Justice Department asks Supreme Court to block Texas

3 hours ago · The Justice Department asked the Supreme Court on Monday to temporarily block enforcement of the Texas law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.. It was the second challenge of the law to

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California law requires gender-neutral area in some stores

(Just Now) California law requires gender-neutral area in some stores. The new law is a win for LGBTQ advocates who say the pink and blue marketing methods pressure children to …

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Biden administration again asks Supreme Court to block

(6 days ago) The law was designed to make it difficult to challenge in court. The Justice Department said Texas cannot take away the right of access to abortion without providing a …

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Texas abortion law supporters say states can reach own

(1 days ago) Texas abortion law supporters told an appeals court the states was free to pass its law banning abortion after about six weeks because states can …

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Federal judge temporarily blocks enforcement of Texas law

(1 days ago) "Today's ruling enjoining the Texas law is a victory for women in Texas and for the rule of law," he said. "It is the foremost responsibility of the Department of Justice to defend the Constitution.

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Crime & Courts

(1 days ago) Crime & Courts. Alabama took his gun away. When the state gave it back, he shot and killed his wife. Morning Joe. Steve Rattner: Gun sales are at an all-time high in the U.S.

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Justice Department again presses to halt Texas abortion law

(7 days ago) The law bans abortions in Texas once cardiac activity is detected, which is usually at six weeks and before some women even know they are pregnant.Although other GOP-controlled states have had

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Arizona Gov. Ducey signs new law that will

(1 days ago) Arizona is the latest state to pass a restrictive voting law in the wake of the 2020 election. Last week, Ducey also signed a bill limiting when voters can fix a missing signature on a ballot

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How Texas’ anti-abortion law is having long-term impacts

(3 days ago) The law prohibits abortion once cardiac activity is detected, usually around six weeks. Because many women don't know they're pregnant at that point, abortion advocates have said the law

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'Trevor's Law' was passed to track cancer clusters. It

(5 days ago) The law is also supposed to make it easier for state and local officials to coordinate with the federal government, said Trevor Schaefer, an Idaho native who inspired the law after he survived

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Supreme Court rules for police in two lawsuits claiming

(Just Now) 4 hours ago · Anya Bidwell, a lawyer at the Institute for Justice, a legal advocacy group, said Monday's rulings demonstrate that the court is "very deferential toward …

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New Missouri law enables state officials to shut down

(3 days ago) The law also gives the Department of Social Services increased authority to investigate abuse allegations at the facilities and charts a path for the agency to petition courts to remove children

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Supreme Court appears willing to let Kentucky attorney

(3 days ago) The law at the heart of the case would ban the surgical abortion procedure known as dilation and evacuation that is most commonly used in the second trimester of …

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Innkeepers laws: What are they

(9 days ago) Florida law even allows a hotel to evict a guest if that person “injures the reputation, dignity, or standing of the establishment.” (They don’t let just anybody stay at hotels in Florida

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Supreme Court again asked to take up Texas abortion law

(5 days ago) The Texas law allows private lawsuits against abortion providers or anyone who plays a role in the procedure. The prospect of lawsuits has shut …

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Court again lets Texas continue banning most abortions

(Just Now) AUSTIN, Texas — Texas can continue banning most abortions after a federal appeals court on Thursday rejected the Biden administration’s latest attempt to undo a …

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Federal judge blocks Florida 'anti-riot' law

(Just Now) A federal judge in Florida blocked enforcement of the "anti-riot" law the state enacted in the wake of last year's racial justice protests, calling it overbroad and unconstitutional. U.S. District

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Texas' new abortion law could have huge consequences. Here

(4 days ago) The law forbids abortions once cardiac activity is dedicated, usually around six weeks of pregnancy. Texas is the first state to successfully outlaw abortion at this point in pregnancies since Roe

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'Hell no': Some police officers and their unions oppose

(5 days ago) According to data compiled by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, a nonprofit in Washington that tracks law enforcement deaths, Covid-19 …

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Supreme Court ruling on crack sentences 'a

(8 days ago) The 2018 law was Congress' latest attempt to undo 1980s federal drug laws that allowed for much harsher penalties for possession of crack cocaine than for possession of powder cocaine.

