Texas Law Expands Liability for Sexual Harassment Jones Day

The law, which took effect on September 1, 2021, expands protections for Texas employees and potential liability for Texas employers for workplace sexual harassment. This Commentary addresses the provisions of the new law that relate to private employers but …

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The Best Lawyers in America™ 2022 names 24 Jones Day

(4 days ago) Jones Day is a global law firm with more than 2,500 lawyers in 42 offices across five continents. The Firm is distinguished by: a singular tradition of client service; the mutual commitment to, and the seamless collaboration of, a true partnership; formidable legal talent across multiple disciplines and jurisdictions; and shared professional

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Chicago Locations Jones Day

(9 days ago) Sisters in Law: How Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World. Recent . October 2020 Sponsorships. ESG and Me – The Growing Reach of Environmental, Social, and Governance Reporting. October 23, 2020 Speaking Engagements.

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Marco P. Basile Ph.D. Lawyers Jones Day

(Just Now) Marco was also a visiting fellow at New York University School of Law and holds a Ph.D. in legal history. His teaching and research has focused on international law, constitutional law, and the interpretation of treaties and statutes. He has additional experience working and studying in Spain, France, and Brazil.

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Christopher M. Johnson Lawyers Jones Day

(7 days ago) Law Clerk to Judge Jerry E. Smith, U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit (2018-2019) Before sending, please note: Information on is for general use and is not legal advice. The mailing of this email is not intended to create, and receipt of it does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Anything that you send to anyone

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Andrew E. Lelling Lawyers Jones Day

(2 days ago) Andrew Lelling is a former United States Attorney and senior Department of Justice (DOJ) official with deep experience in white collar and international enforcement matters. He defends companies and individuals in complex government investigations, leads internal investigations, and advises on compliance with federal, state, and international laws.

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Robert A. Naeve Lawyers Jones Day

(Just Now) Bob also defends state court systems in constitutional law litigation arising under federal and state free speech, due process, equal protection, privacy, and related provisions. In addition, Bob has a varied employment law practice, representing employers in unfair competition, trade secrets, noncompetition, and employee mobility litigation.

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Louis A. Chaiten Lawyers Jones Day

(1 days ago) Louis Chaiten's practice focuses on class action defense, appellate matters, and financial institutions litigation. He has successfully defended scores of class actions and other high-stakes matters collectively seeking hundreds of billions of dollars in alleged damages. He has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court and numerous federal and state

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Eric Tung Lawyers Jones Day

(7 days ago) Before and Behind the Bench: Reflections on the U.S. Judiciary Nomination Process, the Role of the Judiciary, and Effective Lawyering, speaker, Soochow University College of Law, Taipei April 24, 2017 Criminal Discovery Process and the Scope of a Prosecutor's Investigative Powers in the United States, speaker, Ministry of Justice, Taiwan

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Lisa Taliadoros Lawyers Jones Day

(3 days ago) Lisa is a member of the Intellectual Property Law Subcommittee of the Law Council of Victoria. Prior to obtaining her law degree, Lisa was a scientist at two of Australia's preeminent research organizations, the CSIRO and the Centenary Institute of Cell Biology and Cancer Medicine.

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Jones Day adds five U.S. Supreme Court clerks Jones Day

(4 days ago) Jones Day is a global law firm with more than 2,500 lawyers in 42 offices across five continents. The Firm is distinguished by: a singular tradition of client service; the mutual commitment to, and the seamless collaboration of, a true partnership; formidable legal talent across multiple disciplines and jurisdictions; and shared professional values that focus on client needs.

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The Megan's Law Web Site: California Employers Beware

(6 days ago) Although it would seem logical to do so, an employer should think twice before using the Megan's Law web site when conducting background checks. The Megan's Law web site contains detailed information about convicted sex offenders in California who are required to register with local police authorities when they change their residences. See > Cal. Penal Code § 290(b).

