Free Online Law Courses from Top Universities

16 rows · University of California, Berkeley. UC Berkeley provides interested students with the chance to learn about law for free online. Courses are available as video lectures. Law 272.3 - Climate Change and the Law. Law 271.71 - International Environmental Law.

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Law Degrees: Master's, PhD, JD & Online Class Info

(9 days ago) Studying Law: Master's Degrees, PhDs and JDs at a Glance. To work as a lawyer, you'll first need to earn a Juris Doctorate (JD). In addition, you can find master's and PhD programs with a law focus. Master's degree programs in law can hone your skills in a specific field of law or give you an understanding of the legal field in preparation for

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Study Law: Bachelor's, Associate & Online Degree Info

(7 days ago) The core courses in an associate's degree in law are basic English, math, science, and liberal arts or humanities. Courses in the major will cover individual areas of American law, such as tort law, business law, and real estate law. In addition, you will likely learn about ethics as they apply to law, as well as basic legal research. Online

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Law Professions: Job Descriptions & Salary Info

(3 days ago) A law firm in Chicago sought a paralegal specializing in immigration to assist attorneys, conduct research and maintain the docket system. A Pittsburgh law firm sought an intellectual property paralegal to prepare documents, draft correspondence, track patents and handle portfolio transfers.

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Constitutional Law Degrees: JD, Master's & Online Class Info

(4 days ago) Graduation from law school does not guarantee a career as an attorney or the ability to practice constitutional law Degree is not required to work as a non-lawyer Courses and Requirements. First-year law students complete a curriculum of classes focusing on basic law subjects, such as constitutional, property, tort and criminal law.

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Becoming a Law Teacher: Careers, Salary Info & Job Description

(5 days ago) Law Teacher Specializations. With a growing number of states recognizing specialization in legal practice, you may choose to specialize in your teaching career. Possible specialties include areas such as immigration law, international law, corporate law, civil codes and medical malpractice, to name a few.

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Job Titles and Careers List

(4 days ago) Law Enforcement Official Careers: Salary Info & Job Description. A law enforcement official's median annual salary is around $57,000, but is it worth the health risks? See real job descriptions and get the truth about career prospects to find out if becoming a law enforcement official is right for you.

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Law Enforcement Degrees: Associate, Bachelor & Online

(1 days ago) Law enforcement has a very high rate of on-the-job injuries and fatalities* Source: *Bureau of Labor Statistics. Courses and Requirements. Associate degree programs in law enforcement generally pair a liberal arts foundation with more specific training. There aren't many specific prerequisites for an associate degree program in criminal justice

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Entertainment Law Degrees: JD, Master's & Online Class Info

(3 days ago) Studying Entertainment Law: Degrees at a Glance. The field of entertainment law involves the legal codes and regulations related to music, movies, television, theatre and publishing in matters of intellectual property, employment and contracts, among other matters.

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Real Estate Law Degrees: Master's, Doctorate & Online

(8 days ago) Basic law school curricula include classes in civil procedure, contract, property, torts, legal research and writing, criminal law, and evidence. Classes included in the LL.M. portion of the program include land use regulation, real estate development, real estate transaction law, and federal income tax. J.D. programs may offer internships and

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Legal Studies Careers: Job Description & Salary Info

(8 days ago) A New York law firm needs a lawyer with at least 5 years experience in litigating personal injury cases to help with relevant cases. A Texas law firm needs a lawyer who can work on immigration law cases. The candidate must be fluent in Spanish and have 3-5 years of trial experience in any law area.

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Healthcare Law Degrees: Doctorate, Master's & Online Class

(7 days ago) Some law schools offer a Master of Laws (LLM) in Health Law, which is a degree program designed for students who have a Juris Doctor (JD) and are looking to practice health law. A Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) in Health Law is a similar program, but designed for …

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Business Law Degrees: Master's, PhD & Online Course Info

(8 days ago) Studying Business Law: Degrees at a Glance. A Master of Laws (LL.M.) typically is pursued after you've earned a Juris Doctor (J.D.) through a 3-year law school program and met state licensing requirements to work as an attorney; however, some law schools offer joint programs that award both an LL.M. and a J.D.

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Becoming a Constitutional Lawyer: Job Description & Salary

(9 days ago) Law School. To become a lawyer, you'll need to complete a Juris Doctor (J.D.) program through a law school that has been approved by the American Bar Association. First year law school coursework covers subjects such as constitutional law, taxation, contracts and civil procedure.

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Business Law Careers: Job Description & Salary Info

(7 days ago) Law Professor. A law professor is a post-secondary teacher who lectures to law school students. According to the BLS, professors often have a particular specialty and conduct research for publication in peer-reviewed works.

