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The law school from which the applicant seeks to transfer must be able to certify that the applicant has completed all requirements and credits for that school’s full-time first-year program. Applicants must fulfill the first-year course requirements at their host law school by the completion of the Spring semester.

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Legal History Consortium • Penn Law

(Just Now) Prof. Tani L’07 leads Law School’s Legal History Consortium through historic times. The Legal History Consortium, jointly sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School and the Penn’s Graduate History Department, was formed to promote interdisciplinary research, scholarship, and education in law and history.

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Equity and Inclusion • Inclusion • Penn Law

(6 days ago) law school, and professional programs we target inequity of access and opportunity, supporting student success. Our pipeline initiatives engage students at every stage of their academic journey beginning at middle school and leading up to higher education and beyond. Program participants learn about the law school experience, application

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Fernando Chang-Muy • Faculty • Penn Law

(3 days ago) Adjunct Professor of Law. Fernando Chang-Muy is the Thomas O’Boyle Lecturer in Law at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law, where he teaches Refugee Law and Policy. In addition, at the Graduate School of Social Policy and Practice, he lectures on Immigration and Social Work, and on Organizational Effectiveness, in the Executive

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(7 days ago) sovereignty,” conceives international law as a system of public law which properly circumscribes not just political power but all forms of social power. Cosmopolitan sovereignty is the law of peoples because it places at its center the primacy of individual human beings as political agents, and the account-

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Regina Austin • Faculty • Penn Law

(8 days ago) Regina Austin’s scholarship focuses on the impact of law on cultural conflicts arising from race, gender, and class inequality, with much of it revolving around the critical analysis of ethnographies and law-genre documentary films and photography. In addition to using nonfiction films in teaching traditional torts courses, she directs the

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Lawrence Hamermesh • Institute for Law & Economics • …

(4 days ago) Professor Hamermesh received a B.A. from Haverford College in 1973, and a J.D. from Yale Law School in 1976. Professor Hamermesh practiced law with Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell, Wilmington, Delaware, as an associate from 1976–84, and as a partner from 1985–94. Professor Hamermesh joined the faculty at Delaware Law School in 1994, where

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Two Penn Law students win diversity scholarships from

(9 days ago) Two Penn Law students, Esther Kang L’21, WG’21 and Bhavin Shah L’21, have been awarded Diversity Scholarships by the Morgan Lewis Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) organization established by global law firm Morgan Lewis & Blockius LLP. Kang, originally from Marlboro, New Jersey, received her undergraduate degree in Economics from Rutgers University.

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Analysis of the New Delaware Corporation Law

(9 days ago) Corporation Law superior to any then in existence. The Secretary of State immediately appointed a Committee to carry out this legislative directive. It was comprised of the former Chief Justice of the Supreme. Court of Delaware, the Secretary of State, the Director

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Directory • Faculty • Penn Law

(7 days ago) Nicholas F. Gallicchio Professor of Law, Emeritus. Malia Brink. Lecturer in Law. Jeff Brotman. Adjunct Professor of Law. Stephen B. Burbank. David Berger Professor for the Administration of Justice, Emeritus. Sean Burke. Lecturer in Law.

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Blog • Documentaries and the Law • Penn Law

(6 days ago) Regina Austin is the Director of the Penn Program on Documentaries and the Law. She is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School and teaches the Visual Legal Advocacy Seminar, a course in which law students make short advocacy videos on behalf of …

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Anita L. Allen • Faculty • Penn Law

(6 days ago) Anita L. Allen is the Henry R. Silverman Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy. A graduate of Harvard Law School with a PhD from the University of Michigan in Philosophy, Allen is internationally renown as an expert on philosophical dimensions of privacy and data protection law, ethics, bioethics, legal philosophy, women’s rights, and diversity in higher education.

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Law, Rights, and Other Totemic Illusions: Legal Liberalism

(4 days ago) LAW 97, 181-82 (1961); see also R. DWORKIN, supra note 1, at vii, ix (citing Jeremy Bentham as the prototypical English positivist and H.L.A. Hart as English positivism's most important contemporary proponent). 4 The belief of the new liberal legal theorist as described by Dworkin is closely akin to the faith of the constitutional believer as

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Miguel Willis • Faculty • Penn Law

(8 days ago) Miguel Willis is the Innovator in Residence at the Law School’s Future of the Profession Initiative (“FPI”). Miguel concurrently serves as the Executive Director of Access to Justice Tech Fellows (“A2J Tech Fellows”), a national nonprofit organization that develops summer fellowships for law students seeking to leverage technology to create equitable legal access for low-income and

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Master in Law: Master in Law Degree • Penn Law

(2 days ago) Master in Law Degree Requirements. Eight courses are required to complete the Master in Law degree. The degree is structured for the completion of 4 ML foundational courses and 4 courses from the JD curriculum (excluding the 1L required curriculum). There is some flexibility between these two categories according to the below requirements.

