The right path of the law

It is almost a joke at law school, delivered with a smirk of knowing derision, that first year students arrive on their first day, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with optimism in their eyes and a desire to use the law to change the world for the better in …

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Consider the Law School

(2 days ago) The Sydney Law School is the jewel in the University’s sandstone crown. It is ranked tenth in the world under the QS World University Rankings. It has produced five prime ministers, two judges of the International Court of Justice and is only one …

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Rewriting the law

(7 days ago) Dr Luker said that Dr Irene Watson, another Indigenous scholar, recognized that “she didn’t feel that she was able to speak with a sovereign Indigenous woman’s voice” within the confines of existing law from the outset. The Project is a very exciting endeavour as it explores the importance of developing inclusive discourses in law

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We need more law student activists

(3 days ago) Law students’ aversion to activism largely stems from the way we are taught. Because of how curriculums are structured, we tend to view the law with an instrumental, technocratic and doctrinal mindset. We spend most of our degree …

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Game of Thrones and the Law

(6 days ago) International law has consistently disfavoured impairing the territorial integrity of states (or ‘Kingdoms’). 1 Secession (and the consequent violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Seven Kingdoms) can only be justified where a ‘people’ have had their right of …

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Is Sydney Law School too harsh on its students

(5 days ago) USyd is the worst when it comes to exams. Exams are a common component of the assessment practices of three law schools—USyd, WSU, and UNSW. But only at Sydney Law School do exams with a weighting of more than 70 per cent exist, comprising 36.4 per cent of all available marks in a law degree. This data includes two opt-in assessments, both

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Law Library isn't just for law students

(8 days ago) 001: Review of petition. (a) The most common struggle facing law students, according to OP [original poster] is “finding a spot to study in the Law Library” because alien, non-law students take up their rightful, god-assigned seats. (b) The plaintiff claims that “many” law students miss out on seats and are “forced to study in odd

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USyd law professor not guilty; legal battles continue

(2 days ago) These sustained attacks on the rule of law prompted the EU, for the first time in its history, to invoke Article 7 proceedings against a member state for persistent breaches of “EU values,” which can result in the suspension of that country’s EU voting rights. The proceedings are ongoing.

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UNSW Lays Down the Law: exam papers will no longer be

(9 days ago) The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Law School released a statement on Thursday announcing that law students will no longer be able to collect their exam papers after being marked. In an email obtained by Honi that was sent on behalf of the Deputy Dean of UNSW Law, Professor Andrew Lynch, the faculty announced, “in accordance with the

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Pop victors in Law Society election

(4 days ago) Pop has won the first contested Sydney University Law Society (SULS) election in three years, racking up 54% of the votes and narrowly surpassing rival prospects Zest.. These are provisional numbers and still subject to confirmation from Returning Officer and 2018 SULS President Ann Wen.

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Law School declares climate emergency

(6 days ago) The University of Sydney Law School has voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency in a motion passed on Friday 6 December by the Board of the Law School. This is the first such declaration from a Group of Eight law school. The motion was moved by Professor Rosemary Lyster, Professor of Climate and Environmental Law and Co-Director of the Australian Centre for …

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Changes to not-for-profit laws may silence activists and

(2 days ago) In February 2021, the Treasury released an Exposure Draft of a law that would change how not-for-profit organisations are regulated in Australia. These changes, which have so far escaped widespread attention, could significantly stifle activist organisations and advocacy groups more broadly.

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(Just Now) Ginny (173 subscribers) makes the vital cultural contribution of a lengthy PoV shot of a turkey sandwich as it is carried through the law library. The inanity goes on interminably, but it will suffice to say that I am now intimately acquainted with the advanced principles of desk organisation.

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Review: Law Revue

(8 days ago) Law Revue 2018 was a triumph in unexpected ways—but could have pushed the envelope even further. Law Revue’s comedy is undeniably solid but unadventurous; it scores political points and makes clever rhymes, but rarely takes time to revel in funny moments. The moments when this year’s show departed from precedent were its most compelling.

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St Paul’s reform law clears parliament

(7 days ago) The law makes further changes to the office of the warden, St Paul’s chief executive. Previously, the warden had to be a male Anglican priest. Under the new law, any person can become warden, so long as they profess the Anglican faith.

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Current students hit with higher fees if they transfer

(2 days ago) One student who transferred from Arts/Law (majoring in Economics) to Economics/Law, without any change in the subjects they would have taken, saw per-unit prices rise to approximately $1800, compared to $1000 last year. The change does not affect students entering Honours, either through USyd’s Bachelor of Advanced Studies program

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USyd law professor faces politically-motivated charges in

(4 days ago) Professor Wojciech Sadurski, the Challis Chair of Jurisprudence at Sydney University, is facing politically-motivated civil and criminal defamation charges in Poland amid attacks by its right-wing government on the judiciary, press and freedom of speech.. Professor Sadurski is an expert in constitutional law and is the author of, among other works, Poland’s Constitutional Breakdown and

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Zoe's law: a woman's choice

(3 days ago) Earlier this year, Reverend Fred Nile MLC proposed the Crimes Amendment (Zoe’s Law) Bill 2012 in the Legislative Council. Nile’s proposed amendment to the Crimes Act 1900 changes the legal status of a baby in utero, according the foetus full personhood under the law.. It was a response to a criminal case brought against the driver of a car who hit Brodie Donegan, causing her injury and

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Law Law Land: more fun than you can shake an op cit at

(3 days ago) Law Law Land did something that many revues fail to do: they successfully wrote gags that explored the unique character and struggles of studying law at the University of Sydney, without dwelling too far into the realms of in-jokes or niche humour. That being said, the surreal musical number about quoting was a real highlight.

