Types of Criminal Law

Driving under the influence (DUI) is an example of a statutory crime. Financial crimes: These types of crimes involve corporate fraud, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, theft, scams, tax …

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What is Real Estate Law

(2 days ago) Real estate law, also known as property law, refers to the rules and regulations that dictate the ownership or use of land. It encompasses an individual or entity’s right to possess, use, and

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A Short Guide to Employment Law

(Just Now) Employment law is the zone of rules and regulations following legislation related to supervising associations between employers and employees. The laws are drafted to …

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Business Law 101: An Overview

(4 days ago) Business law is just one set of laws involved in all aspects of business administration. This includes, but is not limited to maritime trade, transportation of goods, guarantees, marine life and

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Studying Law: What You Need To Know

(4 days ago) Studying law is a challenging and rewarding undertaking. Modern media often shows only the glamorous side of the profession; herein, we pull back the curtain.

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Things to Consider When Pursuing a Law Career

(4 days ago) A law career can be rewarding for many people, but it is important to consider more than your potential future paycheck before you start. Since this is a highly technical field that requires years

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Sweepstakes and the Law: How To Ensure Compliance

(2 days ago) Helen is a full-time legal copywriter with a focus on Law Firms in the U.S. and is a recent student of Penn State Law School. Read more articles by Helen Bell Post navigation

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7 Unique and Strange Laws in Thailand

(6 days ago) The law states that it is illegal to insult, defile or threaten the image of the royal family in Thailand. If you are caught disrespecting the monarchy, you can be jailed up to 15 years and

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How to File or Respond to a Lawsuit Without an Attorney

(4 days ago) Justin Steffen is an attorney practicing law in Portland, Oregon. He also operates , which provides litigation forms and legal …

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Can You be a Lazy and Successful Law Student

(6 days ago) A law school is an extremely competitive environment, and to become a skilled legal professional, you should study long and hard hours. Sounds like a bad environment for lazy individuals, and it

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Manoomin Case is a Compelling Legal First

(Just Now) Although the law is unusual, the first to bestow rights upon a plant species, it’s not unprecedented. Besides the Ojibwe, Bolivia, Ecuador, India, New Zealand, and the Ho-Chunk and Ponca

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Video Games and the Law: Copyright, Trademark, and

(2 days ago) Video Games and the Law. The size and revenue generated by the gaming industry have made intellectual property all the more important. The difference between a …

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Why Personal Injury Law

(2 days ago) About Paul M. Coppola, Esq. Paul M. Coppola, Esq. is a licensed attorney since 1994 and a serial entrepreneur. In his writing, he shares his unique insight into personal injury law practice as a

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Innovation in Law Firms: How to Make and Keep Your Law

(8 days ago) We know law firms usually face multiple challenges in encouraging an innovative culture and more in keeping it maintained. From the structures of law firms to billing/invoicing to lawyers

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6 Lucrative Careers in Law Enforcement

(7 days ago) A career in law enforcement can be both lucrative and rewarding. There are jobs available in the public and private sectors. Education requirements vary, and law

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Canada’s Online Gambling Laws

(7 days ago) The lack of federal law on online gaming in Canada means that any site that is based offshore is fair game for Canadian citizens, who are welcomed with open arms. Countries like Malta and

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Harvard Law School – Justice for The People

(2 days ago) Harvard Law School Alumni. One Harvard Law School graduate that has devoted his life to the “advancement of justice and the well-being of society” is Ralph Nader. His latest warning of …

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Breaking Down Minnesota’s Proposed Face Mask Law

(6 days ago) The law defines a face covering as “an article that is worn on an individual’s face to completely cover the wearer’s mouth and nose and that fits snugly against the sides of the wearer’s

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Everything You Need to Know About Legal Marijuana in New

(2 days ago) The law also bans smoking marijuana in public places, like parks, bars, and beaches. Can the Police Search My Car Based on the Smell of Weed? No. The smell of …

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Seven Law Schools to Attend to Become a Great Lawyer

(6 days ago) The Duke Law Journal, on the other hand, is the very first of the law journals and academized reviews published by the University. It also includes articles …

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What is Labor Law and How Can You Benefit

(Just Now) What is Labor Law? In simple terms, labor law is a set of laws and legislations that specify and dictate the responsibilities and rights of an employee. This covers both the responsibilities that

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Big Myths About Studying Law Many Law Students Believe

(3 days ago) Law schools only teach students how to think like a lawyer rather than giving them the tools to become one. After graduating, you’ll be able to sift through impressive amounts of legalese

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Relationship Between Humanitarian Law and Human Rights

(2 days ago) Beginner humanitarian law students who want to learn about this can, therefore, request an original paper on factors contributing to the abuse of people’s rights in different parts of the world.

