Indiana Board Of Law Examiners

Annual Requirements for Law Office PC/LLC/LLP. These steps outline the annual requirements for all Law Office PC/LLC/LLPs who have received their Certificate of Registration from the State Board of Law Examiners. A full list of requirements is outlined in Admission & Discipline Rule 27.

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(7 days ago) Spousal Impoverishment law applies to nursing home care and the Medicaid Aged and Disabled Waiver for in -h ome and c mmu type care vices. Example: (from Harry and Sally) Half of Harry and Sally's countable assets amount to $50,000. Since $50,000 is less than the maximum allowed amount under this law (maximum is $128,640), then Harry

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Laws Regarding Cemeteries in Indiana

(3 days ago) this law (and only uses burial ground) this law still impacts all cemeteries. IC 14-21-1-27 A person finding human remains must notify Department of Natural Resources – Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology within two days. Reburial will …

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Health: Tobacco Prevention & Cessation: Indiana’s State Smoke …

(6 days ago) A law enforcement officer; File a complaint. Local Ordinances. Local communities have the ability to adopt stronger smoke-free laws than state law. If a local law covers more workplaces than the state law, the local law remains in effect. If a local law does not cover as many workplaces or is less restrictive than the state law, the state law

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The Legislative Process

(2 days ago) Implementation of a law, especially one which has an impact on services, usually involves changing rules and regulations and/or changing policy. Often, the public is able to change the drafts of these rules and regulations by attending and voicing opinion during the state agency's public hearing process.

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ISP: Indiana Jake Laird Law (Red Flag Law)

(1 days ago) Earlier this month, Governor Holcomb asked that information related to IC 35-47-14, more commonly referred to in Indiana as the “Jake Laird Law” and nationally as the “Red Flag Law”, be made available to all law enforcement agencies in Indiana.

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Indiana Minimum Wage Law

(8 days ago) Indiana law requires every employer subject to the Indiana Minimum Wage Law to furnish each employee a state-ment of the hours worked by the employee, the wages paid to the employee, and a listing of the deductions made. The Indiana Minimum Wage Law also prohibits pay discrimination on the basis of sex. Tipped Employees

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ILEA: Off-Site Training

(3 days ago) The very essence of a law enforcement officer is the ability to use force to gain compliance with laws and orders. Pro-Train, Inc., an acknowledged leader in post-academy law enforcement training, offers this seminar to advance the road officer’s professional training to ‘state-of …

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Indiana Lemon Law

(3 days ago) Lemon Law - A 12-month or 12,000 mile manufacturer’s warranty People failing to comply with the buy-back disclosure and title branding requirements are subject to enforcement action by the Attorney General’s Office. However, the Lemon Law does not permit the attorney general to represent consumers in seeking a refund or a replacement vehicle.

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DOL: Wage & Hour Home

(5 days ago) On May 05, 2015, the Governor of Indiana signed into law HEA 1469 to be effective on July 01, 2015, which provides that an employer who fails to make timely payment of wages or withholds wages shall: pay the wages due, shall pay a reasonable fee for the plaintiff's attorney, and shall pay court costs.

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(4 days ago) The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) is the licensing agency for healthcare facilities and serves as the state survey agency on behalf of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The ISDH licenses and/or certifies 32 types of health care providers covering more than 9,000 acute and long-term care facilities.

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INDOT: Hands-Free Indiana

(Just Now) Indiana Is Hands-Free. July 1, 2020 marked a new day for Hoosiers. The state enacted the hands-free law. Indiana law prohibits drivers from holding mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, in their hands while driving to reduce distracted driving and …

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Indiana law concerning the use of PFAS foam

(6 days ago) Indiana law concerning the use of PFAS foam In March 2020, Indiana joined several other U.S. states by adopting legislation to restrict the use foams containing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs). House Enrolled Act 1189 prohibits the …

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Handbook on Indiana’s Public