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About • Institute for Law & Economics • Penn Law

(Just Now) Institute for Law & Economics. Founded in 1980 by Professor Michael L. Wachter, the Institute was created to advance cross-disciplinary research and bring together academics, lawyers, business leaders, judges, policymakers, and regulators. Our innovative roundtables and conferences serve these goals by provoking in-depth discussions of timely

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Penn Law Students • Registrar • Penn Law

(Just Now) Penn Law Students. The Law Registrar works with students, faculty, and staff in a myriad of ways, from course registration to exams, to graduation and beyond, and we welcomes your questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for below, please email us at [email protected] or stop in to see us in GK103 (Golkin Hall).

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Law School adds new faculty for 2021-2022 • News & Events

(3 days ago) Law School adds new faculty for 2021-2022. Lisa Fairfax, Jasmine Harris, Sandra Mayson, and Jennifer Rothman join the standing faculty, and three practitioners, including two Law School alums, join the Legal Practice Skills faculty. The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School welcomes four distinguished scholars and teachers to the standing

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Faculty Services • Library • Penn Law

(4 days ago) The Biddle Law Library offers a full range of faculty services to support all stages of scholarly research and publication.The library also provides curricular and instructional support to the Law School’s faculty. Liaison librarians are assigned to each member of the standing faculty.

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People • Institute for Law & Economics • Penn Law

(1 days ago) Theodore K. Warner Professor of Law & Professor of Real Estate; Co-Director, Center for Tax Law and Policy George J. Mailath Walter H. Annenberg Professor in the Social Sciences, Professor of Economics, School of Arts and Sciences

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Karen M. Tani • Faculty • Penn Law

(5 days ago) Prior to joining the Penn Law faculty, Tani was a Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. She has also held visiting professor appointments at Columbia Law School and Yale Law School. Tani is the first graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s J.D./Ph.D. …

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News • Quattrone Center • Penn Law

(1 days ago) Penn Law’s Quattrone Center, along with the Baltimore’s City State’s Attorney’s Office, Police Department, the Maryland Office of the Public Defender in Baltimore City, and the University of Baltimore Innocence Project Clinic, have released a root cause analysis report on the case of Malcolm J. Bryant, who was convicted of murder in 1999 and exonerated in 2016 after DNA tests proved

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Clinic students • Clinics & Externships • Penn Law

(2 days ago) Client Meetings - Tech Resources. When meeting with clients (either in person or remotely), these resources will help you navigate Zoom, record meetings, and provide your supervisor with a video of your meeting. Creating a Penn-licensed Zoom Account. Recording Client Meetings held in the Clinic via Zoom. Upload Client Recordings.

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About Us • Penn Law

(8 days ago) About Us Mission: To preserve and promote the rule of law in 21st century national security, warfare, and democratic governance. CERL is a non-partisan interdisciplinary institute dedicated to preserving and promoting the rule of law in twenty-first century national security, warfare, and democratic governance.

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Research & Resources • Institute for Law & Economics

(3 days ago) Listed below is a sampling of recently published papers and work in progress by members of the Associate Faculty of the Institute for Law and Economics. ILE maintains a series of research papers and provides copies—electronic or paper—to interested parties upon request to [email protected] The Institute is a member of the Legal Scholarship

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News • Library • Penn Law

(9 days ago) Biddle has a New Catalog: Search Center. Earlier this month, the Biddle Law Library launched its new catalog—Search Center. The new system offers enhanced search capabilities and integrated interlibrary loan services. Learn more.

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JD/MBA Admissions • JD/MBA • Penn Law

(7 days ago) Applicants are encouraged to apply prior to matriculation in the Law School. However, since the first year of the three-year JD/MBA program takes place at the Law School, Law School students have the option of applying to the three-year JD/MBA program during their 1L year, during Round 1 or Round 2 of the Wharton MBA admissions timeline.

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Global Justice Fellowship • International • Penn Law

(7 days ago) To complement the Law School’s course offerings and clinical opportunities, the GJF provides students with opportunities to gain first-hand experience in promoting and advocating for global justice. Many students come to law school eager to explore international and comparative human rights and rule of law issues. This program is designed to

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ILE Events • Institute for Law & Economics • Penn Law

(1 days ago) The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School 3501 Sansom Street Philadelphia, PA 19104 215.898.7483

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Ad Hoc Externships • Clinics & Externships • Penn Law

(5 days ago) The Law School is pleased to be able to offer travel reimbursement for regular weekly in-person commuting expenses to assist students who choose to pursue externships outside of Philadelphia between Washington, DC and New York. In conjunction with University travel guidelines, for these qualifying externships, the Law School will reimburse

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Penn Law European Society (PLES) • Alumni • Penn Law

(4 days ago) And with that, the Penn Law European Society (PLES) and the annual PLES Meeting tradition was born. Since then, from 40 to 80 alumni and guests meet for long weekends in beautiful locations from Antibes, Oxford, St. Petersburg, and Bologna to Hamburg, Lisbon, Vienna, Prague, and Edinburgh to name a few.