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Ryan D. Ball Lawyers Jones Day

(7 days ago) Law Clerk to the Honorable Leslie J. Abrams, United States District Court, Middle District of Georgia (2015-2016) and extern to the Honorable Jay P. Cohen, Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal (2010)

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New Requirements for Illinois Employers Jones Day

(3 days ago) The new law also amends the Business Corporation Act of 1983 to require every company that files an EEO-1 with the EEOC to submit, in connection with its annual report, "information that is substantially similar to the employment data reported under Section D of the corporation's EEO-1 in a format approved by the Secretary of State."

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Alison E. Ibendahl Lawyers Jones Day

(3 days ago) Prior to attending law school, Alison was a mechanical engineer for an oil field equipment provider. During this time her roles ranged from product level design engineering to project engineering, and she has experience with offshore and land drilling operations.

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Madrid Locations Jones Day

(1 days ago) Clients are served by Jones Day's Madrid Office, which uses the depth and experience of one of the world's largest law firms to help businesses based in Spain operate and expand globally. We offer seamless access to substantial legal resources, wherever needed, in Spain and around the world.

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James Pickavance Lawyers Jones Day

(4 days ago) James is a member of the Society of Construction Law, International Bar Association (IBA), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). He is a Visiting Fellow at King's College London and teaches the master's degree construction course, which is widely regarded as among the best of its kind

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Newly Proposed AKS and Stark Law Protections Jones Day

(7 days ago) Introduction. On October 9, 2019, the OIG and the CMS simultaneously released proposed rules revising the AKS and Stark Law, respectively. These proposed rules, introduced as part of the Regulatory Sprint to Coordinated Care initiative, aim to facilitate care coordination and development of industry-driven, value-based care delivery models while striking "the right balance" between the

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New York's Martin Act Restored to Full Strength

(4 days ago) On August 25, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation restoring a six-year statute of limitations for the Martin Act and Executive Law 63(12), overriding a 2018 New York Court of Appeals decision establishing a three-year limit. Invoked by a succession of New York Attorneys General to pursue headline-grabbing actions against financial institutions and senior executives, the Martin

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Japan Legal Update Vol. 49 Jones Day

(Just Now) Corporate Governance. Companies Act Amendments to Enhance Corporate Governance The Companies Act of Japan was amended on December 4, 2019 ("Amended Companies Act"), based on the Interim Proposal and the Outline previously issued by the Legislative Council (please see the March 2018 issue and February 2019 issue of this newsletter). The Amended Companies Act, which includes …

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China Enacts Law to Counter Foreign Sanctions Jones Day

(Just Now) The new Anti-Sanctions Law, however, does not stipulate the procedure or standard that will be used to determine whether foreign legislation or measures will be considered discriminatory restrictions against Chinese persons. As such, actual application of Article 12 of the Anti-Sanctions Law's prohibition remains, as yet, uncertain.

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São Paulo Locations Jones Day

(1 days ago) Jones Day's São Paulo Office acts as a foreign legal consultancy, offering U.S. and Spanish law advice. We coordinate with the best local independent firms when needed. Our São Paulo Office works with a number of nonprofit organizations such as the Brazil Foundation, CDI International, AlfaSol, and the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound.

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Intellectual Property Practices Jones Day

(9 days ago) Effectively managing and protecting trade secrets and confidential information requires a multi-practice, cross-jurisdictional strategy. Jones Day's Intellectual Property partner Randy Kay, along with lawyers from the Firm's IP, Labor & Employment, Antitrust & Competition Law, and Global Disputes practices, explains the importance of implementing comprehensive policies, practices, systems, and

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Mexico Enacts New Anti-Corruption Laws Insights Jones Day

(3 days ago) The law provides guidelines for companies implementing such a policy, including that companies: Adopt an organization and procedures manual that is clear and complete, includes the functions and responsibilities of each of the company's areas, and clearly specifies the chain of command and leadership throughout the company; and Establish

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California to Regulate Security of IoT Devices Insights

(1 days ago) Looking Ahead: The new law takes effect on January 1, 2020. On September 28, 2018, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation making California the first state to expressly regulate the security of connective devices, which are commonly referred to as internet of things ("IoT") devices. The new law takes effect on January 1, 2020.