(5 days ago) THE OPEN DOOR LAW The following are commonly asked questions about the ODL. It is important to note the answers are not the final authority on a particular issue, as the facts will vary from situation to situation. Indeed, laws and court interpretations of the law are ever changing. It is

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DOL: Overdose Prevention (Aaron's Law)

(3 days ago) Overdose Prevention (Aaron's Law) Senate Enrolled Act 406-2015, "Aaron's Law," is an Indiana law that allows Hoosiers to obtain a prescription for Naloxone if they believe someone they know is at risk of an opioid overdose. Prior to this law, only emergency workers were allowed to …

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DOL: Right-to-Work

(6 days ago) The law found at Indiana Code 22-6-6, is the state's policy statement that it has opted out of some provisions of the National Labor Relations Act. The Indiana Right-to-Work law provides that no employer, labor organization or any person may require an individual to become or remain a member of a labor organization, or pay dues, fees or

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(8 days ago) Indiana law states a person may not operate a motor vehicle in Indiana if financial responsibility is not in effect with respect to the motor vehicle, or the person is not otherwise insured to operate the motor vehicle. Driving without a current liability insurance policy that meets the state minimum standard is against the law.

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William H. Miller Law Library / Vanderburgh County

(3 days ago) The Law Library occupies 1,700 square feet of space in the Civic Center Complex, in close proximity to the courts and other county offices. There is seating for approximately 12 patrons, in addition to a conference room seating up to 8 persons. Who Can Use the Law Library? The Law Library is open to the general public.

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Health: CDPC: Laws Governing the Cancer Registry

(1 days ago) The law has been amended several times since then. IC 16-38-2 is the current law. Title 410, Article 21, Rule 1 of the Indiana Administrative Code, 410 IAC 21-1 (PDF), establishes regulations governing the Cancer Registry. Note this file includes all of Article 21, not just Rule 1.

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ILEA: Resource page

(8 days ago) Law Enforcement Training Risk Acceptance. Computer & Internet Usage Agreement. Medical Form Instructions. Medical History Questionnaire. ILEA Oath of Honor & Honor Code. Social Media Release. Health & Emergency Services. Report of …

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New State Law Changes Provisions Related to Employing …

(6 days ago) IC 20-33-3 is the chapter of Indiana state law that traditionally covered employer limits on employing students. However, the part of the law where you will find these limitations has moved from Title 20 (Education) to Title 22 (Labor and Safety). In the 2020 legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly made a number of changes to Indiana’s

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Courts: Supreme Court: Supreme Court Clerkships

(4 days ago) First year law clerks will receive an annual salary of $73,618.74, second year law clerks will receive $79,638.78, and third year law clerks will receive $81,285.62 annually. Law clerks receive benefits similar to all state employees. Each of the Justices determines what tasks to assign to his or her law clerks.

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Annual Reporting

(Just Now) To: All Indiana Law Enforcement Agencies. Dear Sheriffs, Chiefs, Town Marshals, and Training Coordinators: In an ongoing effort to improve the service and professionalism of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, all procedures, policies, and protocols are undergoing a thorough review. One of the policies being examined is in-service training.

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ILEA: ILEA Free Online Training for Credit

(8 days ago) The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy offers online classes as self guided study for anyone who would like to take them. Indiana Law Enforcement Officers may receive credit for successfully completing these classes. Please follow the directions below on how to RECEIVE IN-SERVICE CREDIT that will count towards your annual In-Service required hours.

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Latest Information from ILEA

(Just Now) Before a law enforcement officer commences an interview of a victim, the law enforcement officer shall inform the victim of the following: (1) The victim’s rights under this article and other relevant law in a document to be developed by the state sexual assault response team, which shall be signed by the victim to confirm receipt, unless the

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ILEA: Online Training For Law Enforcement

(1 days ago) ILEA Free Online Training for Credit classes: (Credit Classes presented online to individuals as self guided study) Register for the class at the ILEA website. Complete all the class requirements with a passing score. Print the certificate of completion. Report the training by submitting a copy of the certificate to your department Training

