7 Quebec Driving Laws That Don't Exist In The Rest Of

Of course, other provinces have this law too, but it's enforced to the highest degree in Quebec. The Highway Safety Code says you can't drive in the left lane unless you are passing or turning left. Whereas in B.C., for example, the law doesn't require drivers to get out of the left-most lane if there's nobody behind you.

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Canadian Laws Of Royal Succession Are Being Tested By 2

(6 days ago) Professors Genevieve Motard and Patrick Taillon claim that a 2013 federal law changing the rules of succession to the Canadian throne violated the Constitution. That law made it possible for first-born women to become monarchs in their own right and repealed an antiquated rule that forbade royal heirs from marrying Catholics.

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Class-Action Lawsuit Against Apple Approved In Quebec

(5 days ago) On May 11, the Quebec Superior Court approved a settlement in a class-action lawsuit involving Apple and consumers who bought a 15 or 17-inch 2011 MacBook Pro and experienced a graphics issue. PCMag was the first to report the settlement approval. Under the terms of the settlement, eligible individuals are entitled to compensation. Keep reading.

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It Is Completely Legal For Women To Go Topless

(7 days ago) The law also applies to anyone who "in any place, for a sexual purpose, exposes his or her genital organs to a person who is under the age of 16 years." In a nutshell, the law applies to anyone who is caught totally nude or having sex in a public place. Toplessness doesn't qualify as either thing.

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Class-Action Lawsuit Against Rogers: 80,000 People Can

(7 days ago) The people behind a $26-million class-action lawsuit against Rogers Wireless Communications are looking for "some 80,000 people" who haven't claimed their reimbursement from the company. The lawsuit concerned the "Early Termination Fee (ETF) of contracts paid between February 2008 and June 2013, which were found to be abusive," according to a February 1 press release.

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Most Quebec Workers Want Bill 96 & To Make French …

(7 days ago) From young workers to old, people seem to agree with the language law reform bill. Eq Roy | Dreamstime. Teddy Elliot. September 22, 2021. A survey conducted by Leger for Quebec's largest worker's union, the FTQ, found that most workers in the province support Bill 96 and think it's a good idea to make French the only language at work.

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Canadians Can Now Be Fined Up To $5,000 For Illegally

(3 days ago) Gone are the days when we were safe up here with our download warnings. Apparently, according to the CBC, Canadians now run the risk of actually being fined for torrenting or otherwise illegally downloading copyrighted content like TV shows and movies.. The CBC spoke with a Nova Scotia lawyer who explained that Canadians who receive a piece of registered mail from a movie studio …

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It Is Now Legal To Grow Recreational Marijuana In Your

(3 days ago) Previously, it was against the law for people in Quebec to grow marijuana plants at home. However, the rest of Canada has been allowed to grow up to 4 plants for personal cultivation since legalization. A judge has just overturned the sections disallowing Quebeckers from growing plants, making home cultivation of marijuana legal in Quebec.

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Montreal Suburb Dorval Lists Dog Breeds It Considers

(5 days ago) The draft by-law indicates that a "potentially dangerous dog," is one who has "attacked a person or animal, attempted to bite a person or domestic animal, or exhibited aggressive behaviour." Then, the by-law goes on to indicate that a "potentially dangerous dog" is also a dog of one of the breeds listed below, or even a cross of one of these

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We Finally Know When Hashish Will Be Legal For Sale In

(5 days ago) The new law will come into effect no later than mid-December of this year. Global News estimates that based on the market and Health Canada's regulations, edible products could be available by December 17th. Cannabis extracts and topical products are also finally allowed for legal sale.

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New Quebec Laws & Regulations That Will Come Into Effect

(9 days ago) The law will come into effect on May 1. Quebec residents will need to be aware of these changes starting today and in the coming months. Keep in mind that there are also plenty of laws and amendments that are still under consideration in the National Assembly, so expect plenty more to come.

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Montreal's New Laws & Regulations That Will Be Coming Into

(7 days ago) We're only a few days into 2020 and we've already seen tons of changes from the new laws and regulations in Montreal. The city is poised to take steps toward improving its economy, infrastructure, and environment throughout the year. With Mayor Valérie Plante's ambitious goals and confident attitude, our city is well on its way to becoming a better place to live now and for the …

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7 Quebec Laws That Get Broken In The Summer

(4 days ago) The law: It is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada to operate a boat while impaired. Fines are steep for those who choose to drive with more than 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood. Possible fine: On the first offence, you could be fined $1,000.

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What Is Quebec Bill 61 & Why Is Everyone Talking About It

(Just Now) June 11, 2020. August 31, 2021. In between protests and pandemics, the Coalition Avenir Québec's (CAQ) new Bill 61, " An Act to restart Québec’s economy and to mitigate the consequences of the public health emergency declared on 13 March 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic ," has been the talk of the town for the better part of a week.

