Canadian Law School Application Assistant

Ontario law schools use a special GPA calculation. Convert your grades to the OLSAS standard, even if you've gone to multiple universities. Prep your personal statements. No more fiddly mess trying to get your character counts correct. No more disappearing …

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Admissions Predictor for Ontario law schools

(4 days ago) The table below lists average and median LSAT, cGPA, and L2 of those accepted to various Ontario law schools between 2011 and 2018 d. Get more stats like this, along with a statistical analysis of your chances, by logging in ! a All grades are on the OLSAS scale. b Sorted by mean accepted cGPA.

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Calculate your Ontario (OLSAS) GPA

(Just Now) Calculate your Ontario (OLSAS) GPA in three easy steps using your grades from any Canadian or American university, for free.

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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

(8 days ago) Data may be attached to an Account in the form of grades, test scores, personal essays, other law school application related data, and identifying information (including, but not limited to, e-mail address and social media identity) (the "Data") through registration of an Account or by utilizing the Services.

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