law does not permit sales on Sundays, all election days, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Oklahoma has had legal liquor sales by the package since Sept. 1, 1959.

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Parents Face Fines for Kids' Truancy

(7 days ago) Debbie Forshee, executive director of Oklahoma City's Youth Cornerstone, said Monday that educators and law enforcement officials must address the problem of chronic truants who are out of school 40 days or more a year. "Anything that will wake up parents who are allowing their kids to be truant is a good thing.

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Oklahoma judge puts temporary hold on law banning mask

(Just Now) The judge granted the plaintiffs' request for a temporary pause on the effects of the law. SB 658, which took effect July 1, blocks public school boards from enacting a mask mandate unless the governor issues an emergency declaration for the district's locality.

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OCU School of Law holds inaugural criminal justice reform

(Just Now) Roth said the School of Law is educating tomorrow's prosecutors, public defenders and judges, and he hopes giving them a holistic view will help them to be better advocates for their clients. Steinberg said changing systems isn't easy. The criminal legal system, she said, is a little bit like the game whack-a-mole.

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CREATIVE FAKERY 'If you get caught, you're in trouble' Net

(2 days ago) The law. The new law, which took effect last November, includes stiffer penalties for anyone caught with a fake ID. Violators can lose their driving privileges for 60 days, regardless of a conviction. That goes for anyone of any age. Meyer said the Oklahoma law is aimed at people 18 to 26 who often use illegal identification or loan their IDs

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Tulsa clinic claims Oklahoma constitution protects

(8 days ago) The other law, which is in effect, requires women seeking an abortion to wait 72 hours after receiving state-mandated information. Before the law was approved, women had to wait 24 hours. The Oklahoma Attorney General’s office has been defending both restrictions as constitutional under U.S. Supreme Court precedents on abortion rights.

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Legal Counsel: Medical marijuana measure manageable for

(2 days ago) The proposed law imposes no obligation on any employer that would lose a federal license or monetary benefit if it altered drug-testing policies. Accordingly, those employers that operate under federal-government contracts, or are regulated by federal agencies, such as the transportation industry, would be unaffected by SQ 788.

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Six witnesses told law firm about Boren encounters

(2 days ago) Six witnesses gave accounts about encounters with David Boren to the law firm that conducted a sexual misconduct investigation of the retired University of Oklahoma president, according to an excerpt from the law firm's report. One of the witnesses, Jess Eddy, on Tuesday released the excerpt of the confidential report to the media, after OU allowed him to review it.

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Dealing with emergency detention

(8 days ago) By law, the emergency examination must take place within 12 hours of the time law enforcement first took the person into protective custody. If the examination is not conducted within the 12-hour period, the person must be released and returned by officers to the place they were taken into protective custody, to their residence or another location.

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Oklahoma abortion law argued before Supreme Court referee

(9 days ago) A law restricting the use of dilation and evacuation abortions after 14 weeks of pregnancy would place an “immediate and extremely harmful” burden on Oklahoma women if allowed to go into effect, the attorney for a Tulsa clinic argued Monday to an Oklahoma Supreme Court referee. “The harm in this case will be quite immense,” Rabia Muqaddam told referee …

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