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Edmonton Law Office provides legal services for Family Law, Divorce & Separation, Buying & Selling Real Estate, Civil Litigation, and Wills & Estates. “People’s lives and the lives of their loved ones, including children, are in our hands. They want to know that we will fight for them as if their family was our family, that their property

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Edmonton Family Law Lawyers Edmonton Law Office

(9 days ago) There is a solution for every Family law issue. Every Family Law issue can be resolved. The challenge for a Family Law lawyer is to find the best path forward. “It is very important to select the correct issue resolution process,” notes Family Law lawyer Belal Najmeddine. “Negotiation, with give and take by both parties, is right for some

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Real estate lawyer law office legal services

(4 days ago) Looking to buy or sell a home, condo or property? Talk to a real estate lawyer at Edmonton Law Office first. The best real estate transaction is a routine real estate transaction with no surprises or complications because both sides had their interests protected by a real estate lawyer.

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Edmonton Law Office Lawyers professional qualifications

(2 days ago) Edmonton lawyer Belal Najmeddine has the professional qualifications you would expect: J.D. (honours), Faculty of Law, Bond University; B.Com. (Distinction), University of Alberta. But there is nothing typical about the reasons why he became a lawyer, which is best described in …

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Estate planning and administration lawyer Edmonton law firm

(2 days ago) Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes people make when it comes to writing a Will or doing any of the other legal steps commonly associated with estate planning and administration in Alberta.

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Spousal support guidelines in Alberta

(5 days ago) Learn more by requesting a free introductory consultation with a family lawyer at Edmonton Law Office. Important insights on spousal support in Alberta, an often misunderstood aspect of family law. Learn more by requesting a free introductory consultation with a family lawyer at Edmonton Law Office. Call Today: (780) 784-6666;

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Child custody law in Alberta Family and Divorce Help in

(3 days ago) A word that appears in The Divorce Act, Canada may also appear in the Family Law Act, Alberta, but have a different meeting. For example, the Family Law Act, Alberta, uses the terms ‘parenting’, ‘contact’, and ‘guardianship’. Parenting refers to the guardian’s physical time spent with a child.

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Norman H. Odinga

(8 days ago) Norman H. Odinga. Called to the Alberta Bar in 1997, Norman is an experienced Lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in the legal profession in the Edmonton area, specializing in residential and commercial real estate and landlord and tenant matters. Besides real estate and landlord and tenant matters, he also does litigation, corporate

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Family law in Alberta questions and answers

(4 days ago) The Family Law Act applies to married spouses, who may not yet be seeking a divorce; unmarried spouses; parents and a child’s caregivers. There are some exceptions. For example, the law on child support applies to everyone, while the law on spousal support only applies to married couples. Adult interdependent partner support is the same as

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Civil litigation lawyer top Edmonton Law Office

(5 days ago) Even with the guidance and support of the best litigation lawyer in a top Edmonton law firm, there may be times when you or your business gets involved in civil litigation related to a financial or physical loss. This does not mean that you will have to go to court. Most disputes are resolved without going to court, provided both sides involved

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Property division law in Alberta Divorce Lawyers in Edmonton

(7 days ago) Property division is not limited to your matrimonial home. Also subject to division are investments, bank accounts, household goods, business assets, cars and property acquired during the relationship for use/enjoyment by both spouses. Note this is not a complete list and you may have additional assets that are subject to division.

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Separation date or “living

(4 days ago) In Black’s Law Dictionary, 8 th ed., reconciliation is defined as “Voluntary resumption, after a separation, of full marital relations between spouses.” There is a reason that both the Divorce Act and the Matrimonial Property Act employ the language of “living separate and apart” rather than the word “cohabitation” when

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Estate Planning Lawyers in Edmonton

(8 days ago) Hiring a Wills and Estate attorney ensures that a proper and legally valid Will is drafted which deals with all the important matters relating to dependants, children, and estate. For more information, contact a trusted Wills and Estate Attorney at the Edmonton Law Office by calling our office at (780) 784-6666.

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Adeel Malik Edmonton Lawyer Edmonton Law Office

(4 days ago) As a law student, Adeel actively volunteered with the Canadian and Leicester Law Society as a mentor to the first-year law students. Adeel is a strong believer in giving back to the community and has volunteered with numerous organizations, including Canadian Blood Services, Elizabeth Fry Society, Citizens Advice and Edmonton Youth Justice

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Edmonton Law Office offers FREE introductory consultations

(4 days ago) Contact the Edmonton Law Office to request your FREE introductory consultation on any legal matter related to Family Law, real estate transactions, civil litigation …

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Domestic violence information for physically abused

(7 days ago) Domestic violence is a criminal offence. If you or another loved one are abused physically, leave immediately and go to a place where your attacker cannot find you. Witnessing domestic violence can have a deep and lasting impact on children. Any children who have seen domestic violence should get mental health help as soon as possible.

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Apply for a Pardon / Criminal Record

(5 days ago) have demonstrated to be law-abiding citizens. A Pardon or Record suspension is a great tool in helping individuals in educational and employment opportunities as well as reintegrating into society. Benefits of obtaining a Pardon or Record Suspension. Obtaining a pardon or …

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Thinking ahead to the day after your divorce is granted

(4 days ago) The entire divorce process will be easier if you take into account what your life will be like after you get divorced. "The damages created by a hotly contested divorce can have negative repercussions for years after the papers are signed," notes Edmonton divorce lawyer

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Divorce and separation myths exposed Divorce in Alberta

(8 days ago) The relevant law in Alberta calls for “equitable distribution”, which is not the same as equal distribution. Property is often divided in an unequal manner for a wide variety of reasons. It is also possible that the spouses may agree on an asset split that is not 50\50. Most divorce cases end up in court. The opposite is true — most

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Eight ways to get the most out of an introductory meeting

(1 days ago) Eight ways to get the most out of an introductory meeting with a lawyer in an Edmonton law firm. Home | Blog | Eight ways to get the most out of an introductory meeting with a lawyer in an Edmonton law firm. Published: March 15, 2019 Arrive with an open mind and willingness to listen.

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Blog – Edmonton Law Office

(8 days ago) Edmonton Law Office #200, 12946 - 97 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T5E 4C3 Canada. Hours (M-T): 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Hours (Friday): 8:30 am to 2:00 pm Phone: (780) 784-6666 After Hours/Weekends: (780) 903-2000 Fax: (780) 784-6505 Website Design & SEO by:

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