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A 2017 law designed to help lower the cost of hearing aids mandated that federal officials set rules for a new class of devices consumers could buy without needing to see an audiologist. But those

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Federal Appeals Court Allows Texas Abortion Law To Stay In

(9 days ago) A Texas law banning most abortions is still in effect, after a federal appeals court sided with Texas officials a second time and again suspended a lower court ruling that had blocked the law. A

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(5 days ago) In a surprisingly strong 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court turned back the latest constitutional challenge to the Affordable Care Act, likely heralding the end of …

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Texas Abortion Law Back In Full Effect After Appeals Court

(9 days ago) Texas Abortion Law Back In Full Effect After Appeals Court Lifts Injunction. And Texas clinics and doctors that performed abortions outlawed by the state's near-total ban during the two days a

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Supreme Court To Hear Kentucky Attorney General’s Case To

(6 days ago) Immediately after the law was signed by then-Gov. Matt Bevin, a Republican, in 2018, a Louisville women's surgical center challenged the …

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Surprise-Billing Rule ‘Puts a Thumb on the Scale’ to Keep

(1 days ago) The most recent guidance is the third issued to implement the law, which passed in late 2020 after a years-long battle.It was signed by then-President Donald Trump. The No Surprises Act takes aim

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Oklahoma Heartbeat Law Blocked; Other Abortion

(Just Now) The law, which prohibits abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and calls for lets private citizens to enforce it by filing lawsuits, has been in …

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New Health Law Will Require Industry To Disclose Payments

(1 days ago) Last year they amended the law to ban most gifts outright, including food, which accounted for $800,000 of the 2009 total. The other states with similar legislation, Massachusetts and Minnesota

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LA Will Require Proof Of Vaccination Almost Everywhere

(6 days ago) People who have no proof or have an exemption can still enter a business briefly to use the restroom or pick up a takeout order, according to the ordinance. The law is set to go into effect Nov. 4

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Analysis: We Follow Laws on Seat Belts and Smoking. Why

(8 days ago) There was consistent messaging: The law was there to protect nonsmokers’ health. And there were fines: 275 euros, around $320 today, for people smoking, and 220 euros for the restaurant managers

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Supreme Court, Rejecting Restrictive La. Law, Refuses To

(1 days ago) Had the law been upheld, it would likely have resulted in the closure of two of the three remaining abortion clinics in the state, the plaintiffs argued before the court in March.

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State Laws Ban Surprise Medical Bills. She Got One for

(1 days ago) The Washington state legislation borrows from a 2015 New York law that sends insurers and providers to baseball-style binding arbitration if they can’t come to an agreement about costs. Both

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‘Incredibly Concerning’ Lawsuit Threatens No-Charge

(1 days ago) “This is a huge deal,” said Tim Jost, a retired Washington & Lee University law professor who tracks ACA litigation and has written about the suit and other efforts by conservative groups in

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Democrats Roll the Dice on Sweeping Abortion Rights Bill

(6 days ago) Capitol Hill lawmakers mobilize to support a bill that would write abortion protections into federal law. Unlikely to succeed, the exercise follows a tactic that proved unsuccessful in 1992.

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Justice Department Filing Details ‘Devastating Effects’ Of

(9 days ago) An Oct. 1 hearing has been scheduled for a federal judge to hear a request by U.S. attorneys to temporarily block the restrictive law. News outlets report on other fallouts as well how the abortion…

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Maryland Revamps Its In Vitro Coverage Mandate To

(Just Now) The law generally mandated that couples demonstrate a history of infertility of at least two years’ duration, and insurers often interpreted that …

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Texas Appeals Judge’s Temporary Block Of Law Banning Most

(Just Now) The law requires private citizens, not state officials, to enforce the new guidelines through litigation in state courts. The decision was quickly appealed by state leaders. In a …

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HHS Releases Details on How Surprise Medical Bill Disputes

(9 days ago) The law barely passed after an all-out, yearslong lobbying war between health care providers and insurers. (Cohrs, 9/30) Modern Healthcare: HHS Lays Out Surprise Billing Resolution Process In New Rule

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University of Missouri Settles Lawsuits Over Knee

(2 days ago) The University of Missouri settled a collection of 22 medical malpractice and false advertising lawsuits over knee surgeries for $16.2 million. One doctor involved in the cases is among Missouri

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Justice Department Wants Federal Appeals Court To Block

(8 days ago) The decision late Friday to block an injunction against the new law was made by a panel of three “intervenors” for the 5th Circuit Court of …

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Arkansas Governor: New Abortion Law Was Designed To Be

(4 days ago) Arkansas Governor: New Abortion Law Was Designed To Be Unconstitutional. Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Sunday that the near-total abortion ban was meant to be bait for the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Taking Surprise Medical Bills To Court Kaiser Health News

(Just Now) Tennessee’s law, which went into effect in July, requires hospitals to notify patients of estimated costs and that they could receive balance bills. After getting a …

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Oklahoma Law Reflects Divide Over End-Of-Life Issues

(8 days ago) The law, she said, is based on a faulty premise about a doctor’s role at the end of life. “Palliative care medicine elicits a person’s goals and …

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Health Law Turns 10 In Midst Of Global Pandemic Kaiser

