List of areas of law

The following is a list of major areas of legal practice and important legal subject-matters. From, one of the five capital lawyers in Roman Law, Domitius Ulpianus, (170–223) – who differentiated ius publicum versus ius privatum – the European, more exactly the continental law, philosophers and thinkers want(ed) to put each branch of law into this dichotomy: Public and Private Law

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Intention (criminal law)

(2 days ago) Law. v. t. e. In criminal law, intent is a subjective state of mind that must accompany the acts of certain crimes to constitute a violation. A more formal, generally synonymous legal term is scienter: intent or knowledge of wrongdoing.

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Sterilization law in the United States

(8 days ago) Sterilization law is the area of law, within reproductive rights, that gives a person the right to choose or refuse reproductive sterilization and governs when the government may limit this fundamental right.Sterilization law includes federal and state constitutional law, statutory law, administrative law, and common law.This article primarily focuses on laws concerning compulsory

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United States labor law

(2 days ago) United States labor law sets the rights and duties for employees, labor unions, and employers in the United States. Labor law's basic aim is to remedy the "inequality of bargaining power" between employees and employers, especially employers "organized in the corporate or other forms of ownership association".Over the 20th century, federal law created minimum social and economic rights, and

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Administrative law

(8 days ago) Administrative law is the division of law that governs the activities of administrative agencies of government.Government agency action can include rule making, adjudication, or the enforcement of a specific regulatory agenda. Administrative law is considered a branch of public law.. Administrative law deals with the decision-making of such administrative units of government as tribunals

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UCLA School of Law

(8 days ago) The UCLA School of Law is one of 12 professional schools at the University of California, Los Angeles.UCLA Law has been consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top 20 law schools in the United States since the inception of the U.S. News rankings in 1987. Its 18,000 alumni include leaders in the judiciary, private law practice, business, government service, sports and

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Hong Kong national security law

(1 days ago) A national security law would relate to three ordinances that make up Hong Kong's penal law, the Official Secrets Ordinance, Crimes Ordinance and Societies Ordinance. The Societies Ordinance in particular covers elements of security, as it was intended to prevent the …

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Cornell Law School

(8 days ago) Cornell Law School is the law school of Cornell University, a private Ivy League university in Ithaca, New York.One of the five Ivy League law schools, it offers four law degree programs, JD, LL.M., MSLS and JSD, along with several dual-degree programs in conjunction with other professional schools at the university.Established in 1887 as Cornell's Department of Law, the school today is one of

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Law of Louisiana

(3 days ago) Law in the state of Louisiana is based on a more diverse set of sources than the laws of the other 49 states of the United States. Private law—that is, substantive law between private sector parties, principally contracts and torts—has a civil law character, based on French and Spanish codes and ultimately Roman law, with some common law influences.

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Newton's law of universal gravitation

(9 days ago) Newton's law of universal gravitation is usually stated as that every particle attracts every other particle in the universe with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers. The publication of the theory has become known as the "first great unification", as it marked the unification of the

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Jennifers' Law (Connecticut)

(Just Now) Jennifers' Law (Connecticut) Not to be confused with Jennifer's Law (Texas). Jennifers' Law is a law in the U.S. state of Connecticut that expands the definition of domestic violence to include "coercive control". The law is named for two women: Jennifer Farber Dulos and Jennifer Magnano.

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Newton's laws of motion

(5 days ago) Newton used the third law to derive the law of conservation of momentum; from a deeper perspective, however, conservation of momentum is the more fundamental idea (derived via Noether's theorem from Galilean invariance), and holds in cases where Newton's third law appears to fail, for instance when force fields as well as particles carry

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Bachelor of Laws

(3 days ago) Bachelor of Laws (Latin: Legum Baccalaureus; LL.B.) is an undergraduate law degree in the United Kingdom and most common law jurisdictions – except the United States. It historically served this purpose in North America as well but was phased out in favour of the Juris Doctor degree. Bachelor of Laws is also the name of the law degree awarded by universities in India, Pakistan, Kenya, Ghana

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The Law (Bastiat book)

(2 days ago) The Law (French: La Loi) is an 1850 book by Frédéric Bastiat.It was written at Mugron two years after the third French Revolution and a few months before his death of tuberculosis at age 49. The essay was influenced by John Locke's Second Treatise on Government and in turn influenced Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson. It is the work for which Bastiat is most famous, followed by The

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UC Berkeley School of Law

(2 days ago) The school that is today known as Berkeley Law originated in 1894 as the Department of Jurisprudence of the University of California. The department was founded by professor William Carey Jones, who personally taught all its courses for the first three years. According to Jones, the inspiration for the department came from his experience in 1882 teaching a course in Roman law to Berkeley seniors.

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Law and economics

(4 days ago) Law and economics or economic analysis of law is the application of economic theory (specifically microeconomic theory) to the analysis of law that began mostly with scholars from the Chicago school of economics.Economic concepts are used to explain the effects of laws, to assess which legal rules are economically efficient, and to predict which legal rules will be promulgated.

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Chinese Exclusion Act

(1 days ago) The Chinese Exclusion Act was a United States federal law signed by President Chester A. Arthur on May 6, 1882, prohibiting all immigration of Chinese laborers. Building on the earlier Page Act of 1875 which banned Chinese women from immigrating to the United States, the Chinese Exclusion Act was the first, and remains the only, law to have been implemented to prevent all members of a specific

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