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Wendell E. Pritchett

(7 days ago) Law and History at Rutgers University-Camden, 2009-2014. Chief Administrative and Academic Officer for a Campus of 6,600 students with an annual budget of approximately $170 million. University of Pennsylvania School of Law. Professor of Law, 2008-2009. Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 2006-2007. Assistant

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LLM & Graduate Programs • Graduate Admissions • Penn Law

(2 days ago) LLM Public Service Program. In addition to our outstanding course offerings, our LLM students have the opportunity to gain real world US legal experience.The LLM Public Service Program presents you with opportunities to develop your professional skills and learn more about the communities that exist beyond Penn’s Law School.

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Seminar Series • Center for Tax Law & Policy • Penn Law

(2 days ago) Seminar Series. Every year the Center for Tax Law and Policy invites a selection of the nation’s leading tax scholars to present their best new work in the Center’s Tax Law and Policy Workshop Series. The series also invites prominent tax policy personnel from nearby Washington D.C. to talk about the practical application of policy principles.

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Financial Aid • Graduate Admissions • Penn Law

(Just Now) The Thouron Award is a graduate exchange program between British universities and the University of Pennsylvania. This is a generous scholarship that has funded British students at Penn Law in recent years. The American Scandinavian Foundation provides up to $500,000 worth of scholarships to Scandinavians for US study every year.

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TOBIAS BARRINGTON WOLFF University of Pennsylvania Law

(4 days ago) TOBIAS BARRINGTON WOLFF University of Pennsylvania Law School 3501 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 CURRENT POSITION: University of Pennsylvania Law School Jefferson Barnes Fordham Professor of Law May 2019 – present Deputy Dean for Alumni Engagement and Inclusion July 2018 – present Professor of Law July 2007 – May 2019 Visiting Professor of Law July 2006 – …

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Global Research Seminar • International • Penn Law

(5 days ago) The Global Research Seminar (GRS) is an innovative teaching model for exploring the global nature of today’s most complex legal issues. These intensive research courses culminate in an overseas field research visit where students and faculty meet jointly with primary stakeholders on key topics in public and private international law.

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Substitution of Law for Ethics

(1 days ago) The law is an inadequate substitute for our value and individual judgment and was never intended to act as such. It partially re flects history and often incorporates a reaction to recently occurring events. Most times it is just, but sometimes it is unjust.

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Social Movements, Law, and Society: The

(8 days ago) law as a resource or strategy to achieve desired social change. Since social change is the purpose of a social movement, law reform gener-ally is taken to provide a means of realizing that goal. 3. According to this conventional view, social movements, law re- form, …

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LSE • International • Penn Law

(Just Now) Penn’s Law School students will receive up to 12 credits for their semester in London (five LSE classes plus an independent study with a Penn Law faculty member). Following is a sample of half unit (Michaelmas) courses that have run in the past between September and December: Climate Change and International Law. European Capital Markets Law.

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Events • Penn Law

(6 days ago) The Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law is a new institute at Penn Law devoted to the preservation of rule of law values in the face of the foregoing types of challenges. View panel website . This program has been approved for 1 hour of substantive law credit and 1 hour of ethics credit for Pennsylvania lawyers.

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Penn Law’s Outreach Program helps prepare diverse college

(9 days ago) Penn Law 2L Shannon Reid L’20 is the Alumni and Admissions Chair of BLSA, and in that role has taken on the responsibility of running the 2019 program and working to increase its scope. “When it was founded, the program was originally structured around helping participants get a better understanding of the application process,” said Reid.

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Nicole Simon • Faculty • Penn Law

(1 days ago) Nicole is the Managing Partner of Landau, Hess, Simon, Choi & Doebley. She represents businesses and individuals in all areas of immigration law, including employment-based nonimmigrant and immigrant visas, family-based cases, and naturalization.

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The Structure and Limits of Criminal Law

(8 days ago) criminal law doctrine: offence definitions, doctrines of imputation and general defences. xii . The Structure and Limits of Criminal Law . The first pillar, offence definitions, has traditionally been subdivided into two separate components: actus reus and mens rea. The distinction between these two concepts represents

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Continuing Duty to Report • Students • Penn Law

(4 days ago) Conduct During Law School. Throughout the course of your enrollment at the Law School, students have a continuing duty to report to the Dean of Students any matters involving interactions with legal authorities, legal actions taken by or against the student, or …

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Office of Career Strategy: Government • Penn Law

(7 days ago) Penn Law provided many opportunities to hone my skills, including assisting practitioners through the Environmental Law Project, writing for RegBlog [now The Regulatory Review], and an externship. And CP&P’s support in helping me to prepare and feel confident for interviews was invaluable.”

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