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Texas abortion ban: how did we get here

(8 days ago) This law completely undermines the value of Roe V Wade, an historic legal case in 1973 where the US Supreme Court ruled that pregnant women have the freedom to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction. In recent years, 12 states have attempted to ban abortions, although all these attempts have been successfully

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The real Riley: USyd's divisive former law dean

(4 days ago) The law school was not told until after offers had been sent. Offers were not withdrawn, but some lapsed, leaving the cohort smaller than feared. It was a one-off, Riley stresses, and adds that she strongly supports offering transfers to deserving students. Nonetheless, the episode shows the limits of the dean’s power.

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Cartoon: Law Student

(9 days ago) The most distinctive aspect of the Law Student’s appearance is the Country Road tote bag that can commonly be found slung over its shoulder. Cutting this bag open will reveal a small tower of textbooks full of nonsense words like “mens rea”, “pari delicto”, and “defamation”.

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Movers and shakers

(8 days ago) In law, securing a grad job is heavily contingent on the network you establish at career nights, cocktail mixers and faculty dinners. Having connections beforehand undeniably gives you a head start. I have no doubt that many of the lawyers admitted in the legal admissions ceremony will go on to do great things, and I view the court system in

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Forcing Michael Kirby to take a photo with every law

(1 days ago) Student law societies around the country, however have denied claims that Justice Kirby was forced to do anything against his will. “Kirby thrives in his natural environment of debased, sycophantic law students,” a SULS spokesperson told The Rodent.

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A Cinderella Series: Engo and Law Balls

(8 days ago) But Law Ball 2018 didn’t just meet my expectations—it absolutely smashed them. The SULS committee brought both the whimsical and fantastic to this year’s event with their ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ theme. The Grand Ballroom in the Westin Sydney was decked out in vine-covered centrepieces, a forest-like greenery wall and, like Engo

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The Daily Telegraph's Sharia lie

(Just Now) Sydney Law School has taught various courses on Islamic law for nearly a decade. The courses, taught by academics Salim Farrar and Ghena Krayem explore issues surrounding the development of Islamic law, its interpretation in various contexts, and its interconnections, tensions and conflicts with the domestic law of secular states.

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Law school appoints Sydney Night Patrol lawyer as

(8 days ago) Sydney Law School has appointed Corrs Chambers Westgarth Partner James Whittaker as its first practitioner-in-residence. He has previously acted for Sydney Night Patrol (SNP) in relation to the recent investigation by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) concerning the provision of security services to the university.

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Sydney Law School endorses the Uluru Statement from the

(Just Now) Sydney Law School Statement sponsors Associate Professor Jacqui Mowbray and Dr Emily Hammond said “We are delighted the School has adopted this resolution. The Statement of the Heart is the first step to rethinking our legal order, and the place of First Nations peoples within it.”

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USyd welcomes new laws to punish contract cheating

(6 days ago) The proposed law comes amid a campus-wide campaign by the University of Sydney Union and the University against contract cheating. The law defines contract cheating services broadly, including the provision of assistance with assignments and exams, or supplying any part of a piece of work that a student is required to complete.

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USyd Professor Sadurski acquitted of criminal defamation

(6 days ago) The ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) is appealing a final verdict in Sadurski’s favour to the Supreme Court, while another TVP civil defamation case remains in the lower courts. The cases come against a background of democratic decline in Poland, with independent media and the judiciary subject to increasing political interference.

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Why didn’t people see the faculty revues

(8 days ago) For Law Revue co-director Kieran Hoyle, while the shift in numbers could be attributed to the cost of living in Sydney or the rise of alternate forms of entertainment, the true explanation is probably more micro. In his three years of physically spruiking tickets to the Law Revue on Eastern Avenue, Hoyle said he has noticed an “increased

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USyd Emeritus Professor, Dyson Heydon, found to have

(3 days ago) In a statement issued this morning, the Dean of Sydney Law school, Simon Bronitt said, “I wish to express my solidarity and support for the victims who have been abused by former High Court Justice Dyson Heydon. The High Court’s administrative review has exposed a pattern of abusive and unprofessional behaviours over his tenure on the Court.”

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SULS removes job posting by solicitor after allegations

(3 days ago) April 3, 2019. A job posting which advertised a volunteer legal assistant position under solicitor Robert Nixon was taken down by Sydney University Law Society (SULS) from its job board today after the SULS Executive were alerted to allegations against the solicitor. The allegations range from inappropriate behaviour to harassment.

