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Fla. Fam. Law. R. P. 12.350

(1 days ago) Read Rule 12.350 - PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS AND THINGS AND ENTRY ON LAND FOR INSPECTION AND OTHER PURPOSES, Fla. Fam. Law. R. P. 12.350, see flags on bad law, and search Casetext’s comprehensive legal database

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LexisNexis & Westlaw vs Casetext

(2 days ago) Annotated codified law; Check for bad law with Casetext's advanced citator; Amazing customer support “ Casetext has everything that Lexis has, for a lot less money. In fact, it has more.” Karen Amlong The Amlong Firm

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Indiana Code Title 31

(8 days ago) Article 34 - JUVENILE LAW: CHILDREN IN NEED OF SERVICES (§§ 31-34-1-2 — 31-34-25-5) Article 33 - JUVENILE LAW: REPORTING AND INVESTIGATION OF CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT (§§ 31-33-8-7 — 31-33-27-6) Article 35 - JUVENILE LAW: TERMINATION OF PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIP (§§ 31-35-1-1 — 31-35-6-4)

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Indiana Code Title 34

(4 days ago) Article 11 - LIMITATION OF ACTIONS (§§ 34-11-1-1 — 34-11-9-4) Article 12 - PROHIBITED CAUSES OF ACTION (§§ 34-12-1-1 — 34-12-3-5) Article 13 - CAUSES OF ACTION: CLAIMS AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT (§§ 34-13-1-0.2 — 34-13-8-12) Article 14 - CAUSES OF ACTION: DECLARATORY JUDGMENT (§§ 34-14-1-1 — 34-14-1-16) Article 15 …

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Ohio R. Prac. Law. Jud. 48.03

(1 days ago) (9) If the guardian ad litem is not an attorney, avoid engaging in conduct that constitutes the unauthorized practice of law and be vigilant in performing the duties of the guardian ad litem; (10) If the guardian ad litem is not an attorney, request the court to appoint an attorney for the guardian ad litem to file pleadings, motions, and other

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Pennsylvania Statutes Consolidated Statutes Casetext

(2 days ago) title 2 pa.c.s. - administrative law and procedure (§§ 101 — 754) title 3 pa.c.s. - agriculture (§§ 101 — 99901) title 4 pa.c.s. - amusements (§§ 301 — 4506) title 5 pa.c.s. - athletics and sports (§§ 101 — 3320) title 7 pa.c.s. - banks and banking (§§ 6101 — 6154) title 8 pa.c.s. - boroughs and incorporated towns (§§ 101

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Pennsylvania Statutes Title 35 P.S.

(4 days ago) chapter 14b - antique boiler law (§§ 1330.1 — 1330.9) chapter 14c - boiler and unfired pressure vessel law (§§ 1331.1 — 1331.19) chapter 15 - elevators (§§ 1341 — 1382) chapter 16 - volunteer police [repealed] (§§ 1421 — 1424) chapter 17 - closing county to hunting and fishing-fire prevention (§§ 1451 — 1452)

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Section 381.00316

(3 days ago) Section 381.00316 - COVID-19 vaccine documentation (1) A business entity, as defined in s. 768.38 to include any business operating in this state, may not require patrons or customers to provide any documentation certifying COVID-19 vaccination or post-infection recovery to gain access to, entry upon, or service from the business operations in this state.

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Casetext Research: Best Legal Research Software Casetext

(Just Now) “Casetext is a terrific, user-friendly, well-thought-out, cost-effective, and continually-evolving legal research platform.” Jeremy Gilman, Solo attorney “I used to wait for days and hours for answers using traditional legal research tools, but with Casetext, I can find my best, most on-point case in minutes and seconds.” Sasha Rao,

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Missouri Revised Statutes Casetext

(4 days ago) Browse Missouri Revised Statutes for free on Casetext. Title I - LAWS AND STATUTES (§§ 1.010 — 3.150) Title II - SOVEREIGNTY, JURISDICTION AND EMBLEMS (§§ 7.001 — 14.070)

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Pennsylvania Statutes Statutes (Unconsolidated) Casetext

(4 days ago) Title 71 P.S. - STATE GOVERfNMENT (§§ 1 — 3032) Title 72 P.S. - TAXATION AND FISCAL AFFAIRS (§§ 1 — 10009) Title 73 P.S. - TRADE AND COMMERCE (§§ 1 — 2711) Title 74 P.S. - UNITED STATES (§§ 1 — 409) Title 76 P.S. - WEIGHTS, MEASURES AND STANDARDS [REPEALED AND TRANSFERRED] (§§ 1 — 626)

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Ohio R. Prac. Law. Jud. 40

(6 days ago) Ohio. R. Prac. Law. Jud. 40. Commentary (July 1, 1997) Rule 40 is identical to former C.P. Sup. R. 6 and M.C. Sup. R. 6. Rule 40(A) Review; dismissal; rulings . Each trial judge is required to periodically review all cases assigned to the judge. This requirement applies to civil and criminal cases.

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Westlaw Reviews and Pricing: Is it Worth it

(6 days ago) Westlaw offers pricing for law firms, solos, government agencies, and law schools. Most of their plans require annual contracts or longer. Let’s look at the details: For Solo and Small Law Firms. Westlaw offers the following plans for single attorneys or firms of up to 6 people: Essentials –a basic plan, costing $89 per month. It provides

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Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 478

(Just Now) Section 478.013 - Salaries of circuit judges - practice of or doing law business prohibited. Section 478.014 - Judge of the circuit court, defined. Section 478.017 - Travel allowance for circuit judges. Section 478.018 - Associate judges, circuit court, compensation. Section 478.019 - Judge of probate division, ex officio circuit or associate

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Illinois Court Rules Article VIII

(5 days ago) Rule 6.4 - Law Reform Activities Affecting Client Interests Rule 6.5 - Nonprofit and Court-annexed Limited Legal Services Programs Rule 7.1 - Communications Concerning a Lawyer's Services

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Analyses of Section 16600

(8 days ago) California is known for having the most aggressive approach among the states regarding restraints on profession, trade, and business. Specifically, California Business and Professions Code section 16600 codifies this approach: “every contract by which anyone is restrained from engaging in a lawful profession, trade, or business of any kind is to that extent …

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Section 201 KAR 36:040

(Just Now) Pursuant to KRS 202A.400, 620.030, or 645.270 or as otherwise permitted or mandated by law; 2. It is necessary to prevent a clear and immediate danger to a person; 3. During the course of a civil, criminal, or disciplinary action arising from the supervision, at which the professional counselor is a defendant; 4.

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Section 4A:8-2.4

(4 days ago) Seniority shall be based on total calendar years, months, and days in title regardless of work week, work year, or part-time status. 1. A police title is any law enforcement rank or title where entry level employees are required by 52:17B-66 et seq. (Police Training Act) to complete a police training course. 2.

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Section 44-3-231

(Just Now) Read Section 44-3-231 - Powers and duties of association; legal actions against agent or employee of association, Ga. Code § 44-3-231, see flags on bad law, and search Casetext’s comprehensive legal database

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