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Can a Patent Application Violate the Copyright Laws

(6 days ago) The law firms downloaded or copied various articles published by the plaintiffs. The firms subsequently submitted copies of those articles to the PTO as evidence of "prior art" in conjunction with applications for patents and distributed copies to their clients, lawyers within the firm working on the applications, and, in some instances

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China's New Cybersecurity and Privacy Requirements Jones Day

(Just Now) In Short. The Situation: Since China's Cybersecurity Law (the "Cybersecurity Law") went into effect on June 1, 2017, China has ushered in new laws and regulations that set out stricter requirements in every respect, including various national standards requiring localization of cloud infrastructure in China. The Result: Cybersecurity and personal information protection are expanding …

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Belgium Enacts Historic Corporate Law Reform Jones Day

(9 days ago) In Short. The Background: On February 28, 2019, the Belgian Parliament approved a historic company law reform. The Result: The new Belgian Code of Companies and Associations ("BCCA") becomes applicable on May 1, 2019, with staggered effect.The reform impacts all Belgian legal entities, including nonprofit associations that are now governed by a separate law.

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A Judicial Primer on Litigation Holds Insights Jones Day

(2 days ago) A Judicial Primer on Litigation Holds. On January 15, 2010, Judge Shira Scheindlin of the Southern District of New York granted sanctions against 13 plaintiffs—six for gross negligence and seven for negligence—in connection with their failure to preserve, collect, and produce electronic documents, in Pension Committee of the Univ. of

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Employers Victorious in Prevailing Wage Law Cases Jones Day

(6 days ago) S253574). The Court rejected in both cases the plaintiff employees' reading of the law that would have significantly expanded the kinds of work for which prevailing wages must be paid. The cases are important to the construction industry, companies arguably engaged in public works, and labor interests. In Busker, the Court addressed whether

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Mitigating Product Liability for Artificial Intelligence

(5 days ago) The U.S. Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have invited input from organizations to facilitate the development of regulations. Three Key Takeaways Companies should monitor how legislatures and courts shape tort law to apply to products, components, and software incorporating AI. Companies should

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Are Your Construction Contracts' Forum-Selection and

(7 days ago) While typically relegated to the last pages of a construction contract, forum-selection and choice-of-law clauses control every aspect of the parties' respective obligations and liabilities undertaken on a project. Issues like payment, suspension of work and termination, good faith and fair dealing, indemnification, limitations of liability, third-party and extra-contractual liabilities

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New York's Highest Court Decides Important Martin Act

(7 days ago) The case presented New York's highest court with an opportunity to resolve a significant and unsettled issue in New York securities law—whether the Martin Act, New York's securities statute, preempts private common-law tort claims arising from securities transactions. On December 20, 2011, the Court of Appeals held that the Martin Act does

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The Hague Choice of Court Convention Takes Effect, and

(5 days ago) Under Article 9 of the Hague Convention, recognition may be refused where (i) the underlying agreement is null and void under the law of the State of the chosen court; (ii) A party lacked the capacity to conclude the agreement under the law of the requested State; (iii) Documents instituting proceedings in the chosen court were not notified to

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The New Saudi Arbitration Law Insights Jones Day

(4 days ago) On April 16, 2012, a new Saudi arbitration law was issued by Royal Decree No. M/34 and subsequently approved by the Bureau of Experts at the Council of Ministers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The new law, which came into force 30 days after its publication in the Official Gazette on June 8, 2012, replaced the previous arbitration law issued by Royal Decree No. M/46 on April 25, 1983 and

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Delaware Authorizes Stockholder Meeting Changes Jones Day

(2 days ago) Federal Securities Law Proxy Requirements. Companies should confirm that a planned virtual shareholder meeting conforms to the recent guidance from the SEC on shareholder meetings in light of COVID-19. This Jones Day Commentary provides more information. Other State Law Changes.

