Introduction to China's Legal System

The Law Library of Congress' Introduction to China's Legal Structure A Brief Introduction to the Chinese Judicial System and Court Hierarchy by Yifan Wang, Sarah Biddulph and Andrew Godwin. China’s Political Institutions and Leaders in Charts by Susan V. Lawrence, Specialist in Asian Affairs, Congressional Research Service.

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Regulation of the Aviation Industry

(4 days ago) This is a quick guide designed to help you use resources from the Harvard Law School Library to research legal issues surrounding the regulation of the airline industry. If you are an affiliate of Harvard Law School, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected] for additional help.

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Archival Collections

(3 days ago) A resident of Shawnee, Oklahoma, Dorothy C. Black was an active member of a women's bowling team from the late 1950s to the early 1980s. The team participated regularly in Women's International Bowling Congress (WIBC) and Oklahoma Women's Bowling Association (OWBA) tournaments in the Southern and Midwestern United States.This collection consists of an album …

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Research "Civil Law" Subjects at the Harvard Law School

(4 days ago) This is a guide to researching "civil law" subjects at the Harvard Law School Library. For the purposes of this guide, "civil law" (which is also sometimes referred to as "private law") means areas of law that regulate legal relationships between individuals that are generally covered by the civil code in a civil law jurisdiction.

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Welcome to the Law Library!

(3 days ago) The final video in the series explains where in the law library to go if you need help. It also provides a brief tour of the sections in the library that have foreign and international law books. An especially important component of this video is the introduction of the law library's research training calendar, which is available at https

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UK Law Databases

(1 days ago) For access, your Westlaw password will work. Comprehensive collection of legal materials including UK case law (1220- ), citator, case law transcripts from many courts (1999- ), legislation (1267- in force only), Scots Law, statutory instruments (1948- in force only), bills (2015- ), retained EU Legislation (legislation which will apply after Brexit), journals, treatises, and many treatises.

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German Law Research

(4 days ago) Accordingly, "constitutional law" is known in German as "Verfassungsrecht." In the broader subject-specific breakdown of German law, constitutional law falls under "public law" ("öffentliches Recht") -- as opposed to "private law" ("Privatrecht" or "Zivilrecht") -- because is concerned with the legal relationship between individuals and the state.

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Introduction to Taiwan's Legal System

(5 days ago) This guide provides some of the best resources available through the Harvard Law School Library and on the Internet. If you would like additional help with your research, please feel free to contact Nongji Zhang ( [email protected] ), request a research consultation , or email us at [email protected] .

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Indian Law Research

(8 days ago) Scholarly Law Journals. Many scholarly law journals in India are published by law schools. Depending on the journal and the publication date, they can be found open-access through a law school website, through a subscription database (such as HeinOnline, Sage, Jstor, or Taylor and Francis), and/or in the library's print collection.

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Critical Legal Studies

(7 days ago) This is a guide to critical legal studies research in the Harvard Law School Library. It is organized as follows: A discussion of critical librarianship and bias in libraries. Using the Harvard Library's HOLLIS library catalog. A historical overview of critical legal …

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American Law Reports

(3 days ago) American Law Reports (frequently abbreviated and referred to as ALR) contains in-depth articles on narrow topics of the law.ALR articles, called annotations, provide background, analysis, and citations to relevant cases, statutes, law review articles, and other annotations.

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Bluebook Legal Citation System

(9 days ago) The Bluebook has two sections: The Bluepages section: citation rules for documents written by practitioners, like legal memoranda and court filings.; The Whitepages section: citation rules for legal academic publications, including law journal articles.; Since law school work focuses on academic writing, this guide describes and explains the rules in the Whitepages section.

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Alumni Directories

(9 days ago) This three-volume work includes a detailed history of the Harvard Law School from its founding in 1817 until 1907. Of particular interest is the third volume, which contains the Harvard Law School alumni roll, a listing of biographical data by class year. This volume also includes reproductions of various Harvard Law School class photographs.

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Law Review Articles

(3 days ago) Law review or journal articles are another great secondary source for legal research, valuable for the depth in which they analyze and critique legal topics, as well as their extensive references to other sources, including primary sources. Law reviews are scholarly publications, usually edited by law students in conjunction with faculty members.

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ALRs, Encyclopedias, Law Reviews, Restatements, & Treatises

(3 days ago) Articles within topics begin with a general rule of law and are followed by the exceptions and qualifications to that general rule. A four-volume general index is located at KF 154.C56. There are also individual indexes for each major topic. Corpus Juris Secundum on Westlaw.

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Islamic Family Law Home

(3 days ago) Law 4,320 of 14 Jan 1998 (protection of the family) in Resmî gazete 17 Jan 1988. Law 1,587 of 5 May 1972, Nüfus kanunu (personal status). In the new Turkish Civil Code (2001), the sections dealing with family law begin at section 118. Dürerü'l hukkâm şerhu mecelleti'l-ahkâm.

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Intellectual Property, including Copyright, Patents, and

(3 days ago) Patent Law Fundamentals provides new attorneys and patent law specialists alike with in-depth information on current patent law. Research any patent issue and formulate strategies. Prepare a patent application, with an emphasis on claim drafting. Prosecute an application before the Patent and Trademark Office.

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Secondary Sources

(3 days ago) Harvard Law School Library Areeda 390 1545 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138 [email protected]

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California Legal Research

(8 days ago) The Practical Law feature in Westlaw provides practitioner-oriented content, including standard documents and clauses, checklists, current awareness sources, and more. California-specific materials are included. Practical Law is a popular resource in many law firms, so law students who plan to practice in California should become familiar with it.

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Transactional Lawyering -- Introduction

(8 days ago) Starting in Lexis Advance, click on the tiles in the upper left corner to find the tile for Lexis Practice Advisor. You can browse the various "Practice Areas" to focus on a particular type of transaction or area of law (e.g., Corporate and M&A, Labor & Employment, Real Estate, Tax, etc.).Starting in Westlaw, click on the small menu icon in the upper left corner to toggle between the (standard

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