Why Michigan Law

Law school clinics allow students to represent real clients with real problems. But not all clinics are created equal. At Michigan Law, we invest heavily in our 16 clinical programs to make sure you have a variety of clinical experiences to choose from. Our clinical professors are full-time faculty members whose professional focus is their

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Administrative Law University of Michigan Law School

(4 days ago) Administrative law covers government policy, regulation, and lawmaking, and it affects every industry and every other area of law. A focus in administrative law might lead to a career in the highest levels of government, to a high-paying private sector law firm jobs advising titans of industry, or to public interest work helping individual

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Law and Technology University of Michigan Law School

(4 days ago)Law and technology” is a nebulous concept, largely because it breaks down into at least two interacting but distinctly different areas: the law of technology and the technology of law. Michigan Law offers a rich field of exploration in both branches, led by faculty engaged in cutting-edge scholarship, groundbreaking courtroom advocacy, and

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Children and the Law University of Michigan Law School

(2 days ago) Become a Fierce Advocate for Children. Practicing in the area of children and the law takes compassion, empathy, and fortitude. But it also takes finely honed legal skills, insight, and experience. To help our students prepare, we bring together doctrinal courses and clinical work throughout the curriculum, giving you the time and opportunity

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Philosophy of Law

(Just Now) At Michigan Law, you can begin your exploration of philosophy of law through first-year electives. We have a large list of seminars on philosophical topics. In recent years, these courses have covered: consent and coercion, contract theory, theories of rights, the trolley problem, private law theory, punishment and much, much more.

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Environmental Law University of Michigan Law School

(3 days ago) At Michigan Law, you will deepen your legal expertise with environmental crimes pro bono work, multiple lecture series and conferences featuring top minds in environmental law, and one of the top environmental journals in the country. We also offer a dual degree with the School for Environment and Sustainability and interdisciplinary

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Labor and Employment Law University of Michigan Law School

(Just Now) Labor and employment law is the law that governs the workplace—from worker organizing and collective bargaining to individual employment contracts and arbitration agreements, from problems of discrimination to questions of employee benefits. Labor and employment law will take you from challenging philosophical questions about consent, power

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Corporate and Securities Law University of Michigan Law

(4 days ago) Corporate law and securities regulation are critically important to a practice career, whether in a big international law firm doing transactional work or litigation, working in-house at a fund or a major company, or fighting for social and economic justice.

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Apply to the JD Program

(8 days ago) We know that applying to law school can be daunting, and the University of Michigan Law Admissions Office welcomes having the opportunity to demystify the application process whenever possible. Please reach out to us (by phone at 734.764.0537 or by email to law[email protected]) with any questions, at any point; our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM, Eastern time.

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About the Law Library

(6 days ago) The Law Library’s collections, services and policies are primarily designed to benefit Law School faculty, students, staff and scholars in the Law School’s research scholar program. The Law Library also welcomes others who need to conduct legal research, including University of Michigan faculty, staff and students, as well as attorneys

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Constitutional Law

(4 days ago) Constitutional law is the binding force that gives the government its shape and power. And questions of constitutional law—separation of powers, criminal procedure, civil rights—are woven into nearly every facet of a lawyer’s practice.

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Program in Race, Law, and History

(Just Now) Welcome to the Program in Race, Law, and History. We are an interdisciplinary program dedicated to research and teaching at the intersection of these three lines of intellectual inquiry. Through new scholarship, the training of students in law and history, and collaborations with colleagues and institutions at Michigan and beyond, the program provides a unique historical perspective on the

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Loan Repayment Programs University of Michigan Law School

(Just Now) The Debt Management Programs at the Law School provide graduates with maximum flexibility to choose jobs from any law-related area (excluding judicial clerkships and U-M funded fellowships), including modest-paying public interest positions, while still maintaining a reasonable lifestyle and remaining current on outstanding loan obligations.

