Summary of State Gun Laws

law. The law, with few exceptions, prohibits carrying firearms at certain locations, such as on school property or in any building where either chamber of the legislature is located or where the legislature is holding a public hearing or meeting. The law requires people to store loaded firearms in their homes in a way that minors under age 18

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General Statutes of Connecticut

(4 days ago) The Banking Law of Connecticut (All sections transferred or repealed) Title 36a Chapters 664 to 669 (Secs. 36a-1 to 36a-860a) The Banking Law of Connecticut: Title 36b Chapters 672 to 672c (Secs. 36b-1 to 36b-80) Connecticut Securities Law and Business Opportunity Investment Act: Title 37 Chapter 673 (Secs. 37-1 to 37-10) Interest

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(8 days ago) law enforcement units who perform police duties, and other people who perform police functions. Under the act, it also includes the State Police (§§ 3(e) & 15(9)). Revocation or Suspension of Certification (§ 3(c)) Existing law sets various grounds upon which POST may cancel or revoke a

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Connecticut's Unclaimed Property Law

(1 days ago) Connecticut's Unclaimed Property Law By: Michelle Kirby, Senior Legislative Attorney May 10, 2019 | 2019-R-0014 Issue This is a summary of Connecticut’s unclaimed property law. It updates OLR Report 2006-R-0507. Summary Tangible or intangible property may escheat (revert) to the state if …

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(7 days ago) The law authorizes the court to award reasonable attorney's fees against the losing party (CGS § 47-75(a)). Limitation on Repair Work The act prohibits a unit owner from doing any work that may jeopardize the soundness or safety of the property, reduce its value, or impair any easement, right, or other interest constituting a common element

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Public Right of Access to Beaches

(3 days ago) Customary law is law formed based on a historical usage or right that extends back to “time immemorial” or long enough to be “uncontradicted by the memory of man.” The customary right of access had long been ignored by courts and legislature.

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(7 days ago) State Law. State law generally prohibits anyone from transporting an explosives inn a vehicle with paying customers (e.g., bus or train), though these substances may be carried in a part of the vehicle the customers are not using (CGS § 29-351). Regulations also require, among other things, certain warnings and requirements on how such

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(7 days ago) Connecticut ' s whistleblower law, like other state laws and the federal law, provides a process for public employees to disclose information about a statutory or code violation, mismanagement, abuse of authority, or waste of public funds, among other things. The law protects these whistleblowers by making it illegal for other employees

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(7 days ago) Issue . Law. Standard for Involuntary Civil Commitment . Person must have psychiatric disabilities and be (1) dangerous to self or others or (2) gravely disabled (i.e., person may suffer serious harm because he or she fails to provide for basic human needs and refuses to accept necessary hospitalization)

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(1 days ago) federal law violation related to cannabis as the sole basis for taking an adverse action against a person unless federal law requires it; prohibits law enforcement officers from assisting a federal operation if the activity complies with the bill’s provisions; specifi es

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Connecticut's Equal Pay and Pay Equity Laws

(1 days ago) The law requires the labor commissioner to enforce the equal pay law either upon complaint or the commissioner’s own motion (CGS § 31-76). To do so, he or his authorized representative may enter employment places, inspect payrolls, investigate work and operations on which employees are

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Protections for Pregnant Employees in Connecticut and

(1 days ago) The law’s protections cover employees who work for an employer having at least 15 employees. Under the law, such employers are prohibited from (1) forcing a pregnant worker to take a leave of absence, (2) refusing to hire a woman because of a pregnancy-related condition, or

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Public Act No. 19-6

(Just Now) law from purchasing or possessing a firearm, or (2) that a person is otherwise prohibited by law from purchasing or possessing. (g) If the court finds that a violation of this section is not of a serious nature and that the person charged with such violation (1) will probably not offend in …

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Connecticut's Good Samaritan Law

(1 days ago) The law grants negligence immunity to the following people who voluntarily, gratuitously, and other than in the ordinary course of employment or practice, provide emergency assistance to people in need: 1. licensed physicians and dentists, 2. registered nurses and licensed practical nurses,

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(7 days ago) The law also increased the penalty, from a misdemeanor to felony, for violating the state law that prohibits a person from willfully failing or refusing to notify authorities of any death. Florida. Pending the governor ' s signature, Florida will become the second state to enact a version of Caylee ' s Law.

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Connecticut's Opioid Drug Abuse Laws

(1 days ago) A 2018 law extends a DOC pilot methadone treatment program for certain inmates, expands its scope if federal funds are available, and requires a new report on the program’s results (PA 18-166, §§ 6 & 7). Pilot Program for Certain Arrestees A 2017 law required the chief state’s attorney to establish a pilot program to identify and track

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(1 days ago) Federal law prohibits anyone “adjudicated as a mental defective” or “committed to a mental institution” from shipping, transporting, receiving, or possessing firearms or ammunition, unless granted relief under a federally approved program. State law contains certain prohibitions as well. State law applies to anyone: 1.