(1 days ago) Health Law Turns 10 In Midst Of Global Pandemic. For a legislation that's had a rocky journey from the start, it is almost fitting that it marks its …

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Maine Voters Consider U-Turn On Vaccine Exemptions

(7 days ago) States tried to tighten vaccine requirements last year in the midst of measles outbreaks, but a backlash against a tougher law in Maine put a referendum on the ballot there. Voters weigh in on Supe…

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Loophole Averted After Surprise-Bill Brouhaha In Texas

(5 days ago) The law, which takes effect Jan. 1, wavered last month when the Texas Medical Board drafted the rules for its implementation. The board, made up of health care providers, tried to get a blanket

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Texas Tries To Defend Strict Abortion Ban Against White

(3 days ago) A Texas law professor who has criticized the state’s new abortion ban warned U.S. senators on Wednesday that the danger of its rollout is …

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Push Is On for States to Ban Organ Transplant

(2 days ago) Push Is On for States to Ban Organ Transplant Discrimination. On Feb. 8, a bill nicknamed “Griffin’s Law” passed the Montana Senate 49-0. The bill is named for Griffin Dalrymple (left

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High Court Revisits Abortion Law Akin To One Struck Down

(9 days ago) The justices will hear a case Wednesday involving a Louisiana law requiring abortion providers to be able to admit patients to a nearby hospital. But four years ago, the court said a similar Texas

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Doctor-Owned Hospitals Prosper Under Health Law Kaiser

(Just Now) The health law banned construction or expansion of these hospitals except in unusual circumstances. But physician-owned hospitals have emerged as among the biggest winners under two programs in

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Opposition To Texas Abortion Ban Steps Up With Lawsuit In

(Just Now) Dr. Alan Braid, already in the news for performing an abortion after the restrictive new law in Texas passed, is asking a federal judge in …

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Absent Federal Action, States Take The Lead On Curbing

(6 days ago) A new law, which focuses on generic and off-patent drugs, empowers the state’s attorney general to step in if a drug’s price climbs 50 percent or more in a single year. The company must

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Without Ginsburg, Judicial Threats to the ACA

(6 days ago) The Louisiana law was too similar to a Texas law the court (without his vote) struck down in 2016, Roberts argued. Ginsburg had been a stalwart supporter of reproductive freedom for women.

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5 Things To Know About The Supreme Court’s Texas Abortion

(7 days ago) The Supreme Court this week delivered its strongest affirmation of a women’s right to abortion in two and a half decades. By a margin of …

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Why is the South the Epicenter of Anti-Abortion Fervor

(9 days ago) The Supreme Court, come autumn, will consider a Mississippi law that bans nearly all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. That’s hardly the most restrictive abortion law passed in the South.

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Telehealth’s Limits: Battle Over State Lines and Licensing

(6 days ago) “The whole challenge is to ensure maximum access to health while assuring quality,” said Barak Richman, a Duke University law professor, who said laws and policies haven’t been updated to

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Maryland Offers Many Insured Men Free Vasectomy Coverage

(8 days ago) Before the law took effect, a vasectomy at the organization’s Baltimore office would cost between $225 and $1,100, depending on someone’s ability to pay, said Nelson. Now the procedure will

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Hospital Debt Collector Settles Minnesota Case For $2.5

(9 days ago) Accretive Health has agreed to pay a $2.5 million fine and leave the state for years as part of a settlement of a federal lawsuit brought by state Attorney General Lori Swanson.

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A Roundup Of State Bans On Abortion Early In

(1 days ago) Alabama’s law is the most extreme: It aims to outlaw abortion at any point, except if the woman’s health is at serious risk. So far in 2019, …

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Health Care Officials, Patients Sue Montana Over Vaccine

(1 days ago) The law in question gave vaccine status protection under the Montana Human Rights Act, which in effect prohibits government agencies and businesses from requiring employee vaccinations. (Ragar, 9/24)

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California’s COVID Enforcement Strategy: Education Over

(3 days ago) In New York, by contrast, Cuomo has leaned on political leaders and law enforcement agencies to aggressively police violations of COVID public health rules and has publicly admonished sheriffs who

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Next Major Abortion Case Will Be Argued Before Supreme

(3 days ago) In a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, Mississippi will ask the Supreme Court justice to uphold its law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion and family planning news is als…

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‘UVA Has Ruined Us’: Health System Sues Thousands Of

(8 days ago) UVA Lawsuits ‘UVA Has Ruined Us’: Health System Sues Thousands Of Patients, Seizing Paychecks And Claiming Homes Over six years, the state institution filed 36,000 lawsuits against patients

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Covid Vaccinated

(1 days ago) Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Wednesday signed into law measures preventing state and local governments from requiring the coronavirus vaccine or proof of vaccination in order to access services.

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With Federal Nod, Consumers Could Lose The Boost They Get

(6 days ago) If passed, Ohio would become the fifth state to pass a law that curbs or prohibits copay accumulator programs, according to Ben Chandhok, senior director of …

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Unable To Arrest Opioid Epidemic, Red States Warm To

(Just Now) Support from law enforcement — notably, many well-known sheriffs — was the “golden ticket” for getting harm-reduction laws such as legalization of needle exchanges through the Statehouse

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