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Yale Law School is one of the world’s premier law schools, offering an unmatched environment of excellence, a flourishing intellectual life, and an abundance of opportunities to engage with the law.. Whether interested in constitutional law or criminal law, Yale Law School provides students with a diverse and robust academic experience that empowers them to chart their own course.

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Law & Health

(8 days ago) The Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy . The Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at Yale Law School is the first of its kind to focus on the governance, business and practice of health care in the United States. The Center brings together leading experts and practitioners from the public and private sectors to address cutting-edge questions of health law and policy, and to train the

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Get to Know Our Team

(4 days ago) The J.D. Admissions Office is open on weekdays from 9:00am-4:30pm. We are located in Suite 175 in Ruttenberg Hall. Phone: (203) 432-4995. Email: If you would like to direct your questions to a current Yale Law School student, please feel free to ask a law

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The right and the limitation

(1 days ago) A similar provision appears in Israel’s Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom: There shall be no violation of freedom of occupation except by a law befitting the values of the State of Israel, enacted for a proper purpose, and to an extent no greater than is required, or by regulation enacted by virtue of express authorisation in such law.6

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The Avalon Project : Constitution of New Jersey; 1776

(9 days ago) That the common law of England, as well as so much of the statute law, as have been heretofore practiced in this Colony, shall still remain in force, until they shall be altered by a future law of the Legislature; such parts only excepted, as are repugnant to the rights and privileges contained in this Charter; and that the inestimable right of

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Applying with a Criminal Record

(9 days ago) Reginald Dwayne Betts is a lawyer, poet, and award-winning author. At 16, he was sentenced to over eight years in prison. He graduated from Yale Law School and is currently is a Ph.D. in Law candidate at Yale University. He now works on criminal justice reform, including founding the Million Books Project.

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Visit & Directions

(9 days ago) Yale Law School is at the heart of the city of New Haven—a lively, small urban center between New York City and Boston. New Haven and the Region The New Haven Green is the heart of downtown, and home to free cultural events like the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, Music on the Green, and the New Haven Jazz Festival.

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Saying Thank You

(9 days ago) Saying Thank You. Advice on whether to send a brief email of thanks to attorneys with whom you have interviewed is varied. In some regions of the country (i.e. the Northeast), thank you emails are generally not expected. In other locales (i.e. the Southeast), they are more common. If you do decide to send one, make sure it is perfect, as it

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(4 days ago) common-law countries, the customary law, defined and developed by the courts, is the foundation on which the legal edifice is reared. All statutes, large and small, whether called codes or not, are but modifi-cations of the customary law and must be interpreted with a constant regard to this underlying foundation.

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(1 days ago) the law of reason, lex naturalis, lex aeterna, natural justice, or due process of law; natural law, in the broadest sense, has evolved as the needs of a particular civilization and the endeavors of its legal scholars have directed.' It is significant, however, that as a phi- losophy of law, natural law continues to thrive, although the par-

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Law, Lawyers, and Popular Culture

(4 days ago) law and not-law; between the legal and the social; but these theories also conceive of this boundary as wholly or largely porous, a kind of network or meshwork through which energy easily flows, rather than as a tough, tight skin. This cluster of theories firmly rejects the idea that legal systems are

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What Is Positive Law

(4 days ago) Such law "exists" in the sense that it has validity t Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Boalt Hall). Docteur en droit 1961, University de Liege, Belgium; Ph.D. 1966, University of California, Berkeley. This Essay is dedicated to Linda Helyar. 1. …

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Room Reservations

(8 days ago) Standard FeaturesBrowse for available spaceRequest room reservation based on date, time, capacity and featuresEdit and delete reservation requestsReserve for re-occuring events or meetingsReservation request requires approval and is confirmed via emailUser RequirementsActive Netid Room reservations via the online system must be made 48 hours in advance

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Liberty, Justice, and the Rule of Law

(5 days ago) Law has a notably respectable place in liberal political theory. Everyone agrees that the "rule of law" is one of the core principles of liberal constitutionalism. Here, it is said, we enjoy a "government of laws, and not of men."1 But why do liberals, as a rule, share this respect, even reverence,

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Mandatory Rules in the Law of Trusts

(1 days ago) prehensive national codification of the American law of trusts. The Code contains a novel provision, section 105, which is the centerpiece of this Es-say. It subjects trust law to the classificatory rubric of default and manda-tory rules.' Section 105(a) provides that all trust law is default law, apart

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Nancy Sue Marder

(7 days ago) Nancy S. Marder is a Visiting Professor of Law at Yale Law School and a Professor of Law at Chicago-Kent College of Law. Her research and writing focus on juries, judges, and courts. Marder has written and lectured on every stage of the jury process from the jury summons to …

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Law and the Humanities: An Uneasy Relationship

(5 days ago) law, on the contrary, merely a "subject matter"-similar, say, to the city of 8. In fact, a study by Yale Law School librarian Fred Shapiro discovered that Ronald Coase's classic article, The Problem of Social Cost, 3 J. L. & ECON. 1 (1960), was the single most-heavily cited article by legal academics.

