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At Bosecke Law LLP: We work closely with your real estate agent and mortgage broker to ensure all documents are legal and protect all parties’ interests. You’ll get expert counsel on Alberta & Edmonton Real Estate Law. As laws are constantly changing, we have dedicated counsel to …

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About Bosecke Law

(3 days ago) Bosecke Law LLP was founded in 1988 and is proud to be celebrating over 30 years of service to the people of Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert and surrounding areas. We’ve enjoyed steady growth each year as a result of the support of our client base, and we’re looking forward to many more years of service. While there are many law firms

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Business Law Services

(2 days ago) Edmonton Business and Corporate Lawyers putting Clients First. We’re extremely proud of our long-standing relationships with business owners and executives throughout Edmonton and Alberta. We take our role as protectors of the catalysts of our economy—you—seriously. We assist our clients in eliminating the errors that can be costly to

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COVID 19 Updates

(3 days ago) BOSECKE LAW LLP – COVID 19 Pandemic Response Bosecke Law LLP is currently operating and working to assist our clients during …. Read More. COVID 19 & Estate Planning Information- Bosecke Law LLP. April 7, 2020. INTRODUCTION The Covid-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty and numerous risks to the health and to the lives of all Albertans.

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Why You Need A Will

(7 days ago) Alberta Wills: Why You Need One . The last thing any of us wants to think about is the inevitable death of loved ones, or our own mortality. But the truth is that as a responsible adult it is vital you make sure your loved ones are cared for and all other matters will be settled without burdening those left behind.

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When should you update your will

(Just Now) For over 3 decades, the experienced Wills & Estates team at Bosecke Law has provided both confidence and peace-of-mind to clients, assisting with their estate planning needs. Our lawyers can offer expert advice and update your Will to reflect whatever your current wishes may be. If you or a family member have any questions or concerns regarding

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Protecting Your Edmonton Business

(6 days ago) Protect Your Business By Avoiding These 3 Unnecessary Mistakes! You and your partner have come up with a great business idea guaranteed to give your families’ financial security for the future. You’ve come up with a compelling name, gotten your permits and licenses in order and now you’re ready to open the doors…right? Maybe not. […]

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COVID 19 & Estate Planning Information- Bosecke Law LLP

(Just Now) The lawyers at Bosecke Law LLP recognize the enormous risk and uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought upon our community. As such, our lawyers have implemented measures that would allow you to obtain new estate planning documents, while reducing the risk and impact to our employees, clients and the overall community.

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4 Ways An Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer Can Save You Money

(5 days ago) 4 Ways An Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer Can Save You Money We’ve all heard the funny and grim lawyer jokes, and probably even told a few for laughs. But when it comes down to almost any transaction using the services of a lawyer can only work in your favor. If you are considering purchasing a […]

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Personal Directive Vs. A Will

(6 days ago) If you would like to learn more about Wills, personal directives, or estate planning in general, feel free to contact the lawyers at Bosecke Law LLP. If you need assistance or more information regarding Wills, personal directives, or estate planning in general, we welcome you to contact our office at 780-469-0494 or email us directly at

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What is a Real Property Report

(8 days ago) A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document that clearly illustrates the location of significant visible improvements relative to property boundaries. RPRs will show visible improvements including such items as decks, fences and hot tubs and will identify and describe right-of-way’s, easements and encroachments on or off the property. A Real Property Report can […]

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What does a Real Estate Lawyer do

(1 days ago) A real estate lawyer will assist with the preparation and understanding of the purchase or buy contract, ensuring you have all the necessary legal components required, while protecting your best interests. For the majority of individuals, the purchase or sale of a home is the largest financial transaction in their lifetime. The role of a […]

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What is a Minor Injury Cap Claim

(Just Now) The state of the law in this area has become highly complex. Before accepting any offer from an insurance company, it is very important that you first discuss your injuries with a lawyer. The difference between a capped claim and a non-capped claim can be in excess of tens of thousands of dollars.

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Edmonton Lawyer: Litigation: What is Questioning

(4 days ago) For over 3 decades, the experienced team of lawyers and legal professionals at Bosecke Law has provided both confidence and peace-of-mind to clients, assisting with litigation needs. Our lawyers can offer expert advice and representation in court when it comes to any legal challenges or litigation needs. Feel free to reach out to us.

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Your Personal Injury Lawyers

(6 days ago) Experienced Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyers If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, contact our lawyers at Bosecke Law LLP to help you navigate the process and to help ensure you are adequately compensated. In many occasions, accidents and personal injuries can turn your life upside down. In addition to all […]

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Wills & Estates

(7 days ago) Instead of being overwhelmed with uncertainty and decisions, feel free to call us immediately to answer any questions you may have. 780.469.0494. Through the Bosecke Law Estate Planning Process, we will: Help you get your assets identified, ensuring all of your real estate, financial accounts, investments and other assets are accounted for.