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Australia Jones Day

(5 days ago) The Australia offices recruit graduates through the NSW Law Society Graduate Recruitment Scheme, which commences in March and concludes in June each year. The majority of our summer clerks continue as graduates in the Firm. New lawyers attend the New Lawyer Academy, an annual event held in Washington, DC.

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China Begins Enforcing Newly Amended Environmental

(Just Now) In Brief The Environmental Protection Law (the "EPL") of the People's Republic of China ("PRC") was promulgated more than 25 years ago. But only recently have substantive amendments to the EPL, combined with public awareness and government leadership, provided reason to hope that the EPL can serve its mission to protect China's environment. </p> <p>On April 24, 2014, China's legislature, the

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Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act Would Mandate Sanctions for

(7 days ago) Opponents have also claimed that it will chill civil rights litigation because those cases are more likely to propose new and novel theories of law. 163 Cong. Rec. H2025-03, H2027. Changes to Rule 11 Currently, Rule 11 gives the courts discretion to order sanctions against an attorney or litigant who brings a frivolous claim.

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(7 days ago) of law provision. When it applies, it dictates which law will govern in the event that a dispute arises—notwithstanding agreements or contractual choice of law provisions to the con - trary. II. When Does the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Invoke State Law? The application of surrogate state law under the OCSLA is

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Antitrust Alert: Hong Kong Finally Adopts Competition Law

(2 days ago) After years of discussions, the Hong Kong Legislative Council finally passed a comprehensive competition law (the "HK Competition Law"). The HK Competition Law includes the classic prohibitions of anticompetitive agreements and abuses of market power, as well as a merger control regime (with limited scope). It also includes some features that are specific to Hong Kong, some of which reflect

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Antitrust Alert: Mexico Antitrust Authority Given Greater

(9 days ago) The Law provides that the deliberations of the full Commission must have the vote of all commissioners, who may not abstain from voting. Only in serious cases where the commissioners are unable to cast their vote, or are prevented from doing so, may the Chair of the Commission cast the decision-making vote.

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Summary of the Main Provisions of the "Bersani Decree

(7 days ago) The new law became effective on 12 August 2006. This Commentary contains several charts summarizing the main provisions of the new law, with particular regard to the transfer of land and buildings, the lease of buildings and businesses, financial leases and construction contracts.

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Protecting Your Trade Secrets in the UK Jones Day

(4 days ago) In Short. The Situation: Protecting intangible property can be extremely challenging, but significant and effective tools are available under English law to minimize significant harm to entities that have been victimized by a data breach in the UK.. The Result: The Trade Secrets Directive has harmonised the treatment of confidential business information in the EU so as to ensure that the scope

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The Department of Financial Services: New York's Newest

(8 days ago) A new financial regulator recently opened its doors for business in New York and instantly became a formidable agency with broad regulatory powers, including the authority to bring both criminal and civil law enforcement actions. Headed by Benjamin Lawsky, a former federal and state prosecutor who also served as Chief of Staff to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and before that was Chief Counsel

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Securitization in Italy Jones Day

(8 days ago) The Italian Government recently enacted the law decree No. 34 of 2019 ("Law Decree") providing for, inter alia, important changes to the Italian securitization law No. 130 of 30 April 1999 ("Law 130").Such changes fall along the same lines as those introduced by the budget law for 2019 (the "Budget Law") with the aim of fostering securitization schemes in the Italian market.

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Dispute Resolution Issues in Indian Cross-Border

(6 days ago) Experienced lawyers typically include dispute resolution provisions in their transaction documents, even when all parties expect that their relationship will be a successful one. Subtleties in Indian law and recent decisions by the Indian courts, however, complicate the task of crafting meaningful dispute resolution mechanisms in cross-border Indian deals.</P> <P><B>India's Legal System</B></P

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