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Humanity and the Law

(5 days ago) the law of duty is its legality (legalitas); The conformity of the maxim of an action with a law is the morality (moralitas) of the action. ' After these propositions, Kant relates the concept of maxim to the idea of a person's freedom. Accordingly, to Kant, it is an individual's power to

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The Facebook Files

(6 days ago) Zephyr Teachout (right) is an Associate Law Professor at Fordham Law School and the author, most recently, of Break ‘Em Up: Recovering Our Freedom from Big Ag, Big Tech, and Big Money (Macmillan, 2020), which argues for the use of antitrust to rein in corporate harms.

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(4 days ago) when law came to be written it was rather deductive than inductive: the judgments were examined, and from them the general rule was deduced. The real law is always the state of the decisions for the time being, whatever may be the state of the rules supposed to be binding. "One-third of a judge is a common juror if you get beneath the

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(1 days ago) the law professor explored the precedents of the past, and this, too, had its devastating effect. Thus, many a cherished notion of supposed his-torical antiquity, employed as the foundation stone of a modern limiting decision, was shown to have but a factitious existence in some lawyer's mind rather than in age-old judicial action.

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(4 days ago) LAW JOURNAL Vol. XXVIII MAY, 1919 No. 7 CAUSA AND CONSIDERATION IN THE LAW OF CONTRACTS ENmST G. LORFNZEN Professor of Law, Yale University Although the common law is the general basis of the law of this country and of the law of the British Empire, and has therefore a claim to the principal interest and attention of the Anglo-American

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(4 days ago) law is a social order, that is to say an order regulating the mutual be-havior of human beings. An order is a set of rules prescribing a certain human behavior, and that means a system of norms. The saying that the purpose of the law is to establish order is one of the manytautol-

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Administrative Enforcement in China

(6 days ago) Administrative Penalty Law was adopted in 1996 to create a uniform national law designed to replace a multitude of prior laws and regulations which prescribed numerous administrative fines and penalties that were seen as unjust and leaving too much room for local government abuse. 1 The law sets forth permitted forms of administrative penalties

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(2 days ago) Corporate law is a substantive field and you can become expert in it (most people say it takes 10 years). The practice is collaborative in general, although direct negotiation can sometimes be adversarial. People who like corporate practice tend to get satisfaction from helping companies grow and protect themselves. In

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Algorithms and Economic Justice Master Final

(5 days ago) nondiscrimination law.10 Likewise, opaque algorithms used to select who receives COVID-19 vaccinations have resulted in wide distributional disparities11 and perverse outcomes.12 As a Commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission—an agency whose mission is to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive practices and to promote competition in the

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(Just Now) The law of war, for example, provides a useful legal framework for only the very small slice of cyber-attacks that amount to an armed attack or that take place in the context of an ongoing armed conflict. Other existing legal frameworks—both domestic and international—offer equally fragmentary

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CAFE Law & Policy Lab

(Just Now) Challenging Pennsylvania’s CAFO Immunity Law . By Simon Engler, Tim Ibbotson-Sindelar, Angus McLean, and Lexi Smith. CAFO immunity laws, or “right-to-farm laws,” are statutes that prevent plaintiffs from seeking redress in court for some of the health and …

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Adobe Acrobat and Creative Suite

(5 days ago) Contact YLS Information Technology Services. Phone: 203-432-0821. Email: law[email protected] Walk in: L2 Law Library Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

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The Avalon Project

(9 days ago) That the chief Secretary or register which we have chosen, or shall choose, (we failing) that he shall choose, shall keep exact entries in fair books of all publick affairs: and to avoid deceits and lawsuits, shall record and enter all grants of land from the lords to the planters; and all conveyances of land, house or houses from man to man

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The Limited Liability Company: Lessons for Corporate Law

(1 days ago) In Law and Economics. I am grateful to Cornell Law School, and to the International Centre for Economic Research in Turin, Italy, where much ofthe research on this Article was conducted, for their generous support ofmy research activities. In addition, Matthew Bibbens and Kevin Hartzell, both of

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Student Services

(Just Now) Kate Stith, Lafayette S. Foster Professor of Law at Yale Law School, teaches and writes in the areas of criminal law, criminal procedure, and constitutional law. Prior to joining the faculty at Yale, Professor Stith was an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, where she p

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Anthony T. Kronman

(8 days ago) Anthony Kronman is Sterling Professor of Law at Yale Law School. A former Dean of Yale Law School, Professor Kronman teaches in the areas of contracts, bankruptcy, jurisprudence, social theory, and professional responsibility. Before coming to Yale, he taught at the University of Chicago. Among his books are Education's End: Why Our Colleges and Universities Have Given Up on

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Centers and Workshops

(2 days ago) An innovative pilot law school pipeline program designed for first generation, low-income and under-represented minority students from the New Haven area. The Arthur Liman Center for Public Interest Law. The Liman Center works to improve access to justice for those without resources.

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