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What Does An Executor Do

(2 days ago) The Executor is the individual named in the will or appointed by court, whose role is to carry out the directions of the deceased person’s will. If there is no will, then the court-appointed Executor is responsible for administering the deceased person’s estate. The Executor’s role can be a complex and difficult role. The Executor’s […]

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What Are Real Estate Holdbacks

(8 days ago) A holdback is a monetary amount, set aside from the sale proceeds of the property, which is not released to the seller until the seller has completed certain outstanding contractual obligations. A holdback can be held by the buyer’s or seller’s lawyer, depending on the wording of the agreement. Typical scenarios where holdbacks are used

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Edmonton Business Law F.A.Q. Bosecke Law LLP

(9 days ago) What kinds of problems can I run into as I operate a business? > Disputes with suppliers or customers Liability issues > Internal organization of the business or corporation > Rights and duties of Shareholders and Directors > General contracts and agreements > Employees and employment contracts > Collection of outstanding accounts receivable > Shareholder’s Agreements > Dealing with

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Why Should I Hire a Corporate Lawyer

(4 days ago) Corporate Law can be very complicated dependent on your Business Model and size and it is best to hire and build a relationship with your Lawyer before you need one. Our Corporate Team is ready to assist you in every phase of your business from initial start up to significant changes, dissolution and everything in …

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TFSA and Estate Planning: A Powerful Tool When Properly

(3 days ago) This is the designation that people tend to not be aware of. Only spouses or common law partners are eligible to be named as successor holders. The distinction and benefits are important for couples, as instead of receiving the cash value as a regular “beneficiary” would, …

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Incorporating An Edmonton Business

(4 days ago) Another tax benefit of incorporation is the small business tax deduction, which is a lower tax rate than personal income. The small business tax deduction is just 16% on the first $200,000 of taxable income, which is likely much lower than if you made $200,000 as a sole proprietor. Any number of Edmonton’s business lawyers can help you set up

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Shareholders Agreement

(5 days ago) A USA is an agreement between all of the corporation’s shareholders—those who have bought shares in the company-that restricts the power of the company’s directors when it comes to management of business affairs. With this simple agreement the shareholders may transfer—in part or in whole—the decisions on business matters to the

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COVID 19 Response

(5 days ago) BOSECKE LAW LLP – COVID 19 Pandemic Response Bosecke Law LLP is currently operating and working to assist our clients during these unusual circumstances caused by the Covid-19 Virus. We understand that our clients continue to need legal services performed on a time-effective basis but also to ensure the well-being and safety of both our […]

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Wills & Estate Questionnaire

(4 days ago) If your spouse is the sole beneficiary of your estate, it may be preferable to name him/her as the primary executor. One primary and one alternate executor will likely be …

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Should I Register My Corporate Name As A

(7 days ago) / Business Law Services / Should I Register My Corporate Name As A Trademark? Starting your own business is a daunting task that requires a level of enthusiasm and …

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What is Title Insurance

(1 days ago) Title Insurance is an insurance policy that protects property owners and lenders from financial losses related to the property’s title and ownership. Albertans, when purchasing or selling residential real estate, have increasingly relied on title insurance to complete the real estate transactions. However, while title insurance can prove helpful in certain circumstances, parties should be […]

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What Is Bridge Financing

(2 days ago) Bridge financing is short-term financing used when a homeowner is purchasing a new property and taking possession prior to the sale of their current property. Lenders grant short-term financing, or interim financing, to “bridge” the gap between the closing dates of the transactions and allow buyers to use the equity in their current property prior […]

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Residential Real Estate Terms Defined

(5 days ago) Residential real estate transactions in Alberta are most commonly governed by the various versions of the Alberta Real Estate Association’s template forms of agreement. These templates continually evolve and their standard terms aim to highlight and address many of the key considerations sellers and buyers should consider when agreeing to these transactions. Within these forms […]

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Real Estate Archives

(8 days ago) BOSECKE LAW LLP - COVID 19 Pandemic Response Bosecke Law LLP is currently operating and working … Continue Reading about COVID 19 Response Edmonton …

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Wills Estates FAQ

(4 days ago) Your fee will be discussed with you by your lawyer at the outset. Most of your concerns will be addressed at your initial meeting. It can take as little as two (2) weeks to finalize your Will or Enduring Power of Attorney depending on your schedule, and sooner where necessary.

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EPAs & Personal Directives: What You Should Know

(7 days ago) Alberta law does not require the EPA to be in Alberta to execute your wishes. Personal Directives. A personal directive gives you the power to appoint someone to act on your behalf to make personal decisions including those involving health and long-term care. Like an EPA, a personal directive is usually granted in the event that you no longer

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Purchasing or Selling a Home Archives

(7 days ago) BOSECKE LAW LLP - COVID 19 Pandemic Response Bosecke Law LLP is currently operating and working … Continue Reading about COVID 19 Response Edmonton …

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