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International and Comparative Law University of Michigan

(9 days ago) Michigan Law offers one of the most complete sets of course offerings in international, comparative, and foreign law of any law faculty in the world. The depth and breadth of choices at Michigan are enormous, with dozens of large classes, small seminars, clinics, and workshops to choose from. Our classes can be broken down into two broad

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Transfer and Visiting Students

(7 days ago) People choose law schools for a variety of reasons, and sometimes, the 1L year will reveal to some students that their choice was not the best for them. Those students can transfer for their 2L and 3L years and receive their degree from the school to which they transfer. Other students may have a short-term need to be in a different location, and those students can visit for either their

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Apply to the LLM Program

(9 days ago) Michigan Law welcomes applications from around the world and from all segments of the legal profession. We seek to create a class of a few dozen LLM students who intermingle with our 900 JD students to create a diverse and intellectually outstanding student community. Admission to our LLM program is thus highly competitive, resulting in a number of qualified applicants necessarily being …

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Careers for Students University of Michigan Law School

(5 days ago) The majority of Michigan Law students begin their careers in private practice, earning positions with leading law firms around the world. Careers in the Private Sector. Public Interest and Government. At its core, public interest law is about access to justice and to legal representation. It’s about advocating for underserved and

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Intellectual Property and Antitrust

(1 days ago) Michigan Law has one of the best IP law faculties in the United States. It includes experts on Internet and digital IP issues, biopharmaceutical IP, online contracts, antitrust regulations and patents, and more. Our faculty also includes clinicians who work with entrepreneurs and start-ups and practitioners who advise artists and digital

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Michigan Law Class of 2024 Arrives in the Law Quad

(6 days ago) For one thing, they’re all members of Michigan Law Class of 2024, which was selected from the largest applicant pool in the Law School’s history and boasts the highest-ever median LSAT score and undergraduate GPA for an incoming class. “This year’s pool of 7,693 applicants trounced the previous 1991 record by more than 1,000, and the

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Areas of Interest

(5 days ago) Michigan Law’s rich curriculum features foundational courses that evolve with the needs of the profession, a wide array of upper-level courses that explore complex issues in-depth through diverse approaches, and experiential opportunities that emphasize …

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Fellowships and Funding

(Just Now) Michigan Law guarantees funding for 1L and 2L summers. 1L Student-Funded Grants and Loans Student-funded fellowships are a proud Michigan Law tradition dating back to 1977. This student-run program provides guaranteed summer funding to all first-year law students by: Awarding competitive grants in the amount of $6,000 to 1Ls focused on careers in public service.

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Laptop Support Policy for Students

(7 days ago) ¹ Most 802.11 a/g/n/ac wireless cards work with the Law School network.Your device must support 802.11a to connect to MWireless. ² If time permits, we will provide initial consultation and diagnosis of basic problems (which may in the process resolve the problem).However, in general we do not provide support for applications, operating systems, hardware, or other issues not connected with

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Kristina B. Daugirdas University of Michigan Law School

(7 days ago) Kristina Daugirdas is a Professor of Law and the Associate Dean for Academic Programming. She teaches and writes in the fields of international law and institutions and U.S. foreign relations law. Her scholarship currently focuses on how international law does (and fails to) regulate international institutions, as well as how they contribute to the development of international law.

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Fellowship in Race, Law, and History

(8 days ago) The Program in Race, Law, and History at Michigan Law will award up to five 2021-2022 academic year fellowships to students enrolled in JD, PhD, and other terminal graduate programs at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The program fosters interdisciplinary research at the intersection of three lines of intellectual inquiry: law, history

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"The Effect of Bargaining Power on Contract Design

(1 days ago) Over the past forty years, an irrelevance proposition has been prevalent in law-and-economics scholarship: bargaining power should affect only price and not nonprice terms of a contract. In contrast, practitioners and commentators in industry regularly invoke bargaining power to explain static and dynamic variance in nonprice contract terms. This Article unpacks and analyzes the assumptions of

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Apply to the SJD Program

(9 days ago) Admission is intensely competitive and is granted only to those with a strong academic record, enthusiastic faculty support, and a dissertation topic that suggests a significant and original contribution to legal literature. Three paths to admission are available. Complete an LLM degree at Michigan Law The vast majority of admitted students have earned or are currently earning a Michigan Law

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Scholarship Highlight: Darrow University of Michigan Law

(5 days ago) The Darrow Scholarship at Michigan Law is a special merit award presented to a small number of select recipients in each entering class. Darrow Scholars are chosen by a faculty committee for their outstanding scholastic achievements and proven capacity for leadership, as well as for the sense that they will one day go on to a remarkable career.

