Understanding the Modernization of Law: Tools, Tech, and

1 day ago · From corporate counsel to law firms to contract attorneys, this term of art can carry several meanings. In a nutshell, modern law refers to the idea of taking a business centered approach to legal

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(9 days ago) 11/26/2013 / Art, Entertainment, & Sports Law, Communications & Media Law, Intellectual Property Healthcare Reform Bill Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590)

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New Texas Law Expands Liability for Sexual Harassment

(8 days ago) 22 hours ago · The changes will go into effect on September 1, 2021. Currently, under Texas law, employees at companies with 14 or fewer employers cannot file a sexual harassment claim with the Texas Workforce

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Best in Law: Ransomware Attack Best Best & Krieger LLP

(2 days ago) The cost of complying with the law following a data breach can result in another six figure expense for your company. If your data included trade secrets and intellectual property, the future of

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The Basics of Branding (and How Law Firms Mess It Up

(7 days ago) Law firms are not Starbucks, so this is a challenge, but it’s an important one: In interviews with more than 300 chief legal officers and general counsel, more than half said their primary law

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New California Laws for 2021: What Employers Should Know

(4 days ago) The law amends the Labor Code by adding Section 515.7, which states that an employee providing instruction for a course or laboratory at an independent …

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Never Again – How Kayden’s Law Seeks to Protect

(8 days ago) Kayden’s Law was introduced to the Senate in October 2019. The memorandum accompanying Kayden’s Law states that nearly 700 children of a divorced or separated couple were murdered by a parent

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New York City Biometrics Law Takes Effect in July 2021

(7 days ago) The new law will apply to any "commercial establishment" in the city, which is narrowly defined as a "place of entertainment, a retail store, or a food and drink establishment." "Place of

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Recap Of Employment Law In The 2021 Colorado Legislative

(8 days ago) The law mandates certain reductions of premiums for individual and small group plans. If these reductions are not achieved, the Commissioner of …

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New Illinois Law Allows Prejudgment Interest On Damages In

(8 days ago) For injuries that occur before the effective date of the new law, prejudgment interest will begin to accrue on the later of the effective date or the date the lawsuit is filed. In any event, no

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Court Rules that New York’s New Anti-SLAPP Law Applies

(9 days ago) 1 day ago · On June 30, 2021, pop star Kesha was reportedly handed a victory by a New York state court, which ruled that the state’s new anti-SLAPP legislation applied retroactively to music producer Dr

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2021 Employment Law Spotlight: New York Kelley Drye

(1 days ago) On September 28, 2020, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation amending New York’s Paid Safe and Sick Time Act to align with the New State Paid Sick Leave law. According to the amendments, which

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China Adopts New Data Security Law Pillsbury Winthrop

(7 days ago) The Data Security Law categorizes data into three classes, namely core data of the state, important data, and general data. The law establishes a hierarchical data …

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Artificial Intelligence and Product Liability Law

(6 days ago) Implied warranties are those created by law. The implied warranty of merchantability requires that the product meet certain minimum standards of qual …

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Mergers and Restrictions on Assignments by “Operation of Law”

(Just Now) Mergers and Restrictions on Assignments by “Operation of Law”. Few things are more fundamental to M&A due diligence than determining whether any of …

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Colorado Becomes Third State to Pass New General Privacy Law

(9 days ago) ColoPA is the second U.S. state privacy law to require data protection assessments, largely tracking those required by the VCDPA. This may be a …

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China Finalizes Data Security Law to Strengthen Regulation

(9 days ago) The Development: On June 10, 2021, China passed its Data Security Law ("DSL"). The DSL will impact every business operating in or doing business with …

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How to Identify and Deal with Narcissists in Law Zelle

(Just Now) Law firm culture — with corner offices, voting rights and named partners — may support a narcissistic lawyer’s need to be the best, the most right and the most competent, to do everything

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Virginia’s New Overtime Law Likely To Create New Employer

(Just Now) The new law also provides a three-year statute of limitations for aggrieved employees to bring claims under the Virginia Wage Payment Act, unlike the …

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Overview of the Colorado Lawful Off-Duty Activity Statute

(6 days ago) Even if an employer prevails under the statute, there is a risk that employers could also face separate common law claims stemming from an alleged termination in violation of public policy