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(7 days ago) The law also exempts emergency applications to protect public health, but requires the applicator to make a good faith effort to give prior written notice to the abutting property owners. The state Department of Health must review such applications, after the fact, to determine whether there was an emergency.

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Recording Phone Calls

(7 days ago) Under Connecticut law, it is illegal for a person to record a telephone conversation without the knowledge of all parties to the conversation (CGS § 52-570d). The statute excludes law enforcement and certain other individuals. Evidence obtained illegally by the use of an electronic device is not admissible in court (CGS § 52-184a).

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(1 days ago) The law establishes a rebuttable presumption that a driver's BAC at the time it is tested is the same as the BAC at the time he or she was stopped. The law requires two tests at least 10 minutes apart. If the result of the second test is .10%

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(7 days ago) Studies on the economic impact of a right-to-work law on a state have focused on their effect on wages and employment levels. Generally, they show that right-to-work laws do not have a significantly meaningful positive or negative effect on wages, but they have a statistically significant, positive effect on employment levels and job creation.

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Gun Laws in Switzerland

(7 days ago) The law requires a permit to acquire a gun from a dealer and bars sales to minors, repeat criminal offenders, and people determined by the courts to be violent or dangerous. A permit is not needed to acquire a weapon normally used in conjunction with governmentally recognized hunting or …

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Restaurants and the Heimlich Maneuver

(7 days ago) The law requires on-premises food-service establishments to post the placard in a conspicuous location, visible to patrons an d employees, but not necessarily in an actual dining area. Immunity. The law establishes that the exemption for liability for providing emergency assistance is the same as that established by the state ' s Good Samaritan

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Raised Bill No. 1060

(1 days ago) LCO No. 5482 1 of 20 General Assembly Raised Bill No. 1060 January Session, 2021 LCO No. 5482 Referred to Committee on JUDICIARY Introduced by: (JUD) AN ACT CONCERNING COURT PROCEEDINGS INVOLVING

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(7 days ago) Lastly, a person is not justified in using physical force when (1) with intent to cause physical injury or death to another person, he provokes the person to use physical force, (2) use of such force was the product of a combat by agreement not specifically authorized by law, or (3) he is the initial aggressor (unless he withdraws from the encounter, effectively communicates this intent to the

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(6 days ago) (f) For the purposes of administering the Medicaid program and to the extent permitted by federal law, the Commissioner of Social Services shall submit to the exchange all Medicaid data requested for the all-payer claims database, established pursuant to section 38a-1091 of the general statutes. Sec. 3.

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(6 days ago) However, the law in some states (e.g., Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, and New Jersey) applies to property that a tenant “abandons” either pre- or post-eviction. These states generally establish a presumption that property is abandoned (1) after a specified number of days if the tenant has not informed the landlord of an

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Innkeepers' Rights Regarding Guests

(7 days ago) Unlike existing Connecticut law, it does not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. The second section authorizes innkeepers to eject guests for any one of 10 different reasons, including nonpayment for accommodations or services, engaging in unlawful acts on the premises, and failing to register as a guest.

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(6 days ago) FEDERAL AMMUNITION LAW. Miscellaneous Restrictions. Federal law prohibits ammunition sale or transfer to, and possession by, anyone who: 1. is under indictment for a crime punishable by more than one year imprisonment or convicted of a felony, 2. is a fugitive from justice, 3. is an unlawful user of a controlled substance,

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Dog Bites—Connecticut Law

(3 days ago) The law exempts from criminal or civil liability anyone killing a biting dog in accordance with the law (CGS § 22-358). Liability . A dog's owner or keeper is liable for any damage caused by his dog to a person's body or property, unless the damage was sustained while the person was committing a trespass or other tort, or teasing, abusing, or

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Connecticut Law: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training and

(4 days ago) the law, including the fact that the harasser or the victim of harassment may be either a man or a woman and that harassment can occur involving persons of the same or opposite sex; Page 4 of 7 D. Describing the remedies available in sexual harassment cases, including, but

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Public Act No. 12-55

(Just Now) and (2) if such person has been convicted of a violation of any law pertaining to the illegal manufacture, sale or distribution of a controlled substance. A primary caregiver may not be responsible for the care of more than one qualifying patient at any time, except that a primary caregiver may be responsible for the care of more than one

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Federal and State Threatening Statutes

(7 days ago) Another law that could be used against those who make terrorist threats is the law against harassment. This law makes it a class D felony (punishable by one to five years in prison) for certain convicted felons to intentionally harass, annoy, alarm, or terrorize another person by threatening to kill or physically injure him or someone else.

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