Understanding "Civil" Law Éducaloi

Family Law. Family law deals with the legal relationships within a family, and between the family and other people. It has rules that apply to marriage, divorce, …

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What Is International Law

(1 days ago) Public international law sets the rules for issues that concern all humankind: the environment, the oceans, human rights, international business, etc. …

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Finding Laws, Regulations, and Court or Government

(4 days ago) Legislation (laws and regulations) The word “legislation” includes laws and regulations. In Quebec, there are both federal and provincial laws and regulations, as well as municipal bylaws.1 Federal laws and regulations The Parliament of Canada creates federal laws and regulations.2 To access the official versions of these laws and regulations, please visit the website of […]

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Legal System Éducaloi

(Just Now) For Teenagers. Separation and Divorce. In this section. Separating Without Going to Court. Child Custody. Child Support. Separation of Common-Law Couples. …

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Civil Division of the Court of Quebec Éducaloi

(3 days ago) The Law by Topic. Legal System. Law 101. Civil Division of the Court of Quebec. Share. Print. The Court of Quebec is very important because it is there that many cases are heard by a judge for the first time. The Court of Quebec is divided into three Divisions: the Civil Division,

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Responsibility of Employers for Acts of Employees Éducaloi

(5 days ago) The law is strict: once the victim proves that an employee committed a fault during the performance of these duties, the employer is presumed responsible, even if the employer is not at fault. However, the employee’s fault doesn’t disappear just because the employer is held responsible. For example, Étienne is a lifeguard at a city pool.

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Legal Responsibility of Parents Éducaloi

(7 days ago) Because they have a duty to educate and supervise their minor children. So, if their minor child (a child under 18) causes harm to another person, the law says that the parents have not met their duty. The harm would not have occurred if the child had been properly supervised and educated. Parents can be held responsible even if the child no

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The Quebec Judicial System Éducaloi

(2 days ago) Sometimes the courts of first instance have different opinions on a question of law (for example, how a law should be interpreted). The Court of Appeal decides the matter. Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada is composed of nine judges and is the final court in the land. Except for some criminal cases, you need permission to

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Helping Someone in Danger: Good Samaritan Laws Éducaloi

(1 days ago) The Law by Topic. Legal System. Law 101. Helping Someone in Danger: Good Samaritan Laws. Share. Print. This article explains so-called “good Samaritan” laws about helping people in danger. The term good Samaritan comes from a story about someone who comes to the rescue of a stranger.

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Teens in Trouble With the Law: What You Need to Know

(4 days ago) The law says children 12 to 17 must answer for their crimes, but it also encourages their rehabilitation. And parents are encouraged to support their child throughout the process. Alternatives to Court. Several outcomes are possible, depending on the teen’s situation and the seriousness of the crime. As much as possible, the youth criminal

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Language Rights in Court in Quebec Éducaloi

(Just Now) The law gives people language rights in court. The rules can be different for different types of cases and in different courts. Note that there are also language guarantees for some aboriginal people. Language in Criminal Cases Criminal cases deal with people accused of a crime. Right to Choose English or French If you’re accused […]

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The Criminal and Penal Division of the Superior Court

(2 days ago) The Law by Topic. Crimes and Tickets. Arrest and the Criminal Process. The Criminal and Penal Division of the Superior Court: Introduction. Share. Print. The Superior Court is made up of a judge and 12 jurors when it hears criminal cases. Exceptionally, a judge will hear a case without the help of a jury.

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What is a Contract

(5 days ago) A contract: the law between the parties. People who enter into a contract have an obligation to do what they promised, and several recourses are possible if one of the parties breaks the contract. Prohibited clauses. The parties can generally include whatever they want in a contract. However, there are exceptions when one party is in a position

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Emancipation: When Teens Get the Legal Rights of an Adult

(2 days ago) By law, teenagers must have the court’s permission to marry. Also, the minimum age for marriage is 16. Asking a Court. Teenagers can also apply for full emancipation on their own. The judge will determine whether there are serious reasons for emancipation and whether it is in the teenager’s best interest. The judge will listen to what the

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Civil Liability: Receiving Compensation for Damages Éducaloi

(1 days ago) The Law by Topic. Legal System. Law 101. Civil Liability: Receiving Compensation for Damages. Share. Print. You can receive money as compensation for damages you suffered as a result of a fault that a person or company committed. To receive compensation, you must prove they committed a fault which caused you some harm. This engages their

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The Consumer Protection Act: What It Covers Éducaloi

(4 days ago) The Consumer Protection Act has several kinds of protections for consumers. It has general rules that apply to merchants providing products and services to consumers, and special rules for certain types of products and services. If these rules are not respected, the law gives consumers the right to file a complaint with the Office de […]

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Our Team Éducaloi Information Empowers

(5 days ago) Our Team. A team of specialists in law, communications and education carries out Éducaloi’s mission with the dedicated assistance of students in law and communications. The team also relies on the support of many external collaborators and volunteers to achieve its mission.