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Faculties reluctant to share grade data

(8 days ago) In both the Law School and Business Faculty, rumours circulate of failure rates in excess of 30 per cent. The data provided by the Business Faculty goes a long way to extinguishing that fear while the Law School’s opacity only leaves its students in limbo. Allowing the chance of failure to be exaggerated is a rather grotesque way of

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Fee hikes bill set to pass as Centre Alliance

(1 days ago) The Federal Government’s proposed reforms to university funding, which will see the cost of humanities degrees more than double, are set to pass, after the minor South Australian party Centre Alliance came out in support of the bill this morning.. Centre Alliance MP Rebekha Sharkie confirmed that the party would vote for the reforms in the Senate, handing the Liberal National Party the

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Another “Lennon Wall” removed from New Law Building Annexe

(5 days ago) The wall in the Law Building featured printed images of the protests happening across Hong Kong and in Australia. A series of now-iconic coloured post-it notes surrounded these images, displaying messages with pro-democratic, anti-police and anti-government sentiment, such as “Bring Down Carrie Lam.”

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Women’s Collective protests Catholic Society's anti

(6 days ago) Originally slated to be held on Eastern Avenue, the talk was subsequently relocated last-minute to a lecture theatre in the Law Annex building in an attempt to circumvent WoCo protestors. Outside, around half a dozen security guards lined the lecture theatre’s locked doors, barring protestors’ access to the event.

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Abolish the Kafala system

(5 days ago) The criticisms have primarily been based on international human and labour rights law and conventions. It is in this sense that the new Kafala may seem to violate a key traditional Islamic condition and may be seen more as a business-oriented system rather than one of trust and protection. Yet despite this, the Kafala system lives on, thriving

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Religious Exemptions Bill fervently rejected by protestors

(8 days ago) The Australian Law Reform Commission is due to report the findings of its inquiry into the Framework of Religious Exemptions in Anti-Discrimination Legislation on April 20, 2020, so this issue will persist in the public sphere into the foreseeable future. It is …

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‘Incredibly detrimental’ defects linger as Law Library

(1 days ago) The Law School’s new Dean, Professor Simon Bronitt, has met with SULS over concerns with the Law Library and issues with broken ceilings and bathrooms in other parts of the building. After these concerns were raised, SULS representatives were asked to sit on the new Building Advisory Group (BAG) aimed at addressing building-related issues

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SRC sacks in-house lawyer after long-running tensions

(9 days ago) In 2018, employment law specialist Kelly Godfrey was asked to make recommendations for the issue’s resolution. However, animosity lingered and an employee subsequently resigned from the SRC. Another workplace complaint was made earlier this year, prompting the SRC to recruit employment lawyer Chris McArdle to conduct an investigation into the

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May it please the court: the weird world of mooting

(Just Now) Art by Deaundre Espejo. Part of mooting’s popularity is because USyd is a renowned training ground for aspiring mooters. It holds the record for the most Jessup titles (six), and the Sydney University Law Society’s (SULS) student-run mooting program is by far its most well-resourced and highly-attended portfolio.

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Stolen art on stolen land: Aboriginal art and copyright

(4 days ago) And “while the law is still in one sense trying to catch up, there is a way for people to do the right thing and to engage appropriately.” The Indigenous Art Code is a voluntary code that artists and dealers can sign up for to show their commitment to ethical and transparent standards when dealing with Aboriginal art and copyright.

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Police Powers and Protest

(5 days ago) Police Powers and Protest. Police repression of protests has escalated in Sydney in recent months, an intersection of tactical and ideological factors making way for a heavy-handed response that has been largely unchallenged by the public. This lack of public backlash against repressive police behaviours has been disappointing but unsurprising.

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Criminalising coercive control is not the answer: An

(3 days ago) Coercive control is committed to gaining and maintaining control over another person. This bill will make it an offence to engage in coercive control over another person in a domestic relationship. Carrying a maximum penalty of imprisonment for five years and/or a fine of $5,500 and, in cases deemed to be aggravated, a prison sentence of ten

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Doctored receipts led to spending cap breach in SULS

(1 days ago) October 30, 2013. New information has emerged indicating that a candidate in last week’s Sydney University Law Society (SULS) election, Callum Forbes, forged receipts in order to exceed the allowable spending cap of $750. The spending cap breach led to Forbes’ ticket Fetch being disqualified from the election.

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USyd admits wage theft of $12.75 million

(9 days ago) In an all-staff email this morning, University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor Mark Scott admitted to wage theft of mostly casual professional employees totalling $12.75 million, following a review of payments from 2014 to 2020. 12,894 current and former staff members are to be repaid after the latest revelation of underpayment in the university sector.

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Student journalists arrested amid Russia's crackdown on

(7 days ago) The only student platform recognised by HSE is the Student Council, which is required by law at all universities. However, Ershov says that these councils “are a token parliament” used as “a career springboard for administrators and politicians…Student Council …

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