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The Quebec Government Released A New Flood Risk Map & It

(9 days ago) Last month, government officials attempted to map out Montreal's new flood zones after a punishing flood season left countless residents homeless or with extensive water damage to their homes. In June, the Quebec government issued a moratorium on construction in high-risk flood zones or what they call "special intervention zones" (ZIS).Discussions were on-going and finally ended over the …

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Is It Legal To Grow Cannabis At Home In Quebec

(6 days ago) Federal law states that individuals may grow up to four cannabis plants per household. Visit MTLBlog for more headlines. François Legault and his CAQ government will appeal the Quebec superior court's ruling that invalidates the restrictions on growing up to four cannabis plants at home, according to a report from Radio-Canada.

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A Class-Action Lawsuit Against Airbnb Is Approved In

(5 days ago) A class-action lawsuit against Airbnb in Quebec alleges that the company charged customers an amount other than that initially posted on its website.; Without admitting liability, Airbnb is offering compensation to participants in the class-action. Visit MTLBlog for more headlines. If you're a Quebec resident and booked an Airbnb anywhere in the world between 2014 and 2019, you can …

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A Class-Action Lawsuit Against The City Of Montreal For

(3 days ago) A Quebec judge has approved a class-action lawsuit against the city of Montreal for racial profiling. The Black Coalition of Quebec first filed the lawsuit in December. Individuals who have been hurt either physically or non-physically by the Montreal

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35 Things That Will Make You Wish You Went To

(7 days ago) #4 One Of Canada's Best Law Schools Even though Maclean's has seemingly ended their annual list of top law schools, a yearly roundup which began in 2007, it's good to know McGill always placed within the top three. In 2013, McGill actually placed first for Civil Law.

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New Quebec Animal Laws Require Vets To Report Dogs They

(9 days ago) The law still stands that "when there is a serious injury that is inflicted, euthanasia is automatic," Guilbault was sure to clarify at the press conference. However, upholding penalties is still up to the municipality, and they will be given the opportunity to "impose other measures" as they see fit.

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15 Things That Are Illegal For A Quebec Landlord To Do

(Just Now) By law, a landlord cannot request you to write post-dated cheques for rent. 7. A landlord cannot include illegal clauses to a lease If a condition of the lease undermines your rights as a tenant, it is considered null even if you have already signed the lease. 8. Your landlord cannot use anything but an official Quebec lease document

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Quebec's Dangerous Dog Law Came Into Effect Today, March 3

(5 days ago) If you are a dog owner in Quebec, there is a new law that you and your furry baby must follow from this day forward. This is known as "Quebec's dangerous dog law," which enforces the need for any dog considered "at-risk" or "dangerous" to be subjected to precise regulations. The City of Montreal's official definition of a "dangerous dog" is "a dog that fatally bites a person or a pet, or an at

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7 New Quebec Laws & Regulations Coming Into Effect In 2021

(9 days ago) December 28, 2020. With the new year around the corner and an overwhelming amount of COVID-19 news in Quebec, it would be easy to miss other government announcements for the upcoming year, including new Quebec laws coming into effect in 2021. Last year, the legal age to consume cannabis in Quebec was increased to 21 years old.

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Opinion: the CAQ's Religious Symbol Ban In Quebec Is

(8 days ago) The law will effectively demote individuals in populations to second-class citizens. While the province celebrates its heritage through Christian symbols, it shuns religious minorities. While the province celebrates its heritage through Christian symbols, it shuns religious minorities.

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The Mandatory Date To Put On Winter Tires In Quebec Is

(4 days ago) Although the dates about tire changing are established by law, it's recommended to put your winter tires on by the end of October (which is right now, people!) and remove them in late April of next year. Now that it's official Quebec will have an unforgiving winter this year, you'll want to take all the precautions you can. Drive safe, Quebec

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Bill 79: Quebec's New 'Baby's Law' For Missing Indigenous

(4 days ago) The new Quebec law was passed shortly after the remains of 215 Indigenous children were found at a former residential school in B.C. and before 751 unmarked graves were found near a former residential school in Saskatchewan.. Here's what you need to know about how Bill 79 aims to help Indigenous families in Quebec.. Editor's Choice: Canada's New Governor General Discussed Growing …

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10. Underage drinking

(2 days ago) Gambling is legal for the most part, as long as it's organized. But technically it's illegal for you to bet with your friends. So you little unofficial poker games, and your friendly $5 wagers are actually against the law. All gambling must be regulated in order to be legal.

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Opinion: Bike Helmets Should Be Mandatory For All Cyclists

(2 days ago) The proposed law would only affect cyclists under the age of 18, for now, but could very well mean a step towards mandatory bike helmets for all cyclists, city wide. Below is a video of Perez speaking about the inspiration for introducing this new law, a study that indicated the number of emergency room visits from cyclists were from those that

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Quebec's Vaccine Passport Won't Be Required In These

(1 days ago) The CAQ government is attempting to convince Quebecers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 with the province's vaccine lottery and by requiring Quebec's vaccine passport for some non-essential places and activities starting September 1. It won't, however, be required for anything considered essential and certain things deemed non-essential.

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The Rest Of Canada Thinks Quebec's Controversial Bill 21

(5 days ago) A little over 24 hours after Quebec's new religious symbols law was passed, reactions from all over Canada and the world have been pouring in via social media, decrying the consequences of Bill 21. Many people are shocked, confused, and angry about the implications of Quebec's new law.