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Forced Hospitalization: Three Types Éducaloi

(Just Now) The Law by Topic. Health. Health Care. Forced Hospitalization: Three Types. Share. Print. Adults usually have the right to decide whether to go to the hospital or stay at the hospital. But if they are a danger to themselves or to other people because of their mental state, they can be hospitalized against their will. Forced hospitalization is

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Legal Web Guides Éducaloi Information Empowers

(7 days ago) Caregivers: Practical Legal Tools. Teens in Trouble With the Law: What You Need to Know. Common-Law Relationships: Everything You Need to Know. Sexual Assault: Reporting, Getting Help, Remedies. Legal Information Tools for Community Workers. Separation and Divorce: The Legal Impact of a Breakup. The Holidays: A Few Reminders.

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Termination of Employment: Understanding Compensation and

(1 days ago) The notice of termination of employment must respect certain minimum periods set out in the Act respecting labour standards. The length of the period depends on how long you’ve been working for your employer: less than 3 months: no minimum advance notice period. between 3 months and 1 year: 1 week. between 1 and 5 years: 2 weeks.

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Families and Couples Éducaloi

(8 days ago) Families and Couples. Share. Find information about marriage, common-law couples and legal issues of interest to parents and teenagers.

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Assigning a Lease or Subletting Éducaloi

(7 days ago) The law says that there are three situations in which you cannot assign your lease or sublet: You are a student renting housing in an educational institution. You are a tenant in low-rent housing. Your rental unit is declared as the main residence of your family (the place where your family carries on its daily activities) and your spouse or

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Charter of the French Language Éducaloi

(6 days ago) The Charter of the French Language is a law that was adopted by the Quebec government in 1977. The goal of the law is to preserve the quality and status of the French language. The Charter makes French the province’s official language when it comes to the government, education, commerce and …

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The Tribunal administratif du Québec Éducaloi

(2 days ago) The law must specifically give the TAQ the right to do so. For example, if you are unhappy with the decision of the Director of youth protection, only the Court of Quebec can hear the case. Outside Links. Origin and role – the Tribunal administratif du Québec. Read also.

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Éducaloi

(Just Now) Improper conduct, degrading remarks, provocative attitude . . . Sexual harassment at work can quickly become intolerable. The law protects employees from sexual harassment which it defines is a form of psychological harassment. What is sexual harassment? There are many definitions of sexual harassment, but sexual harassment usually includes these elements : can be words, gestures, …

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Abortion: A Legal Procedure Éducaloi

(2 days ago) In 1892, a law called the Criminal Code was created. It stated that abortion was a crime. Women who ended their pregnancies, and health-care professionals who carried out the procedure, could be sent to prison (for life in the case of health-care professionals). 1969 to 1988: Abortion was allowed, but only under certain conditions.

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Going to School Is Mandatory Éducaloi

(4 days ago) Important! People who are not legally required to go to school don’t lose the right to go to school. The law says everyone has a right to a high school education until age 18, and age 21 for people with disabilities. Éducaloi provides general information about the law that applies in …

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Writing a Demand Letter Éducaloi

(9 days ago) The law does not say specifically everything that should be in a demand letter. But the law does say that this kind of demand must be in writing and that verbal notice is not enough. The law also says that you have to give the other person time to respond to your demand.

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Managing Someone's Final Affairs Éducaloi

(Just Now) Rights of a Spouse or Partner to the Home and Land After a Death. When a Loved One Dies in an Indigenous Community. Managing an Indigenous Estate: Duties of an Estate Administrator or Executor. Inheriting Land or a House in an Indigenous Community.

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Maternity Leave for Abortions and Miscarriages Éducaloi

(2 days ago) For Most Employees in Quebec . Employees covered by a law called the Loi sur les normes du travail (Act respecting labour standards) can get this type of maternity leave, whether they’re full-time or part-time workers.Senior management and construction workers also get this maternity leave, even though the Act doesn’t apply to them.. Important!

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Marriage in Quebec Éducaloi

(4 days ago) half-brother and half-sister. parent and child. grandparent and grandchild. Marriage is allowed between these relatives: former brother-in-law and sister-in-law. cousins. aunt/uncle and niece/nephew. The relatives can be related by blood, adoption or marriage (spouse of a …

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Abortion: Available at Any Time Éducaloi

(6 days ago) The Law by Topic. Health. Health Care. Abortion: Available at Any Time. Share. Print. In Quebec, abortion is legal, free and available at any time. A woman doesn’t lose her right to an abortion after a certain number of weeks. No matter how far along the pregnancy is, a woman always has the choice to do what she believes is best for her.

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The Legal Warranty: Automatic Protection for Consumers

(9 days ago) The legal warranty is a minimum legal protection for consumers. It applies automatically when you buy something. The legal warranty says that, if a merchant sells you something that isn’t of good quality, durable, safe and in line with any expectations created by the merchant, you can, among other things, get a refund or have the product

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Crimes and Tickets: Definitions Éducaloi

(4 days ago) The Law by Topic . Families and Couples +-In this section; Couples; Having Children; Parenting; For Teenagers; Separation and Divorce +-In this section; Separating Without Going to Court; Child Custody; Child Support; Separation of Common-Law Couples; Separation of Married Couples; Wills and Estates

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