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IC 26-2-8 Chapter 8. Uniform Electronic Transactions Act

(8 days ago) ( d) If a law requires a signature, or provides consequences in the absence of a signature, the law is satisfied with respect to an electronic record if the electronic record includes an electronic signature. As added by P.L. 62-2000, SEC.l. IC 26-2-8-107 Sec. 107. (a) Ifparties have agreed to conduct transactions electronically and a law

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ILEA: Staff/Contact Info

(4 days ago) Staff/Contact Info. Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. 5402 South County Road 700 East. Plainfield, Indiana 46168-0313. Phone: 317-839-5191 ~ Fax: 317-839-9741. ILEA Training Staff. Academy Support Staff.

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Indiana Rules for Admission to the Bar and the Discipline of …

(9 days ago) 2. The law graduate is eligible to take the Bar examination under Admission and Discipline Rule 13; and . 3. The law graduate has received permission from an attorney who is a member of the Bar of this State to serve as a legal intern under that attorney's direct supervision. Section 2. Length of Intern Status.

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(6 days ago) Indiana law governs the use of this information under the Indiana Public Records Act. If state or federal law treats information as public domain, a state agency may choose to make the record available through, in much the same manner as the agency would make a record available to a member of the public who visits the agency in person.

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ILTCP: Spousal Impoverishment Protection Law

(4 days ago) The Spousal Impoverishment Protection Law applies for nursing home admissions occurring on or after September 30, 1989. Protection under the law applies to nursing home, in-home and community type care services under the Medicaid Aged and Disabled Waiver. The purpose of the law is to allow the community spouse to keep some of the couple’s

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Indiana Cybersecurity: IN-ISAC: Cyber Incident Reporting Law

(Just Now) Indiana lawmakers recently passed legislation that will increase the amount of information sharing regarding cyberattacks and other threats across state agencies and local government. This new law requires public-sector entities to report incidents such as ransomware, software vulnerability exploitations, denial-of-service attacks and more.

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Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

(7 days ago) Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. This is a calendar for all of Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Events. Filter. Filter results. Hide recurring events. Layout small Layout medium Layout big. Sort by. When. Select option.

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Bar Exam General Information

(7 days ago) Current law school students may be eligible to become a certified legal intern. Admission and Discipline Rule 2.1(2.a) sets forth the requirements for being a student legal intern. Read More »

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ISP: Missing Children/Missing Endangered Adults: Law …

(4 days ago) A law enforcement agency that receives a notification concerning a missing endangered adult from the missing endangered adult's guardian, custodian or guardian ad litem or an individual who provides the missing endangered adult with home health aid services, possesses a health care power of attorney for the missing endangered adult or has

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Law Enforcement Journal

(5 days ago) Law Enforcement Training. The initial training for law enforcement officers in the United States traditionally consists of some type of basic training course. This training is critical for the success of police officers, however, there is often little to no instruction in the emergency medical field. For example, the Indiana Law Enforcement

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Noxious and Invasive Weeds and The Weed

(8 days ago) law if it has over 0.25% of weed seed listed in the restricted noxious weeds list and is not stated on the label (Table 1). Also, it is a violation of the law if there are any prohibitive noxious weed seed in the seed for sale (IC 14-4-1-6). Furthermore, it is a violation to sell or distribute seed if it contains more than

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ILEA: All-New ILEA Prebasic Course

(5 days ago) Completion of basic training extends the law enforcement officer’s ability to enforce criminal laws indefinitely, subject to compliance with the annual inservice training requirements. I.C. §5-2-1-9(g). Successful completion of prebasic is necessary for a reserve officer, appointed under I.C. §36-8-3-20, to engage in law enforcement activities.

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ILEA: Training Board

(9 days ago) Law Enforcement Training Board. The governing body of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and satellite academies is the Law Enforcement Training Board. The board members are selected by the Governor and comprised of the following: Board Members. Superintendent Douglas G. Carter – Indiana State Police – serves as Ex-Officio Chairman of the

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