Law (BCL/JD) Undergraduate Admissions

McGill Law was ranked 20th in the world by the Times Higher Education (Nov. 2019). Careers. Equipped with McGill Law BCL/JD degrees, you are eligible for the Bar of any Canadian province, several US states, and elsewhere internationally. Our alumni are located in Africa, Asia, Europe, the South Pacific, and all over the Americas.

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Our BCL/JD Program in Law Faculty of Law

(2 days ago) Faculty of Law Chancellor Day Hall 3644 Peel Street Montreal, Quebec Canada H3A 1W9 Tel.: 514-398-6666

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Law Future Graduate Students

(9 days ago) Master of Laws (LL.M.) Law (Non-Thesis): Environment (45 credits) The graduate option in Environment is a cross-disciplinary option offered in conjunction with the Bieler School of Environment within the LL.M. (thesis or non-thesis) providing students with an appreciation for the role of science in informed decision-making in the environment sector, and its influence on political, socio

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BCL/JD Admissions Guide Faculty of Law

(9 days ago) Image by Owen Egan. In this section, you will find information on our admissions eligiblity requirements and categories, deadlines, supporting documents, and our admissions process and policies. We also have a detailed FAQ. Upcoming deadlines The online application for Fall 2022 admission will be available on 1 September 2021. The online application deadline for University, Mature, and

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Master's Programs Faculty of Law

(5 days ago) McGill's LLM programs offer a distinct approach to law as a pluralistic, social, and interactive discipline. Students have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge legal research, engage with a broad range of research networks, and experience a strong sense of community and collegiality. Master's students in the Faculty of Law may select a general LLM program that offers maximum flexibility.

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Rule of Law and Economic Development

(8 days ago) Faculty of Law. Professor Nandini Ramanujam and Monika Berenyi, BCL/LLB'18. "Shifting Norms and Creating Shared Values in Post-Secondary Institutions: The Role of Human Rights Education and the Creative Arts" in Bergeron, M., Paquette, E., Ricci, S., Rousseau, C. et St Hilaire, M. (dir.) .Proceedings of the Canadian symposium on sexual violence in post-secondary education institutions.

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Applicant categories Faculty of Law

(Just Now) A university applicant to McGill's Faculty of Law must be on track to complete their degree or have a minimum of 60 credits of undergraduate studies before starting their law studies. This category includes applicants who, at time of registration, will have completed more than 60 credits in addition to a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DCS).

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LEGAL Abbreviations


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The Legal Enforcement of Morals and

(1 days ago) law ought to punish immoral acts which are not done in the face of the public, the Court is not the proper place to settle that type of argument. Parliament is the proper authority to deal with such matters, and “where Parliament fears to tread it is not for the courts to rush in”.37

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Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Faculty of Law

(4 days ago) The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a standardized test administered by the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) and that is required for admission to most North American law programs.. Applicants to McGill Law are not required to take the LSAT. However, if a candidate has taken or will be taking the LSAT, the score will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

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Registration and Orientation Faculty of Law

(1 days ago) Welcome to the Faculty of Law at McGill University. In anticipation of your upcoming graduate studies, please read the information below. We are returning to in-person activities to the fullest extent possible. Therefore, all students should be in Montreal so that they can be onsite at McGill for the Fall term. While some components of courses will harness the pedagogical benefits of online

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Law Graduate Fellowships & Awards Calendar

(8 days ago) Aparna Roppel Graduate Scholarship Established in 2019 by Mark Roppel, BCL 1988, LLB 1988. Eligibility Awarded by the Faculty of Law to one or more outstanding graduate students. First preference will be given to students who are residents of mainland China entering a Master’s or doctoral program in the Faculty of Law; second preference will be given to graduate students in the Faculty of

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Our Alumni: Where Are They Now

(2 days ago) Amar Khoday – LLM 2008, DCL 2014. Amar Khoday is an assistant professor with the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Law at Robson Hall in Winnipeg. He began this position during the final two years of his Doctor of Civil Law studies at McGill University’s Faculty of Law. In addition to honing his research and writing skills as a scholar

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Our Doctoral Students Faculty of Law

