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"The Melbourne Law School and Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor® are pleased to present this report setting out the dominant trends impacting the legal market in 2018 and the key issues likely to influence the market in 2019 and beyond." Access to Justice Review (Victoria. Department of …

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Law databases A – Z

(7 days ago) Legal treatises 1800-1926. Indian case law database which includes all full text decisions from the Supreme Court, all High Courts, the Federal Court, Privy Council and many tribunals. Legislation covered includes bare acts, amending acts, repealed legislation, subordinate legislation and …

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Writing legal essays

(3 days ago) How to write a good law essay. Advice on writing and study skills is provided by the Student Academic Success division; if you need further advice you can book a consultation with a Language and Learning Adviser.. An essay is a common type of assessment in a law degree.

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Writing legal memos

(2 days ago) A type of assignment that you may complete in your law degree is a ‘legal memo’. A memo may be addressed to a colleague or supervisor in a law firm (known as an ‘in-house’ memo). This usually outlines the legal issues in a client’s case, and your assessment of …

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Citing and referencing

(1 days ago) Law research and writing skills: Citing and referencing. Australian Guide to Legal Citation. Current edition - 4th ed, 2018. Available to view ONLINE or use in print in the Law Library. Published by University of Melbourne Law Review. The previous edition, 3rd ed, is archived online. Summary of changes in AGLC4.

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Online law reports

(2 days ago) Law reports contain published, authoritative versions of selected court judgments, usually with added catchwords and headnotes to summarise what the case is about. Prefer the authorised version if available. This page provides links to online law reports subscribed to by Monash University Library (available to Monash users only). These versions

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Subject guides: Legal education and research for Law

(3 days ago) An innovative open access journal that encourages research and scholarship on the human and humanity of law and technology. It is sponsored by the Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology, Australia and is advised by a leading International Editorial Board.

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Legal commentaries and books

(Just Now) Legal commentary: Legal commentaries and books. Also known as loose-leaf services (in print) and reporters, legal commentary services provide comprehensive coverage of a broad area of law, such as criminal law, administrative law, contract, etc., and include commentary, legislation and case law. The major Australian legal publishers provide the

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Exam preparation

(6 days ago) Mastering law studies and law exam techniques by Richard Krever. ISBN: 9780409349139. Publication Date: 10th ed, 2019. Ebook available (2019 edition). How to write better law essays : tools and techniques for success in exams and assignments by …

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Key law databases

(1 days ago) Key law databases. A citator and annotator of cases from over 60 Australian and overseas report series and unreported decisions. Commentaries, case law, legislation on all areas of Australian law and selected areas from Asia and NZ. A case citator and digest for reported and unreported Australian cases.

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LawTech Teaching & Learning

(4 days ago) The Monash Blockchain Technology Centre will bring together world-leading expertise across Monash University to explore and develop the technology of blockchain. The Allens Hub for Technology, Law & Innovation. The Hub is a joint venture between Allens and UNSW Law researching the impact of rapid technological change on the law.

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Authorised law reports

(Just Now) Victorian Reports 1957-. Victorian Law Reports 1875-1956. VR. VLR. Supreme Court of New South Wales. New South Wales Law Reports 1971-. New South Wales Reports 1960-1970 (print only) State Reports NSW 1901-1970, 1901-1950 (AustLII) New South Wales Law Reports 1825 - 1900.

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International and foreign law

(2 days ago) Law databases: International and foreign law. Law books and journals published by Brill. Journal articles on public and private international law, comparative and foreign law, and the law of all non-Western jurisdictions. Oxford bibliographies.

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Writing case notes

(1 days ago) Most law journals regularly publish case notes, especially on recent decisions. You can find example of case notes in: a general legal journal, such as the Law Institute Journal ; an academic legal journal, such as Monash University Law Review; or a journal dealing with a specific area of law such as Internet Law Bulletin.

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Example 1 (Contract)

(1 days ago) Subjects: Law. We acknowledge and pay respects to the Elders and Traditional Owners of the land on which our four Australian campuses stand. Information for Indigenous Australians. Questions and feedback: Phone +61 3 9905 5054 or use our enquiry services - Maintained by Library Web Developers.

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Approaching law assignments

(4 days ago) Welcome to Approaching Law Assignments. This page gives you tips and resources for approaching a range of law assignments. Law assignments, in general, have three major types - case notes (including a case summary and/or essay analysis) advice on possible solutions to a legal problem, e.g. legal memos, letters of advice, problem questions

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Corporations & Business law

(6 days ago) The study of corporations law includes the regulation of both companies and the securities and futures industries. Business law covers the areas of contract, agency, banking, insurance, finance, and trade practices. See also the Company, industry and market library guide.. Contact a Law librarian or learning skills adviser or, at libraries other than Law, contact the Business and Economics team.

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Contemporary Legal Scholarship

(7 days ago) Employment law is a popular area of “research insights” and FAQs for law firms. These research insights and responses to FAQs tend to focus on providing an overview of the law with key takeaways, implications, or next steps for potential clients. Example One: Boutique law firm specialising in workplace relations from the employee perspective

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Researching legislation

(9 days ago) A good first step for finding Australian legislation. Provided by TimeBase, access to full text legislation across all nine jurisdictions, including amending, subordinate and repealed legislation, Bills, Explanatory Memoranda and Second Reading Speeches along with detailed legislative histories. Acts, subordinate legislation, and Bills from all

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Business Law and Taxation

(9 days ago) Kluwer Competition Law is a fully searchable collection of primary source material, commentary, and analysis for anyone with an interest in EU competition law. Searching and browsing is quick and simple, as the database has been organised into the specific competition law topics of Antitrust, Mergers and State Aid.

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Researching cases

(4 days ago) Use case law databases . Case databases enable you to identify and locate cases which are relevant to your research. They may provide case citations, digest information about the case, cases cited in the case, subsequent consideration of the case, journal articles or case notes written about the case, legislation considered by the case, and access to the full judgment.

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Legal dictionaries and encyclopaedias

(8 days ago) Legal encyclopaedias comprise a narrative statement of the law of Australia organised by subject area and covering all nine jurisdictions. Statements of legal principles and propositions of substantive law are supported by references to primary authority (cases and legislation). Always check the currency of the relevant paragraph in the

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Faculty guidelines

(7 days ago) Check that you’ve cited the authorities correctly, using the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC3). The similarity index for law will be high because the range of authorities to be used is limited, so as long as you’ve used these properly, you don’t have to worry. The similarity index doesn’t have a …

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