50 Weird Laws Around the World Far & Wide

50 Weird Laws Around the World. Every country is different, and every country's laws are different. Sometimes these laws border on the seriously ridiculous, …

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40 Weird Laws in the U.S Far & Wide

(Just Now) Law or not, that's a pretty good rule of thumb to follow. 33. You Can't Steal Crawfish. Where this law exists: Louisiana. Year enacted: 2011. Final verdict: According to this Louisiana law, if you steal someone's crawfish, it's a big deal. Stealing is …

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Things Around the World You Didn’t Know Were Banned Far

(6 days ago) Given that no law in Switzerland bans public nudity, the man appealed the fine in court. However, there is a statute that outlaws public indecency, which allowed the court to overturn his appeal and, as a result, naked hiking in Switzerland was formally banned.

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The Best and Worst Vacation Policies Around the World

(4 days ago) By law, full-time employees in Iceland are entitled to a minimum of two working days of paid leave every year for each month they work. So 24 days is the absolute minimum. Still, Icelanders aren’t particularly good at utilizing their time off to travel or enjoy other leisure pursuits.

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Unusual Customs Rules Around the World Far & Wide

(7 days ago) Unusual Customs Rules Around the World. Bill Oxford / Getty Images. Even first-time travelers know not to pack firecrackers, lighter fluid and other explosives when traveling to another country. Most are also aware that what’s euphemistically called “adult reading material” will at best will be confiscated on entry to most countries, and

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Most Dangerous Highway in Every U.S. State Far & Wide

(8 days ago) As one local law office put it, “Route 495 sees distinct types of traffic that mix as well as dynamite and an open flame.” 46. Passing through the popular tourist destinations of Wisconsin Dells and Milwaukee, the most populated city in …

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All 50 State Capitals, Ranked From Worst to First Far & Wide

(7 days ago) The Lansing area, or Mid-Michigan, is known for its educational, cultural and governmental positions. Nearby Michigan State University is an anchor for the community, with 50,000 students, research facilities, medical schools and law schools.

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50 Amazing Maps of the U.S. Far & Wide

(4 days ago) The Supreme Court overturned the law in 1970, but this was repealed by Congress, which also passed the Controlled Substances Act to further keep marijuana illegal. While states have their own legislation, it is still federally illegal today. These States Could Take 'Em! The United Kingdom is 93,628 square miles in size. Alaska, by comparison

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Every U.S. State’s Most Popular TV Show Far & Wide

(6 days ago) There have only been a handful of shows set in Alabama, including "Any Day Now," "Big Law: Deputy Butterbean," "Big Shrimpin'," "Looking for Alaska," "On the Job," "The Prancing Elites Project" and "Rocket City Rednecks." Don't remember these? Well, they were pretty short-lived. "Hart of Dixie," however, lasted four years and earned solid reviews.

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Rare and Dying Languages of the World Far & Wide

(2 days ago) Rare and Dying Languages of the World. According to UNESCO, up to half of the world’s 7,000 spoken languages could be extinct by the end of this century. That means one language on average could be lost every fortnight, when the remaining elderly native speakers die. Already, many languages only live in the dusty pages of history books.

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Air Passenger Rights You Need to Know — And Likely Don't

(Just Now) Whether before takeoff or after landing, tarmac delays can bring even the most seasoned traveler to his or her knees. Luckily, airlines are required by law to follow some guidelines, but there are a few exceptions to these rules that, if you’re not aware of them ahead of time, could morph any lengthy tarmac delay into a full-blown nightmare.

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Fascinating History of 15 Prohibition-Era Cities Far & Wide

(Just Now) Massachusetts was one of the first states in favor of National Prohibition, itself launching its own temperance law in 1838. But like Chicago, the ban of booze only inspired Irish-American gangs to emerge. As the largest immigrant population in the city, the Irish also dominated the police force.

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Amazing Facts About All 50 U.S. States Far & Wide

(3 days ago) Located outside Asheville, North Carolina, the home's gardens and lands were designed by Central Park's landscape designer, Frederick Law Olmsted. Bill Cecil Jr., the great grandson of the home's original Vanderbilt owner, opened nearly 2,200 acres to the public, so you can tour portions of the house and gardens.

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50 Things About Europe You Never Knew Far & Wide

(8 days ago) This odd law was originally created during Napoleon's tenure so he wouldn't have to share his name with swine — and it never came off the books. But don't worry: The French won't actually come searching your home for a pig named for one of the most renowned rulers of Europe. Of the British Museum's Collection, Only 1% Is on Display

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Surprising Things Banned in China Far & Wide

(5 days ago) A 2017 Chinese law requires online services to store user data in domestic servers — a move Zuckerberg isn’t in favor of because the government can access personal user data. In March 2019, he hit back against the move, writing in a statement : “I believe one of the most important decisions we’ll make is where we’ll build data centers

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These Destinations Are Fighting Back Against Overtourism

(1 days ago) In August 2018, a new law came into effect limiting private rentals through Airbnb and similar sites. Property owners must now register their residence with the government before they rent them out, causing the number of available rental properties to plummet. The city of Kyoto will only allow private lodging in residential areas during the

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29 Countries Where Locals Have the Highest Life Expectancy

(8 days ago) Where Locals Have the Highest Life Expectancy An elderly man enjoys the beach in Israel. In communities all around the world, people are …

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Worst Beaches in the World Far & Wide

(4 days ago) Morocco banned plastic bags in 2016 and strictly enforces the law, but despite its best efforts, ocean waste remains a major problem. As in many other countries, Morocco itself is not entirely to blame for its dirty beaches. Greenpeace estimates that a truckload of trash enters world oceans every minute of every day.

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13 Most Epic Mob Moments in Las Vegas History Far & Wide

(2 days ago) During this time, the Kefauver committee came to Vegas to conduct the hearings in the old federal building, which is now the site of The Mob Museum (aka the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement). The Story. Dalitz was from Cleveland and led a group of Cleveland syndicate friends to invest in the Desert Inn resort in Vegas.

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