(3 days ago) Maria Adelaida ( email) is a doctoral (DCL) candidate at McGill's Faculty of Law and an O’Brien Fellow at the McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism. She is a Colombian lawyer with a master’s degree in sociology from the National University of Colombia. Her doctoral project, supervised by Professor Shauna Van Praagh, examines

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Graduate Research Trainees, Postdocs

(2 days ago) The Faculty of Law hosts a handful of Graduate Research Trainees each year. The following details application and funding requirements. Applications are reviewed only once per year, and the deadline to apply is February 1 of the year preceding the academic year during which their visit will be taken. The prospective candidate should first

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Times Higher Education ranks McGill Law among the world’s

(Just Now) Released yesterday, the rankings has McGill Law tied for 17th in the world, a slight dip from the 16th position it garnered last year. Since THE began including Law in its subject ranking in 2017, McGill has made the global Top 20 every year. This year’s Law rankings include 257 institutions from 39 countries and regions.

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Unjust Enrichment McGill Companion to Law

(4 days ago) The law of unjust enrichment is something of a lost child in every legal system. In a wide range of situations, the law requires that a defendant, who has been enriched at the expense of a plaintiff, make restitution to that plaintiff, either by returning the very substance of the enrichment, or, more often, by repaying its monetary value.

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Frequently Asked Questions Faculty of Law

(3 days ago) The Faculty of Law is committed to delivering one of the best legal educations in the world to its exceptional students. The Faculty will offer a wide selection of courses taught by leading scholars, in all its programs, in a remote environment during the Fall 2020 semester. Do you offer evening courses?

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Faculty Members' Research Interests Faculty of Law

(Just Now) McGill’s Faculty of Law is a world-renowned nexus of innovative legal scholarship. Our professors are interested in recruiting graduate students to delve into pressing contemporary issues and high-impact research areas. Following are a few research theme ideas for the 2020-2021 academic year – contact us at for more information.

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Admissions Policy Faculty of Law

(7 days ago) The Faculty of Law is committed to equity and diversity. We welcome applications from Indigenous people, people with disabilities, racialized people, gender non-conforming and trans people, LGBTQ+ people, women, people from an economically disadvantaged background, and others who may face systemic barriers that impact their access to education.

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(7 days ago) AIR LAW Under the Chicago Convention, aircraft have the nationality of, and remains subject to, the law of the State where it is registered. Each State’s domestic law determines eligibility and criteria for aircraft registration. The registering State has an obligation to ensure that its aircraft

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Dean's Message Faculty of Law

(6 days ago) Bienvenue à la Faculté de droit de l’Université McGill! McGill’s path-breaking legal education is one of the best in the world. We believe that creative thinkers, educated in law and sensitive to difference, have much to contribute to understanding our globalized world and tackling its pressing problems. At McGill Law, some of the world’s best law professors and exceptional students

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Polygamous Marriages and the Principle of Mutation in the

(2 days ago) law and the family law should be the same in the recognition of the status created by a marriage. For the purposes of the criminal law, the relevant time for determining the question was the defendant party to a valid marriage within the meaning of the words ‘being married’

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Syllabus of Air and Space Law Courses Institute of Air

(Just Now) Courses outlines are subject to continuing revisions, and will be supplemented by additional lectures by visiting specialists in the field of air and space law. This Syllabus is applicable to both programs offered by the Institute: the Graduate Certificate in Air and Space Law and the Master's Degree (LL.M.) in Air and Space Law. Course calendars and registration materials To obtain the

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Our Student Ambassadors Faculty of Law

(2 days ago) The Student Ambassador Program connects admitted and prospective candidates with current McGill Law students. Student ambassadors, only some of whom are featured on this page, are keen to share their perspectives with you. They can answer your questions, show you around the Faculty, and tell you more about the advantages of studying law at McGill.