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Becoming a Legal Office Manager: Job Description & Salary Info

(1 days ago) A law office in Columbus, Ohio, sought an office manager for an 11-lawyer, multi-city firm to oversee accounting and report functions, human relations, staff training, IT coordination and facilities and equipment management. Successful candidates should have a bachelor's degree in accounting, five years of law office management experience, and

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Employment Law Degrees: Master's, Doctorate & Online Class

(7 days ago) J.D. Degrees Covering Employment Law. You may be able to pursue labor and employment law as a concentration in a 3-year J.D. program. Some schools offer combined bachelor's and J.D. programs, or concurrent degrees in business administration, criminal justice, political science, or other disciplines.

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Becoming a Real Estate Attorney: Job Description & Salary Info

(8 days ago) A law firm in Washington, D.C., was hiring a real estate attorney with experience in executing the stages of real estate and commercial transactions, including negotiation and documentation. Candidates had to possess strong writing skills, enthusiasm and ingenuity in addition to three or more years of experience.

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Becoming a Business Lawyer: Salary Info & Job Description

(3 days ago) Many law schools offer specialized courses and/or programs in business/commercial law. Topics covered may include bankruptcy, banking, accounting, insurance, international trade, securities and anti-trust litigation. Along with specific knowledge in the legal aspects of certain areas of commerce, law school may also equip students with a wide

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Becoming a Healthcare Attorney: Job Description & Salary Info

(7 days ago) A law degree and strong conflict resolution skills were among the qualifications. A branch of the U.S. Armed Forces sought an attorney-advisor based in Missouri to help service personnel through the process of medical evaluations. Requirements were a J.D., bar membership in a U.S. state or territory and 1-2 years of experience practicing law

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Environmental Law Degrees: Doctorate, Master's & Online

(1 days ago) Studying Environmental Law: Degrees at a Glance. Whether you want to become an attorney, an educator, a government advisor, a lobbyist, an environmental organization manager or an organizer, earning a master's or doctorate degree in environmental law could be the education path for you.

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Becoming an Immigration Lawyer: Job Description & Salary Info

(7 days ago) Essential Career Info Job Description. Immigration law is a pressing issue in the United States, and lawyers are essential to ensuring due process to documented and undocumented immigrants; in fact, the American Bar Association (ABA) firmly supports positive reform measures to the immigration court system, which includes improved access to lawyers.

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Corporate Law Degrees: Bachelor's & Online Course Info

(9 days ago) Study Corporate Law: Degrees at a Glance. Currently there aren't any bachelor's degree programs with majors specifically in corporate law. However, similar training is available through bachelor's degree programs in legal studies, paralegal studies or even business administration with a concentration in business law.

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Law Clerk: Career Diploma Description

(8 days ago) Law clerks perform many duties such as conduct research, interviews, and assist in the preparation of legal briefs for upcoming cases. This is a demanding position that requires patience and an …

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Land Use Attorney Careers: Job Description & Salary

(2 days ago) Law school requires three years of study, and culminates in a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. Real Job Listings As a result of the high competition for jobs among licensed attorneys, many career opportunities for land use lawyers require a high level of specialized experience and knowledge of environmental regulations as well as real estate and

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Criminal Law Degrees: Master's, Doctorate & Online Class Info

(5 days ago) Criminal law studies involve the prosecution and defense of suspects at the local, state, federal and international levels. For doctoral studies, you'll find criminal law as part of a Juris Doctor (JD) program that's designed for people who want to become lawyers. Criminal law studies at the master's level can be found as a specialization

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Medical Lawyer Careers: Job Description & Salary Information

(6 days ago) Regulatory law pertains to government imposed standards, guidelines and protocols in the healthcare industry. Intellectual property law involves legal entitlements and/or ownership of items such as medical patents and inventions. Corporate and nonprofit law centers on the business management of …

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Becoming a Copyright Lawyer: Careers, Salary Info & Job

(7 days ago) The law firm preferred a candidate who had academic attainment or a degree in engineering or computers from undergraduate, in addition to 4-6 years of experience. A San Francisco, CA, publishing company posted an opening for a copyright lawyer to consult with firm about contracts. Specifically, the lawyer needed to help determine how

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Wildlife Law Enforcement Degrees: Bachelor's, Associate

(9 days ago) Bachelor's Degree in Wildlife Law Enforcement. Bachelor's degrees in law enforcement commonly follow the '2+2' pattern, where students spend the first two years in a law enforcement preparation associate degree program before transferring to complete a 4-year program at an associated university.

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Patent Lawyer Careers: Salary Information & Job Description

(7 days ago) A law firm is looking for an intellectual property/patent attorney with expertise in operating systems, telecom and mobile devices. Candidates must have a J.D. degree and be admitted to the bar in at least one state. Applicants must have a four-year technical or advanced degree in electrical or computer engineering (or related degree) and

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Legal Administration Degrees: Associate, Bachelor & Online

(5 days ago) Law offices engage in a large amount of electronic document processing, including when filing electronic documents with courts and when conducting discovery. You can stand out against your competition by becoming proficient in the procedures, technology and software used to generate, store, collect and prepare electronic documents for court

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Contract Lawyer Careers: Job Description & Salary Information

(6 days ago) A medium-sized law firm in Boston is hiring a contract attorney with five or more years of experience to work on health care, licensing and real estate cases. In Milwaukee, an insurance company seeks a contract trial attorney with 3-5 years of experience. This job requires candidates to represent clients in tort, injury and other cases.

