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Real Estate Law Columbus Ohio | Neiman Law. Real Estate Law Columbus Ohio. Engage with a True Professional. in Real Estate Law. Hire a local real estate legal professional, that protects your business allowing you to focus on growth. Trust the legal team that facilitates large real estate transactions every day. Schedule Discovery Call.

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About Neiman Law Meet Mike Neiman Neiman Law

(Just Now) Mike was also the President of the Corporate and Business Law Society and awarded the Ohio State Bar Association’s Real Property Section Scholarship. Mike believes in making his community a better place and is an investor and developer of real estate with a focus on developing multi-family assets within Columbus’ opportunity zones.

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(2 days ago) We don’t just care about Real Estate Law. We care about helping you! Streamline your transaction and avoid unforeseen delays by speaking with a professional real estate lawyer today. Fill Out the Form Below to Schedule a Discovery Call with Neiman Law. Hear From Our Clients. “Mike has been a great help with my business so far.

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Legal News and Articles Neiman Law

(7 days ago) Conveying Property in Ohio. by Neiman Law | Jun 28, 2021 | Property Law. In Ohio, land ownership can be conveyed by a deed in several ways. The most common types of deeds used in Ohio to transfer property include a general warranty deed, a limited warranty deed (sometimes called a “special warranty deed"), a quitclaim deed, a survivorship

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Real Estate Brokerage & Agency Law Columbus Ohio Neiman Law

(6 days ago) Under Ohio law, these mandatory company policies are required to contain 11 different pieces of information and must be provided to the brokerage team and to clients upon request. Failure to have these policies properly drafted can result in complaints from clients and ultimately lead to investigations by the Division of Real Estate.

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Commercial Real Estate Columbus Ohio Neiman Law

(6 days ago) Let Neiman Law Guide Your Transaction Forward. Every commercial real estate transaction is different but they each contain specific timelines, risks, and penalties related to specific events. At Neiman Law, we will help you find the best solution to buy, sell, or lease your property in …

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Real Estate Litigation Columbus Ohio Neiman Law

(6 days ago) With Neiman Law’s real estate litigation experience on your side, you can be well-prepared and guided for whatever obstacles are thrown your way. Schedule Discovery Call. Hear From Our Clients “Mike has been a great help with my business so far. He is both very professional and extremely responsive to …

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Commercial Acquisitions & Development Neiman Law

(9 days ago) • Applicable law; and • The time and place of closing. The parties will engage in negotiations until the real estate purchase and sale agreement is fully executed by both of the parties. Following full execution, the purchaser will begin its due diligence to confirm that the property is suitable for the purchaser to move forward with the sale.

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Real Estate Financing Columbus Ohio Neiman Law

(5 days ago) A promissory note is a financial instrument that evidences the indebtedness of a borrower to the lender under the loan. These notes are often negotiated between the parties and then drafted by a real estate attorney who can explain the details of the contract and answer questions the parties may have.

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Real Estate Opportunity Zones Neiman Law

(3 days ago) To encourage development within these opportunity zones, the federal government and the State of Ohio both offer tax benefits that can be very beneficial for a properly structured opportunity zone transaction. Call opportunity zone attorney Mike Neiman today to discuss your project. Many investors and developers are not aware of the real estate

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