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UT Law takes its responsibility to the judicial system seriously. Through its visionary Center for Advocacy and Dispute Resolution, the college offers an academic concentration in Advocacy and Dispute Resolution designed to prepare students for the rigors of the practice of law.

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Academic Success

(6 days ago) The seminar is designed to help new law students find success in law school by connecting the law school classroom experience with final exams, the bar exam, and the practice of law. First-year students who actively engage in the seminar will be able to exercise time and stress management skills to balance work and life, identify and articulate

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Academic Resources

(2 days ago) UT Law is an excellent place to learn the law. The college has hosted lectures by three U.S. Supreme Court justices in the past five years. U.S. News and World Report ranks UT 65th among all law schools and in the top 34 public law schools. U.S. News also ranks our clinical program 20th among all law schools and 9th among all public law schools

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Faculty Directories

(8 days ago) Faculty Directories - University of Tennessee College of Law. Faculty Directories. Faculty and Scholarship. College of Law faculty are excellent teachers, scholars, and practitioners. Their influential and well-respected scholarship is placed in some of the most esteemed law publications in the nation.

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Student Organizations

(4 days ago) Lambda Law. Lambda Law is a student organization dedicated to promoting diversity education and awareness, fellowship, and discussion in the UT Law community and the Knoxville area. The purposes of the Lambda Legal Society of the University of Tennessee College of Law are: 1.

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Adjunct Professors

(6 days ago) During law school he was a member of the Tennessee Law Review and the editorial board of Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law. He is a native of East Tennessee. When he has free time, he enjoys reading, working in the woods or on his tractor, gardening and spending time with his wife and three children.

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Rheingold Asset Purchase Agreement

(6 days ago) Note, however, that state law considerations of successor liability should be carefully considered by all parties to an asset purchase agreement. 4 While “Assumption” is commonly used in many corporate agreements, it is somewhat strange to see Assumption defined as a noun. In this case, the term describes an instrument whereby the Buyer

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First-Year Courses

(7 days ago) LAW 820 | 1 credit hour This simulation-based lab puts students in the role of a lawyer negotiating a commercial transaction on a client’s behalf throughout the semester. Involving both property and contracts law, the lab offers practical training in client interviewing and …

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Business Law: Connecting the Threads

(7 days ago) Narrowing directors’ decision making in this way limits the options for innovation, building goodwill, and maintaining an engaged workforce, to the detriment of employees, society, and, yes, shareholders. Then, a University of Tennessee College of Law faculty member and law student comment on Professor Fershée’s remarks..75 hour credit

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Clayton Center for Entrepreneurial Law

(7 days ago) Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law was founded in 1998 by a group of law students at the College of Law with the assistance and support of Professor Carl Pierce, then the director of the Clayton Center.The first issue was published in May 2000. Since that time, the journal has evolved into a traditional law review.Transactions

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University of Tennessee Legal Scholarship Repository

(3 days ago) The University of Tennessee Legal Scholarship Repository preserves and provides access to the research and creative scholarship created by the University of Tennessee College of Law's faculty, students, and staff. The research papers, theses, dissertations, books, conference presentations, journals, data and multimedia here represent Iowa’s rich intellectual and cultural community.

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Alumni and Donors

(8 days ago) UT Law donors contribute financially to the current experiences and future successes of our students. Private financial support from donors is a critical piece of the law school’s funding model and we would not be able to offer the quality of education that we do today without private giving.

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Courses (by Course Number)

(3 days ago) LAW 875 – The Jury System. LAW 877 – Jurisprudence. LAW 878 – Ownership and Justice. LAW 879 – Law and Economics. LAW 880 – Behavioral Economics. LAW 881 – Law and Literature. LAW 883 – Images of the Law. LAW 886 – Public International Law. LAW 887 – …

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Giving Society Members

(3 days ago) Alumni and Donors College of Law alumni are partners in our ongoing efforts to provide quality legal education. Alumni and Donors College of Law alumni are partners in our ongoing efforts to provide quality legal education. Gifts to the College of Law Gifts made to the University of Tennessee College of Law make a tremendous […]

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(9 days ago) *Art Stolnitz and E.E. Overton Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus, University of Ten-nessee College of Law. Professor Blaze is the founding director of the Institute for Pro-fessional Leadership at the College of Law. 1. I presently teach Criminal Law, and previously taught Civil Procedure, in the first semester.

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Transfer Students

(6 days ago) Transfer Applicants. First-year law students at other institutions may apply to transfer to UT Law to complete their legal training. The transfer application period is May 15 through July 1. Application files should be complete no later than July to be considered for enrollment in …

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Connecting the Threads IV

(1 days ago) Next, the presentation identifies and categorizes ways in which law firms and law practice responded to challenges generated by or in the pandemic. Perhaps most remarkable in this regard is the advent of dedicated COVID-19 web pages on law firm websites and the development of specialized legal technology applications.

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Alumni Leadership

(6 days ago) Alumni Leadership. Two volunteer advisory boards, the Alumni Council and the Dean’s Circle, serve the College of Law. The members include diverse groups of alumni with specific skills chosen by the dean of the College of Law. Their top priority is to work alongside the dean and provide insights to strengthen the mission, strategy, and

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Character and Fitness in the Admissions

(5 days ago) Law schools require applicants to be completely honest in responding to questions on the application concerning past conduct. Failure to provide complete and truthful answers to these questions may cause a delay in processing the application for admission or even revocation of an offer of admission.

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Purpose and Goals

(8 days ago) UT Law alumni have served—and continue to serve—as U.S. senators, members of Congress, state legislators, federal and state judges, bar leaders, business leaders, thought leaders, corporate leaders, and leaders of community non-profit and charitable organizations. The values these leaders incorporate into their professional personae

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Giving Societies

(5 days ago) In 1890, the University of Tennessee College of Law opened its doors to the first class of law students in Knoxville. That class had only three students and one faculty member, but from those humble beginnings an institution known for excellent legal education through the focused combination of doctrinal coursework and practical experience has flourished.

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Penny White recognized as exemplary, earns

(Just Now) The College of Law’s Professor Penny White has been selected as one of the University of Tennessee’s Chancellor’s Professors. With her selection, White joins a group of the university’s most exceptional scholars. The designation is a lifetime honor that recognizes extraordinary scholarly achievement in an individual discipline or field as well as a record of […]

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Concentration in Advocacy and Dispute

(1 days ago) An Issues in the Law course must be approved by the Dean or the Dean’s designee as satisfying the requirements of the concentration. Requirement 2. Second, students must take an additional twelve hours of related courses during their second and third years of study. Students also may satisfy the elective requirement by taking special courses

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University of Tennessee Law Legal Scholarship Repository

(2 days ago) As one law firm noted in 2018, "[p]rice algorithms are clearly the 'talk of the town' in the European competition law community these days."' During the summer of 2018, the law firm noted, [B]oth the Federal Cartel Office and the Austrian Federal Competition Authority have addressed the question of whether the use of price algorithms

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College of Law Faculty Scholarship

(8 days ago) This is an edited, annotated transcript of a conference panel discussion on feminism, sex, and gender in law, legal education, and legal scholarship. The transcript reflects widely divergent views of the place of feminism, sex, and gender in the law and legal scholarship. Moreover, the panelists differ as to the role feminism has played in the lives of women as law students and practicing

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