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New Salary Range Disclosure Law May Create Headaches for

(8 days ago) The law comes with a powerful hammer - a private cause of action. Thus, employees and applicants can file a lawsuit if the statute is violated and may be entitled to compensatory damages

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Delaware Declares That Deliberate Fraud Is Indeed

(2 days ago) Common law fraud has always allowed claims to be premised not only upon a misrepresentation that was made by a person who knew it to be false, but also upon a …

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China Enacts Law to Counter Foreign Sanctions Jones Day

(8 days ago) The Development: China's National People's Congress passed the Anti-foreign Sanctions Law (the "Anti-Sanctions Law") on June 10, 2021, which took effect immediately. The legislation was

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Key California Employment Law Cases: February 2021 Payne

(8 days ago) Key California Employment Law Cases: February 2021. Donohue v. AMN Services., LLC, No. S253677, 2021 WL 728871 (Cal. Feb. 25, 2021) Summary: Employers cannot engage in …

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Patient Inducements: Gifts, Discounts, Waiving Co-Pays

(6 days ago) Civil Monetary Penalties Law (“CMPL”). The federal CMPL prohibits, among other things, offering or providing inducements to a Medicare or Medicaid beneficiary that are likely to influence the

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Law of the Case Doctrine in Bankruptcy Weil, Gotshal

(9 days ago) The law of the case doctrine may also refer to a situation where a lower court considers adhering to a ruling made by a higher court in the same case, which is not addressed in this article.

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Mexico's New Industrial Property Law: In a Nutshell

(Just Now) The Mexican Federal Law for Protection of Industrial Property (IP) (Ley Federal de Protección a la Propiedad Industrial) takes effect as of Nov. 5, 2020. The decree issuing this law was

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New Virginia Prevailing Wage Law Now in Effect For State

(2 days ago) On May 1, 2021, the Virginia Prevailing Wage Law (the “Law”), also referred to as the “Little Davis-Bacon Act,” became effective. The Law requires contractors and subcontractors working

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Stark Regulatory Changes Effective January 1, 2022 Require

(7 days ago) The in-office ancillary services exception generally requires, among other things, that the physician practice qualify as a “group practice” under the Stark Law at 42 C.F.R. § 411.352.

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Meet Connecticut's New Cybersecurity Law Arent Fox

(3 days ago) Meet Connecticut's New Cybersecurity Law. Although the Connecticut legislature was not successful in passing a privacy law similar to those passed …

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Avoiding Foreign Transfers Based on Foreign Law Claims

(8 days ago) The court found that the “unfair preference” claims and “undervalue transaction” claims under BVI law resembled preference claims under section 547(b) and constructive fraudulent transfer

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California’s new privacy law, the CPRA, was approved: Now

(8 days ago) The law builds on the existing framework of the CCPA, expands consumer privacy rights to more closely align with the EU’s GDPR, imposes additional obligations on …

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Non-Compete News: Pennsylvania Adopts New Standard for

(7 days ago) Transportation Industry Alert - Labor Law Changes from the Biden Administration on the Horizon California Supreme Court Requires Employers to …

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Ohio’s Employment Law Uniformity Act: New Prerequisites

(9 days ago) The law’s prohibition against employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, military status, national origin, disability, age, or ancestry remains the same.

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Proposed Gift and Estate Tax Changes Mean Some May Need to

(9 days ago) In the United States Congress, there is an arduous journey before a bill becomes law. See the classic School House Rock! video, “I’m Just a Bill.” But there is a common theme running

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Illinois Imposes Strict 36% Usury Cap for a Range of

(9 days ago) On March 23, 2021, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed into law Senate Bill 1792, enacting the Predatory Loan Prevention Act (PLPA) and capping interest at …

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Hong Kong Law Contract Guide Hogan Lovells

(9 days ago) Hong Kong law contract guide 73 The below is a sample governing law and arbitration clause for arbitration under the HKIAC administered arbitration rules: Points to note • As the arbitration

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NJ Ban On Nondisclosure Agreements: What Does It Mean For

(Just Now) Yes, it would still apply, because even though federal law would apply to the employee’s substantive claims, the courts would look to state law (in this example, New Jersey law) to determine

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