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She feared the law all of her life. Then she sought to

(Just Now) But the law remains a precarious force in her life for one major reason: Lee is undocumented. As a South Korean native who arrived in the U.S. at …

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U.S. appeals court temporarily reinstates enforcement of

(5 days ago) The new law threatens Texas abortion providers with lawsuits from private citizens, who are entitled to collect at least $10,000 in damages if successful. That novel approach to enforcement is …

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'Where Are All the Latino Lawyers

(6 days ago) While a law career can provide entrée into influential sectors of society, the academic requirements, long process, and high costs involved seem to …

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Tennessee’s transgender bathroom law has

(1 days ago) The law requires that the following sign be posted wherever transgender people are not prevented from using the multi-person bathrooms, locker rooms or changing rooms of their choice: “This

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'No' Sheriff in Town: Some Lawmen Refuse to

(1 days ago) The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights nonprofit that classifies and combats hate and extremist groups, included both CSPOA and Oath Keepers on its list of 1,096 anti-government

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When Sheriffs Won't Obey the Law

(4 days ago) Nowadays, sovereign citizens number in the hundreds of thousands, and U.S. law enforcement agencies consider them the top terrorist threat …

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Tear gas unregulated by U.S. government, safety studies

(5 days ago) The U.S. government does not regulate tear gas and has not conducted a study of its health effects despite its widespread use by law enforcement agencies, House lawmakers found.

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Supreme Court takes up dispute over Kentucky

(Just Now) March 29, 202103:20. March 29, 2021, 7:59 AM PDT. By Pete Williams. The Supreme Court agreed Monday to referee a legal fight over who has the right to defend a restrictive Kentucky abortion law in

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U.S. law enforcement on guard for Iranian

(1 days ago) While law enforcement agencies in the United States have not announced immediate plans to boost visible police presence in light of a strike that …

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France 'Right to Disconnect' Law: Do We Need Rules To

(4 days ago) FROM JAN. 2: French Law Gives Workers Right to Ignore Emails. With its legally-mandated 35-hour work week, France is famous for having …

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Police violence against children sparks demand

(5 days ago) Accredited law enforcement agencies must adhere to the juvenile standard to maintain their accreditation. Parrish said the organization conducts annual reviews, along with …

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Mississippi

(5 days ago) A federal judge struck down Mississippi’s controversial “religious freedom” law late Thursday, hours before it was slated to take effect. Protestors march seeking repeal of a …

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Arkansas governor signs transgender sports ban

(9 days ago) “This law simply says that female athletes should not have to compete in a sport against a student of the male sex when the sport is designed for women’s competition,” Hutchinson said in a

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Five years after infamous 'bathroom bill,' Charlotte

(8 days ago) The law spawned national outrage and boycotts that were expected to cost the state billions in lost business. HB 2 was repealed in 2017 as part of …

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Boy Scouts get conditional approval of $850M bankruptcy deal

(2 days ago) While ruling that BSA officials exercised proper business judgment as required under the law in entering into the agreement, the judge refused to …

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Arizona governor signs abortion ban for genetic

(6 days ago) Earlier this month, a divided federal appeals court lifted the hold on a similar Ohio law that prohibits doctors from performing abortions based on a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

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What is immigration reform

(7 days ago) Immigration reform is a catchall term for changes or attempts to change laws governing immigrants and immigration. It's a term that was most often …

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Florida's ban on vaccination proof requirements

(3 days ago) The law goes into effect Thursday and opponents say it could threaten the recovery of an industry that is vital to the state’s economy, in addition to making it difficult for cruise ship

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Supreme Court delays decision on Louisiana's

(9 days ago) The Louisiana law, passed by the state legislature in 2014, would require doctors offering abortion services to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles.

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HB2 Repeal: North Carolina Overturns

(5 days ago) HB2 prohibited Charlotte's law and stopped other municipal governments from passing similar measures. The compromise bill weaves in several provisions, including repealing HB2, …

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Louisiana law gives Supreme Court new abortion test

(5 days ago) The law would leave only one doctor at each clinic to perform the procedure, a limitation that "cannot possibly meet the needs of approximately 10,000 women who seek abortion services in …

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Boy Scouts reach $850 million settlement with tens of

(3 days ago) By Emily R. Siegel. Tens of thousands of people who say they were sexually abused while scouts and filed suit against the Boy Scouts of America have reached an …

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Feds targeted BLM protesters in attempt to disrupt

(Just Now) M4BL and the Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility clinic, also known as CLEAR, found that in 92.6% of the cases, there were …

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After San Francisco shoplifting video goes viral

(7 days ago) Charis Kubrin, a professor of criminology, law and society at the University of California, Irvine, who researched Proposition 47 and its impact on public safety, found that the initiative had no

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OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma pleads guilty to

(8 days ago) The company will pay $225 million as part of a larger $2 billion criminal forfeiture, according to a Justice Department news release.In addition to …

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'Stealthing': Victims Describe Partners

(5 days ago) A law journal defines 'stealthing' as when a person removes a condom without their partner's consent, according to a new report. "Stealthing" is the act of a …

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Why Roe v. Wade is most likely not in grave

(3 days ago) Why Roe v. Wade is most likely not in grave danger no matter whom Trump nominates. The Supreme Court will be reluctant to take away a constitutional privacy right, even if …

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