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COVID-19 In Quebec: The Current Rules For Gatherings In

(1 days ago) As stated in the Public Health Act, in order to protect the health of the population, the law prohibits any indoor or outdoor gathering, except: - If it's required in a work environment, - If it's required to obtain a service from a person, and - In a means of transport. In the case of an outdoor gathering, gatherings are permitted if:

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Important Must Know Montreal Tenant-Landlord Rights

(5 days ago) The suspect is expected to appear in court Wednesday afternoon. Just 100 kilometres north of Montreal, a 32-year-old woman was found dead in a home in St-Donat, Quebec on Monday, September 27. According to Sgt. Stephane Tremblay, police received a 911 call at 2:45 p.m. that day after her body was discovered.

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Bell Canada Settled A Quebec Class Action Lawsuit & You

(1 days ago) August 14, 2021. Despite denying allegations that it misled consumers, Bell Canada has agreed to pay $2 million — a credit of $8 per eligible customer — following a class-action lawsuit launched in Quebec in March 2017. According to the settlement agreement posted to law firm LPC Avocat Inc.'s website, the plaintiff, Shay Abicidan, claimed

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10 Important Montreal Things To Know About

(2 days ago) He would also amend article 13 of the city charter to change Montreal from "a French-speaking city that, according to the law, also provides services to its citizens in English," to a bilingual one. A lot of people agree, Holness says

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Canada's Federal Minimum Wage Would Be $15/Hour Under New

(2 days ago) On June 14, leaders from the Cree Nation said that while the law is an important step to "apologize or begin to compensate for the harm suffered by Indian Residential School survivors," the scope of the law needs to be revised since Indigenous children "were taken and never returned" for reasons beyond medical care in Quebec.

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Air Canada Class-Action Lawsuit In Quebec Was Just

(2 days ago) The law firm behind the case is inviting anyone who may have been affected to apply to participate. Visit MTLBlog for more headlines. Today, Air Canada was slapped with a class-action lawsuit over fuel surcharges. A Quebec judge approved the case of Quebec passengers that allegedly paid 105% of the fuel costs on flights between April 2012 and

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The RCMP Reminds Canadians That You Can Be Fined For

(3 days ago) But "the law allows only drivers of road vehicles to wear a headphone or earphone in only one ear, in order for the driver to hear the sounds of the surrounding environment. It is strictly prohibited to wear headphones or earphones in both ears." Fine for distracted driving: $100 to $200. Read the complete rules about distracted driving in

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Everything You Need To Know About Montreal's Smoking Ban

(2 days ago) And you'll definitely want to be aware of what laws you may be breaking in the coming months, because if you're caught smoking where shouldn't be, you will get slapped with a fine. $250-$750 is the new standard for first-time smoking offenders, with $500-$1500 the going rate for repeat offenders. Just so you're in the loop, and entirely

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Legal Cannabis Age In Quebec Is Going Up to 21

(7 days ago) The law will enter into force in January 2020. The CAQ has just passed a motion to raise the legal age of cannabis consumption in Quebec to 21. Bill 2, which has the title of " An Act to Tighten the Regulation of Cannabis ," was passed with 64 votes for and 43 against in the National Assembly. Bill 2 must be sanctioned at the end of the week.

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Montreal Pet Owners Start A Petition To Cancel Forced

(1 days ago) As all pet owners already know, there are many obligations and responsibilities that come with owning an animal. From your dog wearing the proper collar to microchipping your cat, Montreal has many regulations that pet owners must follow. One of the more controversial regulations coming out of city hall is the mandatory sterilization and microchipping of all dogs, cats, and rabbits six months

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Bill 96 In Quebec: 9 French Language Reforms Proposed By

(6 days ago) Last week, Quebec introduced Bill 96 — a sweeping new French-language bill that impacts everything from immigrants and local businesses to schools and signage. The tabled legislation would amend the existing Charter of the French Language (aka Bill 101) and includes over 20 new changes to legislation that promote the use of French in Quebec.

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Marineland Is Officially Exempt From Canada's New Ban On

(7 days ago) The law explicitly prohibits whale and dolphin captivity across Canada. If you look at this bill in detail, however, there is a "grandfather clause" that allows Marineland from this new law. The controversial theme park will be allowed to continue operations, despite it now being a …

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Quebec's Secularism Law Is Being Challenged In Superior

(5 days ago) A protest against Quebec's controversial Bill 21, also known as the "secularism law," is set to take place on November 2 at the Palais de Justice in Montreal. Multiple groups will also be challenging Bill 21 before the Superior Court of Quebec that day. Bill 21 has garnered a lot of attention — from the media to the proverbial water cooler — since its inception in 2019.

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Montreal Sex Workers Are Really Struggling During The

(4 days ago) The new law was intended to protect women in the sex trade. Instead, it has pushed them further to the margins by criminalizing just about everything they do, she said. Now, in the wake of the COVID-19 health crisis, Wesley said the city's sex industry has been radically transformed.

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