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Grundnorm and Constitution: The Legitimacy of Politics

(Just Now) McGILL LAW JOURNAL Act, 1865,7 denied the right of a colonial legislature to alter a cons-titution except in the manner stipulated in that constitution. At the time of U.D.I. the Smith regime promulgated a new consti-tution which, while retaining some provisions of the …

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Applying the Principle of

(7 days ago) McGill Law Journal Revue de droit de McGill APPLYING THE PRINCIPLE OF PROPORTIONALITY IN EMPLOYMENT AND LABOUR LAW CONTEXTS Pnina Alon-Shenker and Guy Davidov* The principle of proportionality, which is designed to limit abuse of power and infringe- ment of human rights by governments and leg- islatures, has become a fundamental and bind- ing legal …

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Newly Admitted Students to the BCL/JD Program

(6 days ago) The Native Law Centre at the University of Saskatchewan offers a Summer Program that is designed to prepare students for the challenges and rigours of law school and to facilitate a smoother transition into the law school environment. The NLC Summer Program Property Law course studies the Common Law of property and Aboriginal property and as

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(2 days ago) The adherence of States to international law is voluntary, not due to external coercion. International law is both obligatory (when States adhere to Conventions and treaties) and voluntary (because it is the decision of States freely to adhere to it). ICAO has no enforcement power, so in a sense the weakness of interional law is also its

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The Right to Compensation: Basic Principles Under

(8 days ago) The Valuation of Nationalized Property in International Law (3 vol., 1972-1975). 4 Articles 1, 3, 4, 17, 18(1). Report of the International Law Commission on the Work of its Forty-Eighth Session, 6 May - 26 July 1996 (A/51/10). (The ILC is a UN body composed of geographically diverse legal experts.)

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Persuasive Authority

(8 days ago) McGILL LAW JOURNAL REVUE DE DROIT DE McGILL Montreal 1987 Volume 32 No 2 Persuasive Authority H. Patrick Glenn* The concept of binding, national law is a re- cent one, which has provoked fierce oppo- sition in those countries (notably the United Kingdom, the United States, France and Ger- many) having most closely adhered to … Continued

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2018 Supreme Court Clerks : Law Focus online

(9 days ago) Over the last 10 years, one in five Supreme Court clerks has been a recent graduate of the Faculty. In keeping with tradition, there will be a strong McGill Law representation within the next cohort of Supreme Court clerks: eight of our graduating students or recent grads were tapped to clerk at the country’s highest tribunal.

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Judicial Review and Procedural

(2 days ago) McGILL LAW JOURNAL REVUE DE DROIT DE McGILL Volume 26 Montreal 1980 No. 1 Judicial Review and Procedural Fairness in Administrative Law: II R. A. Macdonald* Abstract review indicated revealed The recent Canadian embrace of the doctrine of procedural fairness has led to a small flood of litigation and to a serious revaluation of the …

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Duress by Threatened Breach of Contract

(Just Now) common law. 4 The supervision of contracts procured by threatening criminal prosecution was the leading example,25 though of more direct interest to the present enquiry was a single reported example of a contract set aside because it was induced by a threat to break a previous

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The Doctrine of Resulting Trusts in Common Law Canada

(1 days ago) law governing the rights of the joint account holders inter se. Assuming that it is appropriate to question whether the volunteer is to take his joint ownership as a gift or on behalf of the payor, 167 This is a common occurrence. The husband is using the account in connection

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Six Supreme Court Clerks : Law Focus online

(3 days ago) Employment law is an area of the law that brings together the economic, political, and social so well because employment is much more than an employment contract—it is about relationships, the good, bad, and ugly that those relationships entail, and the way society views and structures them.

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6. Gauss’s law (examples)

(2 days ago) Applying Gauss’s law: Note, this does not depend on r. Therefore, the field is uniform everywhere. 2 E 2 oo 1$ 1 EA and E 00) Section 24.3 Example 5: field from an infinite plane surface ϕ𝐸=ර Gauss’s law 𝜕𝑉 𝐸∙𝑑𝐴= 𝑄𝑒𝑛𝑐𝑙 𝜀0

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Law and love, the story of a gold medal and a gold ring

(2 days ago) Law and love, the story of a gold medal and a gold ring. [15 Nov] Law grads returned to McGill for Homecoming 2011, with many participating in the Faculty of Law Dean’s Breakfast on October 14. Norman May, BCL’61, and his wife Gloria, BA’61 had a special story to share 10 November 2011. Norman May, BCL’61, was among those who

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