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Library Services for Students

(8 days ago) The Law Library will scan journal articles, book chapters, and other limited sections of print material and deliver it right to your email. Request scans using the "Request a Scan" button in the catalog. The Law Library's scanning and student document delivery service is for research purposes.

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The Indigenous Faces of MLaw University of Michigan Law

(9 days ago) In celebration of Indigenous People's Day, the Native American Law Students Association will be holding a student panel entitled "The Indigenous Faces of MLaw". The purpose of the student panel is to introduce the MLaw student body to the indigenous students that are sitting next to them every single day in class. The student panel will answer questions about their indigenous backgrounds and

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Treaty Override Virtual Symposium

(1 days ago) 1:30-3 PM: Treaty Overrides in the United States. Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan Law) Ruth Mason (University of Virginia School of Law) (chair) David Rosenbloom (New York University School of Law) Fadi Shaheen (Rutgers Law) Bret Wells (University of Houston Law Center) Diana Wollman (Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton) 3-3:45 PM: Discussion and Q&A.

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Civil-Criminal Litigation Clinic

(3 days ago) The Civil-Criminal Litigation Clinic is a one-semester, seven-credit clinic that offers students a deep dive into litigation practice. Students handle multiple civil and criminal cases, appearing and arguing in court and negotiating with opposing counsel. YouTube. Michigan Law. 4.19K subscribers.

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A Lawyer's Life: Junior Law Firm Associate University of

(6 days ago) Join alums currently working as associates at large law firms for a panel discussion aimed at providing first-year law students with an introductory sense for the breadth of what being a junior associate looks like in practice. Panelists will share their experiences and provide insights into reasons why an attorney might choose private sector work in a law firm as a career path.

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Reuven S. Avi-Yonah University of Michigan Law School

(5 days ago) Reuven S. Avi-Yonah specializes in corporate and international taxation. He has served as a consultant to the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on tax competition, and is a member of the steering group for OECD's International Network for Tax Research.

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Samuel R. Bagenstos

(5 days ago) Samuel Bagenstos, the Frank G. Millard Professor of Law, specializes in constitutional and civil rights litigation. He currently serves as general counsel of the Office of Management and Budget and is on leave from the University. From 2009 to 2011, Professor Bagenstos was a political appointee in the U.S. Department of Justice, where he served as the principal deputy assistant attorney

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Laura Nyantung Beny

(6 days ago) Laura Nyantung Beny. Since joining Michigan Law in 2003, Professor Laura N. Beny, the Earl Warren DeLano Professor of Law, has taught Corporate Finance, Enterprise Organization, International Finance, The Public Corporation, Law and Development, and Law and Finance. In fall 2018, she will teach a course that she custom-developed entitled

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Child Welfare Appellate Clinic

(3 days ago) Prior experience in child welfare law is not required. In fact, most of our students have none. Students looking to spend a semester focusing on key lawyering skills such as persuasive storytelling, structuring legal arguments, interviewing, and client counseling, while addressing an important need—protecting the rights of parents facing the

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Nina A. Mendelson

(1 days ago) Nina A. Mendelson, the Joseph L. Sax Collegiate Professor of Law, teaches and conducts research in the areas of administrative law, environmental law, statutory interpretation, and the legislative process. Her work has been cited by U.S. Supreme Court justices (in dissent). She won the American Bar Association's Award for Scholarship in

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Summer Internships Abroad University of Michigan Law School

(7 days ago) The International Law Commission is an elected body of the United Nations whose purpose is to develop and codify international law. Michigan students are matched with particular ILC Members to assist with the research and drafting of legislation that will be recommended to the UN General Assembly. International Law Commission

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Capital Markets Regulation University of Michigan Law School

(5 days ago) This course concerns the law, economics, and institutions of financial trading markets, such as markets for stocks and bonds, which provide "capital" or financing for businesses in the economy. These markets serve vital social functions, including facilitating trade and incorporating information into prices, which serve as guides for the real economy.

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