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Migration & Refugee Law

(4 days ago) The Migration Law Sub-Committee is part of the Administrative Law & Human Rights Section and reports to the Section's Executive Committee. The Committee comprises many experienced immigration lawyers, who are also registered migration agents, working in various areas of immigration law, including refugee, business, skilled and family migration.

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The Family Law Handbook e5

(6 days ago) The Family Law Handbook e5 is a practical guide for people involved in or thinking about separa-tion or divorce. Written in plain English, it explains the workings of the Australian system of family law and sets out the practical issues to be dealt with by a separating couple.

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Legal Profession Uniform Law Barristers & Rules

(7 days ago) Law, a professional association is excluded from being an incorporated legal practice. 7 Supervised legal practice . For the purposes of paragraph (d) of the definition of . supervised legal practice. in section 6 (1)

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Verification of identity

(6 days ago) Law Institute Journal. Read the latest developments in legal news, topical legal features, profiles, monthly columns and more in the current edition of …

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Become an Accredited Specialist

(4 days ago) Applicants for the College of Law LLM who are Accredited Specialists in an area in which The College has a major can apply to receive up to two subjects credit towards the Master of Laws (Applied Law) or Master of Applied Law (Family Law) depending on the major and the practice area in which the applicant is an Accredited Specialist.

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A User’s Guide to Administrative Decision Making

(9 days ago) Administrative law is a set of principles contained in both court decisions and legislation. It sets out how administrative decision makers must make decisions and provides affected people with a way to challenge those decisions. Administrative law applies to government officers

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Time to go online

(9 days ago) Law Institute Journal. Read the latest developments in legal news, topical legal features, profiles, monthly columns and more in the current edition of …

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Vacancies on Boards & Committees

(5 days ago) Vacancies on Boards & Committees Position Description Representative for Membership of the Law Council’s National Security Law Committee . The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) is pleased to invite expressions of interest for a representative to be considered for membership of the Law Council’s National Security Law Committee (Committee) by Thursday 14 October 2021.

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Being an Accredited Specialist

(4 days ago) The Deakin School of Law will grant accredited specialists grant accredited specialists four prior learning credits towards a Masters of Law qualification, as well as a 10 per cent discount towards any postgraduate course fees (excluding higher degree research programs) within Deakin’s Faculty of Business and Law.

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GST withholding for property transactions

(Just Now) David P Lloyd is a barrister with more than 37 years’ experience in the field of property law. He is the lead author of Sale of Land Act Victoria (Thompson Reuters, October 2015) and the forthcoming work Victorian Land Contracts, the primary focus of which is the standard contract of sale of land.

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Law Institute Journal

(2 days ago) Legal work at Djirra comprises four key areas of law: child protection, family law, intervention orders and victims of crime, and one file for its lawyers often involves multiple legal issues, Ms Braybrook pointed out. But too much of the organisation's time is spent chasing funding from different sources, taking away time available to do the

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Property Law Fundamentals

(6 days ago) She teaches and researches in property law, issues around sustainability and climate change. She has over 8 years’ experience in private practice in small and mid-tier law firms, advising clients in relation to the sale and acquisition of land and business, commercial leasing, and property-related taxes.

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(8 days ago) If you are a law student or graduate, this report is relevant to your career planning and the skills you need to develop at university and after admission to the legal profession. Anyone operating a legal practice needs to read this report – it is relevant to your business models, the areas of law in which you practice and how you employ staff.

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2021 CPD Intensive – Property Law Stream

(5 days ago) The Law Institute of Victoria’s 2021 Property Law Intensive takes you through topical property law issues. Featuring a blend of interactive discussion and practical seminars, it offers a valuable opportunity to hear from and interact with an impressive line-up of speakers from the bar and private practice, as well as fellow colleagues.

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Practice Contingency Plan

(2 days ago) Under the Uniform Law, s/he must conduct a full audit of the law practice before s/he can conduct its day-to-day affairs, attempt to sell it, or wind it up. The costs of the external intervention are borne by your law practice or estate.

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National Cost Law Conference

(1 days ago) The 2021 National Costs Law Conference takes a landscape view of topical costing issues and features an impressive line-up of speakers from around Australia and the UK including a special keynote address by the Right Honourable Sir Rupert Jackson, retired Justice of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales and Master Jennifer James, Costs Judge

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Legal Professional Standards Scheme

(4 days ago) The LIV Professional Standards Scheme is a legal agreement that obligates LIV to monitor, enforce and improve the profession standards of members, reducing the risk for Victorian consumers of legal services. The scheme exemption application process focuses on an individual risk assessment of a firm and their clients.

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Judge Martine Marich

(Just Now) By Law Institute Journal. Judge Martine Marich was welcomed to the County Court of Victoria on 30 August 2018. Among the speakers was 2018 LIV president Belinda Wilson. This is an edited version of her speech. I appear on behalf of the LIV and the solicitors of this state to warmly welcome your Honour Dr Martine Marich as a judge of the County

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How to achieve a legal career

(2 days ago) About Law Clerks. Generally, the work of a Law Clerk is similar in all States and Territories of Australia, and some other countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and New Zealand. In America and elsewhere Law Clerks are often referred to …

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Technology and the Law

(4 days ago) Conversely the law looks to provide stability and certainty and as such relies heavily on precedent, codes and tradition. It is this dichotomy that makes the subject of technology and the law so rich a field of inquiry. This special edition of the …

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Law Institute Journal

(8 days ago) The Court decided that there are two important factors which will assist in deciding the ownership of documents on a law firm’s file for a particular client matter: whether the client was charged by the law firm for the creation of the document whether the law firm created the document primarily for the benefit of the client or for the law

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How to structure your letter of advice

(5 days ago) Once you have determined what you think is the right course of action for the client, make it clear why you are confident this is the right solution. Outline your proposal step by step, using relevant examples and supporting case law that show your legal knowledge in a practical way. 4.

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Commercial Law Conference

(8 days ago) The 2021 Commercial Law Conference provides an overview of key developments that have occurred due to COVID-19 and delves deeper into core issues to strengthen knowledge and skills that are essential to any successful commercial law practice. Improve your ability to identify and manage tax issues, master the art of drafting contract clauses

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Tourism and Hospitality Law in Australia

(Just Now) The first edition of Tourism and Hospitality Law in Australia is a well thought out and easy to understand guide to the major laws applicable to the tourism and hospitality industry. This book features well-structured and titled chapter headings that make it readily accessible in navigating and finding legal issues that are relevant to the tourism and hospitality industry.

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International Commercial Arbitration Moot

(Just Now) Membership Benefits Explore a wide range of exclusive benefits and privileges available to LIV members.; Sections, Interest Groups and Law Associations Latest news, publications, submissions and more. Get involved by joining a committee. Submissions, Projects and Initiatives Access past and archived submissions and the latest LIV advocacy and policy projects.

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LIV President's Blog 2012

(3 days ago) Whether you work in a large commercial law firm, medium firm, small firm or sole practice or as in-house counsel, it’s important to understand financial considerations of your client and your business/employer. Whether you practise in sales of business, family law, commercial litigation or crime, the skills are universal.

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Legal Compliance

(5 days ago) The handling of trust money and the operation of trust accounts by legal practitioners and law practices is closely regulated by the VLSB+C to ensure strict compliance with the Uniform Law. To apply for a practising certificate authorising the receipt of trust money, you must satisfy the VLSB+C that you possess the necessary skills and

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