Evolution of Gambling Laws in Canada

By the mid-1920s, another update to the law was introduced, meaning that it was no longer just charities that could host raffles and other games of chance in a public setting, but also operators of events such as fairs and exhibitions. Obviously all of these changes brought with them the bureaucracy necessary to keep gambling above-board and fair.

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Bill 101: New French language laws to override other laws

(4 days ago) These businesses will have to offer services, products and documentation in French, and the ministry could suspend or revoke a permit in the event of non-compliance with the law. There will also be quotas on the number of available spots in English CEGEPs — they will be limited to 2019 levels with a maximum increase of 8.7%.

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LISTEN: High Klassified dropped a new EP, Law of …

(4 days ago) Law of Automata: Valid is backed by a visual experience, which features the beatmaker as a CGI version of himself. The animations were created by Serwah Attafuah and can be found on Fool’s Gold Records’ YouTube page. Fool’s Gold Records is of course run by Montreal icon A-Trak.

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This petition aims to reverse the prohibition of dancing

(4 days ago) A petition on calls for a reversal of the law prohibiting dancing in Quebec. The petition is close to reaching its current goal of 5,000 signatures, after which it will continue to grow with more visibility. Meanwhile, much of the world is allowing dancing in clubs and bars, like the city of Toronto which allows masked dance nights.

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Bill 101: No denial that the language law will be extended

(Just Now) In a press conference this afternoon, Quebec French-language Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette announced plans to strengthen Bill 101, the language law requiring (among other things) the children of immigrants to be educated in French through high school. While Jolin-Barrette did confirm that the province would not be reducing the rights of English

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Terrified and delusional, Trump is considering declaring

(3 days ago) Terrified and delusional, Trump is considering declaring martial law. CNN White House Correspondent: “So much crazy going on in that building behind me.”. This morning, CNN White House correspondent John Harwood laid out an analysis of the extended meltdown that outgoing U.S. President Trump has been experiencing ever since election night

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Quebec law to limit anti-vaxxer protests at hospitals

(6 days ago) Quebec law to limit anti-vaxxer protests at hospitals, schools to be tabled today. “I understand that it is difficult to restrict the right to protest, but frankly, there are limits.”. Quebec Deputy Premier and Public Safety Minister Geneviève Guilbault will be introducing a bill in the National Assembly today that will limit anti-vaxxer

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Legault on Bill 96: "As Premier, my first priority is to

(6 days ago) The main objectives of the new law are to ensure the predominance of the French language in higher education (hence a cap at 17.5% on spots available to francophones at English CEGEPs), in businesses and among arriving immigrants, whose integration into Quebec society will involve increased “francisation.”

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Quebec’s profoundly shameful legislation

(Just Now) On Sunday, I woke up to find that Quebec’s Bill 9 on immigration had become law. Just after 4 a.m. (because the best decisions are always made in the middle of the night) and after a rare marathon weekend session, the National Assembly passed legislation that will irrevocably change the immigration system in the province, throw out 18,000 current immigration applications and force a …

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The city's proposed pit bull by-law won't protect us from

(Just Now) If the law instead offers a range of corrective measures, people are more likely to report the kind of behaviour that can be modified or prevented before something much more serious occurs. Owner education is an important part of that battle, she believes. “Most people don’t know how to evaluate the signs of aggressiveness.”

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Montreal's amended protest law is a joke

(2 days ago) Anarchopanda. A decision by Quebec Superior Court that invalidates parts of Montreal’s P-6 by-law governing public assemblies isn’t quite the victory that free-speech supporters were hoping for. Judge Chantal Masse’s 124-page ruling on Wednesday tosses out provisions that forbid protesters from wearing masks, but supports the city’s requirement that protest organizers file an …

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A Montreal community open letter against Quebec’s Bill 21

(Just Now) This law speaks to toxic elements of the Quebec political class. The CAQ pushes to enforce violent colonialist frameworks of racism that work to classify and criminalize communities already experiencing systemic oppression. The fact that Bill 21 is “on the books” right now doesn’t mean that it can’t be defeated.

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Does Quebec really need bike-helmet laws

(1 days ago) Currently, four Canadian provinces have all-age helmet laws (B.C., New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I.) and three (Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario) require helmets for anyone under 18. The rest of the country doesn’t legislate helmet use, so Quebec isn’t such a distinct society in that regard. A recent cycling accident involving Radio

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When legislation is motivated by retribution

(5 days ago) There’s nothing that better illustrates a stupid law than watching authorities try to enforce it. That was the case this week when the Internet was flooded with photos of four fully-dressed French police officers forcing a women to remove layers of her clothing on a public beach. The agents were applying a recent by-law adopted by the city of Nice that outlaws the so-called …

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50 Cent is adapting The 50th Law book as a Netflix series

(1 days ago) 50 Cent will be teaming up with Black-ish mastermind Kenya Barris to bring his The 50th Law book to Netflix as a television series.Written alongside Robert Greene, the New York Times bestseller expands upon Greene’s hit The 48 Laws of Power.In the book, Jackson offers his perspective on business and self-help. Other than adapting The 50th Law, 50 Cent has upwards of …

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Colonial terrorism is (still) perpetrated on Indigenous

(4 days ago) In the past five years, 200 Indigenous people have filed formal complaints of police misconduct in Quebec, according to human rights lawyer and law professor Fannie Lafontaine. Her report , which confirms systemic racism in the Quebec police force, also found the province’s police watchdog “unacceptably opaque” in probing abuse against

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1,500 types of firearms banned in Canada in new gun

(5 days ago) To protect law-abiding gun owners from criminal liability until they can take steps to comply with this new law, there will be a two-year amnesty. And we will legislate fair compensation.” For more breaking news, please visit our News section for more updates on COVID-19 / Coronavirus.

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City councilor’s advice to small business’s unfair fines

(5 days ago) Provincial law determines the hours in which businesses can operate, limiting how late they can stay open. The rules are not universal, however, and most large chains are able to get around this. The nearby Renaud-Bray, as an example, is allowed to stay open late because it sells periodicals.

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