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Real Estate Paralegal Careers: Job Description & Salary Info

(5 days ago) Law firms are expected to remain the largest employer. Corporations can also offer good job prospects as companies seek to reduce legal costs. There is expected to be strong competition for jobs, but specialty areas, such as real estate, are expected to have a larger need for paralegals.

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Environmental Paralegal Careers: Job Description & Salary Info

(8 days ago) A paralegal is needed at an environmental law firm in Maryland. This employer did not specify an education level, but environmental paralegal experience was required. This firm is offering between $16 and $20 an hour to successful candidates. A paralegal is needed at a firm in Texas that offers legal services and specializes in environmental law.

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Assistant District Attorney Careers: Job Description

(2 days ago) A Kansas county seeks a senior assistant district attorney to prosecute non-drug felony cases, work with various law enforcement agencies and to implement office policies. This person will provide training for law enforcement professionals as requested. A Wisconsin county seeks a …

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Human Rights Degrees: Master's, PhD & Online Course Info

(Just Now) International law and human rights International organizations and human rights Research methods Global poverty and human rights Additionally, you usually complete a thesis and/or a project that pertains to a particular human rights issue of your choosing. Some type of fieldwork may also be required in order to gain professional experience.

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Study Policing & Investigation: Master's Degree & Online

(1 days ago) Law enforcement graduate programs are designed for mid-career professionals who have either taken on or are looking to take on further responsibility through promotion. Law enforcement officials looking to become leaders may go further and undertake a graduate program …

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Free Online Social Work Courses from Top Universities

(2 days ago) Find out about online courses in social work offered for free by Open University. Get information on social work topics dealing with transitioning aged and disabled people to residential care, social care laws in England and Scotland and the practice of social work.

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Family Lawyer Careers: Salary Information & Job Description

(4 days ago) Family lawyers generally work at small law firms or boutiques that specialize in family law. A few large firms have family law divisions; these generally deal with the financial aspects of the proceedings. A few family lawyers work in legal aid or government settings. …

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Medical Ethics Careers: Job Description & Salary Info

(9 days ago) Field of study options include nursing, theology, law or public health, among other fields, as well as dedicated programs in bioethics. To teach and perform research at a research center or university academic department, you typically need to complete a Ph.D. program in an area of study that intersects with medical ethics.

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Digital Forensics Careers: Salary Info & Job Description

(2 days ago) A Texas branch of a federal law enforcement agency needs a computer forensic examiner to direct activities in the computer forensics office. The examiner must prepare the evidence gathered from the devices for court cases. The candidate for the job needs a bachelor's degree and at least one year of experience in computer security. Standing Out

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Land Surveying Degrees: Bachelor, Associate & Online

(Just Now) Boundary law Construction surveying Photogrammetry Surveying software and drafting Cartography Subdivision and site planning Online Degree Options. Similar to the situation with the associate's degree, ABET-accredited schools that offer online bachelor degree programs are also hard to …

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Free Online Organic Chemistry Courses from Top Universities

(8 days ago) Free Organic Chemistry Courses. Free organic chemistry courses are available at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These courses are offered at the undergraduate and graduate level, involving textbooks and lecture handouts, among other resources that students can access for free online.

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Policing & Investigation Degrees: Bachelor, Associate

(Just Now) Policing and Investigation: Associate and Bachelor's Degrees at a Glance. For those seeking a career in law enforcement, a high school diploma is the entry-level education, but an associate degree from a pre-professional program may also be required by some employers. Additionally, a bachelor's degree may be necessary, especially for positions

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Medical Malpractice Attorney Careers: Salary & Job Description

(2 days ago) Getting into law school is competitive. You must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) to gauge your aptitude for the study of law. When deciding on admissions, law schools will look at your LSAT score, undergraduate GPA and the results of your personal interviews with admissions representatives.

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Business Attorney Careers: Salary Information & Job

(1 days ago) The preferred candidate should have knowledge in both business and tax law. A Cleveland law firm sought a business attorney with 7-10 years of experience in business transactions, including corporate entity selection and setup, corporate maintenance documents and …

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Free Online Astronomy Courses from Top Universities

(Just Now) Free Astronomy Courses. Free astronomy courses are available online for independent learners who want to explore the field. Students can access text-based lessons and assignment instructions, though they won't receive grades or credit for their work.

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Tourism Management Degrees: Bachelors, Associate & Online

(6 days ago) Hospitality law Sanitation and food safety Customer service management You may also take courses in culinary arts and beverage operations. Your coursework will likely include business courses such as marketing, sales and accounting. Hands-on training is usually an integral part of the curriculum and you can expect to complete at least one

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