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Biglaw Salary Scale with Bonuses: 1999

(1 days ago) Biglaw has no official definition, but loosely refers to the nation’s largest law firms by headcount, smaller firms that pay at the market rate or medium-sized firms with international reach

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How to Prevent Cybersecurity Risks at Law Firms in 2019

(1 days ago) Law firms must take initiatives to have a detailed inventory of all the technological products within the firm’s use. The technology includes hardware, software, and data.

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Why Networking is So Important in the Legal Industry

(1 days ago) Networking is a way of marketing your professional profile. The importance of networking today focuses on helping professionals in the legal industry to sustain a successful law

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When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

(5 days ago) The law permits a person to utilize sensible power to guard their property, as long as there is no current argument about its proprietorship. A decent defense attorney is in the best situation to

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What You Need to Know About End of Life Law in Australia

(5 days ago) The Role of End of Life Law in Aged Care. The law is designed and written to cover a host of issues that may arise and decision making an individual. It is written to offer advanced planning

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The Importance of Hedges v. Obama

(1 days ago) A graduate of Wayne Law School, he writes on matters of constitutional law, public policy and international affairs. He is currently at work on a book of economic and social criticism entitled Ass

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Ban on Chinese Mobile Apps in India and Its Legal

(1 days ago) At present, the law only secures the breach of sensitive personal information by a corporate body related to wrongful loss due to the lack or unavailability of …

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Becoming an Environmental Lawyer in the UK

(1 days ago) Environmental law is a blanket term that covers many different legal areas of focus. Lawyers who practice environmental law usually focus on species protection, water and air …

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HIPAA, Tort Reform, and State Law Remedies for Violations

(6 days ago) The demand for privacy law expertise continues to increase, as courts and lawmakers wrestle with the issue of what sorts of information are protected under the law, how violations are or …

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Attorneys Sue Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Over Decision to End

(6 days ago) “Unless the Legislature changes the law, they need to accept these dollars and pass them on,” Dann said. The Columbus Dispatch notes that Dann is a former state attorney general.

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Legal Tech’s Predictions for Legal Technology Innovation

(2 days ago) Experienced law offices progressively depend on innovation and experience-based information given to their frameworks to break down the exactness and consistency of bookkeeping rules and arrangements.

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Amended Lawsuit Adds More Plaintiffs to University of

(Just Now) A Title IX lawsuit was recently filed against the University of Montana and Montana University System over allegations of gender discrimination and harassment. Now, the lawyers involved are

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Ways to Determine How Much Your Personal Injury Case is

(Just Now) About Josh Brown. Josh Brown is a Digital Marketing Manager at Juris Digital, a top-rated law firm marketing agency based out of Denver. Prior to …

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Justice Department Planning to Sue Texas Over New Abortion Law

(6 days ago) The federal Department of Justice is expected to file a lawsuit against Texas and its restrictive abortion law. According to NBC News, the complaint …

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Interesting Lawyer Statistics & Facts for 2020-2021

(8 days ago) The number of law firms in the U.S. is nearly 50,000. Baker McKenzie is the law firm with the highest number of employed attorneys. By 2020, there has been a …

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Private Prison Operator GEO Group Sues Washington Over

(8 days ago) The law, adds The Associated Press, bans most types of privately-operated prisons and jails in Washington. In practice, though, it only affects The GEO Group’s Tacoma facility.

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The Difference Between Military and Civilian Criminal

(Just Now) The code is an embodiment of a set of rules passed into law by congress in the 1950s. This code is consistent at all branches of the military and is the primary guide in their courts-martial.

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New York Judge Dismisses School Facial Recognition Lawsuit

(7 days ago) State law signed by former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo makes surveillance lawsuit dismissible, judge rules. The New York Civil Liberties Union filed a …

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ACLU Files Lawsuit Against "Compassion Seattle's" Anti

(3 days ago) However, the ACLU’s lawsuit asserts that Compassion Seattle’s charter amendment “goes beyond the scope” of state law, seeking to transform a city-specific issue into a statewide problem.

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Butte County Settles Racial Discrimination Suit with

(4 days ago) The suit settled for $645,000 and will be paid to Sears and the law firm that represented him, Mastagni Holstedt, APC. Butte County recently decided to settle a …

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Texas Residents Sue Gov. Abbott for Ending Pandemic

(7 days ago) A group of Texas residents have filed a lawsuit against Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton, who recently decided to decline further federal unemployment assistance. That assistance

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