These new Maryland laws go into effect today, from …

The law also requires athletic departments at public colleges and universities to adopt guidelines to prevent and treat conditions that include brain injuries, heat illness and rhabdomyolysis

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Baltimore County breaking public-records laws, former …

(3 days ago) Baltimore County is breaking state open-records laws by withholding numerous documents that should be released to the public, a former high-ranking veteran of county government alleges in a new

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Supreme Court again doesn’t block Texas abortion law, …

(2 days ago) The law has been in effect since September, aside from a district court-ordered pause that lasted just 48 hours, and bans abortions once cardiac activity is detected, usually around six weeks and

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b cover story: Is law school worth it

(3 days ago) UMd Law's full-time, in-state tuition is $23,744; UB Law's is $26,156. According to Tamanaha's findings, 76 percent of UMd Law's class of 2010 is in debt, with the average debt amounting to $109,000.

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Judge Thomas and 'Natural Law'

(3 days ago) In general, the "natural law, natural rights" view suggests, at least to some of its adherents, that Americans' most basic rights actually come from …

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In defense of natural law

(3 days ago) "Natural law" became an issue because Thomas had actively supported the concept in a number of highly visible speeches throughout the '80s. Historically, "natural law" holds simply that civil law

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Gun storage laws save children's lives

(7 days ago) If this law is violated, it is a misdemeanor offense penalized by a fine of not more than $1,000. House Bill 468 /Senate Bill 441 greatly strengthens our current child access prevention law.

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Among new Maryland laws effective Monday: Help for …

(5 days ago) A law that goes into effect Monday nearly quintuples the number of taxpayers eligible to claim the state’s child care tax credit, which is calculated as a fraction of a similar federal tax break.

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New law eases path to divorce for many couples

(Just Now) New law eases path to divorce for many couples. When spouses in Maryland agree to split up and amicably hammer out a separation agreement, state law still makes them wait a year to file for

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Q&A: What are Maryland workers’ rights, responsibilities

(Just Now) Under the law, an employer with more than 15 employees is required to offer paid leave. Any employer with fewer than 15 employees must provide one hour of unpaid leave for every 30 hours worked

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Federal judge in Maryland to sentence neo-Nazi group

(9 days ago) 3 hours ago · On Monday, Oct. 25, 2021, a federal judge agreed to sentence Lemley and Mathews, two neo-Nazi group members, under a terrorism law, a key …

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ISO African-Americans to study law: University of

(5 days ago) The law school reached a high of 73 black students in 1989. Just 33 of the law school's 563 students in 2016 were black — about 6 percent. The number was 53 …

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Alex and Calvin's law

(6 days ago) Alex and Calvin's law. Mar 06, 2016 at 3:00 AM. Last year Alex Murk and Calvin Li were killed in a car crash after leaving a party at the home of a …

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Time for a 'code of transparency' in policing

(1 days ago) Unfortunately, Maryland's public information law has been interpreted by the courts to fundamentally block transparency and accountability regarding police …

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(3 days ago) Law and Daughters-in-Law," which will be published this month by New Horizon Press. While the relationship between a mother- and daughter-in-law

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Laws including high-proof grain alcohol ban take effect

(3 days ago) The law is "an annoyance more than anything because now we have to deal with this inventory; if we don't sell it, we really can't do anything with it," he said. Advertisement.

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Recasting is little more than life-support for 'L.A. Law

(3 days ago) Recasting is little more than life-support for 'L.A. Law'. There's a new "L.A. Law" coming to NBC this season. Yes, once again, NBC is recasting and retooling at McKenzie-Brackman. Susan Ruttan

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Maryland lawmakers give final OK to background checks for

(3 days ago) State law already requires buyers to undergo a computerized federal background check when buying a long gun from a licensed dealer, and the bill extends that requirement to private sales and

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Maryland Senate passes bill to bolster 'cyberbullying' law

(4 days ago) The current law makes it a misdemeanor with a jail term of up to a year and a $500 fine to threaten or make false and defamatory statements about a …

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Longtime Arbutus lawyer Kent disbarred for misusing trust

(2 days ago) An Arbutus lawyer who spent more than 40 years practicing law was disbarred April 25 after a state agency found he misappropriated $281,651.95 from a trust fund account he was responsible for.

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Why has Maryland court trial footage of 'Serial' subject

(6 days ago) The law does not apply to a court’s in-house recording of the trial. Crime ; Adnan Syed case: Maryland high court reinstates 'Serial' subject's conviction.

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