Mexico sees slight drop on World Justice Project rule of

Mexico fell nine places on the latest edition of an index that measures the rule of law in more than 100 countries. Mexico’s score on the World Justice Project (WJP) Rule of Law Index 2021

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World Justice Project study finds weak rule of law in all

(2 days ago) The rule of law is weak in all 32 Mexican states, according to a new study which determined that Guerrero and Baja California Sur are the most lawless entities in the country. The Mexican States

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Congress votes to approve 'revenge porn' law

(6 days ago) The law, which had already been approved by the Senate, swept through the Chamber of Deputies with 446 votes in favor and one against, and now goes to the president to be signed into law.

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Congress approves law giving employment rights to domestic

(8 days ago) The law also prohibits people under the age of 15 from working in private homes and limits working hours to six per day for older teenagers. Live …

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Anti-corruption law signed by 291,000

(Just Now) The 3de3 citizens’ law proposal managed to gather more than twice the number of signatures needed to file a formal legislative proposal before the …

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No marijuana law this week; Senate postpones debate on

(Just Now) New law says restrictions against breastfeeding in public are discriminatory The reform affirms Mexican women’s freedom to feed their babies naturally — a …

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New anti-torture legislation gets Deputies' approval

(3 days ago) The Chamber of Deputies has approved a law against torture intended to prevent, investigate and punish the practice along with other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. Deputy Armando Luna

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AMLO signs off on new law allowing free access to all beaches

(5 days ago) The director of the federal office of maritime law zones said last December that one hotel project in Cancún, Quintana Roo, was demolished because it …

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New electricity market regulations violate rule of law

(3 days ago) Several business groups have called for the immediate revocation of the federal government’s new energy policy, charging that it violates the rule of law and will scare off investors.

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Unhappy Interjet customers prepare to sue over ongoing

(2 days ago) According to Mexican civil aviation law, in the event of a flight cancellation affected customers are supposed to be guaranteed another flight to …

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President sends 'popular' amnesty law to Congress

(1 days ago) The law also extends to people found guilty of non-violent robberies. The lawmaker explained that repeat offenders and people convicted of murder, kidnapping or …

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US urges Mexico to heed private sector concerns over

(3 days ago) “The investors who feel affected by the law will seek injunctions and suspensions,” Mateo said. Jeremy Martin, energy vice president at the Institute of the Americas, said the United States

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University fires law professor after he made fun of

(4 days ago) An Ibero-American University law professor who made fun of Senator Citlalli Hernandez’s physique on Monday has lost his job. “Yesterday Rodrigo Pérezalonso, professor at Ibero, posted an

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Election 'dry law' means at least one dry day in most states

(1 days ago) The federally-mandated ley seca, or dry law, as it is known, allows for a prohibition of up to 72 hours, but this year no one will have to go for more than 59 hours without a drink (should they

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Mexico's draft transparency law significant step

(6 days ago) The current draft law represents a significant step forward. Perhaps most importantly, it would apply the transparency obligations outlined in this law to independent authorities, political

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Baja California governor bows to water law protest

(8 days ago) The law was widely seen as a move to privatize the distribution of water, but Vega denied that was the case. He said in an interview today that privatization was never its intention and admitted

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AMLO insists electricity bill doesn't violate constitution

(1 days ago) The law, passed early on Wednesday, rolls back key parts of an energy reform passed in 2013-2014 that created the country’s electricity market. López Obrador, a populist nationalist who

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80-year-old student, grandmother of six, granted law degree

(4 days ago) Lolita, as the student was known by her classmates, found civil and commercial law compelling, “but I tilt more toward criminal and agrarian law,” she said.

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Senate approves cell phone users registry that will

(5 days ago) Under the new law, anyone buying a mobile SIM card will be required to submit identifying information such as fingerprints or iris scans to the government. One opponent says new law

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Lower house approves law prohibiting corporal punishment

(2 days ago) The law now states that “it is forbidden for the mother, father or any person in the family to use corporal punishment or any type of humiliating treatment and punishment as a form of correction

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Project complies with law, says Tourism Secretary

(4 days ago) A controversial commercial and housing development in Cancún is being carried out in full accordance with the law, says the Secretary of Tourism. Enrique de …

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Ex-Federal Police commander pleads guilty to drug

(7 days ago) The U.S. Attorney’s Office noted that SIU officers in Mexico routinely work with U.S. law enforcement authorities to combat narcotics trafficking, money laundering and other criminal activities.

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AMLO threatens to pursue constitutional change if law

(Just Now) The new Electricity Industry Law, which gives CFE-generated power priority on the national grid over that produced by private and renewable energy companies, took effect last …

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Yucatán extends dry law, prohibiting alcohol sales until

(8 days ago) The dry law doesn't necessarily mean a complete ban on sales. In this case, they are prohibited daily from midnight to 7:00 a.m. Yucatán extends dry law, prohibiting alcohol sales until May 15

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Sexual conversion therapies now illegal in Mexico City

(8 days ago) The new law criminalizes “practices consisting of psychological, psychiatric sessions, methods or treatments that are intended to nullify, hinder, modify or impair the expression of gender

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Sonora lawmakers say yes to same-sex marriage

(9 days ago) The change brings state law into compliance with a 2015 Supreme Court ruling. The Sonora state legislature approved same-sex marriage on Thursday, making it the 24 th state in the country to do so

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Ban on plastic bags takes effect Wednesday in Mexico City

(6 days ago) A ban on single-use plastic bags will take effect in Mexico City on January 1, enacting a law passed by the capital’s Congress in May. Environment Secretary Marina Robles García told the

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Native corn gets legal protection, prevents 'intellectual

(7 days ago) The law designates over 60 varieties of corn developed with traditional and indigenous agricultural methods as part of Mexico’s national heritage, making its conservation a …

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Sonora Congress votes to make face masks mandatory

(4 days ago) The law also stipulates that businesses must establish a health checkpoint at their entrances where customers are provided with antibacterial gel and have their temperatures taken. Businesses must

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Impunity worse in Mexico due to institutional failings

(8 days ago) The federal government is attempting to change that structure by implementing a new Internal Security Law (LSI) that would formalize the role of the military in operations to combat crime.

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Law will allow easier gender identity change for children

(3 days ago) The Congress of Oaxaca has passed a law that streamlines the process for children aged 12 and over to change their gender identity, as long as they have the consent of their parents or legal

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New legislation will regulate growing fintech sector

(8 days ago) If signed into law, supporters of the bill say, it would offer legal certainty to fintech companies, increase competition and better access to banking services for millions of Mexicans.

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Quintana Roo puts new limits on hours of alcohol sales

(4 days ago) Published on Wednesday, February 6, 2019. 621shares. New legislation in Quintana Roo limits the hours in which alcoholic beverages can be sold in stores, bars and clubs. According to the law

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CDMX Metro's illegal vendors include women COVID left

(8 days ago) City law prohibits selling anything in Mexico City’s public transit stations, but these women say the pandemic justifies reevaluating that prohibition. Other women also lost jobs due to COVID

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AMLO urges passage of amnesty law to reduce contagion in

(Just Now) López Obrador said last September that the law was designed to benefit people of modest means who were incarcerated without having access to an …

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Standardized adoption law sought by Green Party

(6 days ago) A new adoption law is being promoted in an effort to make more homes available for orphaned children. According to data released by the national …

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Lawyer prepares for 'dirty war' in Mexico's suit against

(4 days ago) Mexico is ready for any scenario – including a “dirty war” – in its legal battle against U.S. gun manufacturers, according to the in-house legal counsel for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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New law says restrictions against breastfeeding in public

(Just Now) Citizens Movement Senator Verónica Delgadillo stated the case for the law: “Why is an act as generous and as natural as breastfeeding a baby an act subject …

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Goodbye Tony the Tiger

(6 days ago) The Frosted Flakes tiger could go due to the cereal's high sugar content. Tony the Tiger and other mascots used to market high-sugar food to children may …

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Protest in Yucatán over bid to prohibit feeding street animals

(5 days ago) The controversial law proposed fines of up to 448,100 pesos. Published on Friday, October 8, 2021. 207shares. The local government in Mérida, Yucatán, has backtracked on a controversial new law

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Victim's remains delivered to his family in plastic bags

(9 days ago) A senior law enforcement official in Veracruz has been fired after the recently-located remains of a 30-year-old man were delivered to his family in …

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Senate approves law banning corporal punishment of children

(3 days ago) The Senate voted unanimously Tuesday to ban corporal punishment of children and teenagers. Sponsored by Senator Nestora Salgado, the bill reforms the General Law of the Rights of Girls, Boys and

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Baja California, Sinaloa approve same-sex marriage

(3 days ago) In Baja California the law passed with 18 votes in favor, four against and one abstention, and now requires approval in three of the state’s five local governments.

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Oaxaca Congress approves law prohibiting sale of junk food

(5 days ago) The Congress of Oaxaca passed a law on Wednesday that bans the sale of junk food and sugary drinks to minors. Thirty-one lawmakers voted in favor of …

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Hidalgo decriminalizes abortion, the third state to do so

(Just Now) Hidalgo has become the third state in Mexico to legalize abortion after a majority of lawmakers voted on Wednesday in favor of allowing women to terminate a …

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Cartels are a fact of life in Mexico, yet I feel feel

(9 days ago) However, as capture nets were flung far and wide by law enforcement, cartel members scattered into splinter groups and began forming their own criminal cartels. Soon, besides drug …

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Supreme Court orders halt to Juchitán wind farm project

(3 days ago) The document also argued that the law — and the indigenous community’s rights — had been violated because they were not consulted prior to government authorization of the project or the

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